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I really like the 80s/90s anime style. Does anyone have any resources/advice for learning this style?

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have you even one single time bothered copying a drawing you like in this style? if so, POST IT. if not, go make some copies ffs and just study the art you want to make.

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literally just copy from it anon.

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look at concept art/illustrations from that era and copy it

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study urushihara, even the porn

is settei alive again?

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find some art and copy it idk

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You should check out this person channel, but as everyone said you can literally learn from studying art from that time. There’s also an art book called new retro illustrations and it has a bunch of cool artist who also love and emulate retro styles.

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Draw on paper (traditionally) because digitally it's impossible to achieve 80s/90s anime look no matter how hard you'll try.

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I did made one with 50:50 look alike texture using SAI tools but yeah pencil texture are recommended

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>study urushihara, even the porn
His stuff's so pretty. I wish he did more BL on top of drawing beautiful women.

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no rules, only tools

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Explain PC-98 art then

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Train using CMYK color only

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I love it

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What a time to have been alive

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Man there used to be tons of tutorials for this style back in the 90s, sadly they're probably all lost to time.

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it was pretty good.

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I love 80s/90s anime as well!
Usually I just reference concept art like >>6371229
said. The anime I'm inspired by are usually very simplified with good shape language. It's great that there's a thread where I can talk about 80s anime and stuff

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>sees anon's pic
>"aw looks cute, what is this?"
>look up on googals
>see awesome snippets of animation
>ryutaro nakamura
>.............film is unreleased

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I know... it's so sad to see that the project was shelved. One of my favorite artists Mao Lamdao (or Manabu Ohashi) did the character designs for the movie. I really wish he did more character design and such before he passed away, but I will forever appreciate his influence on me. I discovered Mao Lamdao from his short in Robot Carnival "Cloud" and it's one of my favorite segments in the anthology. Robot Carnival is a great watch, I recommend it.

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why do people think this looks good
it's like vaseline was spread between the cells

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That doesn't look remotely like retro anime and if you think it does you're retarded and ngmi
The look is more than just a VHS filter, it also entails thinking about the physical medium of the cels, and how film photography captures said cel, on top of actually emulating the style of the period
Try watching an actually old anime instead of studying porn

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This is my favorite, more like it?

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Remember Polykarbon tutorials? Although I think that was more amerimanga type stuff and quite mediocre by today's standards

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There's a guy who made art of his space engineer waifu oc or something in this style that I really liked. I don't remember what his name was. Anyone have any ideas?

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It was shit. Prefer modern times

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Break down the elements that inspire you about this style. Is it the details, the fashion, the mood, the stylization/simplification? Just directly copying will help you to mimic style but it's important to know what else influences and inspires you as well so you can incorporate that into your work as well.

Picrel an inspiration of mine.

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what sort of software would one use to achieve this effect?

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The closest thing to the real thing made in modern application. https://youtu.be/Ygt_EkwS2ME

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I hate westerners so fucking much.

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Closest thing to what? A putrid stream of feces? That might be the worst art I've ever seen, let alone on this board

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Not my problem.

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You can achieve this effect in paint. But since this is from some pc engine game they probably used some japanese software for low resolution art, pixel art. Might be actually interesting to learn what soft japs used in the early 90s

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in paint? with such elaborate detail?

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le bump
do any of you draw retro anime?

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I try to simulate retro anime style, yes. Specifically the cel shading, as I use markers for coloring & love how it looks.

Here's a boob study that I did, back in January.

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Why do crabs act like mspaint is so fucking difficult and insane to work in? Do you really need a brush or program to hold your hand? This shit is just advanced pixel art. People back in ye olden days had to take hardware into account so they had to take shortcuts. IIRC this drawing was made where there could only be a few colors per square.

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Where's that image posted is in every thread asking the same question explaining that the only thing you need to do is copy and study your references?.

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Damn, that's a pretty good job. Are you using Copic markers?
I try to do the same with my artwork from time to time, I'm a big fan of Kenichi Sonoda and the way he draws his faces. Here's a drawing I did a while back of someone's OC with that style.

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Here's another request someone asked for at a comic book shop here in town of Marvel's comic book Valkyrie in Sonoda's style.

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Thank you, Anon. Nice ink work.

I use Prismacolor markers.

Here's another pic that I technically have to post on a different website, which I did more recently. Catra from She-Ra 2018. I, myself, am trying to go for the Studio MIR look, but with 80's & 90's anime coloring.


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No shit, you pull that look off with Prismacolors? That's impressive as hell, nice job.
I've always wanted to try Prismacolors over Copics, what set of markers would you recommend? And what type of paper weight are you using for your color?

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I had to switch to copics from prismacolors because prisma has stopped making many of the colors I used, leading me to fear they are cutting back on marker production and eventually won't be available anymore.

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Are there no books about drawing in this style?

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Are you that guy who just draw fat girls?

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just look at what you want to draw and draw it nigga. It's literally just lines on paper, copy them.

Why do you need a book to tell you "draw a circle, then draw another circle close to the edge of that one"?

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This guy isn't me.

