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I want to replicate the way women draw pretty women (and, of course, make porn out of it).

loomis only taught me how to draw old men

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Just copy their art anon, find out what they do that you want to do, and move forward from there

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so yeah, my question is how do I do it? do I simply grind portraits of pretty girls?

I get the feeling there is something else to the stylization and features

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this one here for example, a dude drew this

as good as it is, like pic related, often I think men infantilize female faces to make them look cute (larger eyes, forehead) but these ones >>6289276 have adult proportions without looking manly/old. after studying Loomis, I caught myself doing the same thing to make the females not look like an old hag or manly.

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who's this artist?

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be4rts and 0073.uv

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another one
can you guess the gender of the artist?

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draw characters like they're inflamed and swollen from crying
women instinctively know that crying is the most powerful form of attention-seeking they have access to and it bleeds into their drawings
draw and color every character like they're currently suffering an allergic reaction, that's it

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Women draw women with freckles and giant bimbo lips, that's literally it. Also, sanpaku eyes are a plus.

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>red nose

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>Americans woke up
>All new threads only about cooming

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Women like to draw fake faces, bimbo lips and all that shit, then they criticize men for drawing women with big breasts and huge asses, so much contradiction.

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>loomis only taught me how to draw old men

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>loomis only taught me how to draw old men
At least half his drawings to copy are of women? Anyway, just study those drawings you want to imitate, like the other anons said.


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>wanting to draw like a bitch
>not like based charles dana gibson
gayest OP on this board right now

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is "faggot" a gender?

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