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Hi, im sitting for an art test - designing sybols for poker machines, this is one symbol part of my art test - what do you think

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What's your reference(s)?

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a bunch of different stuff , first time using ai to assit,(picrel) ai ref to get the ball rolling

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>using ai to assit
:facepalm: please leave

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lol, it's a tool. look at my art compared to wath the pc shat out.

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wow it looks great, good job anon!

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the gene is already out from the curry sirs

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From the thumbnail, I thought it was a midjourney face. midjourney faces all share that characteristic lip/nose/eye ratio.

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Looks like generic AI art, but, since it's for a soulless scamming game, I don't see the issue.

If all you need are Photoshop retouching tips, go to >>>/gd/

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>midjourney faces all share that characteristic lip/nose/eye ratio.

you mean how a face looks?

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but its not generic ai art. i spent 12 hours + drawing this and painting it

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and still looks like a generic Al stuff.
see the problem here?

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yeah (you) can u even draw cunt lol

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no, i just prompt

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Don't be disingenuous. All female midjourney faces look related. Unless you really push the prompt away from it, but nobody seems to do it...

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looks worlds apart from mine - but what ever bud

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You might have Prosopagnosia

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seen so much of it, yours looks like one of the generated shits from the thumbnail
maybe i should stop prompting

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amaybe you should fucking neck ya self cunt and learn to draw and paint for 20 years before you give an opinon.

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Hi Anon,

It is with careful consideration that we have told the hiring manager to disqualify you because we don't use AI art in production. We feel that AI despite its capabilities cannot replace real human connections with the client. I'm sorry but you don't seem to fit the vision we in the company are trying to achieve. Good luck in your future endeavours in AI technology.



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or maybe change your style a bit, so it doesn't look like a generated image
or the pose, idk
use your 20 years experience to avoid getting called Alfag you twat

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nta, but chill bro. AI has poisoned your art. You are now wrestling with the sunk cost fallacy.

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because i used an ai as a tool to shit out an image for reference. origonal pic is 10% from ai ref 90% me.

Pic rel) examp of art

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why do all these AIs make the pupils so big and the sclera non existent?

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eyes are windows to the soul anon

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Next time, just use a photo for reference. There is probably enough Chinese empresses photos in the public domain.

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Is this recent work? The style difference between this and OP is quite big.

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it shows that AI is not a tool and will cripple your skills

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that image is collection of a bunch of random images, probably from 3 years ago or there about. the top pic of this post was completed yesterday. I have different styles i like to draw in

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If you've been doing it for 20 years why are you asking the opinions of permabegs who don't even draw?
Anyway, take a look at the shape language on the hair. Bust out your golden ratio measure, I'm sure you can make it more appealing.

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>because i used an ai as a tool to shit out an image for reference. origonal pic is 10% from ai ref 90% me.
>Pic rel) examp of art
i am op

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because its pokie art - thats why im asking these degens

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you are definitely aus/kiwi
anyway it's too late to start from scratch but the combo of western apparel + hair style and asian features looks very weird, something like pic rel would look more cohesive rather than looking like a hapa queen
altho i have friends who have worked on pokies and i dont think they give too much of a shit for quality

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It looks gaudy, like an airbrushed face on a van in the 80s. Probably in keeping with pokie art.

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oi Dazza! you still owe me a cold one mate!

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OP here, there is no art test bs I was just looking for an excuse to post my AI art and have you turds rate it thanks for validating me lol

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Very uncanny valley and unappealing. If that's what you're going for, well done. If not, you should scrap it and try again.

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>I was just pretending to be retarded

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suck my nuts faggot
i owe you shit cunt
fuck off faggot u aint op

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You're an aussie... so... translation: I love you bros!

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Strayan time 4chan truly is the worst

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>This food suck 1/10 -customer
>Can you even cook? cunt XD -cooker

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Is no one going to bring up that this isn't a symbol but a portrait?

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in the art test , the character symbol has to mainly be a face with boarder

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Someone posted this on another thread and HEH, that face in the middle is identical to "your" "art", OP.

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no, it's not lol are you blind bruh

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but this isn't AI generated art

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based karen filtering the AIjeets

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Anon, who do we think we're fooling?
Go back to drawing your own stuff, at least it feels like you had a personality before.

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I can't wait for artfags to instinctively start calling out human art as AI art. this place is gonna be an amazing salt mine.

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Not gonna happen. Every time it has happened as been by by people pretending to be retarded. I think you'll find artists distancing thier styles away from commonly used ai art styles(like clean, airbrush rendered anime) as they become increasingly kitch due to extreme oversaturation.

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>I think you'll find artists distancing thier styles away from commonly used ai art styles(like clean, airbrush rendered anime) as they become increasingly kitch due to extreme oversaturation.
sounds like the start of a cat and mouse game since these ML models can always be fine tuned on new styles with little to no effort if you have a few high end GPUs

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Can you post an example?

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I expect artists putting "Not for AI training" watermarks on all their public work and paywalling the clean versions. It'll be epic.

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Styles specifically designed to fool ai might pop up. My work from here on out will be hidden in magic eye art. Good luck getting ai to copy that.

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textual inversion is the poorfag method and only requires a single 3090 and 5 images
you get better results if you actually fine tune the model, like waifu diffusion
kek, watermarks can be trivially removed by (different) AI models

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Can you post an example?

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just scroll down till you see the images it's not hard

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But I want an example from you anon

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Trivial, yet the ai failed to remove Getty images from it's dataset.

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Holy kek. The results are worse than I could have predicted. The most basic panda cartoon turns into complete mush with this. This is your trump card?!?! Hahahaha

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File: 266 KB, 1300x891, textual-inversion-examples.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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AI pajeets are fucking delusional. What were you expecting? AI hasn't replaced anything but pajeets drawing for cheap on fiverr.

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see >>6294415

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Here you go faggots >>6294425, and that's mediocre even by SD standards. Remember, these AI models only get better with time. Just a few months ago we were stuck with DALLE-mini which was only good for screwing around

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Am I supposed to be impressed? lol.
>Just a few months ago we were stuck with DALLE-mini which was only good for screwing around
That was just the result of some pajeet spending some couple hundred thousand dollars for better training. And it already reached diminishing returns. You won't see any improvement in months, or even years if you don't include closed stuff like google's image.

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ultimately I don't care if you're impressed or not, the only thing that's relevant is that artfags market value will plummet across the board, and it's simply gonna get worse with time as you all get replaced with farms of retards and coomers bruteforcing prompts. the top few percent will survive but it'll be a bloodbath

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why exactly are you excited for the art world to be flooded with AI trash?

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Cool delusion, maybe in 40 years. Nothing's happening right now and the copyright issue has yet to be solved so I don't care.

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Retard, I was using dalle-2 in April, before that various colab gans, all superior to dalle-mini. Not to mention years ago we had thispersondoesnotexist, this waifudoesnotexist and art breeder, stop the bullshit.

>> No.6294515

That's not how art fandom works. AI work gets no love, because it was made with none. It's a novelty for the time being.

>> No.6294519

>proprietary shit
>non-general purpose shit

>> No.6294525

>Shifting goalposts

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A pajeet training a model for NPC coomers is not technological progress.

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wow. you are fucking dumb and dense to see an relation to that.

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