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Can we have a conservative art inspo thread?

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Sure I’ll start

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conserve what? Profits for multinational corporations who push racist propaganda like the coca cola ad you posted? Or do you mean conserve tax payer money for invading sovereign nations who oppose the global banking cartel? Or conserve the “right” to consume poisonous goyslop?

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well OP your thread is over next time don't word in a way that sends trannies into a frothing rage, enjoy your single picture of a man's ass

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Isn't all art pre 1900's conservative?

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No, actually. I see why you might think that, but Toulouse Lautrec didn’t spring forth from nowhere, he was cut from a cloth of artists that dates back to Raphael.

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all i have is this

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Conserve traditional values like freedom strength, discipline, etc

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What does the post above yours have to do with freedom strength and discipline?

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can you stop posting this thread every few weeks?

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so cute I'm in love

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Always with the same faux-Norman Rockwell 50s magazine illustration style. Is that all you people mean by “conservative”? Why would anyone take this poorly drawn paint by numbers garbage over Degas’ ballerinas?

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so funny that you two fags are gonna have this pretend fight about shit no one cares about just so you can waste more time posting on 4chan instead of drawing

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How exactly do you define "Conservative art" OP? Modern Conservative values in art? Or conservative in painting style? Or do you just mean old ass paintings?

I don't care much for the other painting, but your painting is at least equally shit. What is that troglodyte in the centre of the room?
Try acting smug and cultured somewhere else.

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>liking good art is smug and cultured
>hehe the girl has unappealing face I win
>if I made this I’d make all the girls naked hehe

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>Insults one person's tastes
>Cries when his tastes get insulted
Cry more faggot.

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“Degas is a bad painter” isn’t quite the based take you think it is anon.

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Eugene Boudin is peak conservative art

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As was Camille Corot

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>“Degas is a bad painter” isn’t quite the based take
Based take? I said I didn't like a painting? I don't give two shits if it's "based". Could you be more fragile?

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Stfu nobody cares fag

Millet was good too

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Van Gogh was quite conservative ironically

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Arguably the greatest piece of conservative art

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Jesus Christ you're a bitch.

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ah yes, the freedom to dress in the same 5 societally-approved outfits, the freedom to have the exact same lawn and house as everyone on your street, the freedom to conform to the same family unit as everyone else at threat of death, etc etc
the strength to boldly go where literally everyone else has gone. the strength to protest and flood the record company phone lines because elvis gyrated his hips on that goddamned television. the strength to grow up and become whatever is the least offensive to your masters.
the discipline to obey every order you're given. the discipline to never deviate, to always consume the same trite as all the other good little patriots. the discipline to stop thinking and just do as you're told.
god I fucking love conservative values

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Freedom to take a bath with your strong and disciplined friends? Conservatism is more open minded than I thought.

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Oh my shoulder!

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>conservative art
>loli midriff

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You're a degenerate. Keep coping AIDS ridden tranny

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Conservative as in based right wing art. Traditional family values

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I feel sad that you've never had a normal family with a mom dad and siblings having fun grilling like a traditional family

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Freedom as in small government you retard. Actually read about conservatism

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Get your eyes checked, that's part of her dress... Would you call that a belt?
Anyway, I'm sure you'll appreciate this piece anon : >>6271226

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Yes Norman Rockwell is what people mean by conservative art. Good ol positive slice of Americana. The baby boomer era. When the economy was good for the last time ever

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you better check yours, retard

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The top's shape is perfectly combined with the "belt/midriff" so to me it still looks like a belt, BUT the bigger image does show shadow of overlap from the bottom dress... I guess I'll take the L on this one? I mean I still think it's a belt, but it's debatable enough where I can see where you're coming from now.

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she literally has the side planes of the rectus painted, are you genuinely blind?

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there is no conservative art. The conservative art you get so nostalgic by are Commissioned paintings by White supremacists or Commercial art from 1950s aka sellout art for white people

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No, I see it, but it just looks like a shadow of the fabric to me. I already said I'd take this L anon, why are you still arguing about it? Do you want to change my personal opinion too?

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Christ, it's like with every word written here you become more and more of a faggot. Keep your dumb shit takes on twitter with the rest of your like minded mob.

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you are a dumb fucking faggot and going “hurr it’s a belt and it’s debatable but I guess I’ll magnanimously concede because durr” doesn’t cut it after going full fucking retard

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You know a happy family isn't as conservative a concept as you think it is.
Also what a stupid fucking thread considering it will just get dumb replies from red-in-the-face angry retards like >>6271310 or >>6271206
An otherwise good idea for a thread killed by the need to be edgy. You could've just requested 50s art or vintage art

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We have this stealt pol thread every month and every month /pol/fags get outed as tourist and nodraws who think that serveral hundred year old European and early 20century american ads some how represented modern conservatism.
These thread is for midwits to yell about politics while never producing a single shred of original art work. You should make a vintage art thread on your own.

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>Still trying to change my mind
Maybe I am retarded, but you're clearly autistic to get so bent out of shape over someone not seeing something exactly as you see it. I've conceded that the belt could totally be midriff.
>doesn’t cut it after going full fucking retard
And what the fuck would cut it moron? I conceded. I took the L. You won. The fuck more do you want you fuck wit?

And since it'll get your dick hard, yes I see both of those as midriffs.

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not him but it does make my dick pretty hard yea

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>dumb replies from red-in-the-face angry retards like >>6271310
I mean, I was just having fun with that, and it seemed like it fit well in the thread since it's literally a piece of art full of strong handsome men painted in a classic detailed way - it's just kinda gay.

as for >>6271206 , it could be conservative art, depending on how OP defines it... which he doesn't really. It's just like >>6271253 asked :
>How exactly do you define "Conservative art" OP? Modern Conservative values in art? Or conservative in painting style? Or do you just mean old ass paintings?