>I've always wanted to try Prismacolors over Copics, what set of markers would you recommend?
I started off with the Cool Greys that were sold to me in art school. Later on, I bought the 48 color pack, the Warm Greys pack & others.

If you have the money, I would suggest buying the 48 Color Pack, both Warm & Cool Greys, & the Skin Tones pack. Don't make the mistake of thinking you won't need any "redundant" markers, they'll dry up on you if you use them often enough. They're pretty expensive, so scour the internet for any coupons you can use for blick or AC Moore. I saved a small fortune with a 50% off coupon once.

Oh, & ALWAYS make sure that the caps are SECURELY ON when you aren't using them. That, & the ones that have been made in the past decade have these weird caps that make it hard to pull off, so twist them, DON'T pull. You could damage you fingers & the marker.

>And what type of paper weight are you using for your color?
Canson Mixed Media. Basically, use any mixed media paper, HOWEVER, make sure to slide a sheet of printer paper under it. A lot of the time, the markers will bleed through the paper, & even seep into the page below.

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Atsuko Ishida

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Thanks a lot for the information on the Prismacolors, anon. I've wanted to try out some markers for a while now, along with watercolors but I'm just barely getting enough confidence to use either of them.
And I always wanted to use mixed media paper, I'll have to stop by an art shop to see what that feels like. I'm used to drawing on smooth card stock, and when I used some markers before I did notice a slight welt in the paper.
That's really nice.

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what do the little white dots on the lines and her pink bow represent?

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Go back to /cbsg/, fucking gross fujoshit

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>anons think you can capture an inherently analog look digitally
You either have to go PC98 style (which has its own limitations) like
or actually put in the effort of the physical media like
Or else you'll look like a cheap facsimile that anybody but chalk eating zoomers can see through

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Would any of you be interested in doing some practice? I'm down to keep this thread going with some drawings.

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Yeah you post them and I'll tell you how good you're doing from both art skill and emulation standards.

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>Does anyone have any resources/advice for learning this style?

>Bluethebone's patreon

She's a specialist at that retro anime art style.

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Bluethebone's style is fine but I definitely wouldn't say it's ideal to learn from. It's emulation is pretty flawed. Very style over substance.

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Are you from that era of drawing, because if you're not, your opinion will be just that, your opinion. Regardless, I'll try to keep the thread alive with some studies.

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fake 80s art puke, almost as bad as ai art trying to imitate human art

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I agree but ai comparison makes this feel like a troll, very unnecessary.

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It usually does look good, you just dont like it for some reason you think is valid.
however that example of it has really wonkey distortions.
To be clear, I see it as no different from shmeras to make animation look smoother, just that this is don't algorithmically.

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Took me while tho realize he is not shinji.

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Definitely drawn pixel by pixel. This stuff is from the 90's. Vector art software didn't exist at the time and if you zoom in you can see that diagonal lines don't share a third pixel when going diagonally so someone went and drew the contour pixel by pixel. You can try doing this in Graphics Gale and it's actually lots of fun but doing a full 640x800 illustration takes a while.

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Rule Number 1: The hair should be thick and fluffy
Rule Number 2: Don't be afraid to get wacky with the movements
Rule Number 3: A little bit of grain helps sell the old school cel animation look

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I did this a months ago but I haven't done any classic stuff since.

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>The hair should be thick and fluffy
basically you should reference the styles of the time instead of the lifeless locks of our twisted and corrupt era.

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Basically yes.
Also don't forget the shadow, that give it volume.

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so if I wanted to draw something in a retro anime style, I'd copy screenshots from shows instead of using real life references, is that right?

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if u have no talent then yes

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I guess yeah. You know what really helps, wooden artist mannequins. The shit your grandfather used.
Look at old anime bodies then look at the mannequins. Same structure.
Even Murata recommended Loomis and wooden artist mannequins. They're almost essential.

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Why not both? You can and should supplement stylized art with real life reference. Looking at screenshots is a good way to study and understand the visual style, but they've already simplified the anatomy and done work for you.

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Does anyone know of any "how-to" books from that era?

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Good start, my dude.

This. Retro anime hair is SOVL for a reason.

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I learned the faux anime screenshot and faux scan/comic page. I want to learn how to do a faux PC98 game screenshot.
I guess that takes years of pixel art knowledge, right?

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>Very style over substance
Have we reached peak crab yet?

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The only "how to" books we had back in the day were actual, physical copies of books from which to study from, from single issues to trade paperbacks. Of course, with technology today, all you really have to do is look up your favorite retro anime artists and download some of their art books. Most of those artists also have some Youtube videos where they draw at conventions, so that's another way to see how they draw.

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Having physical copies of books from your favorite artists helps, but it's not required. Your phone or tablet work just as good now.

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Here are some good books to look up online to see if they're available for download:
>How To Draw Manga - Bishoujo Pretty Gals
>Super Character Design & Poses Vol.1 Hero
>Super Character Design 7 Poses Vol.2 Heroine
These have a good amount of retro anime info you might like.

