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this board if instead of drawing it was minecraft

>should i make a pixckaxe or an axe first?
>reads guides for 10 hours straight
>watches fifty speedruns
>never even plays the game
"i want to make cool houses in minecraft but i dont know how!!!!"
>months pass

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>I want to fight the ender dragon
>what do you mean I need to make a crafting table
>no but how do you kill the ender dragon?
>I don't want to go to the nether are you listening?

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Is minecraft the most autistic game?

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>how do I fish?
>I cast the lure then pull the lure but no matter how many times I do it I don't catch anything
>what bubbles?

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>why aren't my houses like <famous minecraft builder>'s? i don't have talent
>i built 50000 dirt houses, why can't i build the eiffel tower yet??

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I hate how right you are, OP. That post hurt. Especially the months pass part.

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could i get a food analogy instead?

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>Why do i need bread

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>he fell for the sprinting meme
oh no no no

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>I never complete my games because I don't know how to craft anything
>Experimenting by trial-and-error? What's the point of trying to re-invent the wheel, when I can't even craft one?
>The basic crafting guides are /n00b/traps, you need to start with the advanced course from (insert minecraft youtuber here)
>I've downloaded 200 different crafting guides, but I never have time to read them
>Why am I stuck making the same basic recipes?

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“i’m gonna make an epic tree house!”
“right after i grind fundies for 6 months”
>places wood block down and destroys it
>repeats twenty times a day
>6 months later
“why don’t i know how to build a tree house”

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You're the same retard in the other threads whining about references and tutorials, aren't you?

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>"how do I make a pickaxe?"
>you need a crafting bench
>"how do I get that?"
>punch some trees to get wood
>"How do I punch?"
>the punch is usually a mouse button
>"That's too vague! How do I know I'm using a mouse?"
>wtf are you on PC?
>so you're using a mouse. i see you slapping the air. just move toward a tree.
>"slapping? i thought you said punching? you're confusing me!"
>oh my god just keep doing what you're doing and punch the tree
>"Nothing is happening."
>those are leaves. punch the trunk. oh fuck it, here. i'll give you wood. now open your inventory and--
>"only begs use the inventory faggot."
>who the fuck are you calling a faggot you literally cannot punch a tree.
>"I thought I was slapping?"
>I fucking hate you
>"omg why is /ic/ so full of crabs?"

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Oh fugg is that a reference to practicing but not putting effort into getting better? Or is it something else or something similar?

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It's grown men playing with virtual mega bloks

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implying people on this board do anything but ingest appetite suppressors like coffee and cigs until they collapse at night.

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less autistic than grown man playing with real blocks

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I like the boyfriend character, really sells it.

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>My character keeps dying from starvation. plz help. I don't know what to do.
>no! I don't want to learn about cooking. I just want my character to stop starving. How hard is that to understand
>No I don't want to hit leafs. Are you listening. I die from starving
>I got a fishing pole but I still staved. Plz someone skilled tell me what to do.
>Everyone here sucks at Minecraft!

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me but in real life.

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>>"slapping? i thought you said punching? you're confusing me!"
alright i laughed and then immediately got angry when i realized that this is exactly what ic is like.

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>best block to do house?

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I build a redstone machine that automatically makes houses. It can even replicate other users houses. Please donate to my patreon or cash-app to support the continued development.

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>why aren’t the mods banning blatant griefers?
>wow this server is dead, i wonder why

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Our minecraft staff has thrown us to the wolves, they do nothing.

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To be fair that woman was a bitch, gatekeeping the fruits of the god-given talent of dogpetting like that

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