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Give it to me straight boys. Is there actual money to be had with artwork; or is it all just "Indonesians" with nothing better to do?

As a red blooded American can i make a profit? like 2k a month?

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iunno do u got 10 years to dedicate to getting reliably good everytime your pencil touches paper?

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you can make more money doing artfair art with shitty materials and bad designs and shitty prints of them, but you would have to drive up to a place early, set up your booth/tent, actually meet people in real life, and know the local culture.

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If you just try to copy what other people do then there's probably not much money in it. You need to stand apart from the crowd and be willing to put in the work to get your stuff out there. Then you might get lucky.

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Be yourself.
Just draw.
Learn to code.

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Thanks for your support guys.

Its so hard to make it as a gay black transvestite.

Im just so vulnerable...

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Is it hard to get into the commission market?
I'm capable of doing anything

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If you are also willing to do anything then check out ic/fag. I hear they pay well if you can pretend to be one of them.

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I messed up my post
I mean I'm willing to do anything
Yeah I've looked into a bit of furry art, would very easily be capable of doing it

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wtf, get the fuck outta here, i'm the real Vergil. you negro.

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It's easier to just get a normal job though

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