>You could've just requested 50s art or vintage art
And don't both images fall into that category?

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Those midriffs definitely get my dick hard

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Then that's the perfect ending to the discussion. Thanks Anon.

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discuss deez nuts

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No problem
You're not me.

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Why does conservative art get people so mad

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Because Americans can't shut up about their political beliefs - and have now conflated a differing political view from their own, no matter how mild it is, as being morally wrong and evil.

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Half the shit posted ITT isnt even conservative its just happy families vintage ads and painting made in another lifetime. Also noone ever posts work nor do you see anyone on ic drawing like this so what's the point.

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What a retarded argument. So we shouldn't even talk about stuff that isn't regularly posted here (trannime, pedophile shit and furry)?

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These threads only ever amount to people pointing and laughing poltards for their victim complex, extreme ignorance about history in general, and their consistent inability to ever post work.

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No, not really

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What do you mean by "conservative" exactly?

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Art that displays conservative, traditional values like strength, health, discipline, family unity, respect to our heritage, etc. You know typical conservative stuff

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Family, history, patriotism, religion, and respect for the community. I believe all the corporate interests (which is as much a leftist thing btw) are a psyop by the Right against the Right. It’s hard being a Right winger trying to convince my fellow chuds that opposing corporatism isn’t an attack on capitalism. Leftism is just a cult of cummies and violence apologists tho.

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>Profits for multinational corporations who push racist propaganda like the coca cola ad you posted?
Do you prefer fat trans niggers for sponsoring a shitty hyperglycemic soft drink?

You're right.

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C'mon college boy!

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>our heritage
White america was Anglo-saxons second attempt at creating a meaningful culture outside of imperialism and serfdom and they managed to do it again, only this time with cheeseburgers and facebook. How many tries do these retards need

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The coca-cola made me kek. God bless america

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America in the 50s was literally a utopia

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Except you know the constant threat of nuclear winter

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Most people didn't really care

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My dad is much happier in 2022 than he was in 1950-2010. Boomers lived through a lot of miserable decades. The middle class was a very small number of people in the 50s most people were rich or dirt poor this suburbia image was for very few Americans. It’s fantasy

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Basically any of the art scenes in most of the watchtowers and books by Jehovah's Witnesses are about the most conservative art you can get. From a JW here.

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Happy families are against the wishes of the Left. The Right champions the nuclear family. Happy family art, by syllogism, is Right Wing art.

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Unlike you I’ve never had dysentery

>> No.6272758

almost half the country had no indoor plumbing back in the 40s nor stable connection to electricity. my 90 yr old grandpa rambles all the time about how much of a shithole america used to be when he was younger

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>admitting defeat in the most passive-aggressive way possible

maybe you're French

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>I guess I'll take the L on this one? I mean I still think it's a belt, but it's debatable enough where I can see where you're coming from now.
Doesn't seem very passive aggressive to me?

>> No.6273035

>I *guess* I'll take the L
>I still think I'm right
>but it is ambiguous enough that you think you're right

you don't notice the pattern of evasion and insincerity? notice the waffling and qualifiers intended to dilute the emotional cost of admitting something detrimental to him.

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Wow, when you emphasise random words and completely re-write things in that way, it totally does make it seem like you're correct here anon. Here I was thinking that if you read things in a certain way, anything can appear negative to you. What a fool I was!

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>evasion and insincerity

you can't help it

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Wow not much conservative art here, but the Coca Cola ads are sorta neat.

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Alright I'll be more blunt and straight forward; you rewrote the words and emphasised one particular part to make your point. I don't read it like that at all. The fact that you take my reply as "evasion and insincerity" just goes to further demonstrate the point I was making: you are reading negative things into these statements. Sure I was being sarcastic and insincere, but evasive? What did I avoid?

I could take what you've written and assume you're being "evasive and insincere" because I can't really believe you didn't understand the point I was making and just didn't want to address it.

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This is why a vintage would be so much cooler than retards coping over not being about shit by fawning over an America that was inaccessible for the general population because they were fucking poorass dirt farmers, unenployed gutter trash, immagrants, and factory workers living in perpetual serfdom.

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This is why a vintage thread would be so much cooler than retards coping over not being about shit by fawning over an America that was inaccessible for the general population because they were fucking poorass dirt farmers, unenployed gutter trash, immagrants, and factory workers living in perpetual serfdom. Again these threads had nothing to do with art.

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Meant for >>6273147

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>This is why a vintage thread
Or even just a thread on well illustrated or designed ads honestly.

> that was inaccessible for the general population because they were fucking poorass dirt farmers, unenployed gutter trash, immagrants, and factory workers living in perpetual serfdom.
America bashing aside, this was the case for most everyone in most points of history, so getting cross at America for being a better example that was closer to equality is silly. Which part of the world was doing better during these times?

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In every reply in this thread after it became clear that your position was weak, you tried to have it both ways. "Maybe you're right, but I still think I'm right."

wtf grow up

>> No.6273653

>Maybe you're right, but I still think I'm right."
At no point have I said anything like this - the post we're discussing sure, but us right now?


Anyway, you're retarded anon, life isn't a game with constant winners and losers, and though in this case there is no winner, you're definitely a loser.

respond however you want, I'm done replying to someone so "evasive and insincere".

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>At no point have I said anything like this

>I mean I still think it's a belt