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>Why yes, I trace 3D Models instead of Grinding fundies.
>How could you tell?
Is there any real negatives to tracing 3D models. Whether you're a Beg or a Pro it seems to just be the superior way to draw...

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It’s easier to tell if you’re a beg who can’t pose a 3d model so be careful

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As with any shortcut, taking it and failing will expose how much you don't understand what's going on; the bigger the shortcut, the more glaring it will be. In the case of tracing over 3D models, if you don't comprehend the underlying forms and how perspective deforms them, then you will likely misinterpret what you see in the image, or fail to emphasize certain points, making the design awkward or weaker.

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Every digital artist should learn how to trace models properly to expedite their learning process and go straight into the actual problem artist solve for every work of art, composition.

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how would getting perfect perspective and anatomy as a base to work on a negative? do begs really think this?

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You traced the character. Congratulations.

What about the narrative, clothing, props, background, composition, rendering, etc? Yeah I can tell you draw a character on a white background.

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Naked or in a bikini I might add.

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It's not drawing, it's tracing.

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>superior way to draw.

Let me blow your mind:



They don't give a fuck, they use everything from Design Doll, and Easy Poser to CSP...

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>Implying thay 3D Modeling Software doesn't come with objects and backdrops

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2D art is designed to be impactful in a way that 3D typically isn't, as you can see with such techniques as the line of action. There's nothing wrong with using a 3D model by itself (I have an anatomically-accurate dummy in my drawers), but the goal of using the model should be to learn how best to make a 3D shot appealing+impactful in 2D.

the 3d model here isn't even being completely traced; you can tell by the head-and-neck area, especially when comparing neck thickness.
But even with that said, this kid looks soulless. I feel less like he's holding a hand out to me and more like he just has a giant palm growing out of his torso. This artist doesn't understand appeal very well and could have benefited from drawing this kid from a lower or higher angle so we can see his arm stretching out.

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Not to the extent of your imagination..wait, actually yeah to the extent. Real artists can go beyond and aren’t a slave to the defaults.

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why would you not use 3D model? it help you tremendously for your workflow. it help you skip rough session or first construction draft

unless you are god that no need construction and draw correctly or something.

still you also need fundies to make it look 'good'. like you need to know how to exaggerate things or how to make it looks appeal, boobs,ass,lump,muscle,corner bone etc. you can't just trace 3D model exactly how they made it'll become trash and not appealing

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The muscles on 3D model do not bend correctly and will look retarded.

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>why would you not use 3D model?
It limits yourself, you private yourself from getting better at drawing since you're just tracing an trying to make it looks good, and hiding the fact you traced.

also it looks like shit, don't do that.

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It's like learning FOIL instead of general distributivity
You might learn how to do all instances of (x + y)(A + B)
but you will be hopeless for (x + y + z)(A + B + C)
or (x1 + x2 + ... + xn)(y1 + y2 + ... + yn)

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for n,m in N

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Nice analogy, too bad i dont understand shitty math.

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I'm too lazy to set up the 3D model

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It's like learning all the ins and outs of drawing sonic the hedgehog, and not being able to do much else. Vs someone learning more generally, who could apply their general understanding to drawing sonic the hedgehog, among many other things.

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it gets tiresome after a while, it's faster to just draw if you know your fundies, and the fact that it's not perfect it's not bad, I like that 2d animation you can take some liberties and do things you wouldn't be able to do in 3d

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>Let me blow your mind:
Every professional artist uses whatever tool gets them the best effect the quickest. Professional artists have deadlines to meet. Pearl-clutching about technique is the domain of beginners who need validation for showing effort. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice fundamental skills, it means you shouldn't obsess over craft.

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This is a really weak generalization.

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Of course being obsessive with craft is terrible, mostly for begginer. But using a tool that skips the one of the most important parts of the drawing is fucking lazy and slows down your progress of skill.

Why to become depedent of a tool for drawing rather than becoming better at it?

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>3d model here isn't even being completely traced

Okay anon

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>This is a really weak generalization.

There's hundreds of articles, videos, and books in Japanese that teach how to use 3d models to draw manga, illustrations, etc and you telling me that I'm generalizing?

>Weeb overdosing on copium
>Muh Asian jeans

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Using 3D models like a reference mannequin =/= tracing like a dipshit.

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jesus that looks generic and stiff. just learn gesture drawing you lazy 3D tracing fags

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>trace 3D Models instead of Grinding fundies.
>instead of
Kneecapping yourself. Tracing is a tool for learning, a crutch. The thing with crutches is that once you get better they become an impediment. Tracing 3D models can help you learn how to feel the form, but there's no alternative for just knowing your shit.

Check out this playlist and let us know how many 3D models you see, lol.

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are you being retarded on purpose?

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tracing is key to all success. Alphonse Mucha is art nouveau guy and was known to trace his reference photos basically. any modern twitter artist is a tracer or photobasher.

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I say go wild with 3D if you can make it look good and if it helps you.

But for fucks sake, Apply gesture.

The correctness of 3D doesn't negate the fact that you need to account for gesture and balance in the pose, the curves and composition.

It looks bad >>6289379

I don't find 3D cheating, but its limited because it blinds you to other fundamentals you develop during the sketch.

Its not bad but its oimiting, know when to use.

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Leave it so someone who spaces their lines like that to not even read past the first sentence.

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I use 3D but if you’re beg it’s incredibly easy to tell if you use it. Mismatching line quality and form quality is pure giveaway. Also if you’re bad at posing them and trace them exactly you can tell how disjointed the muscles are and how stiff the pose is.

I recommend only using 3D after you learn the fundies. I’m also a commission artist that lives off of commission money so using 3D is a no brainer.

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Tracing requires very high IQ to begin with. If you tell a complete beginner to trace, it will never look like the end result. Why? because begs don't have the bare minimum observation skills to achieve a perfectly traced image. A beg will think "Shit this is too easy" dunning kruger mode but proceeds to place the lines inaccurately with varying line thickness and stops at the wrong spot despite literally tracing over the image.

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The flesh in 3D models does not deform realistically.
Photographs and live models exist.

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