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I used to try and make myself look attractive but I realized I'm an ugly bitch so I don't care anymore.
Post your self portraits. The more stylized the better.

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Is this a baki redraw?

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Baki is a inspiration of minr

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im still looking for my own style but for now im sticking with simple stuff

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I dig it

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Aeaay NICO Let`s GO BAWLING!!!
You will never be Japanese

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I'm an old man in his twenties

Great line work all around, especially on the eyes and brows.

The way you use sharp angles on the clothes is pretty cool. Contrasts well with the round faces.

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an old doodle

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asian jeans made me a beg

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keep drawing and painting, fellow artists

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very nice volumes
very charismatic

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Two semi honest guys showing they have some weight on them.

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you cant call your own work soul

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It is soul though, so they get a pass

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sea aren't Asian, you're closer to niggers desu

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i've seen more seakeks draw like japs and aren't woke unlike westoids kek

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i'm not a seamonkey, i'm han chinese

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>Two semi honest guys showing they have some weight on them
yyyyyyeah IRL im built more like this

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Can I have the template

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Kevin Smith??

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I'm a mutt

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Post 9-5 self portrait

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At my worst; Tired/late, without a shave and not combed hair is peak literally me /beg/.

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I am an actual bugman. True bugman eyes.
Chinese people can look like sea depending on which part of China your descendants come from.

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your artstyle's fucking gold btw

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Didn't knew Tyler Durden was a drawfag

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glasses now

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Maybe he looks closer to johnny deep at his prime, you're right.

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challenge: draw yourself making expressions

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How can you people draw yourself? I'd hate having to stare at a photo of my own face for hours.
Are you actual narcisissts?

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why is everyone here a long haired faggot
go to a barber

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Artists tend to have long hair.

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for me it's because of cultural preferences. im native american so i wear my long hair with a lot of pride

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mspaint mouse drawings for fun while I avoid my current project

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Yes, I only draw anime girls, how could you tell?

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I let it grow out for months and then cut it because I'm cheap.
What I posted is 4 month hair or so.
Also to flex my non bald genes on my baldie peers.

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liquid chris??

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this was 11 months ago. I'm gonna do one tomorrow and see if I've improved at all
noticeably to you guys

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you haven't aged a day

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where is it

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just got off work for the day gonna start it now

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self portrait day is coming up

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Looks like you're taking a shit, not my favorite style
You look sad 8/10
Seems like my kinda dude 8/10
Walter white/10
Very nice
Bottom right corner is relation pic worthy
Nice minimal portrait
Hey, that's pretty gooood
Are you also an alcoholic 9/10
Marry me
Middle of the road for me
The best one so far
Left side reminds me of Picasso >>6328332
Look like the douche one of my exes left me for
The fact that it's great makes me angry
Good job anon
80s album cover
I like the colors 9/10

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Didn't mean to skip you mate, close second behind the girl I said was the best so far, something about your style
I dig it like a spigot/10

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u did say any style

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You will never be white

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just hide the thread, anon.

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I'm on mobile, I can't

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>click reply count
>click drop down menu button
>click "hide thread"
come on now.

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I browse through catalog

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deleted my other reply because i misunderstood what you meant. here. i don't even use mobile but it couldn't be easier. now get out of this thread

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Have fun with your thread, I'm just funposting

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Used a mirror. Got a headache so no rendering.

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weird, just try to hide it from the index then. also post a self portrait right now or the funposting ends

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I will tomorrow, it's 1am and I want sleep
Goodnight friend, I actually like this thread and think op is pretty based

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Very messy

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Ah shit NOW very messy

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>2 days later
>no self portrait

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I like your style.

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I like your style too

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I draw lolis

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>when they put soi in your chemo

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Hence why I said "semi-honest"

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literally me

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>inserting roaches

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This is a few years old, but I still dig

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i thought itd be fun to make a self portrait in a battle scene

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Hey handsome.

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>>6317923 here :D

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so you a femanon or just a very feminine man?

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femanon. But its still gay no matter how you look at me

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you look like my home girl Lauren?

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I was born with a coochie baby im just bad at art <3

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You look exactly like a woman who frequents this kind of site doing god knows what.

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constructoid at work

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>emotionless expression
>black holes for eyes
does ic really?

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fun to look through all portraits; 30 minute experimental of me lol

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you endlessly frustrate me for never posting your blog.

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I should probably post this on /fag/ but I kinda autistically insert myself in one of my sketches like this one. Me on the right though

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Cute it almost looks like a pic crew

Whoa that’s awesome

Nice colors they feel really cool yet airy

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Oh thank goodness, i was afriad you were the werewolf on the left! :^)

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Sorry to tell you anon, but I'm the werewolf on the right

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drew this after not leaving my house for multiple months during summer break

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You have to be 18 or over to post here.

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you can be over 18 and have summer breaks

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Don't do self portraits, but here's one a friend did for me

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would make sweet love to
would smoke a joint with
probably knows where to get good fish tacos
D&D ?
would.....ask for hipster type recommendations? im drawing a blank
bottom right corner is lupin; would be bros with
would lovingly motivate out of depression
would ask to be my wingman
would ask to be my schizo bodyguard
holy shit a girl
so you uh come to /ic/ o-often
would hang out in the psych ward with
would deliver pizza to his house
would give meds for your schizophrenia
would ask for your number milady
would solve mysteries with
would asdfdfasdfsdsa
would lecture on physics
would steal my girlfriend if i had one
would would wood
would pose for your anime girl drawings
would act in a play with
would go to a gorillaz concert with
would motivate
would hold hands with to make a delicious hand oreo
would earth fire water metal CAPTAIN ASIAN
would ask for art tips
would buy a fish for them
would trip over your trips
would ask why youre a drawing

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would fight you
would am getting tired
would bang
would fuck then not call
would ask for a pizza
would take you to disneyworld
would ask you to pyw

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This one is beautiful

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>would ask you to pyw
this was my return sketch

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What ethnicity are you OP?

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I haven't done one in a while

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Self portrait from when I wagecucked for the post office. I looked like a prepubescent boy at age 24. To make matters worse, I wore an XXL postal jacket that was donated. Weird oil portrait but here you go.

