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Why even?

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because its the only thing that calms my soul

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Can you guys recommend me artists that have a semirealistic style? something inbetween european and asian style or both separate

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I for one think its a good thing that visually expressing ideas is no longer a privilege of a few elite artists.
Thanks to AI now everyone can paint with their mind, not with their hands.

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>AI threads are nothing but "why bother" and "we're all losing our jobs"
>OPs never post their work
tourists pls fuck off

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I'm waiting on an AI generated comic or animation, sequential stuff.

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because you enjoy drawing?

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Because hobby.

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ain't that exactly what people always expected to happen in the future?
the machine can do the art, but the ultimate reason for the art to exist is to please the human, letting him express his aspirations and aesthetic ideals
at the end, nothing changes, ai is just a better brush

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If this nothingburger even bothers you, you're prolly not gonna make it in the first place anyway. Just kys.

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I'm all for more people getting into art, but let's not pretend picking up a pencil and drawing is some privileged thing the elite are gatekeeping. It always makes me roll my eyes when some idiot starts using terms like "democratization of the arts" and shit like that.
Well, at least we found the new "talent" cope for the next hundred years. "Oh no, I can't get into art because Microsoft is walling off their super duper AI69 waifu generator from public use! How can I make manga with my Wall-E 420 AI in comparison?"

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Stop chasing the souless realistic style. There, your value as an artist increased.

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>Being afraid of a glorified photobasher
NGMI on a spiritual level

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Remember to report the AI schizo OP for "spamming/flooding": >>6199576

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This, if /ic/ really cared about the art, it should be celebrating instead of crying about this

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>game dev is a hobby now
>music is a hobby now
>art is a hobby now

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A.I music plebs are the bane of internet. They are all like self absorbed retards.

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Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

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>AI render ratnik model 5!

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you're awfully optimistic that companies aren't going to claim copyright on the output of AI image generators because they use databanks gleaned from their images. us plebs won't get the good shit- when it gets good enough to replace artists, the large entertainment and software companies (who have the most to gain from replacing expensive skilled labor) will close this garden off with sentry guns and barbed wire.
you will get a gimped version. at $300 dollars one time payment, plus additional $100 dollar dataset packs if you're lucky. if you're not, adobe will sell the basic version of it to you at $100 dollars a month. limited to 12 images a month. and end rights to everything you produce that includes those images in the EULA. they will never let the plebs have something that useful without taking their pound of flesh.

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>Some people study 18 hours a day for years to become good at art, living in poverty while doing it
>They expect to at least be able to feed themselves at the end of it
>th... thats privilege

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I mean, art has been a hobby for the longest time throughout history except perhaps modern times thanks to vast media commercialization.
Even though a lot of anons here probably have dreams of publishing a comic or something, most of them here are hobbyists by definition.

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Yeah, that's my fear for the future. It'll be the worst of both worlds. AI is going to scare off people wanting to learn """traditional""" art but at the same time all the good shit is going to be paywalled and limited to an extreme extent. It's going to be an art purgatory where we're all going to be fed soulless, generic crap.

It's like being born just in time to see food replicators, but the food tastes like shit and the government expects us to eat the slop.

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That literally the "Live in pods, own nothing, eat bugs and be happy". AI art have give people no methods to express themselves through artworks. Those turds are visual bogus with no specific intention behind them, but retarded artist wannabe suck it up, just like how standalone A.I Music "composers" came into existence. They are fucking cancer.

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This is like 16 steps beyond ngmi.
A pencil, paper and time is privileged? People even draw with a bunch of shit they find in the ground and use anything they can find around as a canvas.
You’re really gonna argue thats privileged?

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Saying artists are priviledged is like saying low-class construction workers are priviledged because only them capable of building houses.

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There is a disturbing trend of people trying to justify their envy by using the term "privilege"
They look at people that have things they do not, and can do things they can not, and they feel rage and shame.
Instead of thinking about why they cant do these things and what goes into success they try and cut others down, implying their success was not earned, but "privilege"
They are the kind of person that gets jealous of somebody who is in shape, but instead of going to the gym, they hope something bad happens to the fit person.

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It's weird logic. I wish I knew how to code super well and make a ton of money off of it, but it's not like anyone's stopping me from learning to code. It's a me problem.

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It is like the conflict between wiser, older people and younger people who are living in better era, better equipped but seriously lacking experiences and knowledges. Young people tell old people that their methods are outdated and newer shit can pull things old people did.
However, young people do not aware of the downgrade of quality and the lack of passion. They only want low quality, souless fastfood and any oldblood people who call them out, they will pick a fight. It's fucking tiresome.

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