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How can I get an artist to do character portraits for a game? Where to find commissions in a unique style?

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stable diffusion

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we definitely need an applied questions thread for non-artists to communicate with artists

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>How can I get an artist to do character portraits for a game?
Pay them? Just a wild guess.

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You might check the Self Promotion thread to find some twitter account artists with a style that works for you. Then you could just DM them there.

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There is a self promotion thread? Will check the archives since I didnt see anything like that up, thanks.

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there’s already the stupid questions thread, and I’ve never seen question from a non-artist that doesn’t qualify

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/tg/ has a list of drawfags in their drawthread, most of them are good enough but depending on how many you want you might as well hire actual pros off artstation who don't have day jobs to do between them.

I don't know if Reddit has a dedicated tabletop sub or you're just supposed to browse individual games' but there should be a ton of artists shilling themselves on it too.

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