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Very nice anon, I'd love to get into oils

>> No.6343657

Thank you anon. It's easier than any other medium I've tried outside of pencil or charcoal. Don't feel discouraged.

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My problem is I'm colorblind, so I have a real hard time especially with skin tones

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My suggestion is to do the grisaille thing. Paint your subject in black and white. Then do some thin layers of skin tone on top. That's NOT what I did in the postal self portrait, but it allows you to make mistakes in color and not fuck up your drawing / value work. Face is fucked but that's how I'm approaching this master copy.

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Handsome and talented lad ^_^

>> No.6343726

dang that's amazing. One of the best paintings I've seen on here considering it's in trad. Would love to see you post more.

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a self portrait from last year, i should get around to redoing it some time

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Do you prefer a brand of oil or canvas?

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Thank you.

As far as I can tell, oil paints are all good. I've never worked with an oil color and think, 'this shit sucks!!' as far as canvas , that's a different animal. Canvas can be a game changer -- the self portrait and the master copy are both on cheap shit from Hobby Lobby. And I've paid dearly as a result. It slows you down. You're always babying the canvas, scraping down ridges, hard to describe. I suggest Claessens double primed, if you're looking to create a masterpiece. Here's an example of a work in progress on that canvas. There's a lot to do but it's a lot nicer to work with. Otherwise just gesso the shit out of some cheap shitty canvas and sand it down.

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>>would ask why youre a drawing

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Did this as practice when I first got my drawing tablet.

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do you know who ate all the donuts?

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This thread needs more diversity ~
Aren't we a week away anyway?

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I like it

>> No.6346618

I like the style
No way
based big chin old man
A bit Calarts but I like it
Checked and you look like my friend, Joe
Nice shading
You could make it if you wanted
Get some sleep
Discord trannt
You could sell this at a gallery for a hundred million if you're retarded
You look like you're on ssri's but I like the colors
You look like someone I'd go hunting with. I like it.
Get neck reduction surgery
Cool but what's with the weird shit going on at the bottom?
Sovl? Maybe not

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>half a dozen posters are John Lennon

>> No.6346641

Oh fuck, how the shit is a husky posting in this thread?!

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Don't be a pussy and draw yourself naked

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>> No.6346915

merc_wip lewds wtffff o_O

>> No.6347445

>Get neck reduction surgery
kek'd and considered

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eh might as well post some real fresh
>inb4 avoiding faces with masks
>inb4 ugly under bandana
wanted to make smth quick for halloween lol

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hiding my insecurities behind those furrowed brows

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sure why not

>> No.6348851

Daniel is that you?

>> No.6348852

yeah haha its me daniel

>> No.6349017

no? is that a joke I dont know?

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>>6343499 >>6335830
wow anon you'd bang me ? Aw shucks you are too kind! heres a shitty thank you :D

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Reminds me of a model on NMA
amazing shapes

>> No.6352462

I like the drama in this, it makes you look like an interesting person....or a person of interest....

>> No.6352481


>> No.6353315

What a chad

>> No.6353438

jaxee i told you i wanted my spagheteye

>> No.6353493

Are you happy with the likeness?

>> No.6353757

Nope. However, I was done with USPS by the time I had finished it. The USPS shirt was a little tight after 8 months out of the profession hahaha. It depends who you ask. My mom says the likeness is dead on, but my buddies at the bar say otherwise. Self portraits are tough. Need to start a new one and NOT spend over a year on it.

It's also life-size, I should add. May have bitten off more than I could chew.

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Konnichiwa dudes! Lots of beautiful people here I see

>> No.6353933

Not that anon but I can understand why your buddies disagree with your mom. Self portraits ARE tough and aside from YOU, your mother or father are most likely to know what you look like in person- chances are you spend more time with them than your friends. Love the painting btw, it's way better than anything my /beg/ ass can do! Also, try doing half sized portraits or less- it'll take less time but could be quite as accurate.
Trad chad, I like the 'stache

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How many missions would I survive?

>> No.6354240

None, you'd be too fat to even fit out the door

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Are you a pokemon character

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12x12” four-five color oil painting (iron oxide red/yellow, cobalt violet/blue, black) from a year or so ago when I was first learning to oil paint. I’m mostly a pastel painter so it’s been a fun experience.

Really enjoy your handling of lighting in particular, anon! I gotta start experimenting with larger paintings, the biggest I do is 12x16”. I know what you mean about the cheap canvases, that’s what put me off oil painting for years. I started buying large sheets of 1/4” hardboard, cutting it down, and priming it. Much nicer to paint on and easy to adjust the surface texture with different gesso brushes and sanding.

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Does this count? I used a reference of my face so I think it does

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nice, reminds me of one I did years back in hermit/permanent dressing gown mode

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>Konnichiwa dudes!

>> No.6356759

you look like your name is Elizabeth

>> No.6356777

>Why won't you understand, I HAD to eat the crew!

>> No.6356780

he cute

>> No.6356969

Love it. Selfie. Ambitious, have yet to try an interior composition. Share more!

>> No.6359236

Looks like a guy in a Friday the 13th movie that you think will live but is like the second to last person to die. Good work btw.
Checked and nice. You did well capturing the lighting.
Beautifully hideous, but would benefit from more solid black areas.
Chewbacca? Nice ear.
Sorry, but this board is for adults- no lolis allowed.

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This one was of my first works in ps

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this one was of my first works in ps

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>> No.6359283
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>> No.6359406

I am mexican

>> No.6360380
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>> No.6360395

is that u Che?

>> No.6360413
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>> No.6360775
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>> No.6360823
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>> No.6361813

I am not a narcissist but I like my face xP

>> No.6361869
File: 326 KB, 1150x1236, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bit of an old one

>> No.6361897

i look like you lol

>> No.6361993

Maybe we're long lost cousins

>> No.6362110
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>> No.6362193

jus get good so u dont need more than hours to draw ur face

>> No.6362196
File: 97 KB, 1235x1059, me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6362535
File: 128 KB, 603x823, Screenshot_20221106-232134_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6362564

you should be using a mirror anyway

>> No.6365181
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speedrun any%
for real though, this is barely recognizeable as me, but I drew it in like a minute or two. I do not draw portraits.

