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I drew this with AI, took me 5 minutes

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Looks like the "Catch me ousside" girl

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I draw funny cartoon and get 30 billion like

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Hi beg

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the mere notion that you can get more popular by being a 80 iq whore with fat tits is infinitely more demoralizing than some AI that draws uncanny shit
kek that cunt is pouring chandon in her mansion without having worked a day in her life while you draw all day hoping to get some minimum wage concept job or to be a commslave for pennies.

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B(c)unny too powerful

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Nice drawing Original Poster. I drew this one in 20 minutes with AI. Might fix the errors later or just proompt a new pic. Idk.

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AI bros.... It's over...

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omg it looks so good!

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>this thread

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>I learned Japanese with Google translate, took me 10 sec.

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I didn’t like this artstation photobash shit before AI, and now AI has given me a reason to like it even less.

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honestly though I find it hilariously when people try to deal with the Japanese in any business if you don't know their language

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Now make cream naked and watch the likes soar to over 8000

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This is the extent of your imagination. This is what you wanted to bring out of your subconscious for so long? You’re given a tool to make anything you want and…this? This is what you wanted to show the world? Huh.

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LITERALLY soul vs soulless

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No. But this is.

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That’s it? Huh.

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>that shoulder

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You forgot the most important rule of drawing. You're the lazy, obsessed AI guy. Everyone knows the obsessed AI guy can't draw, especially when he's comparing himself to the exceptionally hard-working and human actual artist. Your lack of soul was inevitable as soon as you showed up with those worthless prompts.

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> that fucking neck

or lack of


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Now there's this experimental AI that draws using CSP brushes, Also has some parameters like pen pressure and mapping or screentone brightness
How are we going to differ people from bots now?

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>not liking boob
y ghay? pyw post extension of YOUR imagination

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Did you just discover about the threshold filter?

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I can tell. The composition is shit in all of these. One of the many things AI will never do I guess, lol

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>How are we going to differ people from bots now?
This is a very important question. Imagine that Artstation is going to ban AI, how the fuck are they going to tell the difference between the AI and "traditional" digital paintover, Or AI photobashing?

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your prompts must be very monolithic if you get results like that

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oh no AI sisters we got too cocky

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Have you tried like using your eyes?
AI art has a lot of deadly giveaways.
>Blurry melty colors
>looks low res even in huge images
>composition and anatomy so bad not even a /beg/ would create
I know that I'm probably replying to a flase flagger but geez.

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1- ( ) Proof of work+ categorical segregation
2- (X) fuck all

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>retard eyes
>dislocated shoulder

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In the future I do see AI changing radically the way digital artist draw.

for example, I can see in the future we having not a color picker, but a material picker, where you adjust the physical proprieties of every brush, paint it in 2D and then can adjust the lightsource on the fly.

the canvas will see how you render the values with your brushes and extract a 3D form out of it.

we will have tree brushes and a slider to specify how realistic or how stylized we want it.

we will complete entire pieces and use our reference images as a style to change the entire look of the drawing.

we will be able to have hair brushes that adjust the face of the character automatically based on how we draw it

fur brushes will react to lights in real time.

you will create photorealistic textures that can be patterned seamlessly

shading will be done based on materials and lighting, automatically and in real time.

you will still be able to draw shit hands and shitty anatomy if you want, but imagine dropping a 3D model on your canvas, and a new layer styles on top the 3D model to match the rest of picture you drew.

all of that will run ou our gpus.

the proposed use for today (proompt image, replace artists for cheap) is completely shit and useless for the current stage of both tech and artists, but in the future, things will change to a new scale.

in-fact in 30 or so years, prompts of 2D images might become too banal, but by that time, artists will be creating whole videogames, videos, branched interactive experiences, on a scale bigger than before.

the masses will have prompt searches but digital artists will be empowered as well.

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>reddit spacing
>AI wilL eMpOwEr HuMaNiTy goyspeak
Line up for the neuralink

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did not read lol

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instead of delusional coping you should check this guy on ig...

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I don't see it as being to different from what we have today, I just see it as an evolution of the tools already existing, prompting photobashed aberrations is a proof of concept, it's not what AI tech is supposed to be and it's not what it will be in the future.

artists aren't going anywhere, not today not in the next 5000 years.

in 100 years what people will be able to scrible in a minute will be what we take a week to do as digital artists, but the digital artists will be able to do things with a few hours on photoshop version, what takes us today a entire company with thousands of employees and millions of dollars to do.

your average twitter furry artist will be able to shit two entire marvel tier movies per week, with huge fox tits and dragon dicks flopping around.

things will scale accordingly.

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Better luck next time Suresh

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keep the poo in the loo, raj

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the point is him having over 10k likes per post. making this >>6286758 cheripicking sefespace shitpost irrelevent.

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the next breakthrough in AI is not copying our shit and vomiting it back in distorted images, this is just so rajeesh can make a quick buck selling NFT.

but in 15 years img-2-img might be running at 30 fps on a normal computer, when this happens, don't you think our tools will be considerably more advanced than they are now?

nVidia is getting close to real time light transport using AI, when that time comes you will be able to have a 100% photorealistic canvas inside blender, all in real time, don't you think this will have uses for 2D images?

that's what zBrush was trying to be years ago, a canvas where you paint with materials and light instead of colors and value, this will exist in the near future.

doesn't mean I don't get bored at the constant AI shilling and distorted vomit images being spammed, but the way we work will improve with more powerful tools, maybe what we need are artists at the front of the technology resarch and not pajeets trying to scam people.

it's why unironically I much rather have Adobe resarching AI than a bunch of scammers funded by big tech, it's going to happen, what we need to do is steer the developments so it happens in our favour, and not in a way that fucks the entire digital art industry, push for companies to research ways to create AI assisted tools for artists, instead of trying to save a few bucks on proopting and getting rid of their art departments devaluing human made art as a whole.

we need open source tech development from artists, and FOR artists.