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Just look up indexed colors and gradients brah

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Which anime is this, the style looks comfy as fuck

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it's a kids anime about a little witch girl in the human world.
it's a pretty cute show. not fully subbed though, sadly. the characters were designed by artist SUEZEN.

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>pretty gals
What’s with the Jay Leno chins?

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thank you brother

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that's not the chin that's the jaw

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90s anime cel animation was so kino. So much sovl.

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Indeed, specially when its rare.

But i am not a "DVNR GOOD" fag, cause those retards were shitting up /m/ with their revisonist zooming

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Speaking off, i remember reading that OP's artist actually used to do het art normally, then print it on paper, then scan that paper.

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Imma cursed poster or what?

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Cursed poster

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are you inspired by balak by any chance?

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After watching this episode, looking at all the panning, mouth flaps, limited animation etc... I wonder, can a 20 min long animation be done by about 20 people in like a week? We have photoshop and other programs to speed up the process, I think 20 people doing about a minute of animation in under a week is doable. I don't know, is something I'd like to try.

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how does yinyanggio achieve the most convincing retro style? wonder what is his process

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No, not really.

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Hey, dude. Marker anon, here. PLEASE be careful when shopping, Prismacolor Markers have become MASSIVELY expensive, recently. This Portrait/Skin Tone Set that cost maybe $30-50 is now FREAKING $80. Make sure to lurk for coupons or better deals on other websites before buying anything, if you still want them.

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No, it really does just look like ass. The animation's all weird and wobbly and smeary.
Listen to me- if you're remastering animation,
with the framerate. The individual frames were placed as they are, INTENTIONALLY, to sell the motion to best effect, AT THE GIVEN FRAMERATE (which is 24 FPS) and AI interpolation screws ALL of it up.

AI interpolation is garbage for animation. It always has been. It always WILL be garbage. This is not negotiable, this is not debatable, it is not opinion, it is FACT. If you do not see this or accept this as such, you are a braindead, ignorant ass zoomer who thinks more frames = more better, and the only moral and humane course of action is to take you out behind the shed and paint your brains all over the wall with a shotgun, Old Yeller style. I am not joking. I am 100% serious. I will do whatever it takes to make this retributive action not only legal in whatever country you reside in, but encouraged and celebrated. DO NOT FUCK WITH MY ANIME YOU MOONBRAINED NIGGERFAGGOT

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Nobody will give you an answer.

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The right is the original 1992 airing for old tube CRT televisions, while the left is more modernized with new tech for HD tv's to help display them in 1080p or even 4K screens.
Old fans like you who gate keep in the year 2022 about old technology that's well over 40 years old now are the very same type of cancer that is ruining the old retro anime style for a new generation of fans who are just interested in learning about the past. The technology we grew up with is outdated, but some fans, like you, are still looking at the past through rose-colored glasses.
This video from Bubblegum Crisis proves that the animators from the past used the same cel animation on loop three of four times at a time to convey motion, when in reality it was just a ploy to fool us kids into thinking that animation back then was something revolutionary. It wasn't.


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And there it is, the revisionist pro assimilation apologist, keep consooming gais.

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That's nice and all but anime in the '80s and '90s still look better than today's shows

>> No.6396457

>muh looping animation
That doesn't have anything to do with it, retard. The animations themselves still LOOK good.
>in reality it was just a ploy to fool us kids into thinking that animation back then was something revolutionary
Oh, you mean like how AI interpolation makes your ignorant monkey brain go poggers because more frames = more smoother = more betterer? Faggot.
>muh heckin new technologerinos!
>Old tech bad, new tech good! BAAAAAAA
AI interpolation is not an "advancement" when you're applying it to animated video, stupid. It doesn't matter what year the animation is from. Current year animation will still look dogshit when you're feeding it through a blind, dumb algorithm to multiply 24 FPS into 60 FPS. It messes 2D animation up on a FUNDAMENTAL level that has to do with the very principles of frame by frame animation themselves. For that matter, even cinematic film originally filmed at 24 FPS looks crappy when interpolated to 60 FPS, it just looks smeary and floaty and weird. See here- https://youtu.be/QlEE-RKSZao
>muh old fans
I'm 28 years old, I wasn't even born then. I'm just not a dumbass consoomie zoomie, like you are.
You bet your ass I will. Get the fuck out.

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Thanks for the info anon, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for deals when it comes to some Prismacolors in the very near future. I'm also looking into watercolor techniques too, that I hope, will help me reach the kind of coloring I want to achieve with the picture I posted in my reply post.
Unfortunately, nobody born in the last 20 years will be able to give an answer, which is sad to see, but those of us born in the 70's can, and should. This era of Japanimation should be looked at with a quiet admiration and lightly studied for reference sake, which is why I posted this >>6385792 . The retro anime fandom is SO TOXIC that I highly advise anyone who's interested in this, to tread lightly in their exploration, lest you find 40 and 50 year olds crawling out of the woodwork just to complain about their LaserDisc's being mishandled, like >>6396448 .
In fact, do yourselves a HUGE favor and learn how to draw it, and color it, and add it to your arsenal, but don't make it your priority. Learn it for fun. Old retro anime fans spent their better years collecting this style of artwork that they COMPLETELY spaced on the chance to LEARN how to create it. I thankfully, don't have that problem, which drives them green with envy.