>> No.6365520

>I used to try and make myself look attractive but I realized I'm an ugly bitch
If you actually look like the drawing you posted you're obviously not ugly. So either you're lying or you were deluded into adopting male beauty standards from teenager girls (the only demographic of women who actually prefer non-masculine men).

>> No.6365533

Case in point: look at the kind of men who women match with on Tinder (you can look it up on youtube since they like to brag). Women 20+ are generally not matching with effeminate faggot looking men but with Chads (good looking masculine men).
That's the kind of men most women consider the most attractive. K-pop male idols are mostly a teenager girl thing.

>> No.6365540

Also, women on websites like Tumblr and art Twitter are usually socially stunted and thus are NOT representative of most women IRL.

>> No.6365609

7/10 dude with piercing eyes.
Either a 6/10 woman or a cute gay bottom.
6/10 man who would look much better if he didn't dress like a weed addicted hobo.
4/10 30yo+ man who would look better if he stopped using a "boomer uncle bear" and dropped the bandana and glasses.
3/10 My condolences, but can still be improved by losing weight and getting a normal haircut.
7/10 old man. Very dandy-like look, cool high-class uncle look.
6/10 man who could look like a Chad if he went to the gym and stopped being fat.
4/10 I'm sorry.
6/10 the typical slightly-above average looking man in his late 20s and early 30s.
9/10 literal Chad. Lucky son of a bitch.
7/10 cute asian girl.
No comment.
6/10 but could look 7/10 or 8/10 if not fat. Very good high cheekbones and jaw.
5/10 half asian who could look better if he went to the gym (increasing your muscle mass literally gives you a more masculine face, among body changes which are more aesthetic).
5/10 average jane. Which isn't bad. Being average is okay.
5/10 but you must be better looking irl as your drawing's facial proportions didn't come as symmetrical as they should.
3/10 I'm sorry.
7/10 John Lennon looking guy. Clearly for a niche type musical liberal type of women.
5/10 the typical wasp woman.
7/10 intellectual looking man in his 20s.
5/10 because of british-state teeth. Braces would improve your look, also going to the gym.
3/10 IRL coomer meme man. Look up hair transplant and finnasteride.
5/10 average man with long hair which I suspect looks better due to fucked up proportions in the drawing.
8/10 beautiful mulatto girl. Definitely has an instagram.
Either a 8/10 nerd looking Chadlite or you're lying.

>> No.6365653
File: 777 KB, 2467x3692, q6lZ3bO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Regret is real for not even starting on this oil sketch

>> No.6365657

Either a masculine woman or a 6/10 androgynous man with thick dick sucking lips. Most likely has a lot of success with a niche of girls who dig the perturbed artist/musician look.
6/10 Slightly above looking average european joe.
Either a 7/10 who can't draw non-plain eyes or a 6/10.
5/10 average joe. Could look better if he didn't have that pissed off incel stare and got a better haircut.
6/10 powerlifter/athletic man. Most likely did wrestling or american football in HS.
5/10 Average joe. A more modern haircut could help.
A 4/10 gay rapist looking dude.
6/10 Above-average looking american woman with strong features. Will probably birth a very manly Chad son.
6.5/10 Above-average woman with a cute look. Could look 7/10 with some accesories.
3/10 My condolences.
6/10 the typical HMOFA poster. Probably a fan of Jyoka's furry porn.
5/10 Average man who could instantly look better with contact lenses.
6/10 Clearly a looking man burdened down by fatness. Good masculine jaw, lips and nose and average eyes but being fat is killing your looks. Why the fuck are you not going to the gym right now? You might look close to a Tyrone or its latino equivalent but we can't know because of the fat covering your face.
5/10 from what I can see but could be higher due to the anime style not being highly representative of IRL aesthetics. Get some sleep, a good posture and go to the gym (which btw also helps with posture).
4/10 masculine looking woman or 5/10 androgynous looking man who would gain at least one solid point with a better haircut.
6/10 man with obvious potential to look 7/10 if he went to the gym, groomed his eyebrows and either shaved that excuse of a beard or got a thicker more defined one (which sadly is dependent on genetics and age, so when in doubt better to shave it).

>> No.6365701

7/10 with dirty clothes and messy hair. Obviously looks better in normal circumstances.
7/10 slightgly evil looking but in the beautiful looking territory woman. I infer from her facial features she might be spaniard, as Spain's pretty women tend to have that look.
6/10 around 35yo man obviously burdened by fat and having tired eyes due to lack of sleep. Why are you not in the gym right now? Also, it would obviously improve your looks if you dropped the cap (unless you're balding, then look up a hair transplant and finnasteride) and you started dressing more your age instead of trying to pretend to be a 20 something forever. The beard could use some grooming also, looking like a hillbilly isn't doing you any favors assuming you live in a city.
5/10 Average man. Could improve by going to the gym.
4/10 Why the fuck are you doing this? You could easily be a 6/10 if not for the ridiculous manbun and onions beard. Get a real haircut, contact lenses and shave the shitty low-test dicksucker beard. Plus going to the gym helps with jaw width, definition and neck thickness.
6/10 half-asian man. Most likely has high success with asian girls since they prefer half-asians over pure asian guys, but low success with western women due to their generally western aesthetics preferences.
5/10 Ace Ventura looking motherfucker. How to improve: get new haircut, groom your eyebrows, use braces if your teeth are crooked and consider developing a less basic fashion sense for shirts.
7/10 Clearly good looking military guy. How to improve: Trim your pubic region hair and shave the hair on the upper part of your legs/the groin area.
8/10 possibly 9/10 Chad who's burdened with an teenager fashion sense that's unfitting of his age. Motherfucker, you look like a young Fabio, what the fuck are you insecure about? Go to therapy and enjoy life.

