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Which one of these should I put in my concept art portfolio?

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neither, jesus christ

Study color, depth, light and Graphic design basics before you even think about either a concept of a portfolio

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>no work posted
Opinion discarded.

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OP didn't post any of his either

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take your meds schizo

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Mother fucker, you're so bad an aborted fetus would re-kill himself with how shit this is.
All these tools and you can't use your fucking eyes to see how and why these 4 are shit.

Jesus christ you're hopeless man, off to the /beg/ thread with you.

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the second one idk the clouds are pretty or something. All of them are pretty uninteresting

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I like the first one the best because of the sky. The second and third one have a sky and clouds that look a bit too simple, almost childish. The fourth one is okay, but the first one really has the best sky in my opinion.
I think this matters, since the sky is almost half the composition in your case.

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You know saying that phrase just calls you out even more, right?

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Prompts used?

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It's going to be fun when AI artists start making "portfolios"

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Bottom right has the best composition, but none of these feel particularly striking. If you removes the trees from bottom left and made it a castle so large it keeps going in either direction, that might be something.

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Post your prompt

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looks like AI trash

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These are all pretty bad for different reasons. Even if this were painted by a human, no studio would hire them.

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None, they all look like generic ia shit

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Why bother putting this in a portfolio when you are already paid by Mr. Good Morning Sir, Rajesh?

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>Which one of these should I put in my concept art portfolio?
You wouldn't have engaged in this trolling attempt if you had a healthy social life offline, and whatever disorder you have will just keep on festering and getting worse if you ignore it and keep telling yourself you're a master prankster. It is genuinely pathetic to see. Seek professional help instead of jumping on online trends, I'm serious.

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>concept art
Literally and unironically a dead field. The AI can shit out 100 of these generic landscape paintings a second, and unlike with finished illustrations, it doesn’t matter if the fine details are weird because concept art just has to get the mood/idea across.
Basically, look for another field of art to get into.

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concept art is about ideas and design, not about the piece itself
it already uses photobashing and 3d extensively, AI will be just another tool
the main problem with OP is that the ideas are poor/uninteresting, except maybe for some of the color palettes

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is this AI art?

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Construction and rendering is /pro/.
Values, colors and composition is /beg/

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the sky doesn't fit right with these drawings

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None of these look like real castles. It's like you figured out some recurring patterns in castles but you just used them randomly, looking closely they don't make sense.

Is this Ai generated? There are also weird things that seem artifacts.

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i like the 4th one best, but i'd put 2 in it.


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Art director would have laughed at you if you saw this and call security to kick you out.

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Ai shilling has gotten pretty insidious.

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OP is the kind of permabeg that can’t tell why Hitler was rejected from art school LMAO

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All this hostility yet none of you could provide a smidge of actual, worthwhile information to explain what the flaws in the images were. And seeing how riled up this thread got you, I assume you didn't even realize these were AI-generated, and were posting in genuine bad faith.

You should be ashamed, you look like absolute idiots for shitting up the CRITIQUE board with your utterly pointless comments.

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Top left and bottom left reeks of copypasta patterns. Top right has some odd hybrid tree/vine growth which might be mildly interesting if we can get clearer details, but the arch makes the castle appear to have no depth like it's a wall of cylinders. Bottom right may be passing if not for my questioning what's going on with the right side: the short tower and the tree along right edge (is it coming from off screen or are those skinny trunks behind those mini spire thing wtf they are).

YOU shitting up this thread, what do you think >>6291086 mean by "all these tools" and >>6291306

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>I assume you didn't even realize these were AI-generated

It’s so obvious half this thread could tell and the ones can’t tell are /beg/ same as you and it’s not their fault they can’t see we’ll enough to distinguish, but unlike you at least if they keep working they’ll improve their observation.

As far as crit it’s not worth the time because you can’t even see the problems. In every piece the scale doesn’t make sense. Are the trees huge or is the castle small, it’s basic perspective. Secondly as concept art these all lack the level of detail or just literal design enough to be able to send down a pipeline. why is there the most random splattering of windows and random side units what function or purpose do they serve? How come 3 of them are overgrown but 1 isn’t is the character stumbling upon ruins or is this place habitable?what’s the design of the flags they’re not just going to be blank ripped solid colors?etc

Concept art is problem solving with design. While you can be creative they need to have some amount of functionality. The most creative design usually is never the one that’s picked.

I don’t pretend to know what Amazon software engineers are up to, but for some reason every ai sheeple thinks they know what industry artist do for work when they don’t even have a lick of understanding for the profession.

Maybe concept art is something you’re actually interested in OP after discovering artstation but a lot of pristine pieces you see are for marketing. I’d suggest Youtube some industry professionals interviews and learn up.

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Why? Art is no longer about mechanical skills, but having an eye for good aesthetics. The person with the prettier promptfolio is the one getting hired.

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Noone will ever be hired just for being a good prompter, with just AI tools you can only choose what's closer to your idea and wing with it. AI can not manage to do small touch ups or just minor changes on its own and we have not reached the point where you can do that with just prompts. For now it's just a good prototyping/sketch tool for getting new ideas, if you want to do serious buisness you still need an artist. People still don't understand that AI is stupid as fuck and even with access to basically every image on the fucking internet it still struggles to draw shit that makes sense without errors or handpicking the best results that just look believable only if you watch the picture for less than 3 secodns.

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The pandora box was opened, for every 10 artists a single experienced prompt engineer will be enough.

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I don't think so, it will help unearth new projects that would have been kept underground otherwise, think about all those personal projects hobbies that do not want/can't hire an artist. It will only replace phonies and uninspired artists. Let's also not kid ourselves and pretend (at least at this stage) that anyone will hire a prompt engineer, when the whole purpose of this stuff is making it accessible and easy to use for everyone. If you need to hire a prompter just go for an artist instead since you are gonna have to manually touch up the outcome anyway.

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The genie is out of the bottle, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

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No one here as retarded as you, we all know it's AI and even with technology you still can't produce something that doesn't hurt the eye.

> CRITIQUE board
I told you go to /beg/ and learn what I mentioned in the first post but in reality we all know that you are shit-tier nodraw who pretends to understand art and don't bother defending yourself from this, the fact that you think these 4 are presentable with their glaring issues is proof.

>Muh hostility
Dumbass, you're in /ic/ not your mother's facebook group chat. You came here with crappy renders and pretending to be smug as if you passed the need of a critique and straight up "chooze 4 plz".

>post your work
There two pov you need to understand:
1. Posting our works to prove our level of how much we understand art and have the right to critique means we're equal. We're not kek we spent our time drawing and coloring and you practicing adjectives so basically, not worth it.

2. If the god of all artists posted his work will you swallow your pride and say "damn you're right I guess I need to understand light, composition and other shit"? No you'll deny that he knows better and twerk about you'll take his job or something.

Get rekt loser, learn some humility.

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These are nice, you need better contrast in size/perspective of things because the castles should feel big but they don't in these compositions.

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all 4 as thumbs, just like you’re showing us, to demonstrate you can iterate multiple distinct design directions for the same scene.
i’m just an anon, tho.

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This looks so soulless I just have to ask, did you use an image AI generator, anon?

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Art hasn't been about technical skills for about a century now. As far as illustration and concept art bullshit goes, no one is going to pay you to prompt. If you're not an AI software developer you have no chance of having a career in any way related to AI art.

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anon are you rarted

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>experienced prompt engineer
The bait just keeps getting more obvious

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