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It was nice for its time, and you should definitely check it out and admire it for what it was.
Man, I don't miss being 28, that's for damn sure. I'm glad I got out of that gatekeeping phase years ago. Enjoy your quagmire, gaijin.

>> No.6396494

>It was nice for its time
As opposed to all the cutting edge masterpieces of anime being produced at the moment?

>> No.6396498

beautiful art anon

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Don't you condescend from your high horse at me, you smarmy dick. Gatekeeping isn't automatically bad, for starters, and I'm not just being a big ol meany poo frowny face stinky fun police gatekeeper when I'm telling you that AI interpolation blatantly screws up animation. It's not just me being a stodgy old bastard keeping the kiddypoos out of my ayyynime or some shit like that. This is hard incontrivertible fact, it applies to EVERY form of animation, and no amount of "well it's just new technolergee, me likee becos smooder, there nothing to be upset about pls stob gadekeebing u meany :)))" is going to change that. You're straight up fucking wrong on a matter of fucking PRINCIPLE. Furthermore, all your posturing of being a world wise and world weary old fart that's just "appreciating it for what it is" and "muh quiet admiration" doesn't mean shit, you really don't appreciate animation of any kind if you don't care how the actual nuts and bolts of it work and just watch it like some dipshit vegetable /a/ poster. We're on fucking /ic/ here, Artwork and Critique, and if you aren't willing to engage on the critical and technical side of art then why the fuck are you even here? I give a damn about how animation works, and I'M the one in the wrong here? Fuck off dude.

>> No.6396555

You know what your deal is? You're just like one of those flat earth fags that, no matter how much logic or rationale or fact that you present them with, no matter how patiently you try to go over it with them, will sit there with a big, dumb, smug ass beatific fucking smile on their face and go
>well, you know, it's just me opinion :?)
>I just like to question things and keep an open mind you know :?)
>I'm sure we can agree to disagree, I have my opinion and you have yours so :?)
You sit there pretending to take the high road but the real truth of the matter is that you're a stubborn, willfully ignorant jackass that absolutely refuses to listen to anyone else. I have perfectly valid reasons for saying what I'm saying, you just refuse to engage with any of them whatsoever.

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I'm pretty sure if you look around today, you can find some pretty good anime and manga, I can't imagine it's all that bad. We had some bad crap back in the day too, that generation wasn't immune to bad anime and manga, either. But it's highly subjective. What I don't like, you probably do.
Thanks anon, have some more cake. Enjoy.
I'm not on high horse gaijin, you are. You're the one thrashing around like a toddler who just spilled his baby bottle over the implementation of AI on a generation of animation that reused its CMYK colored, thin plastic sheets several times over to create the illusion of motion. Keyboard commando all you want, but you know it's true. What you hate, is how I just broke your rose colored glasses, by simplifying that era of animation down to recycled static images reused over, and over again. At least Disney Animation had the balls to actually CREATE something worth looking back on, and you can't dispute that. If you're going to defend animation, it had better be across the board for all animation back in the day, not just some, Japanimation.
And you're right, we are in /ic/, and I'm pyw. Maybe instead of answering back with static images, you should learn how to animate, like I've learned to draw my generation of art for fun.

>> No.6396558

Gaykeeping is baysed and only bad when it's done by homos like you.

>> No.6396559

while i don't seethe like the other guy, i agree. taking something that is animated on 3s and then bruteforcing that into 60fps definitely messes with the timing of it, not to mention that stuff like >>6393578 looks like it has an offputting smoothing filter slapped on it compared to the original
which you can still enjoy, no one can stop you? but to me and a lot of other people it absolutely looks worse.
kind of like an old videogame with ai upscaled textures where the textures no longer look like they were actually created for the thing and where the new version has a billion effects + fog overlayed that just make it look muddy and boring.

>> No.6396585
File: 96 KB, 512x768, 1622225788603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This has nothing to do with fucking "le new technology bad", you concrete-skulled idiot. AI interpolation software isn't MEANT to interpolate anything but video for specific purposes, mainly for shit like slow-mo replays in SPORTS BROADCASTING. The problem is that you're FUCKING USING IT WRONG.

And it doesn't have anything with le old ayynime either. I've told you at least twice already that it applies to EVERY KIND OF ANIMATION FROM EVERY ERA. This interpolation garbage fucking SHITS on ALL 12 PRINCIPLES OF ANIMATION set forth by OG Disney masters themselves- the same people you're suddenly wanking off to so hard, by the way, you ignorant fucking plebe.
How many times am I going to have to tell you before you get this through your thick skull? It completely fucks up animation on a technical level. A. TECHNICAL. LEVEL. It's fucking UNIVERSAL. Fucking LISTEN, why don't you.

Also, way to go with shitting on the animators you were oh so reverently and quietly appreciating a few posts ago, you fake ass poser.

