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Anyone doen anything with NFTs, sold any?

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Made a few bucks on OpenSea doing 1/1 NFTs on polygon. Would have done more if art twitter wasn't as idiotic about it.

My NFTs only claim is that they are a way to support me, they unlock the patreon rewards related to the NFT (nudes, videos, etc..) and that you are free to speculate with them if you want. Nothing more nothing less

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what do you mean art twitter was idiotic?

Did it cost you to create them?

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Hello i'm doing! Architecture projects así NFT's for real world & metaverses. Basically, selling my regular work as utilitary artwork. Also interested on meeting digital artista, architects and metaverses (& make dime bucks no the way)
Cheers from Perú.
Opensea: Archirider
Ig: Archirider_nft

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God, how I regret not pulling an NFT scam in 2021. Cryptonerds deserve to get ripped off. Would've been the easiest money of my life.

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If you weren't part of a grifter circle, you'd only have lost money in minting fees.

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