>> No.6365758

7/10 Clearly good looking mediterranean woman in her late 20s to early 30s. Most likely italian or greek.
6/10 who could look 7/10 without the ressentful frowning expression.
7/10 Clearly good looking latino man in his early 20s. Most likely has a lot of success with younger women due to his youthful looks.
6/10 possibly middle-eastern man severely burdened by fatness. Could easily be a 7 or an 8/10 if the extra fat wasn't covering part of his face.
7/10 probably a Wall Street card-carrying sociopath but good looking nonetheless.
2/10 Bro you're not even trying. Being morbidly obese, not trimming your eyebrows, not sleeping well, being balding and yet not using finnasteride, and not grooming that hobo beard are all AVOIDABLE problems. What the fuck are you WAITING to fix it? We only live one life, make it count or at least die trying.
7/10 Clearly good looking asian woman burdened by a lack of sleep and wearing her hair on a bun instead of letting it flow. Get some sleep and be confident. You're cute but for some reason seem to hide it. Fix that and you'll get better results.
3/10 I'm sorry. You look like one of my divorced school teachers when I was a kid. How to improve: First and foremost stop being fat, second trim your eyebrows, and go to theraphy (Tbh your entire look and expression reminds me of a bitter middle aged feminist teacher who couldn't let go of an evil Chad womanized that broke her heart 25 years ago but instead of dating in her own league she decided to spent the rest of her life ruminating the pain until it turned into ressentment towards the entire male population). Finally, date men of your own league. We only live one life, there's no point spending the rest of it hating on the people who have hurt you as it's like drinking poison and expecting the person you hate to die. Please stop that for your own good, and good luck.

>> No.6365783

3/10 I'm sorry. How to improve: Hair transplant, going to the gym (losing the fat and getting more defined and masculine features from lifting will help a lot), and trimming or shaving your beard.
6/10 man of ambiguous race. Could be latino but I'm not sure.
An obvious caricature so the exaggerated features are exactly that, but from what I can infer I assume you must be a 5/10 average british woman or very androgynous guy in his early 20s.
4/10 man. Obvious improvements: shaving the beard (we're sadly not in the 00s anymore) and getting a new haircut.
6/10 Slightly above-average looking man burdened by a sad tired expression and lack of sleep. Solutions: sleeping better (also sun bathing a bit so it helps with the areas under your eyes) and going to theraphy so you can enjoy life more.
3/10 due to obvious obesity. If you weren't obese you would probably look like a 5/10 cool tech uncle. Losing fat and shaving the moustache would certainly help a lot.
5/10 Mexican psycopath burdened by fat. How to improve: going to the gym, shaving that hobo beard and trimming your eyebrows.
You didn't even have to write the word "legalize" and I would already know you're a 6/10 drug addict and most likely an avid weed promoter. Nothing I can recommend besides knowing when to quit that lifestyle before your 30s so it ends not being more than a phase in your life and it doesn't ruin it.
8/10 european man who can't draw well yet but is obviously working on it.
8/10 very cute mexican or centroamerican girl in her early 20s. Despite winning the genetic lottery looks sad. The solution: going to theraphy and letting pain go since, as I previously mentioned to another poster, not letting the pain go will most likely make it turn into ressentment, and that wouldn't do any good.

I'm actually surprised by the amount of average and above average looking posters in this board.

>> No.6365852

6/10 possibly middle-eastern man severely burdened by fatness. Could easily be a 7 or an 8/10 if the extra fat wasn't covering part of his face.

>> No.6365879
File: 1.90 MB, 3120x3121, pTncpgm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The ethnicity is just an ocean and a sea away but w/e. It was a tough time back then, a lost child if you will but fair enough

>> No.6365899

Glad to see you're better now.
My life wasn't perfect by any means either but thankfully and one point I realized nobody was going to fix my life except myself, and thanks to that realization (and the support of my family and therapy) I managed to make my life good enough by sheer hard work and discipline (I couldn't entirely quit 4chan though, it's a die hard habit due to sadly being one of the fewer places on the internet where anonymity means reputation isn't a factor when posting and thus people tend to be more honest).

>> No.6365913
File: 60 KB, 1075x1280, 22633b1a3731c6c8db9d96d9b99b806b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A 4/10 gay rapist looking dude.
I'm literally the only one without pointers for improvement, it's over.

>> No.6365928

make me pussy

>> No.6365942
File: 1.08 MB, 2390x3799, 1UOUTmZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hear everything you're saying, you might as well be holding up a two way mirror and point it to the past.
I've been gone for a few years from 4chan, seen all the other platforms but tbqh I can't be bothered with the nonsensical derailing on hollow sensitivities and intangible problems. It's high effort no reward. Best thing would be to log off entirely but that's not the world we live in, ironically enough.

Trust and friendschip were the rocks I pulled myself onto when I finally crept out that pit. I wish I had been able to use a ref for this one but the incompleteness of a memory has its charms as well i guess

>> No.6365968

>I'm literally the only one without pointers for improvement, it's over.
No you're not. And also it's not over.
The reason why you look like I said IN YOUR DRAWING is because IN YOUR DRAWING you have a very particular look that instills fear on people.
To elaborate further: In the drawing you posted you have a VERY angry and callous facial expression, with frowned eyes and clenched teeth under a closed mouth, which is a very unwelcoming and even threatening expressing to show. It's a very bad expression to show someone because it conveys the threat of violence, even if that's not intentional.
That said, this of course DOES NOT MEAN you look that way IRL or in normal circumstances.

The way you can improve is by learning about facial expressions and body language (which btw includes your face's). Non-verbal communication is a very importan aspect of how you show yourselft to others. And of course by presenting yourself to other people in a more welcoming manner when it comes to your initial facial expression.
Other than that, be confident. I'm only an anonymous posters making ASSUMPTIONS based on DRAWINGS, that of course are most likely not a 1:1 depiction of the people posting ITT's real faces or character.

Physical looks-wise I cannot recommend you anything else to improve because you've already done everything that can be done.
You're not fat, your haircut is okay, you're properly dressed (the hat or cap is a personal choice and not a device to hide baldness or something like that from what I can tell). There's nothing else to improve. However, AS A MAN there're more things you can realistically add to your person to make it more attractive to the opposite sex. Men are extremely visual, but women are not. They value many more aspects of a man when for example choosing a mate (mostly personality characteristics, your values, your capacity to provide -when they're in the late 20s and older-, etc). So don't lose hope and enjoy life.