>> No.6396588
File: 3.62 MB, 600x800, 9f49efda-22d8-439f-abe8-60a92136e9fb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've dabbled with animation before a few times, so I'll take you up on that.

>> No.6396591
File: 150 KB, 512x512, 9LWTA.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And anudda one

>> No.6396592
File: 75 KB, 512x512, 4Y889.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and anudda

>> No.6396595

what is this npc behavior lmao
i'd ask you to post your work but i already know what'll happen

>> No.6396599
File: 262 KB, 512x512, H96OS.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and that's it, I'm done

>> No.6396611

>it had better be across the board for all animation back in the day, not just some, Japanimation.
dude you blatantly ignored what that other anon said right here
>it applies to EVERY form of animation

and right here
> For that matter, even cinematic film originally filmed at 24 FPS looks crappy when interpolated to 60 FPS, it just looks smeary and floaty and weird.

so it's not just him looking at this with nostalgia goggles on. EVERY form of Visual motion art is made with a certain frame-rate in mind. You can't just change it willy-nilly and expect the results to look good. I don't wish you Ill will, but you have GOT to actually read what people are saying and understand that no one is talking out their ass when they say these things.

>> No.6396629

>in-ter-po-la-tion: (noun) the insertion of something of a different nature into something else.
Is that all you're frothing at the mouth over now? Calm down freak, your soapbox against AI is acknowledged. Go touch grass.
The marvels of technology are fucking amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't revert back to pencil, tracing paper and painting colors on a plastic sheet. If a computer can help you animate better, definitely use it. It's 2022, not 1982.
The only reason why he's wailing like a banshee is because it's being done to old anime, which he then continued to menstruate because it struck a nerve
But I get you, don't add what's not there just for the sake of being modern. Like another anon added, just like video games, don't stretch something that was meant to be in 480p to 4K. It's going to look like shit.

>> No.6396660

>hyperfixate on one line from the first post and ignore absolutely everything after that
Ah, I see, so you're retarded then.

>> No.6396667

>don't add what's not there just for the sake of being modern

>> No.6396969

ahh, the style of we're literally being propped up by another economy and the bubble hasn't burst yet

>> No.6396989

>4K@60FPS AI Remaster
>For a fucking animated drawn cartoon.
Gamers REALLY ARE killing humanity. Holy shit why the fuck are they like this?

>> No.6397003

Nice, anon. This intro is pretty cool, too.


>> No.6397076

>It usually does look good,
Animating on 1s generally doesn't even look good most of the time. AI interpolation looks bad and the examples posted look bad. Maybe someday it won't but today is not that day.
>It was nice for its time
I hope you aren't being serious here, a lot of the animation from the 80s/90s is amazing today, full stop.
>I'm pretty sure if you look around today, you can find some pretty good anime and manga, I can't imagine it's all that bad
If you aren't aware you shouldn't speak to it. There are good studios, but the OVA era had the advantage of better time budgets to creature animation, as opposed to the crunchy TV anime schedules that absolutely dominate today.

>> No.6397140
File: 2.52 MB, 3840x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm pretty sure this guy redraws cartoon scenes in retro styles, he is really convincing to make things really look like the original, gonna post some of his stuff

>> No.6397141
File: 2.88 MB, 3888x1480, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397142
File: 2.61 MB, 4056x1140, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397145
File: 1.53 MB, 4000x972, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397146
File: 2.38 MB, 2560x717, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397148
File: 1.12 MB, 1459x827, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397149
File: 1.20 MB, 1920x1020, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397151
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well thats all dont want spam the thread too much

>> No.6397162

I understand I'm probably talking to a younger audience here captivated by my generation of anime and hey, if you want to fawn over it, be my guest, I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from enjoying it. In fact, I encourage it. I've said it before, you can learn to draw it, you can learn to animate it, you can learn to color it (on a computer) with a dull, muddy, CMYK color palette. Make it a part of your creative arsenal, but, don't make it your priority. Come up with your own stories, your own cyberpunk, your own characters that can very much be influenced by retro. Be a fan, it may give us something to talk about given our age differences. I'm 44. I've already been through that shit, the waiting around at Blockbuster Video for new Japanimation, the order catalogs in Animerica and AnimeUK, the going to my local comic book shop and ordering from there. I've learned what I needed from that era of Japan fandom in order to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Like I said before, fans my age or older get mad when I show them my work, because unlike their fandom, I ACTUALLY took the time to learn how to draw what I love. I don't have to wait for Kenichi Sonoda or a Masamune Shirow clone to come along to satisfy my retro anime. I became my own chef, and I can cook whatever I want. Carte blanche for the rest of my life. I hope some of you find the same freedom I feel when I draw. It's fucking great.
What am I arguing, is how some obsessed fans back then, and today, still raise a glass to this economic boom of retro anime like it's the best thing since slice bread. I hate the toxicity brewed through elitist narcissism, that 80's and 90's anime and manga can do NO wrong. I'm not wearing rose colored glasses anymore, and all I'm asking is that you enjoy this generation of anime and manga with humility and respect to everything new. I HATED Bubblegum Crisis 2040 >>6397003 because it went against the OVA I grew up with, but I actually looked it up and posted it. 1/2

>> No.6397191
File: 658 KB, 864x1152, 20221201_012509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking up some of this neural network AI stuff, and that shit's funky as hell! Old retro anime upscaling to fit 4K and 8K RGB screens of 2022, and I've never seen those lines on the intro of Bubblegum Crisis look so SHARP and crisp. I grew up watching this OVA and you'd think I'd be throwing a FIT over this, but it's fucking sweet to see it redrawn and re-imagined with vibrant blues, reds and greens like this! Now it looks like she's actually performing at Hot Legs!


