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The absolute state of Spanish art education.

Popular Mexican art YouTuber literally says using 3d shapes to construct is too hard so you Should just draw in 2d shapes

Omg Lol I can’t stop laughing. And he has a quarter of a million subscribers.

Meanwhile Japanese and English sources are teaching based loomis techniques.


If you don’ know moonrunes or English you are fucked.

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>Zoomers are shit artists
Wow..Im not surprised

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>can’t draw
>seethes on 4chinz

>just don’t try chad
>can’t draw
>hundreds of thousands of fans

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>It is too hard that's why I do it ultimate chad
>have no presence online because he is too busy gaining art and making it
>he appears from time to time to help beginners then leave without further elaborate

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You act like retards are limited to one section of the world.

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Do you really need to make a thread every time some retard farts in the wind?

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>making up nonexistent role models to cope with lack of prospects and ambition
ultimate form of cuckoldry

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I was only talking about myself sir. Except I am no chad, just a down to earth ordinary man who loves challenge and work hard to make up his own average intellegence.

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