>> No.6365986

Also I know that doomer meme and the kind of people who use it, and let me tell you something:
DO NOT DESPAIR and stop consumming "doomer" or "black pill" content because it's obviously not making you (or anyone) any better.
"Misery loves company" is unfortunately an accurate phrase, because some very sad people would rather bring other sad people down (like a bucket of crabs) instead of ACCEPTING their own defects (NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO BE PERFECT, so there's literally no point in trying to hold yourself to a standard less that basically nobody can achieve or hold).

Yes, it is true LOOKS matter a lot, specially when it comes to dating. Nobody could honestly deny that. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you have to be sad about it.
Women in developed countries tend (NOT ALWAYS, but GENERALLY) enjoy what they call a "Party phase", which is comprised of partying and casually dating men of their own age. And, BECAUSE IT'S SHORT TERM DATING, they of course will value INITIAL ATTRACTION FACTORS such as looks the most, since they're NOT looking for the father of their children during that phase, and are simply looking for quick sex and fun with the hottest men they can find at the SOCIAL VENUES they're currently in.
That however DOES CHANGE a lot when around their late 20s, when they're starting to feel the NEED for a long term relationship that might lead to having kids and a family. And thus, women start to CARE a lot more about many other factors a man has or can have, mostly related to their personality (and not just how fun they are, but how responsible, assertive, productive and whatnot that makes a man a good potential FATHER). It is with women of that age AND BEYOND where a not above-average looking man have the most POTENTIAL to succeed.

>> No.6365993

And more thing: dating or your sex appeal to the opposite sex isn't everything life is about. It's only a fraction a person's life. I know it's hard to think about it clearly because I myself when I was about your age (a decade ago) was too obsessed with chasing pussy, but that will naturally change when you're 30 and beyond, mainly because of hormonal changes which having with aging.

So either with age or by logical reasoning, you will realize that life has a virtual infinite amount of things to do and enjoy, so even IF you were to not succeed with women (which is UNLIKELY given AGE ITSELF does change people's facial features, and IN MEN'S CASE sometimes for the better. I.e. Most men become more masculine looking with time and thus more attractive to men of then their own age) then you'll know it would matter anyway, and you'll still ENJOY LIFE as much as you can.

So 1) Do not lose hope, but 2) WORK YOUR ASS OFF to improve your overall lifestyle (Hope alone is not enough, WORK AND DISCIPLINE bring better and more consistent results).
That's all. Good luck.

P.S. Sorry to the other posters for the blogposting.

>> No.6365994

*then you'll know it wouldn't matter anyway

>> No.6366006

I believe dealing with pain and life's hardships is a very normal and expected struggle of growing up. One might think one is in an exceptional bad situation (which may be true in some cases, but it's thankfully not the norm) or that struggle only is happening to us during that time, because almost everyone is of course very averse to telling other people about their problems, at least to people in general.
What I found best to help dealing with one's struggles is:
1) THERAPY. And I mean a GOOD psychologist, not someone who simply prescribes pills (pills COULD be the better tool to help in some cases, but in most cases the source and SOLUTION of the problem comes from cognitive and behavioural factors which can be fixed or improved willingly (with a lot of effort). That's my opinion though.
2) Your trusted family members.
3) If possible, to never lose grip of your close IRL friends that you've meet along the way until that point (and I mean TRUE FRIENDS, and in the ones you've been friends since elementary school or high school, the kind of friends you meet along years of knowing each other, which almost always are so few in number one can use one hand's finger to count them, and that's okay since it's quality >>>>>>>> quantity for helping to deal with serious issues).

I'm glad you too have fixed or improved your situation.
Anyway, I must go to sleep, I've work to do tomorrow. Good bye.

>> No.6366022

*and thus more attractive to women of then their own age

>> No.6366023
File: 40 KB, 432x606, nudie 2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We should all grant eachother the freedom in how we take root and ground ourselves. What you may believe works for you at this moment may not hold true for others, or even for yourself in the future. The opposite may be the case, be wise with your wisdom
Good luck anon

>> No.6366030

And more thing before I go to sleep. I'll recommend you a book (which isn't PUA shit) which WILL help you with women (Hell, it helped me): read "The Book of Pook".
It's not about cheap parlor tricks or mind games, it's essentially about developing your life as a man in such a way that's not only more attractive to women but also more enjoyable for yourself.
That's all. Good bye.

>> No.6366318

>asian men get the lowest ratings
many such cases

>> No.6366360
File: 806 KB, 1497x1399, selfportrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only do one self portrait a year on my birthday.

>> No.6366366

xP I am male and no homo, but thanks for the advice

>> No.6366560

it took me up to here being so confused about the ratings to realise you're not rating the portraits, your'e rating us

that said i really like that >>6362196 's looks like the muscle man in the corner of >>6362535

>> No.6367072

Right before lunch break ends:

4/10 which could be a 5/10 or even a 6/10 if he went to the gym, got a more stylish (shorter or not) haircut (when it doubt about this, it's better to consult a hair stylist since what are the best haircuts for a person heavily depend on head shape so there's no one-size-fits-all), got contact lenses and either grew a beard (assuming he currently could grow a good one right now, which depends on genetics but mostly on age, which means even if right now he can't grow a beard with consistent thickness -avoid patchy/inconsistent or too thin beards-), later in life he'll most likely will. If you can't currently grow a decent beard, the advice I can give to increase a more masculine look, specially facial definition in your jawline, is a bit of regular sunbathing (ALWAYS using sun cream of course, since excesive sunbathing or without cream in the long run fastens the aging process, which is no good).

You're welcome.

