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First AI Images Copyrighted

It's truly over

You can submit your Ai-generated images to Shutterstock. They changed their mind as more people, like me, received their copyright certificates of their Ai-generated work proving that according to the law of the USA Ai-assisted work (which means it’s not made by a machine 100% but a human was using the machine making it, using AI-technology) is copyrightable.

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wtf is going on with pic related? how are you supposed to tell what is going in this blurry turd of full of artifacts?

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congrats, and?

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meatbag artists will be utterly extinct this decade.
Humans are no longer necessary in the next.

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this example doesn't set a proper precedent, you can submit copyright for an anthology or arrangement of non copyrightable (creative commons, etc.) images. because the author wrote text and arranged the panels, that aspect is able to be copyrighted. But we still don't know if we could take the individual panels, change the text, and have the rights to sell it on redbubble or whatever. if the AI had generated the text and the panelling, and all that the user inputted was a prompt, it likely would have been rejected for copyright

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Wait, how can she do that. she used Zendaya's likeness for her character... is that allowed?

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You can take public domain figures and make a story around them that the copyright office will accept the copyright of the story, but if you try to sue someone for using them it won't work. There's also breach of contract the AI holders can activate at any moment to seize any copyrighted work since the terms of their engine supersedes the user's ©, so this doesn't mean anything new at all. Also shutterstock has AI banned

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most of the problems with this page would be easy to fix but I guess the guy really doesn't want to work with an artist

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>meatbag artists
I seriously hope this is written by gpt 3. It would be crushing if a human has typed this, their soul is utterly devoured.

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Dumbass, please touch grass and live in the same reality as the rest of us

Even if I want to indulge your AI BDSM fantasies the MIAstress will constantly need artists to steal from when you all get sick from this same style over and over

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What's stopping me from using the same technology as you or even doing it better than you? You aren't AI, just a person who uses it.

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Get the lawyers involved. Smart.

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>I got a copyright strike warning from YouTube for a AI Art educational video I made. I will fight in court if need be because of fair use and the fact that all the images I used in my video that prompted such a warning is indeed in the public domain. Crazy stuff
Ohnononono YouTube is taking down Emma watson schizos wtf AIbros

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He has a cuck fetish

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The depressing thing is that it's not the same style because of the AI. It's because the people using it are redditors who literally just know the same handful of artists.
You would see this if you tried to use stablediffusion yourself. It's surprisingly flexible and controllable and capable of a large diverse set of styles. But you kind of need to be an artist to make full use of it.

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Can you post an example?

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that is not even how copyright works lmao

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I don't even understand what's supposed to be happening here

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Every single stock site will ban them soon
Cope and rope ai kneegrowths

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>he claimed it was "AI assisted" rather than wholly created by AI

how the fuck would anyone know the difference. This is an obvious loop hole

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The images weren't copyrighted retard
Aicucks are entering the third stage of grief

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I love how in that comic there's like 0 consistency between the panels. Must be hard trying to tell the AI "make me more panels that look exactly like this". I'd love to see it try to add the same character from different angles and dynamic poses for all the different panels, lol lmao even.

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two more weeks sirs

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>Literally nothing
Sidenote the comments on vids like that are always so abysmal aifaggots have literally no self awareness like squealing pigs begging for more content slurry honestly some of the most subhuman shit I've seen in a while

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>You can submit your Ai-generated images to Shutterstock
and nobody will buy them because they are ugly as hell

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A static object would work, as easy as rotating a 3d model glasses, but the showcase high ends didn't impress me. They used dogs and cats purposefully to sidestep from the choice of a human. NovelAI has a better model than that, though it's not what you would expect either

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why do all techfaggots sound so insufferable?

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i can smell the curry from here

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what the fuck does democratising art even mean?
why do they keep repeating that nonsense phrase?

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Democracy is the NPC activation phrase
Democracy=GOOD and anything that opposes it is putler

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Incoherent Npc babble

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"I could not become an artist because I'm not talented despite being creative, so the AI will allow me to skip all the boring part of creating art and give me the final result to consoom".

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here we go
What the fuck are you talking about?
The point is to demonstrate how AI can reliably manipulate objects and keep consistency.

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Why in data science you can put out a paper without actually proving anything while also cherrypicking all images?
I guess all other science fields are absolute retards for trying to actually prove their shit.

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I'm not asking for the point I'm saying its its worthless don't need stock images of my own fucking dog mate, why do they use the most generic looking shit for this

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>What the fuck are you talking about
You are utterly oblivious to the real thing while trying to condescendingly pontify about the latest googlejeet model which is already behind. Go back to your coding bootcamp and try to improve it before you get fired lmao

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Why yes I had this one saved, the comments all agree with him kek

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>she formatted the images in a unique way and formatted the book
Oh wow, brb, making my comic by copy/pasting other people's drawings and rearranging it, then.

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>what the fuck does democratising art even mean?
>why do they keep repeating that nonsense phrase?
In theory it would mean lowering the cost of entry so that anyone has a shot at getting in, regardless of their social extraction.

