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so, I have a friend who I believe is tracing his artwork to some extent. I couldn't find anything on reverse image searches, does anyone know anything about this image? He said this was the first time he did a human character?

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here is another

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and this too

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Depends on what his other art is like and if he is good.

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yeah he's tracing %100

While everything is well made and drawn whoever the girl is get her face guidelines drawn in the same sharpness and pressure as everything else?
Unless mofo is trying to show he totally drew that and isn't tracing.

The only reason you're questioning this on the 50/50 because he already seems to draw but not as good as this as his lines are confident and follow some rules

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I don't have any frame of reference for your other pics, but this one alone leads me to believe he's tracing.

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ask to see the construction, draw with him, ask him to share his screen etc etc

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this is the real answer, also, asking this shit to /ic/ is asking for all the shitters to come out and tell you its traced
just because something as clean lines doesnt mean its traced
just ask to see his sketches or screen share, post his work so we know the asnwer

also wtf is up with the shitters making tracing threads and also random tracing comments on other threads, is this the next /ic/ shitposting trend after ai?

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Seconding this. Decent proportions and faces, but strange ugly cloth. gross hands on sonic. bad ellipses/curves on mega-man X(look at how shitty the ear cup is!).

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Had a I recognize that bulge moment and pulled up an old copy of mega man x art I remember seeing.

Heavily referenced. Doesn't line up 100% but it's probably just copied. Nothing wrong with that if he's just having fun.

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100% traced. Just changed some lines here and there.

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Damn, what a nice friend. Keep backstabbing him OP

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Scaling a bit on the horizontal axis, led to perfect overlap.

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I’m more interested on what you’ll do now that you know he’s tracing.
Gonna cancel him? Blackmail him into sucking your cock?

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Damn that's hot

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ITT OP tries to figure out if people can tell he's tracing before posting it on his socials

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He should say nothing at all. Just focus on his own work. If his friends work becomes popular at some point, his tracing will be exposed by others. He doesn't have to be the one to do it. Stay friends, be there to catch him if he falls.
If he is actually gloating about how much better he is than you or something however, that's a different game...

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