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...not impressed with that, the alleged winning entry. We see again that the computer has a big problem with figures, and can only depict them as cloaks and turbans. Has no one noticed that the heads are all just black holes? The computer can't even do arms. The central figure appears to have a chicken drumstick as one arm. Where did the computer scrape that from, KFC? Are we supposed to believe that real judges chose this for a prize? In what contest? In my experience, all the art contests
are either modern or realist, and this is neither. They tell us it won the digital art category at the
>Colorado State Fair. . .

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AI can do arms and heads pretty well known. Hands and more dynamic poses is the main culprit, as well as interaction with objects and characters.

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So that explains it, in part. State Fairs are not known for their high-end art competitions. More for their hog calling competitions and bumper cars. The full name is the Colorado State Fair and Rodeo. Also, they admit he won the digital competition, so he was not competing against real art. He won his division, not the best of show. Painting and sculpture were in other categories.

Even so, I am still not buying it. This story has all the earmarks of a fake

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For myself, I don't believe the State Fair even had an art competition. I think someone made up this story to help sell the new technology. It didn't just accidentally come up at the same time as the story about the Google engineer
fired for claiming the AI he was working with was sentient. They want you scared and confused, but most of all they want to sell you the tech. The analog is PEDs, performance enhancing drugs. They manufacture controversies, but the controversies always have the same end product: more average
people using PEDs, and spending billions. I assume this art-producing tech is just hitting the market in some new and improved form, and they want you running out to buy it, so that you can be an artist, too, tra-la.

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But it won't work. For one thing, I don't believe that winning entry is really AI. I think it was painted by a real person before being fed into a computer. So although we are told other artists at the State Fair accused Jason Allen (Jewish name alert) of cheating, everyone is missing the deeper fake here. That painting has an oily quality I haven't seen computers match. It also has a medium-on-surface effect in the background that looks human-created to me. Just my professional opinion, as someone who has worked in oils for 35 years, and who can do as much as anyone alive with them. So the program won't actually allow you to paint like Raphael, or even Bob Ross. It will allow you to paint figures with six fingers and three eyes and no ears, as you say >>6289104

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It wouldn't be a big seller even if it did allow you to paint like Raphael. Creating art, like everything else, is about the satisfaction of a job well done, the completion of a task, the result of real effort. You cannot fake that and no one really wants to. It is like buying degrees online or buying medals from Ebay. Pathetic. The novelty of such a thing wouldn't last a week before the poor person was looking for another way to justify his meaningless existence. Eventually you have to accept the fact that you can only claim work from your own hand, and get down to work. Or not.

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It doesn't really matter if a computer painted that or not, or whether there was real art contest at that State Fair. Because although this story was invented to vex people like me, in my case it failed miserably. Even if the story is completely genuine, it is only good for me, since it makes what I do even more rare. No computer has gotten near to what I have done, and everyone with eyes knows that.

In part that is because my works are dripping with emotion, and computers don't have emotion. Fewer and fewer people are bothering to learn to draw or paint, which means that with every decade I have less and less living competition. As society collapses around me, I stand ever taller. So the CIA failed again: they are just building me up further.

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Just join the midjourney discord and test it yourself you stupid boomer larper.

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>Join my Discord, sir
No, Pajeet.

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>Posts souless garbage
Please AI Bros, show me something new. I beg of you. Show me a funny comic, or fanart filled with references in the background...

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It can make you your sonic fanart soon don’t worry

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the gene is two more weeks sirs

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I bow down AI bros, I suck the toes of AI bros, I take of my pants and spread my cheeks, I say "take me AI bros take me!", I make sweet passionate love with the AI bros, I get married to the AI bros, and then raise children with the AI bros...

These would be the kind of things I would be writing if AI bros actually posted something that wasn't boring trite shit.

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you lost. Give up

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>Digital manipulation category
A literal Photoshop contest

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These new AI-assisted lenses will be used to directly beam images projected into your retina. You vill only see the autogenerated content the goyvision lets you see.