First and foremost, since I'm a westerner my taste and sense of male beauty is of course heavily influenced by western beauty standards, which are different from the ones in Asia, so please keep that in mind and don't assume you're necessarily at a disadvantage.
Second, asian people as far as I know tend to naturally keep a MORE YOUTHFUL LOOK for a lot longer than people from other races. That of course is massive advantage for asian women, and a minority of asian men with individual genetic combinations that gave them a SUPER RARE mixture of androgynous facial features and masculine facial features (E.g. Androgynous eyes, nose and mouth but a masculine and defined jawline combined with extremely low bodyfat and very low muscle mass, which makes MILLIONS of teenager and early 20s girls around the world -not only in Asia- absolutely fascinated with them.
HOWEVER, since that particular look is super rare, of course most asian (or androgynous western) men can't play that stereotype well, or as well.

>> No.6367092

And therefore, since that particular look is impossible to emulate by like 99% of men in the world (besides the obvious elephant in the room, which is that most of the men who do fall into that category, let's call it the "K-pop male idol" or "Japanese male host" look, were ALL under heavy plastic surgery, which is not something I'd advice except for extreme cases which thankfully nobody ITT is an example of), for normal Asian Men, as a Western Man myself, I can recommend the following (assuming the idea of course is attracting women):

For asian or half-asian men with a natural more masculine look (Example >>6343819) I'd recommend going to the gym and doing a light routine (not a hard hypertropy routine) to MAINTAIN their body and facial shape but not altering anything else aesthetic-wise since they're already doing pretty good, although they will still struggle attracting most western (and very westernized asian) women.
And for not very masculine looking asian men (but not androgynous in a "pretty boy" sense either), then I recommend going to the gym harder (NOT going for a bodybuilder look of course, but going towards developing a body that's usually called in fitness groups as "OTTERMODE", which btw happens to the be the prefered male bodytype for MOST WOMEN over 25), and, depending your individual facial aesthetics, I advice they take a very good look in the mirror and evaluate what they could change (without plastic surgery) that would make them a bit more masculine (without going overboard obviously, since women 20+ almost universally tend to prefer a man who is masculine but not hypermasculine. For examples of this, look up the kind of male celebrity that's considered the most physically attractive in the region you live in. Unless you're in South Korea or urban Japan, changes are they look mostly masculine but with some "softer" facial features so they look "handsome" instead of "pretty" but not too rugged).

>> No.6367112

Hypermasculinity, in my experience, is only an advantage when trying to attract cougars or older women (usually divorced) who're looking to "feel young again", and a small subset of women (which usually live in low class, dangerous neighbourhoods). But I'm sure that's not the case for the men ITT, hopefully.

Continuing the advice for not so masculine asian men (or kinda androgynous western men who can't pull off a "pretty boy"/"eboy"/"fuccboi" look or whatever zoomers call it nowadays), if for example you're indian, if you don't have a defined jawline, growing a consistent beard or a stylish moustache might be BETTER, specially if you live in India or a country or a region where more masculine men are prefered (For example developing countries, or RURAL AREAS within developed countries). As a rule of thumb, masculinity and a more masculine looks is usually more appreciated by women in places where PHYSICAL LABOR is a usual part of life. while DEVELOPED CITIES usually tend to prefer a less masculine and more "refined" or "less masculine" look. But even if you live in a city, GOING TO THE GYM ALWAYS HELPS. The main difference is how much muscle mass you should aim to build. The more masculine a man wants to be, the more towards the "Ottermode" and even a bit beyond (see "Athletic", as in a tad higher muscle mass closer to a professional athlete, think an american football, baseball, basketball or rugby player or olympic swimmer body type), specially if the man in older. While for the men going for an androgynous "pretty boy" look, having visible abs (and low muscle mass) should be enough.

It can't be stressed enough how important it can be to make a man STAND OUT in social venues where women are looking for men, specially since most men dress more functionally than aesthetically almost all the time, which results in most men having a harder standing out in a group of men with visual style alone.

>> No.6367127

And lastly (yes, I'm fucking late but I'm still taking the time to answer you because despite me being an anonymous dipshit I still care just enough to give the kind of advice I wish I was given when I was 20 instead of the traditional politically correct lies I was told by my gen x parents):

A crucial advice for ASIAN men is to look up and socialize preferably in places or contexts where ASIAN MEN ARE NATURALLY OR CULTURALLY PREFERED BY THE WOMEN THERE.
An example within western countries:
A) Asian themed conventions or tourist venues (E.g. anime conventions, asian cinema festivals, asian culture places, asian dance/art/music/etc places where western women go to learn, etc).
B) In universities and such, the places where EXCHANGE STUDENTS usually gather.
C) Places where the usual male attendance is usually not super masculine or good looking in general (See: libraries, places where nerds gather but that have a better male:female ratio and are not sausage fests).
And in Asia D) TOURIST BARS where western women usually go first.
and of course E) ASIAN ONLY -OR CLOSE- VENUES where a lot of asian women meet with men.

Hopefully this information is useful to you or anyone reading these posts. Alright, I've have to go. Good luck and good bye.

>> No.6367130
File: 52 KB, 397x394, CLIPStudioPaint_Ul6HnnwP05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3/10 My condolences, but can still be improved by losing weight and getting a normal haircut.
aw hell yeah. thankfully ive been losing weight from just changing up my diet and not eating at night anymore. im planning on going back to the gym throughout the winter.
the long hair is a huge thing in my culture, so i wear it pretty proudly. hair is incredibly sacred in many native american cultures, so i don't let anybody other than my mother, sisters, and closest friends touch it.

>> No.6367252

U skipped mine tho

>> No.6367299

nta but theres barely anything to work with there
besides its not like youre the only one

>> No.6367450
File: 829 KB, 1656x1563, dfbh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

70% euro 30% spic

>> No.6367566

Very good.

>the long hair is a huge thing in my culture, so i wear it pretty proudly. hair is incredibly sacred in many native american cultures, so i don't let anybody other than my mother, sisters, and closest friends touch it.
I see. Then of course enjoy having long hair. Win-win situation.