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>in 15 years
Try 15 months + 2 more vveks

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If I asked you to draw a grape-themed pokemon, would you be able to beat the AI?

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The white tiger inbreeding is accurate. No seriously though, YWNBAA

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Pajeet bot account has 10k artstation GPTs to like its phototealistic animal NFT
Therefore other art is irrelevant
This means raj's AI art is good you should buy the NFT
Buy it sir

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You didn't draw anything.

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see?>>6286758 how easy is to buy bot likes and folowers? its over sirs. skynet won. redemption day is coimn.

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These are glaring mistakes even a beg could point out to you. He doesn't need to post his work.
You however need to stop deluding yourself. You're not an artist; you're a proompter.

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not them, but i for sure couldn’t. whoa.
that last one is really silly and memorable, and the lefts are really nice, too. i really know nothing about ai or pokemon.

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Pokémon really just needs to stop adding new pokémon and focus on other aspects of the franchise.

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>Sir you must not redeem
>Sir believe me Raj would never use bots the Ar-TI-fical intell-E-gence is genuine
>Sir those evil rabbits are the real scam.. i mean botters

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Good morning Sir

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They are all dogshit one isnt even anything and the bottom left is literally a shitty reskin of wormadam try harder

>> No.6287016

Where does the face on the bottom right comes from?
I'm sure I've already seen it but I can't remember from what pokemon it comes from.

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its over.

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Reminds me of heen.(dog from howl's moving castle)

>> No.6287074

lol, maybe i do remember a little
(the antennae too.)

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"Digital" was never art in the first place. This is the tabletnigger's rightful cuckening

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You think trad is not affected? We already have robot that can simulate painting strokes. Just need to feed that bot with some ai generated art.

Scared yet? Kek...

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You didn't "draw" anything you lazy faggot go back to your nft scams

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this shows how clueless you really are and how you'll never make it. That's not just a picture of a "funny cartoon", it requires context to be appreciated because its telling a story, a layered joke that has evolved over time. The appeal is that its funny and cute when you think about the full context. Cream is a sonic character that's a little girl so she's sweet and innocent, and she's holding a copy of Doom which is a new game that is very violent. The juxtaposition of such a sweet being holding the game is cute. The description also shows that its a warmup sketch, so you understand it was something the artist drew for fun. "rip and tear" is a phrase associated with Doom and ultraviolent games like that, its asking the viewer to buy the game for her, placing them in the scenario with a choice.

Your dumbass AI, when given the promp "cream the rabbit holding a copy of doom" would draw stock art of her with the game superimposed on her hand and you'd think its the exact sme thing. In this picture she's holding it to display for someone taller than her, as if she's asking her mom (who's a total milf named Cheese) to buy it for her, adding to the innocence. Or perhaps she knows how violent it is, which is even funnier. Either way the drawing is a moment in time that makes you think about what happens next.

The AI art, on the other hand, is of a beautiful woman with prosthetic arms mid-orgasm, and.... nothing else. There isn't even a description, just a bunch of desperate tags begging you to give a like.

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>wtf this food tastes like shit
>yeah? well, how well can you cook?

>> No.6287180

>expensive pointless printer
what is even the point

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nobody asked, not reading, etc

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You did read it, don't be ashamed.

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Another high point for Western Art.
We are living in a golden age.

>> No.6287203

>pyrite age

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The AI has no sense of design, it literally just blends meshes together kek. Pokemon artists will stay employed by 2040

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Ok seriously what the fuck?
Do the shills know it’s a meme at this point? Are they fucking with us on purpose?

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>I drew this with AI

>I drew this with AI

wtf?? you didn't do anything, the ai only took images and joined them to form another image, but you. you did absolutely nothing you piece of shit LMAO

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Read about the Seychelles GPT bot, devised by emad's podcast buttbuddy. The bot specifically set to raid and shill made posts in the same style as this one was doing here. They must have included some keyphrases like picrel this time

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The way these AIs are advertised certainly set the Dunning-Kruger effect to an all high. Every time someone posts AI generated content in his portfolio or thinks he's learning """promptsmithing"", he's just being used as a tool to freely advertise the AI. No one will want to know about whoever proompted that, just what AI and parameters was used. It's exactly like making a commission

>> No.6287268

>Dunning-Kruger effect
how can you get it without actually even entering general curve?

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This man, i don't know how the retardation in here even get to to this point, i mean, i don't expect 200 IQ anon posting in here, but i didn't expect literal semen slurping retardation that couldn't even put 2 and 2 together. AI can blend a bunch of image together and create a vaguely beautiful art piece, but it has no soul, no sense of idea, no link to each other, the only thing that it could get is a wow from passerby. Try working in a real art industry and creating a bunch of AI prompts, see how that's gonna fit the art director's creative vision, see how a bunch of AI art can create an AI game without it looking like a bunch of random vaguely beautiful art with no direction, try creating a movie with random frame of AI arts, i'm waiting for it to make it to the Oscar, AI that can write and generate novels and create the best selling books... you get the idea, at the end, it's still the artists that have to sew everything together, make art comprehensive, in order and giving art its meaning.

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draw funny cartoon get 30 gazilion like

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true, its literally a robot. Yeah it can make a lot of people go out of jobs but you will only fear it if you aren't a creative and intelligent person, or in other words, not a real artist.

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Doesn't take away from the fact that the idiot behind the AI thinks he's an artist, he's just a useless bum with technology who doesn't even understand how it works.

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Its more like they're not self aware or socially competent. They saw someone type "cat out of the bag" once and thought it was cool so they say it now.

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>Your dumbass AI, when given the promp "cream the rabbit holding a copy of doom" would draw stock art of her with the game superimposed on her hand and you'd think its the exact sme thing.
It wouldn't even do that. It would just be a circular orange blob with rabbit ears in an unidentifiable reddish hellscape.
>The AI art, on the other hand, is of a beautiful woman with prosthetic arms mid-orgasm, and.... nothing else.
It's also a woman with ugly breasts that look like her nipples are infected and gaudy robot hands with 6 fingers.