>> No.6397431

Nice non sequitur response. For someone so against toxicity and narcissism, you sure do condescend to people like the biggest asshole in the room real good. You assumed a whole lot about me that had nothing to do with what I said and then acted like I was moron - you're an asshole.

THAT said - If you don't understand that the different production conditions for a lot of 80s/90s anime simply allowed for better animation compared to today, then you can shut your mouth already. The reason the OVA boom still retains popularity is because of the sheer skill on display, which again, goes back to production conditions. TV anime just doesn't have the time to make similar work, and for all the neat computer tools at hand, they're mostly used to streamline production, not to improve animation, i.e. vehicles being entirely CG but looking jank as fuck, esp. next to 2d animated characters. The way anime is made is just different now, for better or worse, and if you're looking for straight up skill, the OVAs have it in spades.

>> No.6397559
File: 709 KB, 1152x864, 20221201_014756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine for a second, if the artists, the production crew, the animators, the sound engineers, everyone involved at ARTMIC and YOUMEX with the creation of my favorite anime of all time, Bubblegum Crisis, thought, you know what, it's 2022, we have the technology, we have the vision, we can streamline the process, we can animate something in weeks, rather that years and I propose, we use the technology of today to create. There isn't anyone in the room who's thinking,"I want to go back to how they made things back in 1988 and do it that way." Not one individual, except maybe the moron who wants to preserve the process, which from a financial standpoint, if probably fired. You go live in the past all you want, everyone else here agrees, that faster is better and smarter.
Everyone in that room would agree, that the anime of today is being produced weekly, if not every other couple of days for the sake of the fandom. It's vibrant, it's fluid, it still retains the same elements of creating a story, and you have maybe the same amount of people behind the production, like you would back then. At the most, maybe about 25 people. And you're mentioning something incredibly important that people of today have in the same amount if not more, from people back then. And that's skill.
It's amazing that you can combine CG animation with animated characters today, it's nice that you can streamline production, and there is a lot of talent today creating good anime. I can't name something off the top of my head, but I'm sure it exists and I won't badmouth it because of my oldfag ways. I'm not going to change your mind with any of this, but it's crazy that I'm on the other side of this debate arguing for something new, while you debate for going back in time. 1/2

>> No.6397579

The fuck are you on about? I never said anything about going back. Quit it with the non sequiturs, or maybe learn to read. I said THE PRODUCTION SCHEDULES MADE FOR BETTER ANIME - NOT THE TECHNOLOGY.

>> No.6397585

at this point i genuinely believe you just stubbornly refuse to actually listen to anything people tell you on purpose, because you have this strawman living in you head you have to attack over and over, completely missing the arguments being made by real people here.

your hypothetical doesn't make sense because you already presume the very outcome you are trying to to prove.
in real life, most animators are absolutely not hyped over producing lower-quality work quicker, in the same way game developers aren't hyped about shitting out broken and unfinished games under crunch conditions at breakneck speed.

any cut in quality is usually only begrudgingly tolerated by artists due to awful working conditions/bad deadlines.what the other anons talk about is animators having enough time to create good, purposeful animation, not going back in time or some kind of purism.
there's a reason why inbetweens are important in animation, it's because actually interpolating something from keyframe to keyframe sucks, no matter if a human or machine does it. This is not an opinion.
Ironically, due to overusing comp/effects, modern anime tends to be less vibrant now because all this stuff slapped on top is supposed to cover up sloppy animation hastily created by overworked artists on insane deadlines who aren't being paid enough to squeeze the last drops of their existence into a frame they have 3 seconds to draw and move on to the next one.

the argument here isn't "old good, new bad", it's that the working conditions have degraded to a point where it is practically impossible for the average animator to create actually good or even exceptional animation. And the only ones who manage to do so, only do that in extreme edge cases !despite! those awful conditions. And we should change that.

>> No.6397597

The fuck are you even talking about? I never stated any hypothetical. I said
>the OVA era had the advantage of better time budgets to creature animation, as opposed to the crunchy TV anime schedules that absolutely dominate today.
This isn't a hypothetical, it's a straight up fact.
>in real life, most animators are absolutely not hyped over producing lower-quality work quicker,
In real life most animators are paid by the drawing, something like $0.12 per.
>the argument here isn't "old good, new bad", it's that the working conditions have degraded
I literally fucking said that you illiterate radish, you're making my argument for me.

>> No.6397603

anon, i wasn't quoting you, i was quoting the guy who keeps pogging at the new technology that allows studios to crunch.