Regarding this
>thankfully ive been losing weight from just changing up my diet and not eating at night anymore. im planning on going back to the gym throughout the winter.
That's great, but I'd like to make the following disclaimer (nor neccesarily directed at you but for anyone interested in going to the gym and losing fat consistently):

The process of "weight loss", or to be more accurate, the process of "losing fat, while keeping muscle mass" relies MOSTLY on diet, namely on:
Eating less calories than ones you spend during the day, which in turn makes the body to use the fat which is stored in your body's fat cells as energy reserves to cover the deficit.
Ideally, the caloric deficit should be LOW (For example, 20% less calories than the ones you spend during the day) for 3 REASONS:
1) A caloric deficit too high would make your body "burn" or use as energy NOT ONLY FAT but also MUSCLE MASS. And that's something you certainly want to AVOID or at least MITIGATE. (Unless your personal objective were to reduce both fat AND muscle mass, which could be the case for example for men aiming for the "pretty boy" look, but since they're not most men it's not something I assume).
2) A daily caloric deficit too high is also counterproductive since your body will be functioning with much less energy than what it needs to work properly, specially if you're going to the gym, which negatively impacts your physical performance.
3) Because diets with high caloric deficits (or other types of "Crash diets" or that rely on depriving your body too much from one of the 3 macronutrients (Protein, Carbs and Fat), which are ALL necessary for your body to function well) (Cont)

>> No.6367578

(Cont) are either counterproductive (For example not eating enough Protein will negative impact on your muscle mass) or will become counterproductive either on the short, middle or specially the long term (for example while the diet colloquially known as "Keto" which is super restrictive with carbs DOES work in the short term for fat loss, in the middle and long term it also fucks with your metabolic rate and natural testosterone production, which makes it's VERY LIKELY for you to end up recovering a lot of the fat you lost after you break ketosis, besides having less strength during it).
It is because of this that I personally recommend essentially eating a BALANCED DIET with a small daily caloric deficit (adjusted of course to gym days and rest days) so that one can CONSISTENTLY lose fat while not losing muscle mass (or losing the least amount of it possible).

And this connects with the following: While diet is about 90% of losing fat, the REASON why men should diet AND go the gym, is because by regularly lifting weights, their bodies will in turn MAINTAIN their muscle mass, instead of using it as fuel along the fat cells.
Remember, what most normal people call someone being "toned" is actually someone "having VISIBLE muscle mass". And that's achieved by having at least a moderate amount of muscle mass and a somewhat LOW BODYFAT %. The goal of going to the gym is losing the fat while keeping as much muscle as possible, even building more of the latter in the middle and long term (Spoiler: building muscle mass takes months and is a much slower process than losing fat).

>> No.6367591

And this is for the people who have NEVER gone to the gym:

1) The first step you should take is going to your personal Medical Doctor (or a trusted medical doctor) and tell him or her that you want to the gym. Then, your doctor will send you to get a couple medical checkups so that both can be sure you're physically able to go the the gym and lift weights (and that you don't have an existing condition that might make so a bad idea).
2) One you've your medical doctor's OK and your health certificate stating that you're able and ok with lifting weights, then you go your local gym (Preferably a normal gym, it doesn't need to be super well equipped as long as it has the basics -bench, free weights -i.e. Bars, plates, dumbbells- and not just machines, ideally a squat rack) and SIGN IN.
3) Then the first thing you do in your first day is ASK the gym's own personal trainers (Who're NOT private PTs but part of the gym's own personnel and therefore are -almost always- FREE to consult), who're usually behind a desk inside the weigh lifting area or floor, if they can make you WORKOUT ROUTINE (involving lifting weights of course, preferably free weights over machines when possible). They're most likely ASK YOU what are your goals, and then you tell them what do you want to want to achieve (For example: "losing fat while keeping the muscle you have", or "building muscle mass"). Then, the gym's PT will write and give you your workout routine and will also (most likely, I'm assuming you're going to a decent gym) will EXPLAIN TO YOU how to perform EACH EXERCISE (Since TECHNIQUE is super important not only for optimal results but also with some exercises to avoid the risk of injury). He or she will also tell you to TAKE RESTS between SETS (Exercises are organized in Sets, each one of them comprised of a number of Reps or Repetitions).
4) And then you do the routine from then onwards.

>> No.6367593


>> No.6367594

Thank you for the fitness advice, Bodybuilder-san. Screenshotted

>> No.6367599

(Cont) And of course keep in mind the following:
Building muscle mass and losing fat is a gradual process, and you're generally NOT building muscle mass WHILE you're exercising but ON YOUR REST DAYS. That's why you need to rest and the reason why lifting routines either are usually about 3 lifiting days per week, or are for example 4-5 lifting days per week but with your total exercises being "split" by your muscle groups so that you never overexercise (and rest some muscles while you're working others).

Going to the gym isn't a race, it's a marathon. And you're not competting against the other people in the gym but against your own (natural as all humans are naturally lazy) laziness, so that you become stronger and more aesthetic.
That's all. Good luck.

Ok. From your drawing I can infer you:
Pros: have high cheekbones, an angular defined jaw, are physically fit.
Cons: Your hairline is slightly recessed, the size of your head in relation to your body's makes me assume you must not be exactly tall (which I assume it's a con assuming you're heterosexual).
Overall a between 6/10 or 7/10 man in probably his late 20s to early 30s. Pretty damn good height aside.

>> No.6367617

And before someone complains: I'm not short myself but I can absolutely assure you short men are still having a lot of success with women as long as they're sociable and overall well-adjusted.
For the men under 6 feet ITT I recommend:
A) Meeting women face to face instead of online (which is also something I seriously advice for EVERYONE short or tall since online dating is horribly ruthless for most men).
B) If you MUST use dating app, JUST LIE ABOUT YOUR HEIGHT (moderately of course) and let women decide for themselves if they want to reject you when face to face. Also, I don't think many people are aware of HOW MUCH women tend to lie on dating apps...
Spoiler: They lie all the fucking time, photoshop their photos, use the good ol' "strategic angles", use OLD photos, sometimes use group photos when they're the least attractive of their girl friends, etc etc etc.