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I'm up for the challenge, here's my submission
Vinia, the Vineyard Pokemon

I'm not sure he would fit with the newer games but I think he could have worked around gen 2/3

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Looks like shit. You lose.

>> No.6287783

It looks like garbage

>> No.6287808

Why don’t you draw more to see if it’s actually maintainable and consistent

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Its literally the opposite
Humans LOVE to create, imagine a baby clapping its hands and being amazed that they can make a sound, or shaking a toy over and over, basking in their newfound ability
This is the same situation, a person getting a new tool with so much potential, they crank it every way they can imagine but it always does something new, something interesting, they experiment with it for hours but they still have new ideas of what to do with it.
Its not the joy of consuming, its the joy of creating. Only a pseud 4chan intellectual would make the opposite fucking connection, site for retards

>> No.6287835

Needs to try integrate a leaf. the leaf of the 4th AI image really makes it. Otherwise the purple balls don't look like fruit in your image.

>> No.6287840

You’re not creating anything, you’re doing a fucking google image search

>> No.6287843

>imagine a baby clapping its hands and being amazed
You just proved his point. It's not a tool it's a toy that takes 0 brain power to play with, and the AI is the babysitter.

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Can't even get mad. Use what God gave you sis

>> No.6287852


>> No.6287853

yes, pulling the png gacha crank over and over in a preestablished set of perimeters via a database is art creation kek
playing with the ff14 character maker is also the joy of creation, not consuming, amirite

>> No.6287855

Someone with a more VRAM than me should generate art... and the cute female artist holding the art. link to prints and then profit.

>> No.6287858

Fuck you anon, my oblivion character creations will hang in a museum one day

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Whatever helps you sleep at night man.

The cat is out of the bag.

>> No.6287882

theyre seething at the fact anyone will be able to express themselves with art very soon. they cant stand that people won't ever give them likes for their trash once these programs take off.

>> No.6287885

>This is the extent of your imagination. This is what you wanted to bring out of your subconscious for so long?
Rembrandt bros....

>> No.6287920

>I don't know how to express myself without a computer generating overly rendered kitsch for me

>> No.6287959

amazingly ai is better than any artist but can't translate japanese properly

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>I drew this
Stupid retard, reminds me of this comic.
The people that created the algorithm and the artists who's work is the database are the ones that made it, you are just saying what you're saying because you're a useless retard, you didn't make shit.

>> No.6287988


>> No.6288012

>express themselves
The cope, holy shit.
It's pretty fucking randomized and it's just weird backgrounds and static poses.
You could express more accurately with fucking stickmen.

>> No.6288018

problem is, they'll probably fix those issues as the time goes

>> No.6288021

The pandora box was opened. You can try to shut it down all you want but it won't work. AI is already out there

>> No.6288045

In other words, machines dont have souls.

>> No.6288047

>express themselves
>with an algorithm written by others
>with other people's art as the database
People like you make me realize that not everybody has self awareness and had their self consciousness stagnate or never fully develop.

>> No.6288057


>> No.6288062

>using algorithm written by others to paint pixels
>with other people's brushes in the dataset
It's understandable that you're afraid of the future, but the eagle has landed.

>> No.6288063

it's night over here my guy

>> No.6288064

With diffusion models?
No chance, the tech would need to be changed on a fundamental level to fix these issues

>> No.6288066

you could make your own brushes too in photoshop, prob some other software that can achieve the same
>your point

>> No.6288067

It cannot even make a comic on level of Buckley, cope.

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believe emad, ready player one in 2 weeks xd!!!!!!

>> No.6288070

Are you serious or taking the piss? Let me know now, it seems fun to falseflag as an aibro.

>> No.6288074

do these niggas know how much scrutiny torrents get, they gonna be sued to hell if they tried this for gaming

>> No.6288076

as a furry, i feel a lot better knowing ai can only produce generic, souless anthros. job security.

>> No.6288078
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Furries pretty much instabanned AI art.
You were safe anyways.

>> No.6288080

There are illegal images in the 5b dataset they allowed people to browse though. Are the people who bump on them the only ones who go to jail if the dataset hosts are the ones providing the links?

>> No.6288082

it's from this article, apparently some woman's medical scans were found in the dataset

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it's not hard to spot ai.
>smudgy edges
>fucked up faces
>missing limbs
>what the fuck is that fourth panel

>> No.6288088

no more that this nigga Emad thinks every company will just sit back let you use their stuff for free
>honesty copyright is fucked but this seems more like corpos wanting to fight other corpos and not knowing measures they agreed to
>I find AI to just be a glorified photoshop editor but you guys do you
>nvm most people prob consoom media that you'll out right despise if you look at tiktoc trends or literal baby vids getting millions of views each

>> No.6288091

lmao this shit is tame for what exists in the haveibeentrained public site if you search for it. It's impressive how the thing is still under the radar

>> No.6288094

>I drew this
No you didn't.

>> No.6288096
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if nothing else, at least being able to illustrate your ttrpg for free is pretty cool.

>> No.6288127

>I drew
the absolute state of fa/g/s hhaahahhahahaah

>> No.6288141

>took me 5 minutes
Give up buddy, you're not gonna make it, if this is your quality of work when using AI, you obiously don't have the taste or standards to work in the visual arts.

>> No.6288145

Afraid? LMAO, I'm saying that using other people's creations as a form of self expression is pure fucking retardation, given how you missed the fucking point completely and used a stock rebuttal you've confirmed that you are indeed a mindless animal.
I gave you a response you didn't expect and you are unable to grasp it.

>> No.6288150
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the level of cope and exaggeration that a lot of /ic/ uses is cringe as fuck.

i've posted a number of non-ai art pieces to ai threads and always, some anon will jump on it saying 'why it looks like shit' and how the ai did such a bad job.

lets be real, fixing the eye in the OP would take 5 minutes tops. shitting on stuff that ai puts out doesn't suddenly make you better, you're just the same old crab in the same old bucket. if you really want to stay relevant, play to your own strengths that Ai can't do. pretending actually appealing images are shit isn't going to help. if you want to shit on what ai can't do, sure go for it, but to pretend it's strengths are shit.. well that's just retarded.