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I'm the guy hwo posted the ban ai thread before it got killed. I still have my question. Where would I start activizing to ban this stuff from art first? Twitter among artists?

Give me some ideas

One win condition could be ifor 50-70% of the population to be signed into a union that bans itself from consuming any non human products, which automatically will remove most of the capitalist machine and put a lot of proceeds towards a small market of genuine artists who get screened for not using this.

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> implying this AI shit isn't consoomer's wet dream

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OP was talking about faces and arms retard.

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Don't care. Love you if legit though. But I'm waging jihad to get AI art banned.

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AI art is perfect for the "just consume don't ask questions" mentality you pretend to dislike. You put the prompt, they give you the slop, you watch the slop, forget about the slop and put the next combo of words to get the next slop. You see colours and shapes, you get a little dopamine shot, and then go to the next one.

Of course you won't get something real or even good. But that wasn't a problem before, wasn't it?

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We can't beat AI in a straight fight. We don't have a Gohan to beat Perfect Cell. We beat Cell while it's an infant, amigo. I want to activize against AI and have it stomped out before it automates us. In a hundred or two hundred years, it will be able to just steal our souls, so it's time to kill it.

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I suggest you look into the 5b LAION dataset. It attestedly has pictures of people's private health documents in it. You are likely to find something private of yours there too

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Ah, yes, the plagiarism and privacy violation characteristics of this alone should get people in an uproar. That's a good point.

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A funny thing about these models is that they can't be simply retrained from the ground up, that would cost millions, so the three main AIs right now are all grabbing their base foundation from laion's. As always, cutting corners would make it a domino effect in case something happens to the dataset

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My objective would be to ban AI from anything that involves imitating a human or going into our brain, desu. I think all of us are sick of it.

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it has fucking cheese pizza in it my man

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proof and where?

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Last time anon posted it he got the thread nuked, but feel free to search for the obvious keywords and see it for yourself

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Damn. Says a lot about how difficult of an opponent this will be, all these weaknesses they're leaving and I still think it's going to be one hell of a fight

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What keywords btw? Just post. You'll get a temp ban and I can go find this thread on an archive, not much bad can come of it. I don't know what exactly to search.

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can you explain these datasets to a retard like me? Why can't they just remove the no no pictures?

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>they can't be simply retrained from the ground up,
Doing the whole training from zero is expensive, true. But finetuning an existing model to produce a specific style is not. Some random dude paid ten bucks to finetune the model to only output pokemon art.

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>me waiting to see the point of AI posters

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No need to hurry because they're here to stay.

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It won’t truly be over until you can tell the AI “arrange these characters in cool poses with dramatic lighting” and it gives you this.
Let’s say it really can learn how to give you poses on demand and it learns how to handle object interactions and keep everything coherent. That only takes care of everything that can be “objectively” labeled. Stuff like mood and shape design and composition is a lot more abstract and subjective. If I ask the AI to give me a “cool looking design, not generic” then what is it supposed to do? Whose idea of “cool” should it use anyway?
Until it gets to that point, there will always be people who will pay a premium for something by a human that looks genuinely unique.

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AI is getting there, it sucks at anatomy and keeps making everyone wall-eyed but it's getting there. I'm actually learning a lot by figuring out how the AI thinks, I really like how it bullshits fabrics like an illustrator would.

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sure I guess though if you look at the images for long enough you see alot of things wrong still
>the left arm for instance is broken facing the wrong way
I feel like photoshopping manually still would be better

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>if you ignore the fact is not getting there you can see the AI is getting there
Anon, I want to be nice for once.
Look at the image you posted, ignore all the obvious mistakes like the mangled body, or the horse face.
Tell me would a normal drawing look that fucking bad if downscaled to that size? I mean there's a Persona 5 art above your post that is pretty low res and doesn't look so blurry.

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Insinuated details are higher art than painting out everything literally as it is. Knowing how to use negative space and scale your level of detail is pure art.