>> No.6397606

The why did you link to my post? You smug fucking prick.

>> No.6397616
File: 190 KB, 1047x826, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6397630

nvm, I'm the retard. I assumed your post was his second because of the 1/2 at the end. I got rused like a dumb bitch

>> No.6397647

Here you go, production schedules make for better anime. Enjoy.
>in real life, most animators are absolutely not hyped over producing lower-quality work quicker, in the same way game developers aren't hyped about shitting out broken and unfinished games under crunch conditions at breakneck speed.


>> No.6397654

no biggie, it happens.

>> No.6397735

so far absolutely nothing in that video speaks against my point. low budgets are seen as a threat to animation/the series itself, not "cool! now we finally get to animate worse, just like we wanted!"
they talk about "necessary sacrifices" irt budget, as in "if we had more budget and time, we would have done a better job"
don't know why you're so dead set on not admitting this.

>> No.6397778

>don't know why you're so dead set on not admitting this.
Admitting that retro anime is not what it's cracked up to be? I think I have, several times over. That video proved that despite having the resources available at the time back in 1988, along with the economic boom happening in Japan, to the studios everyone was able to work at to make this project happen, to the talent sourced from other anime in order to create Bubblegum Crisis and the fandom backing this entire process up with production having actual time on their hands to make this happen, it still failed. By the 8th episode, according to the video, it was nothing more than filler material and gags. Despite them having the skill and the talent, it still failed. That's the reality of it, and I can accept that. Retro anime is not what it's cracked up to be. Full stop.
But what's your favorite anime. I've deconstructed mine, placed neural network AI changes to it, offered up a 2040 version, but I'm curious to see if you're willing to do the same, for yours. And that's where we differ. I can show you that mine sucks, that it was riddled with problems, and I'm happy that I can see it for what it is, but can you do the same, for yours?

>> No.6397790

And why does my gut feeling tell me you're going to say Studio Ghibli.

>> No.6397850

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En0-NYTE71c This is in reverse (old to new style) but from what I gather it's heavy referencing, some tracing, and filters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8hP-4MSfGc here's an old tutorial he unlisted.

>> No.6398131

>spend an hour to cherry pick one of the most troubled anime productions that ever was, and acting like its representative of anything
Fuck off with your deliberately disingenuous bullshit

>> No.6398152

stop changing the topic, literally no one mentioned "not what it's cracked up to be" or whatever nonsense you are pulling out of somehwere.
i'm only here because you were in favor of interpolating frames to pull animation up to 60 fps, which just fundamentally sucks because it messes with the inbetweens and consequently with the timing and flow of animation.
and by admitting i mean admitting that "anime with worse budgets working under worse time constraints puts out worse animation" which is so basic a toddler would understand the concept. why are you suddenly drifting off to "it wasn't successful"? that wasn't the point. the point is they admitted having no budget sucked to the point where literal background paintings were missing from the animation.
i dont care what you personally do with your favourite anime, because it has nothing to do with the arguments.
ending this here because you clearly are not reading anything anyway and are just making up more strawmen. but i do hope it seeps into your brain somehow in the end. goodbye.

>> No.6398153

>director is a communist with a big nose
uh...warner bros?

>> No.6398154
File: 49 KB, 318x513, 1669945893577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not sure what this is but I like it

>> No.6398155

I'm happy to have deconstructed mine in order to show you the truth. :)

>> No.6398363

You haven't shown shit. Even using Bubblegum Crisis as an example, even with it's troubled atypical production, STILL had lots of time to work on episodes compared to TV anime. Most episodes had in the range of 8 months time between them as opposed to a single week, and guess what, it fucking shows. Never mind that the budgetary issues limited what they could include due to run time(which you would know if you watched your video), and had nothing to do with quality of the animation. Unsurprisingly an 8 month production time in the 80s still beats a 1 week production time today.

>> No.6398404
File: 1.23 MB, 498x413, anime-brave-police-j-decker.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay since nobody paid attention to my post...

Is this style doable? I mean, can a small group of people over the internet do a "fanime" that could pass for an actual 90's tv anime?
What you guys think? What would be needed?

>> No.6398951

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f_6a9NGXnw I would suggest something simple like this

>> No.6399042
File: 862 KB, 640x960, 1669196576843495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

try out the retro anime model

>> No.6399101

Man this board has become completely unusable with you retards needing to spam your garbage everywhere.

>> No.6399128
File: 8 KB, 248x233, 1618856680817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>애니메이션 제작에 쓰이는 주요 프로그램:
작화: TVPaint 11 Standard
촬영: Adobe After Effects
Got it! Was this done by just one guy? If so, imagine what could be done by, like, 10 people! We could be the next Gainax!
That's awesome anon!

>> No.6399137
File: 2.10 MB, 640x476, yada.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no ai pls...

>> No.6399262

Fuck yeah, bring on the retro anime AI! Now everyone can have access to that genre of anime and manga and create their own images whenever they want. Where's the link, I want to check it out!

>> No.6399265

Lets look at how many errors this crap produces.