>> No.6288155

>replies to himself
>then post his "win" in another thread to not get called out in the original one
This is getting really pathetic dude

>> No.6288166
File: 337 KB, 1268x1318, Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 09.25.18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok crab man

>> No.6288170

Dude stop posting.
No one is getting baited by shit that can be reversed searched.
And you know I'm right or you would have posted your shitposted in the original thread.

>> No.6288172

It's over...

>> No.6288197

Soul always wins, baby

>> No.6288227

Now make them fight. Oops, can’t do that. No dynamic poses allowed!

>> No.6288247

>This is the same situation
you're damn right it is. took the words out of my mouth, for years as a kid I was fooled that adults would be like in the movies, but they are as you put it, overgrown children who found a toy and will eventually abandon it in a box somewhere

>> No.6288249

>theyre seething at the fact anyone will be able to express themselves with art very soon
on the contrary, you are not expressing yourself at all. you are only giving a program suggestions of what you'd like expressed. people who express themselves draw, because they put on paper exactly what they want in accordance to their mental images.

>> No.6288253

furfags got my respect with this, it shows how much most of them care about the implications of this shit on their fanbase. if they keep at it and remain on this course, once I learn how to draw I'm even gonna cater to them, and leave everything else drown in shit

>> No.6288275

>i've posted a number of non-ai art pieces to ai threads and always, some anon will jump on it saying 'why it looks like shit'
Do you not understand what happened in that thread?
That sseongrryul is the artist of the work you posted, and that was a coded message, not an anon saying 'why it looks like shit'.
Are you mentally deficient?

>> No.6288278

i'd love to see your work and how similar it is to stuff that came before it :)

>> No.6288279

take your meds anon

>> No.6288299

>You have to take your meds or else mine wont work

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the gene is out of bag sirs
the milk as been splated
key was thrown out of ze windows
you cant put toothpaste back to tube
you cant uncookt the curry
the train is out of the station ant there are no bus stops
btw I finally finished merc_wip with the help of SD

>> No.6288311

Why are you ignoring the fact that someone else in that thread called out that it wasn’t AI? Why are you excluding info to try and craft a narrative?

>> No.6288313

Mostly ugly like landfill illustrated near sewers

>> No.6288314

the cat is out of the bug
the bird is out of the cage
the fish is out of the pond
the bear is out of the cave
the milk has been spilled
the orange has been squeezed
the egg has been fried

>> No.6288315

leave mullins alone!!!!!!

>> No.6288318

the blanket is on the floor
the feet are on the ceiling
the lips are on the moon
the heart is on the floor
the jar is in the air
the apple is in the tree
the button is in the hole
the letter is in the mailbox
the money is in the tub
the grass is on the floor
the rope is in the tree
the shoe is in the car
the key is in the manger
the map is lost
the paper is torn
the picture is broken
the smoke is in the sky
the whistle is in the cupboard
the pencil is in the car
the wine is running out of the bottle
the snow is in the park
the keys are in the ignition

>> No.6288319

It is surprisingly coherent.

I'd say impossible to get only by proompting

>> No.6288325


>> No.6288330

Quite literally the best AI image I have ever seen. Completely game changing. If this is what the latest SD can do, it truly is over for artists.

>> No.6288331

the jizz has been cummed

>> No.6288360

Aifags are desperate

>> No.6288362

is that top right one fucking loss?

>> No.6288374

pls sirs be scare
gene already out the bottle
proomp is the future

>> No.6288395

damage control bot

>> No.6288407

because that would go against the narrative i'm trying to craft >:(

>> No.6288408

jesus does this board have the highest rate of mental illness on the entire site? are most artfags like this or just specifically the type of artfag that's drawn to 4chan?

>> No.6288426

>highest rate of mental illness
That would be /lgbt/
I'm not seeing much evidence of mental illness itt. just AI fags embarrassing themselves as per usual.

>> No.6288437

>If this is what the latest SD can do
Too bad an actual artist made it dipshit: >>6288325

>> No.6288442

Sirs this tech is revolutionari

>> No.6288458

>what is sarcasm?

>> No.6288497

It's hard to recognise sarcasm when so many legitimately say what you're jokingly saying in earnest, just look at OP. In this topic, there's no exaggeration goofy enough to make sarcasm recognisable. But all the same, my bad anon.

>> No.6288723

You fucking moron. This has nothing to do with human creativity. If anything it will destroy human creativity.
Built of the bones of all the creators before it; mass distributed to EVERYONE. Now in the near future we're looking at a market so saturated that people who have dedicated DECADES of their life to this will become almost invisible in the sea of AI replicas. You and every other prompter who deludes themselves into thinking you're being creative, an artist or whatnot are just tools of the AI. Helping bring forth a world devoid of creativity. Helping the AI so that it can COPY other artists better.
You're being used in the same way all of us "dumb artists" are. You're just too stupid to realise. Make no mistake though; you're not the same nor better than us. You are nothing. Stupid fucking idiots.

>> No.6288767
File: 195 KB, 1401x1437, 1651661470251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6288770

I don't draw you retarded pajeet. how many times do I have to remind you that I'm here only to remind you that you're at my level art-wise. you have no skill in anything art related. sit the fuck down, shitskin

>> No.6288781

no one on /ic/ draws
this hellhole is just for shitposting
anyone that actually makes an effort to post art here either have some mental problems or need attention

>> No.6288796

What's that? Sonic and his colorful cast of beloved friends is actually a loved soulful series not made by a robot?

>> No.6288809

Just post a vid of your progress, god zoomers are mentally ill.

>> No.6288814

Yeah because I'd be actively trying to recreate the ideas of Gen 1 design instead of nuPokemon which works scarily on AI logic.

