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So many of the problems you dudes face with digital art could be solved by simply drawing traditionally.
>stop painting exclusively with layer modes, learn how to actually paint and mix colors traditionally
>stop using stabilizers, learn how to actually do lines with pen/marker and paper
>stop using 3d models, study construction and anatomy traditionally with Bridgman and Vilppu
You KNOW you are not really learning if you only study on digital, right Anon?

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You can do all of that digitally. I do, do all of that digitally. Be an idort and use both mediums. All fields

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Biggest problem are faggots like (You) who keep dictating how others should be drawing but never posts their work.

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oil paint doesn't exactly grow on trees

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Especially with color. People need to feel the difference between watercolor, oil and poster colors and try mixing them.
The pencil brush wasn't made from a program called "pencil" but it's to mimic the real feel or pencils you feel me
Try traditional and you'll have a cutie conservative wife with 19 kids in no time :)

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you can buy a $20 refillable brush pen and $10 ink and start practicing draftsmanship like KJG does

i'm not OP, but this is an extremely big problem - maybe the biggest problem - on here that people don't ever usually talk about. that's this: everyone here sets their sights extremely low. people copy random pixiv artists or coomer artists, with very few exceptions, not realizing how relatively little they will get out of it. you reap what you sow - or in this case, you reap like a quarter of what you sow, at most.

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pantsuripper is based

also this post is fucking retarded, i attended an atelier so i'm trained traditionally. digital work is a great tool for learning without making a mess or spending a ton of pants/canvas/whatever. you can use shortcuts yes, and that can hinder your learning, yes, but you can also just not use those shortcuts and apply traditional learning techniques digitally.

this trad superiority complex is very cringe, even more so given that half of you probably never even draw to begin with.

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>you can also just not use those shortcuts and apply traditional learning techniques digitally.
yes, you can just do this thing something virtually no one does.

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Post some of your sick trad work bro.

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Based post

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I don't know what to think.

4chan has been talking like niggers ever since this shithole was founded, and I have always been 100% against it, because what starts as ironic, devolves into post-ironic, then into normalcy.
And here is the result, bunch of niggerbrained people post here thinking they're in good company (which they are, in a sense).

Therefore, I see the opposite happening as maybe a good impact to offset this.
Instead of niggerfying our place, we're 4channizing other places

Cancerous? Definitely. I respect rules 1 & 2 to this day, despite being non-canonical.

But it's still an interesting phenomenon to watch. 4 years ago (maybe more, I'm getting old), when 4chan started using the word "based", which is niggerspeak to begin with, we could see dozens and dozens of newspaper articles calling it nazi dogwhistle, white supremacist lingo, what-have-you, because it came from 4chan.

But it gradually became more and more used by edgy people, and now, suddenly, EVERYONE says it. I'm seeing all sorts of normalfags, trans-flag-bearing "people", speedrunners, you name it. They're all saying "based" all the time now.

Same happens with lots of icons coming from here, smug pepe to me officially "died" when Katy Perry posted it, but the process happens on many fronts; he went from Nazi icon to everyone loving le epic green charming frog.

There is no conclusion to my diatribe, let it be known I hate brown people and that it is very hard to define where channer culture begins/ends, or whether this spread, in 2022, is still a cultural threat to imageboards.
It's certainly cringe to see 12yos yelling BASED or saying "it's a meme, you dip", but oh well, everything has its life-cycle, Evanescence and Linkin Park have outlived the cringe and gone back to nostalgic/cool for many people.

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I follow that artist on twitter lol

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i do this all the time? do you think the majority of people drawing traditionally are working through the perfect workflow, and taking 0 short cuts?? you realize drawing trad wont solve all of your problems, right?

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you can mix colors digitally
you can practice linework digitally
you can study anatomy with Vilppu digitally

>le layers
what is tracing paper
>le 3d models
what are mannequins

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>i do this all the time?
Why are you asking anon about what you do? Anon has no way of knowing more about you than yourself.

Or maybe he does, judging by your low IQ.

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Not learning digital early if you aim digital media because you 'gotta learn trad before going digital' is classic beg trap

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>le layers
>what is tracing paper
>le 3d models
>what are mannequins

two sets of comparisons that actually are totally imcomparible
keep lying to yourself

keep lying to yourself. keep pressing ctrl+z mindlessly. keep creating 90 layers.

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you are obsessed

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My donut steel OC feels extremely threatened right now.

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what is wrong with you tradfags, i've probably done 10x the amount of traditonal work than you will ever in your life. digital is just another tool and medium, old masters would have utilized it had the technology been present in their time.

you are not superior because you draw with a pencil, lol.

also, pyw.

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Why not enjoy both approaches? Digital gives you many comfort options and the ability to instantly correct your mistakes with a mouse click and then keep going.
Of course working traditionally is also awesome and one major reason for me at least is, to do it, because I don't want to stare at a screen for hours and maybe sit comfortably somewhere outside with a sketchpad and a pencil. Both have ups and downs, just enjoy both and interchangeably use what you learn in both mediums I guess

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>you are not superior because you draw with a pencil, lol.
except i am

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How else are butthurt tradfags going to justify their vapid sense of superiority? It's a ngmi thing

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This seriously could not be blander if you tried. Make her more demonic and it could be fun

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Cope and seethe retard

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