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It's not real art, is it?

It's just existent art and photos put together.

I could do that even without AI, and it would take me just a few minutes.

Why are artists losing their minds over that crap?

Normies can't take advantage of AI art without artistic theory, they aren't real artists after all.

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>without artistic theory

They don't know anatomy, perspective, composition, color theory, value, lighting, etc

Their "art" will always be crap, and limited because of it.

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>it's not real art

Keep coping

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Did you intend to have her blend into the chair/wall?

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cope and seethe artgroid

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You never know what an artists' intentions are

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like it or not the genie is already out of the bottle

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If you’re given a tool to make anything you want and the result is subpar then I have to wonder if that is the extent of one’s imagination.

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These AI images are far from subpar and will only get better over time

Also art is subjective anyway

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AI's gonna make you obsolete, buddy.

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>It's not real art, is it?
Anything that has an expressive component to it is art.
>It's just existent art and photos put together.
No, the generative models don't have any photos stored inside them, they use probabilistic methods to associate keywords with pixels.
>Why are artists losing their minds over that crap?
Which artists? Most people who don't make kitschy, hackneyed, repetitive images don't really care. Even those whose output is cliched can rely on the human appeal of their output. Most people shitposting on /ic/ either praising AI or freaking out about it are mentally ill and want attention.
>Normies can't take advantage of AI art without artistic theory, they aren't real artists after all.
Correct, now stop making threads about AI.

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go back

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Finally someone sane

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Ai art are like dildos, they're just like a normal penis would feel, but it's not the same.

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Keep on seething.

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Those are funny, good job anon.

Now do monalisa but she's a pink haired anime cat girl, she's naked, and there's a dick on her mouth, plenty of saliva too.

Thanks in advance.

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the masala has been cooked sirs

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>monalisa but she's a pink haired anime cat girl, she's naked, and there's a dick on her mouth, plenty of saliva

AI art is the future, please put a bushy penis with leaking cum, and huge bazonkas too, also give me a furfag variant, thanks in advance anon.

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I'm waiting for that amazing AI art on my desk by 17:00

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AI art is the best

Btw anon, put some animal patterns on her skin in the furfag variant, and make her tail around 1 meter long, and make her balls huge :D

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I want her fur species to be neon pink colored, a black panther, and some purple gradient skin fur.

Please make her height exactly 155 cm

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So it's perfectly fine if we go on /g/ and say the same thing about your programming skills?

Noted, in a couple of years when AI coding get's better, we'll make sure to do the same with you guys :). Really looking forward to making my own programs or video games even though I have no idea how to even install Python!

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it is real art

But do not for a second think you are the artist, the machine was the one who sorted through countless images, referenced and mixed them all into a single image. all you did was give orders roll for your gacha art and then take your pick.
it is art, but if you call yourself the "artist" then you are a bum, you aren't the one who did the work and tried to express a message you're just the commissioner giving orders.

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Not a programmer, I'm an artist like you fags. AI is already better at rendering than anyone here and this shit is still in it's infancy. It's only gonna get better at making art. It's striking a nerve with you but that's the truth. You're gonna have to learn to embrace it.

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realistic face again on an styled piece
>the, no trust me it's getting better meme at this point

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yes sirs, the cat is already in the curry sirs
we have to push more sirs
its infancy stage sirs

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No. It's not "novel" art either but its not photobashing. Its just hype, the next thing for cryptobros and adjacent parties to latch onto now that they're lost all their money and have to go back to working at McDonald's.
Novel art generation will take actual intelligence, not just a souped up pattern matching algorithm, the input has to be understood, interpreted.

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The retard Emad genuinely believes AI art will bring about a new age of NFTs for his crypto cultist followers. Doesn't he realise that infinite supply = zero value? Pajeets never cease to amaze me

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I don't think Emad cares nor intends to use Stability AI for NFTs.
There's far more money to be made with custom AI models and Deep Learning services.
Also algorithmic generators (while technically not Neural net AI) were used en mass for NFTs.

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you can do it once it can do it all day and night and faster the more money you throw at it

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Now you fuckers have gone too far

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It's real art in the hands of a real artist.
Just like a pipe.
Or a urinal.
His points were poignant and hold up today.
The Grand Selectors remain, I should know, I'm one of them ;)

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Yet mass produced AI pictures will never be able to reach the level of a pipe or an urinal. It is less than a fucking urinal kek

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the most creative use of the AI art is the thumbnail memes, which is something

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I'd say that its more creative illustration that 'art' really, but desu I don't think the word art even means anything anymore.

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Ok now draw sonic fanart AI kun :)

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>Just like a pipe.
>Or a urinal.
stopped reading there
fuck your post-modernism and fuck your ai

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need moar nao

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You call that ugly mess a hand?

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Friendly reminder to artists to always steal AI art and make it your own.