>> No.6288817

Robots are powerless before bnnuy

>> No.6288861


Looks like a photo + a filter.

>> No.6289031

Art requires you to experience a bit of ego death to get good. dunning krueger protects a lot of people but others lose their mind strugging to improve. If an artist is perfectly sane and neurotypical, then I dont want to see their sterile bland art.

>> No.6289037
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1663483587581229s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can use an AI to generate le painty looking artwork and then my second bideoediting AI can can make a "process" video of it and make it look really legit. Any other ideas you genius?

>> No.6289040

>posts a thumbnail
>thinks he can fake a video

>> No.6289052
File: 157 KB, 1280x720, 1663704018093692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>thinks he can fake a video
uhm,, I don't need to fake or do anything. AI will do it for me sweaty ;)

>> No.6289522
File: 1019 KB, 1600x897, Payback.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm "putting together a team" /ic/, anyone mind helping me, by posting some other examples of prompters being btfo?
>inb4 mad techfags

>> No.6289887

That pic is too soulful to be AI but you wouldn't know that

>> No.6289905

even those furries look soulless, despite being generic in design. holy shit. what makes it all look so devoid of SOVL

>> No.6289909

a doodle of a backwards eared bnuuy mogs the shit out of AI

>> No.6290140

Please consider help. Believing you could make some huge zinger with this is so fucking depressing that it triggered a strong emotional response in me in the same way of wanting to help someone up after seeing them fall. There's no one I want more to see bury themselves out of the tragic hole they dug themselves into than you. I know im a random anonymous user but I'm truely asking. I'm begging you. go to therapy, talk to your family, anything. Please, the holidays are coming up. This is the perfect time to reconnect and find help from your friends and family.

>> No.6290179

why do you keep generating bhad bhabie?

>> No.6290181
File: 1.12 MB, 1330x1154, Payback -2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found a new example, Newgrounds recently banned AI too, honestly techfags SHOULD be scared, because if no site will let them publish their prompts, then no one will even be able to even see their work.

Who's next? Place your bets, personally I'm going for Pixiv.

>> No.6290186
File: 388 KB, 2560x1440, 1663953619017806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What board does 3d modeling so i can post this to make them seethe?

>> No.6290188

i feel like this every time I see someone post AI art unironically. on the other hand they're also arrogant and delusional so It all boils down to this awkward feeling of revulsion and unease

>> No.6290190


>> No.6290193

Never been to that one before

>> No.6290200

I did fiddle around with stable diffusion as a krita plugin and let me tell you it's overhyped.

First off to get something presentable it takes thousands of iterations. And turning into something awesome take time and a lot of it.
You spend a lot of time masking and over painting weird stuff the AI generates.

What you _can_ do however is refine the prompt until you can get something good, save the seed and get lots of variations with the same quality with variations on the original prompt.

People who post shit like I generated this shit in x minutes are lying because it take hours to tune the parameters and prompt to not get eldritch abominations out of it.

>> No.6290223



>> No.6290299


>> No.6290301

i cant believe nicoavocado is still alive

>> No.6290493

>, honestly techfags
the ai shitters arent programmers or people that enjoy tech in general as hobby or interest
it mostly the typical shitters and autists mixed with the crypto cults that turned they're attention from nft's to ai generated art

this artist vs tech nonsense is ridiculous, its just schizos and cryptotards

>> No.6290521

>this artist vs tech nonsense is ridiculous, its just schizos and cryptotards
so very much this

>> No.6290533

It's worse than that, a lot of the loudest AI shills are actually other artists who feel threatened by AI and are trying to start fights with other artists to get them to talk them down.

>> No.6290561
File: 5 KB, 400x400, 1637542967267.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think what truly offends me the most about AI Art is how it takes something that is supposed to be incredibly meritocratic and turns it into fast food consumerist garbage. What is the point of AI Art? What problem does it solve? Eventually, this technology will destroy the IDEA of art careers in exchange for... what, being a fun toy for people to play with?

Something about it makes me deeply uncomfortable, and I'm not just saying that as someone who wanted to make money off of his art. I genuinely believe we're on the verge of permanently losing a fundamental part of the human soul, here. All the infinite complexities that go into a drawing (like how the artist has studied, their upbringing, their own personal experiences and circumstances that caused them to develop their skills in a particular way) and all the expressions of individuality that are present in all those complexities will now instead be bulldozed and replaced by a significantly simpler dozen or so words you can type in a text box.

Consider the implications of this technology for a moment. There will come a point when you see an incredible digital painting that would've taken an artist an entire lifetime of drawing to achieve, and you won't give a shit. Not because it was made by a human, but because you think it's just an AI image. People will stop believing incredible art can even be attributed to humans. We will be flooded with an endless torrent of images that are completely meaningless to everyone except the prompter. Sharing your "art" will become the equivalent of sharing your dreams with others.

It's legitimately horrifying and possibly the closest thing to a truly, unironically satanic invention that has ever been created, not that I even believe in Christian mythology. I have never been a doomer regarding humanity, but AI Art has turned me into one. Frank Herbert was fucking right, we need a Butlerian Jihad and we need it now.

>> No.6290564


>> No.6290568

I am guilty of this kind of shitposting, but for me it's more of a kind of venting

>> No.6290582
File: 507 KB, 512x512, FcW5bhvWAAEtLsU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What is the point of AI Art?
it looks cool and/or funny
>What problem does it solve?
It solves the same problem art does, having something interesting to look at
>Eventually, this technology will destroy the IDEA of art careers
Photography didn't even stop people from making photo-realistic paintings, in fact people started making copies of photos
>It's legitimately horrifying and possibly the closest thing to a truly, unironically satanic invention that
You're a fucking retard

>> No.6290584

is there any evidence that cryptofags are the main supporters of ai art? seems like a complete myth to me, I've never seen cryptotards talk about it, and why would they? What's the connection to ai art except that you dislike both of them

>> No.6290586

theres a part of me that understands the anons critique, and another part of me that despite it not being the most visually pleasing, its easier to appreciate knowing that it came from another pesrons imagination and hard effort. this is lovely anon

>> No.6290593
File: 34 KB, 600x400, tin foil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a suspicion that the majority of the AI generated images being posted everywhere have cp or something just as bad embedded in the files. Those posting them frequently make AI threads and derail others into talking about AI so they have an excuse to post them and once they start they just keep going and going. They're doing it on a bunch of boards, not just /ic/. It's similar to how pedos who did this shit in the past behaved. I'm not going to even attempt to prove this theory for obvious reasons, but it's still a good idea not to save any of these images just in case.

