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How the fuck do you draw more accurate ovals and s-curves on tablet? The traditional technique is to ghost the line a few times before drawing it, but with a tablet you don't see your hand, just the tiny photoshop cursor which barely registers in your mind as you move it around super fast.

I can't "aim" my curves and ovals properly and get them to hit the points I want, wtf do I do? How do I get better at this?

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we truly deserve to be replaced by AI

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why did you draw happy merchant abstract

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So you don't know either?

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I just fucking do it, after 30 failing attempts, I do it slowly and shitty, who the fuck cares, if you want accurate ovals because you're doing hard surface then use the damn circle selection otherwise, a slightly wonky oval has its charm too.

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This isn't good advice. Experienced draftsmen are able to get clean and accurate lines with ease. Why would you *not* want to be able to draw lines quickly and accurately if you had the ability to?

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