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Idk man, that image seems to confuse technological advancements with class exploitation

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It analyzes pieces and generates its own. It’s doesn’t photo bash, keep coping

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its a glorified photobasher, cope

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>I could do that even without AI, and it would take me just a few minutes.
>few minutes
Nigger that's hundreds of seconds. In other words hundreds of times longer than AI.

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Yoooo does that mean we also need to find a way consume a hundred times faster to catch up with the AI? Sick

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Yes it does and I am more than willing to up my consoomption to match

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It's not real art. There is no soul in it. There is no intelligence. There is no lifetime of practicing how to draw, how to paint. There is no suffering and struggle and self-doubt and all the other infinite complexities that make the artist's work special and unique. All those things which used to make an artist and their art special have been reduced to a dozen or so words in a text box.

Techfags have effectively killed one of the most unique, human things in existence. For what? Emma Watson, naked, sexy, 8k, award winning, realistic photography, portrait.

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average (human programmer) or (average human) programmer?
Because the (average human) artist is shit

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I can track you through the archives
Yes, it is photobashed

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Sshhh! The techfags hate the S word

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What I hate most about it all is their presumptuousness. There's a shitload of mouth breathing techfags who say
>the smart artists will use it to their advantage! it's a tool! you can just skip the process now! :)
when the process is the heart of art making. They act like they've just done the equivalent of replacing our horses with cars, but it's more like giving frozen pizza to a deer hunter with the expectation that he'll put down the gun and go home. Also look at all the assumptions they make about subject matter. For many artists the subject is reached unconsciously while drawing - you can see this quite clearly with Claire Wendling and Moebius. Sitting on your ass and thinking of prompts doesn't involve the imagination in any such way.

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>/ic/els still coping that they're going to be irrelevant in a few years

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if we are irrelevant, why do you still care anon?
why do you even come here on this irrelevant board?

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that wont make you relevant tho.

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you tell me

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>sirs i promise it real

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Your art will always be crap too if all you know is how to do things "correctly" according to some old academic standards.

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>There is no suffering and struggle and self-doubt and all the other infinite complexities
Most art isn't about suffering, struggle and self-doubt though. That's just leftist bullshit romanticism.

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>Most art isn't about suffering, struggle and self-doubt though. That's just leftist bullshit romanticism.
The point wasn't about art literally depicting those things. Those are life experiences which shape the artist as they learn how to draw.

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Yes I know what you meant. Have you ever studied art history? Most artists weren't some sort of romantic suffering figures but just your basic craftsmen, not so much different from a carpenter for instance. The suffering artist is just a meme from the 19th century.

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You're getting caught up on the suffering aspect, which isn't necessarily even present. It can be one of many potential elements which are present and define an artist's personal identity, their learning process and their work. There's a reason every artist paints or draws differently.

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It's called art nouveau, faggot.

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Most I know prob calls that style CGI in animation and you be surprised how many people have picked up on when its used

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that or mo-cap if y'all ni/g/s even remember ImageMovers always doing semi realistic stuff

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Why don't real artists use AI as a tool?
>B-but I'm a nice guy

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Reminder that this is what AI shills think is the future.

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Artists are now like LotR's elves in third age. Our time is at an end. Only unfortunately, we don't have a Valinor to sail to.

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by the sound of it you were shit tier artist, resentful of your peers, good riddance

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You would'nt know anyways because you're not an artist; you're a prompter.
Don't delude yourself. It's simply a fact.

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Haha. You guys are fucking pathetic. You will never be an artist nor an illustrator. You're not on the same level as us and you never will be.
You guys are just mocking us and trying to somehow make us seem like we're beneath you or equal.. you will never be our equal. That is the truth and everyone knows it to be the truth.
Except from a handful delusional fools such as yourself.

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A.I. rendering is the new fine art. It speaks the language of art. The sentiment to create is the same as drawing. Art is in the eye, not the method.

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Art is very much in the method

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A photo, a drawing , and A.I. rendering all produces similar results. The art is in the result.

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>brooo forget about the dataset needing scrapped artists and photographer's pictures to run, all that matters is the final PRODUCT
The loathful /g/fag continues to presses this narrative to create a curtain of smoke. Both corporative monopolies and consoomers want to maw the middle kid

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github copilot is already out and it allows you to cheat at programming for 10$ per month.
its basically like having an assistant that sometimes messes up but still does a lot of the dumb parts for you.
in the end you still need someone who can glue it all together and make it work.

with ai art you can get lucky even without any skill, but knowing fundamentals and being able to put the finishing touches on art will still be valuable.

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>Microsoft attacked opensource for decades is now profiting from sources cuck programes left on thier github.

I hate average programmers so much. And Im one of them.

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>Ai art are like dildos, they're just like a normal penis would feel, but it's not the same.
How do you know?

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