>> No.6290594

>it looks cool and/or funny
bad reasons to destroy art as a concept but ok
>It solves the same problem art does, having something interesting to look at
AI Art isn't interesting. It might be beautiful, but it's not interesting.
>Photography didn't even stop people from making photo-realistic paintings, in fact people started making copies of photos
AI Art isn't photography. It's much, much worse than photography in terms of negative impact it will have on art and artists.
>You're a fucking retard
No, you. AI art is legitimately vile.

>> No.6290596

shut up fag there's a million more valid reasons than "it hurts my feelings"
ted kaczynski was right

>> No.6290599

You and Ted are both fucking idiots.

>> No.6290600

>ai art lacks everything that makes human art interesting
>but also it will somehow completely replace/remove human art
Did you know that holding two contrary beliefs is a sign of serious mental issues?

>> No.6290602

Ted is quantifiably smarter than you

>> No.6290603

>hurr industrialization bad
He was a fucking brainlet and so are you.

>> No.6290607


>> No.6290609

one tard with no following?

>> No.6290610

You have no foreskin

>> No.6290617

Why are people so mad at the AI? You can still draw art, nobody is stopping you.

>> No.6290620
File: 647 KB, 1281x1194, nft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

emad is the stinky pajeet who's leading all of this and every single one of his """artist""" friends is a cryptojew performance artist tranny

>> No.6290629

never heard of them, they seem to have 0 connection to the few people I follow

>> No.6290631


he's right, this disgusting jew shit has to end

>> No.6290696

Looks kinda ass

>> No.6291575

That's literally just Julia Boin

>> No.6291666
File: 226 KB, 594x441, One punch man original.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It makes me sad that AI will destroy the concept of meritocracy, we will never see another ONE or Zun it's all going to be lazy autists shitting up a trillion crappy ideas and seeing which one sticks without putting any effort whatsoever

>> No.6291672

You're absolutely right. This is exactly what I predict aswell. These techniques that the AI is still collecting would take decades for a person to master. Now anyone with a keyboard can string words together and achieve a similiar level of mastery in seconds.. Even if you are a master in your field you'll just be drowned out by all the AI copies anyway..
Too bad most people are shortsighted, ignorant and some spiteful. They won't truly understand the implications of this before it's way too late..
Imagine celebrating the death of human creativity. I feel like 96% of people are actually NPC's at this point..

>> No.6291683

Merging photos and artwork together? The AI is not creating anything on its own so much as photobashing existing things from a database, that's how it operates.
Any person with a copy of Photoshop can do it themselves given the time, and with better accuracy than an AI. You don't need "decades" for that.

The industry (especially the concept art industry) will suffer, but you can't expect the AI to reliably create anything that requires something specific or completely new.

>> No.6291733

>Any person with a copy of Photoshop can do it themselves given the time, and with better accuracy than an AI. You don't need "decades" for that.
While some of that is true this is only part of the story. You are underestimating it.
First off quantity has a quality of it's own, you know industrialization and such...
Second the algorithm also morphs and blends the elements perfectly onto each other.
While someone skilled in photobashing can archive more convincing results some things are just too labor intensive to do by hand.

>> No.6291745
File: 35 KB, 224x443, rena.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking about this as well. Would R07 have drawn his own sprites for Higurashi if he had AI?
Sad to think that we could miss out on iconic character designs in exchange for mass produced garbage.

>> No.6291764

Please consider suicide. Believing you could make some huge zinger with this is so fucking depressing that it triggers a nom emotional response in me in the same way of wanting to help someone after seeing them dab. There's no one I want more to see bury themselves more than you. I know im a random anonymous user but I'm truely asking. I'm begging you. Kill yourself, kill your family, everyone. Please, the holidays are coming up. This is the perfect time to read the anarchist cock book and find the adress of your friends and family.

>> No.6291773

People like him are going to still exist but are going to be drowned by literal shit mass produced like the MCU movies killing cinema

>> No.6291817

>First off quantity has a quality of it's own, you know industrialization and such...
Unsure what that has to do with anything
>Second the algorithm also morphs and blends the elements perfectly onto each other.
I think you are overestimating it if you think it's "perfectly onto each other".

If you want really generic prompts like "blue tiger in forest" or "generic pretty woman in swimsuit" you'll probably not care about the result. But if you want something more precise, the AI will not be able to do that for you.
If you're the kind of person who isn't an artist but wants lower quality results that the AI won't get you and you can't afford to pay somebody, you are better off just learning to utilize Photoshop instead.

>> No.6292072
File: 1.44 MB, 352x333, 1664069199371403.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6292194

All of these designs are the most generic approach to an already oversaturated field.

>> No.6292725
File: 57 KB, 2680x1900, 1662690042055285.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont be guillible. the same people who shill the neural network "art" tools are the same people who earlier made chat bots. not a single of these ai threads was made by human, its all automatized by bots and they use gpt3 to bump the threads once they are on page 10.

remember to sage, report and hide the threads. its no different from email spam.
>what is their goal
money. same as with NFT. they either want to be bought out by big corp like google or adobe for millions or to gain enough traction to make money by providing prompt tools as a service.

you arent replying to human, they bought 4chan passes and cycle the accounts. they even shill on boards like /v.