>> No.6399296

You salty motherfuckers just keeo bashing on AI in retro animation and retro art. Stop living in the ways of the past, stop being ungrateful little bastards and enjoy what technology's giving you in 2022.

>> No.6399574

Pretty sure it's a small team of people but he did used to make animations by himself too. You should check out the Fanding page (basically Patreon for Koreans) https://fanding.kr/en/user/lievicus to research. Pretty sure they post the files too.

>> No.6399582

gtfo shill

>> No.6399592

I love how contradictory you weeaboos are on your replies when fucking OP is drawing her shit ON A COMPUTER. The bitch didn't time travel from 1988 to 2022 to share her fucking artwork, you DENSE motherfuckers.

>> No.6399613

refer to here >>6399582

>> No.6399615

The truth hurts, I know. It's alright, best you know it now than later.

>> No.6399666


>> No.6399728

>Pretty sure it's a small team of people but he did used to make animations by himself too.
Can, let's say, 20 people do a 20 min episode in a week or two? Something picrel levels of quality. Or is this too much of a pipe dream?

The thing is, I wish I could do an animated series, and I'd like to think 90's tv animation levels of quality are achievable for a small team with modern programs like Photoshop and After effects etc... But the more I look up how animation is made the more it seems like even for shit quality stuff you need an army of seasoned veterans...

>> No.6399731
File: 2.52 MB, 442x250, SilverAngryHarpyeagle-size_restricted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, forgot picrel GIF...

>> No.6399762

Use the boy
Abuse the boy
Breed the boy
Love the boy

>> No.6399792

I guess if your team wants to animate 1 min each for 20 mins and are dedicated then sure but it sounds painful. I'm not sure what kind of series you want to make (stuff with robots I'm guessing) but depending on the complexity and your team- are they getting paid? Do they have the skills to replicate similar animation? If not then this labor of love may take longer than a month. You should also check out the Otachan Show too.

>> No.6399835
File: 183 KB, 562x900, __kinoshita_hideyoshi_baka_to_test_to_shoukanjuu_drawn_by_munashi_mujou__f5e87c16cfc65d4e33c7321fac079baa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Loli/Trap Enjoyer.
>I guess if your team wants to animate 1 min each for 20 mins and are dedicated then sure
>but it sounds painful.
That's what I was afraid of. Having a team of around 20 people and each animating about 10 seconds a day (as to have a minute of animation in a week) sounds doable but that's the thing, it "sounds" "doable" drawing just one frame takes hours, and you need between 8 and12 for just one second (for tv quality I mean) it begins to look like a pipe-dream
>are they getting paid?
I'm broke...
I'm aware of them, I watched an episode, it does look pretty professional. There's this other "Fanime" about Princess Tutu, it's done by just one guy. The animation looks pretty neat at times but most of the time it looks like semi-decent fan-arts.
>I'm not sure what kind of series you want to make (stuff with robots I'm guessing)
Sci-Fi/Action/School-Life with a dash of Ecchi because waifu characters and what not. And "Anime-Influenced" Animation rather than "Actual Anime" ... I also though of just looking on how to pitch to a network but again, the more I look into things the more this begins to feel like just a pipedream

>> No.6400066

You clearly haven't the faintest clue about the ethical and logistical issues regarding AI art and need to take your ignorant ass shit and shut the fuck up.

>> No.6400186

OP's work was created on a computer, probably helped along with interpolation AI, so shove your ethical and logistical issues up your snobby ass.

>> No.6400553

...that's Blue the Bone, they've been doing this since before AI art was really a thing, and accusing them of using AI is a really fucked of way of implying they can't draw. Drawing on a computer has nothing to do with AI being a problem or not, you ignorant fuck.

>> No.6400590

yeah, great, there's lots of panning, now paint up the thousand odd backgrounds that they're panning across. it's not some zero effort cheat, you know.
>20 amateurs in a week
fuck off lmao

>> No.6400635

>Retro Anime Thread
That anime did have life in it.

>> No.6400806

go back to reddït

>> No.6400995
File: 52 KB, 500x598, 1661457338489912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lots of panning
>now paint up the thousand odd backgrounds that they are panning across.
Great, even non-animation is a shitload of work, guess I'll never have my own animated series...

>> No.6401014
File: 142 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-883690249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its more classic disneyesque so maybe learn that or learn how to draw face with a near perfect circle.

>> No.6401322

You can achieve nearly indistinguishable traditional look with True Grit Texture Supply, for example. I wouldn't say impossible, just very difficult to mimic the lineart so it doesn't look too clean.

>> No.6401331

I definitely think it's one of the better ones I've seen, just minus the text (it looks quite goofy, too clean and tryhard). The characters themselves are very nice

>> No.6401379

who made this? i tried reverse searching but no luck.

>> No.6401381

It's probably from one of the dozens of PC-98 games with similar art

>> No.6401385

thanks bro

>> No.6402237

the true blackpill isn't even the art workload, it's the human resources.
>i'll just find, filter, organze, motivate, and schedule 20 human beings to work on a difficult one-off project for a week
the plan of a lunatic who better have shitloads of money