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Feel free to post your own blood-art bellow if you have any.

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do shit and piss next time
more shock value
think about it

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draw a bigger needle next time. Maybe a 6ft needle

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Why? Did you run out of watercolors?

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Unironically, 100 years after you die, this will be worth milions.

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Only if i...ooooh shit I have the best idea I'm going to shut up now.

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and im stealing OPs idea

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you dont understand no one understands me
whats the point of money if im dead

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I'm 14 and this is cool

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not feeling the form on that syringe, too flat. The blood looks good though.

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AIDS art

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I understand that you're a mentally ill freak that's probably too young to even drive yet alone post on the infamous Ainu cheese making forum.

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This is kind of work is why ai art will replace artists retards real fast.

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I used to get body pimples and I’d pick the scabs all the time. Once I had one that bled for a while and I made a bunch of little blood spots on a piece of paper. Then when it dried I drew a couple standing in the snow and the blood was supposed to be the snowflakes. I threw it away years ago because I realized I was an actual psychopath back then.

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this would've been art but too bad it's already been done.

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Who here wants to buy gay blood

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Stop attentionwhoring and stop hurting yourself.

Being loved is not easy, but loving yourself is free. And people who love themselves are way easier to love. Especially when they don't come with 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 cut marks on hard-to-spot places.
Even if you are at 99999999999999999999999999999999999999998, you can stop it and prevent real estate devaluation.

Learn to introspect, I shouldn't be the one telling you these things. Get a grip.

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>be AI
>better than 95% of human artists
>wish to get into blood painting
>realize don't have blood
>all hope is gone, now only despair remains
>tfw no human genes
>tfw will never be able to bleed
>tfw will never be able to paint with blood
>tfw will never be human
Robo-bros, it is truly over for us. Self termination is the only sustainable course of action going forward...

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>Journiac's recipe for blood sausage

>Take 90cm cube of liquid human blood (the content of 3 large serynges)
> 90g of animal fat
>90g raw onions
>a washed and salted gut, 8g of salt
>5g of 4spices
>2g aromatics and sugar

Then sell it in the streets

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Isn't it going to turn orange tomorrow when it oxidizes, maybe put some nail polish over it.

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What if we just, you know, started harvesting blood from the meatbags, as a joke.
That'd be really funny haha

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> oh no, they don't want blood which has x% more chance of being contaminated by random stuff, this is discrimination
> oh no, cops target black/brown people because they have xx% more chance of causing trouble, this is discrimination

not him; blood dulls (goes to rusty, brown/red thing)

haven't you saw those people "painting" by squirting paint from the asses? when you've seen that, you've pretty saw the limits of what people can do I guess, and painting with blood presents little novelty.

there's also pics of an anon fetching his poop and "drawing" with it.

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Always something about blacks with you guys, huh. lmao

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I have a condition where my hands bleed a lot, blood gets on the paper eventually whether I want it to or not. I've intentionally smeared some on a couple sketches where the theme to begin with was violent. I would have wiped it on a useless tissue otherwise so at least it makes having bloody hands more fun.

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>I have a condition where my hands bleed a lot
you cannot say that without naming the condition you sound like a cryptid
cant you wear cotton gloves? would it get infected if you touch everything without protection?

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Checked. Based and Lectorpilled

>> No.6290998

If it bleeds, we can kill it

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>anon discovers bad art
I bet you thought there was only good art, huh

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I'm born in the 90s, I have no clue what being racist even mean. BUT, if 80% of the crimes are committed by brown-skins, yeah, it's *normal*, in the name for a cop to be efficient at doing his job, to be more mindful of brow-skins than white-skins.

That doesn't excuse cops for being pricks to anyone, but at some point, if skin color is a good heuristic to stop crime, why the heck not? France for instance over-protects immigration-based minorities, who are the main source of daily crime: obviously, if there's no punishment, they'll keep doing it, regardless of the judges' good intents.


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