>> No.6292919
File: 211 KB, 512x512, 1640664100550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]








>> No.6292999

they'll make an ai for detecting ai of course

>> No.6293043

We're talking a little bit further along in the future. You know? And yes, to become a master it often times takes decades. Depending on your goals ofc.
And I'm well aware that this AI has a database of trillions/ billions of pictures to chose from.
And whatever you upload that is truly "unique" will eventually or possibly be added to said database.
We've seen how fast it has evolved just these past months. Let's see where it is in a year or two...
It's the whole comodification of it that disgusts me.

>> No.6293050

>We're talking a little bit further along in the future
ai is dead end, what future? You think they will magically come better? No they will not, maybe the quality will, but as an "art" itself? Lmao

>> No.6293251

>type in "pretty anime girl"
>omg im expressing myself with art

>> No.6293254
File: 2.52 MB, 2048x2055, trooper_wip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6293263
File: 49 KB, 860x264, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Discord tranny is at it again

>> No.6293296

>I think you are overestimating it if you think it's "perfectly onto each other".
What I mean by that is the algorithm uses a compressed representation of an image instead of an image itself.
If for instance you'd like to morph the faces of two different people together doing that by hand would take a labor intensive process.
The algorithm does this inherently.

>But if you want something more precise, the AI will not be able to do that for you.
Bingo. That's because it lacks intent which has to come from the person using it. A tool doesn't create something the person using it does.

>> No.6294243
File: 1.60 MB, 2560x1440, 117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The foot is in the door sirs

>> No.6294253
File: 7 KB, 224x224, vg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The gimp is out of the box

>> No.6294262

This scares the tradartist.

>> No.6294268

What actually scares me are those comments, literal goyslop enjoying niggercattle

>> No.6294270

daphuq em I looking at a good portion just looks like photoshop and filters

>> No.6294320

what discord is this

>> No.6294324

watching these parasites baseding over garbage that couldn't have been made without stolen shit is actually turning me into a misanthrope

>> No.6294382

>stolen shit
basically every artist steals shit

>> No.6294427

I stole anatomy from humans, and perspective from my observation of the world, I stole from god!

>> No.6294430

And AI can't do that. It doesn't understand the images it creates. It just photobashes.

>> No.6294431

>basically every artist steals shit
basically, you're a fucking retard equating human inspiration and learning, with stealing done by software through remixing digital files of artists

>> No.6294432

>"inspiration and learning"

>> No.6294437

The perspective issue is a good example. I don't have it anymore but I got SD to generate someone holding a plant, and it did so, but all the plants in the image where the same scale, so plants in the distance were the same plant as the one in hand, at the same size on the screen.

>> No.6294439

Why did you think people become artists?

>> No.6294442

are you retarded? what did you even mean by this? how do you think humans learn you stupid fuck?

>> No.6294444


>> No.6294445

Wasted quads

>> No.6294446

I bet that retarded nodraw NPC thinks artists learn like the AI, by swallowing 4 billion images.

>> No.6294448

based quads

>> No.6294451

I just look at art and absorb the skill with my eyes bro, all artists do it!

>> No.6294453


>> No.6295384
File: 300 KB, 384x576, 20220927183430_2277650462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I drew

>> No.6295404

The Genie's out of the bottle.
The die is cast.

>> No.6295670

That (!) is so funny, it's like
>Post photo of herself

>> No.6295672

You are the same anon posting these on /v/ aren't you.

>> No.6295809

>shading will be done based on materials and lighting, automatically and in real time.
3d software already exists, why do you think painters aren't abandoning Photoshop for Maya or Blender?
Believe it or not, some people actually enoy the act of drawing/painting, they don't want a computer to automate every single part of it, completely removing agency and intent from the process.

Non artists and proompters seem to look at drawing like it's some kind of factory job you do because you have to.

>> No.6295906

You didn't draw that. A computer did. It's not art

>> No.6295908

Retard IQ. Learn to draw

>> No.6296251

all i can read there is nihongo

>> No.6296268
File: 758 KB, 512x768, 1664325172721720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I crafted this, took me 16 iterations

>> No.6296346
File: 513 KB, 973x1278, 4834775F-1821-4208-B74D-5262FD30B422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6296370

proportions bro, did you even read loomis

>> No.6296371
File: 291 KB, 686x760, 1664321999517878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

two more weeks unironically

>> No.6296374

>t-two m-more
Whoa, it still looks like SHIT

>> No.6296382

Post your work.

>> No.6296385

Why bother when I can use ebin AI to make babby's first art project? Please ignore how bad it looks, just two more weeks ok? :^)

>> No.6296393

Are these made with the same AI? if so why is the difference is so big?

>> No.6296394

He touched up the other one

>> No.6296396
File: 456 KB, 1440x1440, FdhF8S9WAAEHJtt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

greg rutkowski prompting irl

>> No.6296400
File: 499 KB, 512x512, 1664264487468-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's funny how the goalposts shift from
>There's no way an AI can generate a detailed painting!
>There's no way an AI can generate a portrait though!
>All it can do is realism because it copies from google images!
>Well, the hands are still wrong it will never do hands!
I never picked up a pencil in my life. I never opened photoshop in my life. This result took 5 seconds. It would take even the most professional artist at least 2 hours. It's not perfect. There are some artifacts on the cheek, the hood and neck ornaments don't have defined shape, the pupils are a bit out of proportion. However two months ago nobody could generate this if they tried. People denying the impact this will have are on full copium.

>> No.6296406

Would you say that the pussy is out of the container, sir?

>> No.6296408

Oh word, just 5 seconds with no tweaking? Ok cool, in that case I'd like you to make me a picture of a monkey that has a balls shaped like Avril Lavigne's head doing a triple backflip while fucking OP's mother. I cant wait to see what you give me anon, since it takes 5 seconds.

>> No.6296412

lemme guess, you have to add artist's name as a prompt?
are we the ones who cope, or you fags, automated photobasher consoomer that cant draw at all and have to rely on machine?