In this context it's obviously bullshit, because anyone can pick up a pencil and a sheet of paper, even if they live in the shittiest Brazilian Favela.
So what it REALLY means, in this case, is: I'm too lazy to put in the minimal amount of effort to do anything.

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>despite being creative
If only.
All these shitty AI creations are literally repeats of the most basic sci-fi/fantasy concepts.
Dragons, pretty anime girls, spaceships, cyberpunk skylines, knights.
Like we don't have already enough of that tripe.
It's as if this technology is mostly sought after by manchildren with walls of FunkoPop adorning their nerd cave.

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Niggerfaggot, what exactly NAI imagegen has to do with this? Dunning Kruger in full fucking force.
To demonstrate that it can be done? Proof of concept?

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ai art literally followed the plot of the lorax kek

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>If only
oh I'm paraphrasing their delusion only

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>I'm not an artist
>those people who said AI artists aren't real artists, no we are
what did he mean by this

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how much are they paid kek

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It has a brown woman, so it's automatically breathtaking and inspiring generations of doctors, engineers and astronauts. Simple as.

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Make it draw sonic fanart then :)

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This shit is all so hopeless these retards can't even see they are giving they are tying the noose the corpos will use to hang us all Its so tiring

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Go self destruct, faggot.

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>It's truly over
>They changed their mind as more people, like me, received their copyright certificates of their Ai-generated work
Firstly, who gives a shit? Did anyone besides AI fags care that AI work could or couldn't be copyrighted?
Secondly, what's over? You faggots keep coming over here to tell us "It's over", but what's over? Art? Then what's the point of the AI? Our jobs? We'll be using the AI dipshit, that is, if it can even make anything decent. That comic you posted, for example, is dogshit.

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I thought it wasn't copyrightable according to US law, or has that changed recently?

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Artistic works have automatic copyright. It’s the default, applying for it is strictly speaking not necessary

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It means "fuck people who have the discipline to study and learn a skill, I want the same results without putting in any time or effort!"
Also it's progressives who think being good at anything is white supremacy.

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well can you name a good black artist?
dunn is proko tier

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I wonder how Zendaya feels about being the star of like 3 different graphic novels now

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>dunn is proko tier
so he's drawing fetuses instead of kangaroos

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well can you post dunn’s drawing of a kangaroo?

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if anything this thing has show to the world is how bitter and resentful drawlets are. I never realized it till now.

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Right? The most vocal of them also have the most absurd delusions. It's like arguing with a kid.
No matter what you say to them they'll just circle back to their original talking point, if that doesn't work they'll start attacking your character, throwing ad hominems.
The fighters for the comodification of creativity. Mistaking themselves for being revolutionists for the "greater good". You see it everywhere. It's very much political but they lack the brainpower to realise that.. Truly appalling people..

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Literal nothingburger.
Random mooks working at the copyright office don’t know any more about copyright law than you do. A fat pink-haired diversity hire got the application, said “yeah sure whatever” without even reading it, and approved it before waddling off to lunch.
Normally there’s no reason to even “apply” for copyright in the first place as it applies automatically to all works that are eligible for copyright.

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What a dumb take. If anything this has shown how absolutely vile and resentful YOU people are.
Artists and illustrators are trying to protect a huge branch of human creativity and the mediocre, low effort lazybones such as yourself love the idéa of us becoming disenfranchised. Regardless of the fact that the way this is happening is highly immoral. Or maybe you're just stupid. Probably a bit of both.
Wether it will happen or not is irrelevant.
You people have shown your true colors.

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This is going to be so fucking funny as all this insane shit always happens in America, you people will sue somebody for calling you a mean word on the internet, I can only imagine the sea of lawyers already toppling over each other with fat hollyjew checks clenched in their fists.

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The spaceship fell onto a planet that is cloaked in some kind of foliage or smoke barrier that hid the sun from the planet. The brown girl is an indigenous to this planet and is stunned by seeing the sun for the first time in years (or ever). She is taken with it so deeply that she almost doesn’t pay any mind to the ship as it collided with the ground.

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>Techtard learns about blender

>> No.6293046

Can you actually copyright an arrangement of facial features?

>> No.6293054

It is for now. Deepfake porn is already illegal in California and more people are pushing further for federal regulations. Now stuff like this is getting Hollywood's attention as any retard can put Scarlett Johannson in their fanfics, and the last thing execs want is people to entertain themselves (free of charge.)

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I said drawlets. peolple that can't draw. So I agree with you.

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No field of science has tried to prove anything since the 19th century. It's been hot air and free money for over a hundred years at least.

