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>Just feel the form!

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t. hasn't felt the form even once, it's an intoxicating feeling anon

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>feel the form
That's just literally CROSS CONTOURS. Stop being an idiot and FEEL THE FORM.

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>use construction

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>collectively pissing off every vilppu shill on the board
Good one OP.

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why are begniggers so fucking opinionated in this board

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>A sketch should be indistinguishable from a finished, inked piece.
I don’t know why you retards keep pushing this.

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>shitty thread
>can't feel the form
Unironically NGMI.

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you should stop thinking about it in terms of sketch layers to begin with
learn to evolve a drawing organically without pigeonholing it into steps, or else you'll forever draw clunky shit

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True. If you think your drawing looks shit from the sketch or construction, just stop and try again. You are just gonna end up polishing a turd if you continue.

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denial. they barely try a given method for all of a day and because it doesnt work, the method must be busted as its surely not them. and its definitely not the fact that they draw once a month and then go back to fapping and shitposting.

even in an anonymous setting like this, you will never see anyone whos actually good being so vindictive on a method unless its something silly like a tumblr-ish tutorial that teaches bad habits (IE shade everything with purple on multiply). even methods that may not work for some have merit. hell i never liked loomis for drawing heads (steve huston can redpill you on why the ball is bad) but to say its a complete waste is a huge stretch. loomis can draw so following him is better than following nothing or following pure intuition.

to delve deeper on why "feel the form" escapes beg artists, its likely because they are trying to feel the form on complex objects they cant understand. they dont start with ovoids or beans a la dynamic sketching, they try and tackle something as deep as an entire figure immediately and wonder why its so hard to master gesture, flow, perspective, line, form, anatomy, etc etc all in one go in their first year of drawing. and they are weak willed, so instead of pushing through it or finding another way they relinquish efforts and pretend that they are above those who actually know what they are doing.

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>Read Hampton

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>stop chicken scratching

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Feeling the form is the best advice.
You need to use your imagination man

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Hamptom >loomis

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Permaprebegs opinions are always left ignored.
Use your time wisely

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So this is the thread where assblasted anons post the truth they couldn't face?

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neither side posted work, so neither side can be taken seriously. Just listen to the anons in the generals who post work

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>Start by drawing what you like

Frustration generator

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What's the other choice? I have seen this advice when people can't get themselves to draw anything or they can't be bothered with practice because "it's too boring".

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Actually bad advice:
>Gesture means you don't need to care about proportions
>Ignoring accurate drawing and observation
>Ignoring exercises that train your arm, like drawing circles and ellipses
>Not finishing books, or finishing books in less than 3 months
>Not copying books cover to cover, over and over again
>Trying to draw heads, even anime heads, without studying the skull
>Drawing less than 30 minutes a day
>Believing you don't need to finish your drawings with clean lines or rendering
>Believing you're "too advanced" for beginner exercises
>Believing you don't need to ever draw from life (at least buy a fucking skull)
>Believing the video courses you don't have teach the secrets you need to learn
>Not making master copies, because you believe you need a course to teach you to draw like a certain artist
>Not becoming a bodybuilder and drawing yourself in the mirror for anatomy's sake

Did I miss anything?

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Good advice. You can learn to draw while focusing on subjects you like.

Unless you're one of those people who only likes little anime girls and absolutely nothing else, then you probably got brain damage

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Draw 24/7

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Doing that will just leave you with any proportion issues you started with in your first sketch. I prefer repeated layers of sketches increasing in detail, going from start to finish with each layer.

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self hate isn’t good for you

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>You have to draw 8+ hours daily to make it

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"Dont bother to learn fundamentals, modern art is way beyond that"

Jose Saavedra, art degree Bucknell University (pic related)

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still better than you stupid crabber

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Hi Jose

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>you need to study fundies and tranny anatomy from our lord Proko

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Unironically better than 95% of ic.

Good stuff, keep drawing!