I strongly advice against using online dating apps and I obviously advice meeting women in your own social circles and places you usually frequent (E.g. work -unless you work in a super formal hyper competitive cooporate setting or somewhere like that which implies certain risk; if you're a uni or college student obviously there, if you're an artist that goes to IRL art meetings of course try meeting people -not just women but people in general- there, etc), for many reasons. Mainly because it's SO MUCH EASIER to feel and act CONFIDENT when you're in a social setting based around things you enjoy and are interested in. Spoiler: Like 99% of women prefer confident men for various reasons which I won't explain due to space

Anyway, good luck and good bye.

P.S. If anyone ITT is struggling with not being assertive enough (or in other words has the problem of being a pushover, which is almost always unnatractive to women), I recommend you the following books:
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert Glover
and "When I Say No I Feel Guilty" by Manuel Smith.

>> No.6367621

*and women also use instagram filters not to mention the biggest lie: a lot of make up.

>> No.6367627

P.S 2 A lot of women's obsession with male's height is a status thing related to how they perceive themselves in relation to the other women in their girl friend group. E.g. If it's a very (covertly, as they usually are) competitive group of women, one big reason why they prefer their boyfriends or public partners to be taller is because they can be used as a "social flex" towards their female "frenemies" within said group.
Petty? Absolutely. But unfortunately real in many women groups.

>> No.6367629

Hence the "He must be taller than me when I'm using heels" mantra some many women like to use.
Narcissism is off the charts with some people.

>> No.6367631

why don't you blogpost on Tumblr?

>> No.6367632

*some women (specially in middle class+ social groups)

>> No.6367633

No need. I already said all I wanted to say. Enjoy the rest of the thread.

>> No.6367636

thank god.

>> No.6367657

Very impressive you got my age range good job

>> No.6367662

amusing. that was one of the more interesting drive-bys on ic.
You lost me after some of the self help messages, but that doesnt change that I enjoyed reading like half of it!

>> No.6367691
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about 10 mins (not in ms paint)

>> No.6367695
File: 91 KB, 402x769, BB9D7856-4375-4F11-B9D1-FBB6A4C8D7BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6367734
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>> No.6367833
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Oof nice, wonder what one hour looks like

>> No.6367848
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Live from Innsmouth

>> No.6367895

Mmmh lucious lines. Peep the eyes behind you

>> No.6368149

I'm white, I'll try to get more sleep but I've had eyebags my whole life

>> No.6368203

Later I'll post one
I really needed something easy like this to get back in gear, it's a month that I'm fucking around

>> No.6368222

It's because your portrait was done well. To be fair he rated all southeast asians (I'm assuming you are) as below average. Don't take anything in 4chan seriously. You look fine, don't give that kinda glare tho, you're like a serial killer.

>> No.6370712
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ty for the template anon

>> No.6370773
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>> No.6371541

the MASK goes OVER THE NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.6373544
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nice thread

>> No.6373547


>> No.6373612
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>> No.6373636
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Sure why not

>> No.6374228

Really digging your style especially the nose but.. YWNBAW

>> No.6374242

you don't say this and you don't look like this

>> No.6374279

i really like you. slick jive

>> No.6374307

say what?

>> No.6374348

>must be a 5/10 average british woman
kinda shocked you got that I'm british but it makes sense though

>> No.6374360
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Drew an actual self portrait

>> No.6374387

Typical woman moment
>I'll have you know I'm at least a 6/10!
You're someone's 10/10 don't sweat it.

>> No.6374487
File: 2.51 MB, 3024x4032, 44B64C1F-0A68-45D0-97BF-D2CDBD8A9C08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take a guess at my phenotype.

>> No.6374490


>> No.6374510
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thanks anon!

>> No.6374537

Shhh you’re not supposed to name all types, babe. Make it easier to dox me.

>> No.6374543
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>kinda shocked you got that I'm british but it makes sense though
it's the teeth and hair

>> No.6374549 [DELETED] 

Ph baby

>> No.6374566

PH baby

>> No.6374589


>> No.6375079

@AustinLoveArt on twitter as of yesterday. Going to start posting dailies of I can keep up with it.

>> No.6375299
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>> No.6375319

You draw lolis?

>> No.6375339
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eh whatever

>> No.6375363
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I drew it too androgynous rip... also half the time im drawing my male characters with aspects of myself, so the line for self portrait is a little blurry

>> No.6375379
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na nigga

>> No.6375650

I drew one but it looked too much like me and I dont want to feed the facial recognition bots crawling this site

>> No.6375765

The what

>> No.6375906

fuk off owo tranny

>> No.6375947

buy a mirror

>> No.6376382



>> No.6376558
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This is an old one but still holds up pretty well, only difference is that I'm short-haired and with a beard

>> No.6376773
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From 2020

>> No.6379315

best itt

>> No.6379373

are you robert "bobby" singer?

>> No.6379375

kino. also you kinda look like julian casablancas.

>> No.6380571

do youhave a twitter?

>> No.6381052

you'll find me talking about random bullshit or animation @mayyde

>> No.6381100

love this one so much. my parents were both postal workers too, so i really feel it. your work is absolutely incredible.
feast for the eyes, i could get seriously addicted to your paintings

>> No.6383861

That's cool bro. Made me chuckle. Well done too.

>> No.6384088

>8/10 european man who can't draw well yet but is obviously working on it.

Fairly accurate. But I do not work on it. I want to be able to draw most things recognizable and really fast so that I can use it as a teacher.

>> No.6384090
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Made another speedrun any% attempt. I find it a lot easier to draw myself when I have my hair tied up.

>> No.6384105


>> No.6384214
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This thread made me realize how boring my artstyle is

>> No.6384224
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do you have twitter?

>> No.6384280
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>> No.6384332

you guys draw yourselves way too hot and i know some of you are lying

>> No.6384485

Very nice fren! OwO

>> No.6384520
File: 1.69 MB, 2048x2816, self-portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6384671
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Had to

>> No.6385140
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LMAO I was playing AC Unity these days and accidentally found a random NPC that looks exactly like me
I'll sue Ubisoft

>> No.6385715
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Thank you! Working through some artist's block so your words are very appreciated right now.

Thanks anon! I had to look him up and me and my girlfriend were laughing , we see the real life resemblance. Must have caught the likeness!

>> No.6385763

shit redditor thread

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