>> No.6296416

Do that character again with the same design but in full body view while holding a goblet next to a throne, I want a cool palette though.

>> No.6296420

>Heh, the Wright Brothers?? KEK Imagine thinking humans can fly.
>Biplanes? Simple one seaters! It's impossible for them to carry troops!
>Jets?? Why should I care, it's not like they can leave the Earth's atmosphere!
Full on denial.
Yes there were at least 3 artist names used. Maybe you have a future as a style designer? It's the topographer of the future.

>> No.6296422

Bro I asked you to do my prompt, you said it took you 5 seconds to generate that so you shouldnt have to take much time to do my prompt. Whats the problem?

>> No.6296426

the minute anyone knows it's ai (and it's not hard to tell) any interest in the image is lost, there's no intent or skill behind any of the decisions, which is why ai generated images don't get any social media engagement. It's only going to get worse as everyone becomes more and more desensitized to the technology and it loses its novelty

>> No.6296433
File: 587 KB, 512x768, 1664263235604-5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Spoonfeed me!
No. My machine is currently occupied generating 100,000 Emma Watson nude images for commissions. I'd be willing to trade some of my prompted art for a traditional piece though. pyw?
This is true until it can generate Genshin Impact girls getting plowed by orcs. Right now all it can really do is portraits and landscapes. It has no memory or understanding of object interactions. However instead of living in denial I understand the limitations and am optimistic for the future

>> No.6296434

Digital art is going to take a hit too, some of the images that anon posted remind me of a couple of highly skilled artists, imagine being them and knowing this tool can basically emulate their technique almost to the T, it must be pretty demoralizing for them, and now you don't need to pay them $1000 for it. It makes the process look pretty trivial. Regardless of how much of a customized service you can get from an artist, some people would value the AI over the artist just for how practical and cheap it is, aside from the obvious things like porn and any other stuff you may be too embarrassed to ask someone else to do for you.

>> No.6296437

Always convenient how the minute I ask any AIfaggot to give me something that they generate in "5 seconds", they suddenly cant because theyre totally making a gorrillian other pictures, but they wont share those pics theyre making because reasons and they always get very busy when this is brought up even though they had been shilling their AI shit for hours before this.

No, you wont because you fucking cant. It can barely do anything outside of static portraits with the same exact facial expressions, much less show motion.

>> No.6296439

I could have made that in art breeder 2 years ago, and shopped in the outfit in 2 minutes.

>> No.6296442

>i crafted

cool, I just traveled to Praga via google street view.

>> No.6296453

sure, I do think a lot of clients who just wanted an art monkey to fulfill their ideaguy visions will just prompt instead. but i think from a social pov, it's completely meaningless, since it turns out that knowing a human did something has a completely different meaning than some noise spat out by a diffused google image search

>> No.6296469
File: 301 KB, 512x512, r341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

too skinny!

>> No.6296522

Im not really worried about my job. Once AI starts flooding the market and normies catch on it'll essentially become the modern equivalent of velvet Elvis. Judging from this thread it has already started.

>> No.6296552
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>Im not really worried about my job
what's your job?

>> No.6296568

Artificial art is just the new trend of the month, I'm already seeing people just not giving a shit about it cause it's boring and gay. I am expecting by next month to not see any ai shit on /ic.

>> No.6296578

>haha this only takes me 5 seconds, no tweaking?
>really? generate this then
>no, pay me in art first

actually fucking neck yourself you AIfaggot piece of shit

>> No.6296583

you are a fat ugly nigger IRL and i know it.

>> No.6296595
File: 428 KB, 512x512, gas station113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's boring and gay
pretty sure it's irrevocably changed the entire art industry

>> No.6296622

Nah, it hasn't. It's just a more advanced google search to use as photobash material.

>> No.6296624

I don't understand isn't that just Mai?

>> No.6296633
File: 640 KB, 512x768, test55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6296639
File: 433 KB, 512x512, r31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah i'm pretty sure it's a huge game changer that'll put a lot of people out of work in the art industry & utterly decimate the stock image business, the artist's skills will be totally devalued now that anyone can create any image they like just by typing a couple of words

>> No.6296640

The most pathetic thing in these shitposting threads is the guy who keeps replying to himself.

>> No.6296676
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to expand on my argument a little, let's say for whatever reason i need a photo of chocolate & mint ice cream in a green bowl sitting by a window, with an out of focus vaguely alpine looking scene outside, do i pay a photographer or a graphic designer? or do i simply type a description of what i want into an AI image generator and get 100 variations to chose from all in a matter of seconds for free, which option do you think people will choose going forward?

>> No.6296958

I'm generating textures using AI. Come at me mate

>> No.6297086

You AIcucks really love to tout how great and efficient this shit is but then dodge even the simplest requests.

>> No.6297137
File: 460 KB, 512x512, 1664390159891-7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any idea how to get rid of this moire pattern on clothing?
Everything has tiny dots on it. I suspect this is an aliasing artifact that has been upscaled.

>> No.6297538

I hope you're right bro. We'll see I guess.. Keep on keeping on.

>> No.6297543

Although it remains to be seen how technical it will get. I feel like it could advance much further than this. In regards to perspective, anatomy and all that. Then again I'm not qualified enough to know. Guess we'll see..

>> No.6298053

>uses a trillion hashtags for no reason
Does this person even know how Twitter works? He won't any views even if he did the drawing himself.

>> No.6298156
File: 1.90 MB, 1664x1280, image_2022-09-29_233113604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys ai is the future

>> No.6298172

still showing "realistic" rendering NGMI stuff

>> No.6298706

Literally all soulless...
I'd rather be my own shitty artistic self than some glorified art-codemonkey, and I'm a software engineer for my day job

>> No.6298981

Now do it again with Abby Shapiro

>> No.6299020 [DELETED] 
File: 103 KB, 640x960, 1664508985137222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As soon as they allow to feed nudes into the algorithm it's over for 99% of porn/erotic art.

>> No.6300006

this, how hasn't it been done yet

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