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In fairness to the AI, it will output higher res pictures that are less blurry if they just train it on higher res data.
That’s not even a “they’ll figure it out in a year or two” thing, I mean it’s literally just a matter of using higher res pics instead of the 512x512 pics they trained it on.

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>Odd shaped lumpy tits with implied massive nipples
On par with coom artists who seem to have never even seen a nice tit let alone touched one

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Most of the blurriness is due to how images are generated through denoising.

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Quoted the wrong post.

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Thank you sir, Emma Watson so pretty sir, can you please posted Emma Watson naked boobs and pussy sir next, thank you have a nice day sir.

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Seeing as we had nothing but deformed dogfaces a few years ago, AI is getting there. Keep coping, bud.

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sir this tecnologhy is revolutionari it will soon do the real art

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Portrait and face generation has been perfected since a long while with GANs

>> No.6290132

Thispersondoesnotexist could do that several years ago.

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ai will always be a zerg type of thing. the biggest strength of ai is quantity.
>We don't have a Gohan to beat Perfect Cell. We beat Cell while it's an infant
this is loser mentality. just be gohan. if ai is genuinely better than humans then humans are trash and deserve to be stomped out. the truth is that ai is not better. it's empty and it will never have substance. we don't even need gohan.
>In a hundred or two hundred years
in that amount of time the world will either be a mix between haiti and china, or it will be like a golden age. no inbetween.
ai is more on the side of the china/haiti thing. a flood of polished soullessness with lots of glitter, until it eventually degrades into a swamp.

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What about Chess? We never beat AI at that. Why will this be different?

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this has to be bait. if the AI is so good at everything universally, why is chess, go and other algorithmic games brought up all the time as examples? why wouldn't it be different? is drawing an algorithm based process with a set goal that can be reached with efficiency? or will the AI generate you tons of garbage so you can find the diamond in the rough? I use the term "diamond" very loosely here. humans suck at algorithmic processes. and AI sucks at everything that isn't that or is completely oblivious to it: inspiration, coming up with fresh ideas, creativity, self-awareness, the capability of self criticism and self evaluation, understanding what it's doing, which is why it suddenly forgets to draw a face and turns it into a molten mess so many times in even slightly complex scenes, as if it had dementia. the AI will never beat humans at art, it cannot even function without human creation. the AI has to rely on the stupidity and tastelessness of normalfags to prop it up into relevancy

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>How long till we can get complete cinematic movies or video games? I bet it’s not that long. Maybe a few decades. And i bet some would say way sooner than that.

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AI art always looks like soulless chink concept art, surprising? I think not.

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there are billions of images in the dataset, so instead of paying humans to put in millions of man hours they instead train another machine learning model to filter out bad images, but it's not perfect

>> No.6290580

oh and they can't remove the images from an existing model because the "knowledge" of the image is spread across like a billion+ virtual neuron interconnections and too hard for a human to interpret, it's not like you can just find the image file you want to remove through a file browser and delete it. The model is only 4GB, it's an impressive (lossy) compression of a ton of human-made imagery but at the cost of human interpretability

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It won the digital category aka a non serious category.

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>that hand morphing into the hip

>> No.6290626

Thanks for the (you) anyway. It made me happy for a second

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So if its not really in a visual format, whats the problem? Some 1s and 0s end up shaped like a cunny, we can't ban that.

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Instead of banning it, just steal the bashes from the promptfags and use it in your own work. They can't do anything about it.

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You are completely fucked lol. You all will either go into deep existential bouts of depression or become variations of the unabomber. Good luck

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Who are "you"? Artist? Musicians? Writers? Actors? Truckers? Coders? I'm not following you

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>it's another /g/nigger believes AI jesus will spare while everyone else is replaced by it episode

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I used to have that problem a lot especially with wide aspect ratios like that, but I fixed it with negative prompts "conjoined twins, siamese twins, mutant"

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