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it's the other way around. it made me realize that artists are the only humans on this planet, the rest are insane misanthropic low IQ retards with no standards, to the point i picked up drawing this week because this whole ordeal made me realize that it's something I should do. most people seem to be rats who in one breath anthropomorphize the AI who will "replace humans", and with the 2nd breath they say it's a tool and that they're artists too! the ungrateful parasites have the gumption to claim such things while the software they use is reliant entirely on the work of artists who released their stuff to the public, for free. the ungratefulness and lack of respect is actually intoxicating. I had no idea that so many people who enjoyed the works of artists also resented artists so much, it's actually shocking. I used to believe that Maynard James Keenan was an asshole for treating his fans like shit but now I realize that he was entirely right.

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Dangerously based. Best of wishes on your art journey, newfriend. It's a road paved with pain but it leads to enlightenment.

>> No.6293084

Lol I'm stealing them anyway

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it's called image rights, you can't put a celebrities face on a product and sell it without their permission

>> No.6293133

Of course you can, people do it all the time.

>> No.6293169

maybe if they are small enough that they are not worth bothering with, it's still illegal

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AI sisters.... will Getty images come after us?

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Only some have the power to see it.

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>no sirs it's not photobashing it's actually a very sophisticated ar- ACK!

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Any work which required human activity to produce is copyrighted the moment it is released in the majority of jurisdictions around the world. Quit spamming pathetic talking points like they are grand revelations.

Ban AI threads.

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>"its just trying to imitate a signature sirs! DO NOT REDEEM"

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ai artists are taking over, join or perish

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name some or post their blogs and see who will be intrested in their stuff
>not everyone wants to landscapes
>not everyone wants portraits
>not everyone wants to see porn
what are any of them even known for particularly dumbass or are they in a fucking hug box with other AI niggas
>also here's a brontosaurus award I'm not gonna explain where's the idea for it is from since y'all don't say how you got yours

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What the fuck did you just fucking paint about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Pratt Institute, and I've been involved in numerous secret art galleries galleries, and I have over 300 confirmed masterpieces. I am trained in gorilla and elephant painting and I'm the top inker in the entire US education system. You are nothing to me but just another nude subject. I will cross you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of canvas suppliers across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the X, maggot. The X that crosses out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can paint anywhere, anytime, and I can draw you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in fingerpainting, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Rhode Island School of Design and I will use it to its full extent to erase your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit paint all over you like Jackson fucking Pollock and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.6294351

Good. We told all of you aspiring "artists" to buckle down, stay humble, and work hard, even if just for exposure. Now look what you've gotten yourselves into. You'll be lucky if we even bother paying you $3 for a fully detailed high quality internet drawing at this point. The market always wins.

>> No.6295177

cope and seethe, talentless runt

>> No.6295250

The market likes funko pops made with 3rd world slave labor and blacked disney remakes

>> No.6295865

it means lazy fucks who didn't want to put in the time and work can now make art and profit from it with zero skills. basically do nothing but still get rewarded. better term would be the socialism of art

>> No.6295880

If artists had a brain they'd stop being humble, pull all their artwork off the internet and slap an intrusive watermark on every new thing they upload. Then ungrateful parasites like you are left with nothing else but your ai goyslop

>> No.6295915

of course it's going this way, just like no talent edm and hip-hip "musicians" can just copy and paste a bunch of samples and drum loops together and call it their own and profit from it. and normies don't care, they eat that shit up even if the artist just rearranged and repackaged shit they have no skill to actually create.

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>AI Art is OFFCIALY art now
It's over, I want to fucking die.

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"art" as a concept was already bastardized by retards like Duchamp. what made you think that AI generated images wouldn't be considered "art", like all the other effortless garbage that the "art doesn't need to take skill" movement brainwashed the world with

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Bastardized yes, but not made completely worthless and outclassed.

But fuck it, at least Google's coding AI will get revenge for us.

>> No.6298853

how the hell can normalfags be impressed by this? have they actually never read a fucking comic in their lives? or is it just the tech part of it?

>> No.6298854

dios mio...

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>All these shitty AI creations are literally repeats of the most basic sci-fi/fantasy concepts.
That's all people want though. This whole AI debacle is the result of the endless regurgitation of art on social media to keep the dopamine machine going. Only difference is now they've cut out the middleman (the artist). People don't care how it was made, or if the person behind it can make a living. Only that it looks like the cool shit they've seen a million times before. Welcome to the regurgitation machine. And the best part is that this can't be undone.

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I swear I've seen so many of these AI doom posting threads accidentally posted on r9k. Wonder what that means about who's posting them

>> No.6298972

at this rate they might even be AI generated posts

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>Can you post an example?
any questions?

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How do i make sure no AI can learn from my art?

>> No.6299293

>Zendaya's ugly mug, after colonizing every show and every movie, is now off to colonize every AI's dataset

The zendaya curse strikes again.

>> No.6299512

Asking real questions now

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"Angry and confused"

>> No.6299529

never post it anywhere

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Hide it. Check out my Luigi fan art.

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File: 473 KB, 671x550, stereogram(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some coom for human eyes only.

>> No.6299551

lmao this remembers me when those marvel comics were using that awful CGI in the early 00s

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