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The fact that this guy is giving the "purpose behind the skill" advise as if it is something never thought before by the general art community, with the fact that really a lot of dumb idiots who whatched this didn't figured it out by themselves shows how the competition is low anon.
We just need a little bit of brains and skill, and we all gonna make it.

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Why do people watch this faggot.

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I ask the same, this nigger pops on my feed every time for some reason

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social media is a game and you can succed if you cheat regardless of skill.

/ic/ is too retarded to play

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Good presentation is enough for normalfags, content be damned.

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The more i draw the more i agree. Zoomer have zero gripes about things like ripping off artstyles and the like and its exactly why they're so much better than the previous generation. The sooner you stop listening to ic boomers the better.

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>We just need a little bit of brains and skill, and we all gonna make it.
half of youtube viewers aren't watching because they want to learn something do, they're watching stuff to confirm their biases

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Children.. This Blackjack faggot is a hack btw, he admitted himself he doesn't have the right credentials to teach. Hate his dirty black hands flinging around the screen like literal shit

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>/ic/ is too retarded to play
/ic/ is too retarded to actually draw for more than 10min a day

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Stopped watching when he drew a hand with the pinky curled but the ring finger extended fully. That just doesn't happen unless you sever a tendon.

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his art has no soul, but he can bait very well and make money with ads, i guess he won the game

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Surely he won in the popularity game, but the relevancy of people like him falls pretty quickly if they have no value other than that.

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Digital art really made it too easy, these fuckers probably couldn't draw a straight line without a tablet

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This negro is the biggest crab with its shit tier advice dooming begs to perma status.

I'm glad. Less competition.

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> O my negrojosh channel, showcasing the most unnecessary and expensive "art" tech to cater to talentless rich kids who draw instagram tier art

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Yep, ergojosh probably went full anime illustration route because he got tired dealing with construction and clients. So yeah i get where he coming from

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At least he's doing something with his art. What are you doing with yours?

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thumb, pointer, middle, ring, pinkey
just in case anyone doesn't know the terms
your ring finger and your pinkie share a tendon, its why they tend to move in tandem.

for me, let's say straight out is 100% and curreld tight is 0%, with my pointer at 100% my middle is at 95%, my ring is at 10% and my pinky is at 0%

for me my pointer on both hands has 100% independence from the other fingers, and with some amount of practice/training my ring would likely have nearly the same level of independence

I think the % difference between my ring and pinky is maximally 20% where i'm not focussing on what the other fingers are doing, but lets be real, full open and close is an outlier on our degree of motion with the hand.

an interesting note, if I try to make the shocker hand without my thumb holding the ring finger, im able to keep it at about 20% while the pinky is between 95-100%

its probably worth exploring what your hands can do, and know that some people are capable of grabbing a glass of water backwards. its a fucking short, but it gets the point across

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I can do that with my left hand, so can most musicians I know.

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I don't have severed tendons

I can't do it with my right hand for some reason though. I'm right handed, i dont know if that makes any difference

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I meant to quote

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Why do people that just happened to build skills start to tell us "oh but skill doesen't matter bro".
Almost as if they were trying to reduce the competition while they still can.

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No ligameme, ngmi, sorry anon...

But really, that's interesting, never seen that before.

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the faster you stop listening to these "art youtubers" the better anons

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Where the fuck do you think you are?

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Can do that with my left hand. Probably because I play guitar.

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lol lineart was pretty good and then he fucked it up with the "painting" bit lmao

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>take a bunch of reference images
>mash them together and trace the parts you need
>change a few bits and render to your taste
Imma start doing this too, I'm nearing 30 I don't have time to mess around for 2 years doing 30 min poses and cubes like that's gonna get me anywhere.

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Pretty much how kronprinz got started and now he's making (ruining my favorite) anime in Japan.

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I've played guitar 15 years and can't do it. It's genetic.

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look at the shitty art that makes bank, so yes, your art skill is not only not important, I would say improving your art will make you generic as fuck

start drawing with your non dominant hand to make art that actually sells

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>What are you doing with yours?
making a living, how about you?

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i guess this is how these 'artists' are able to 'keep up with the algorythm'. man, this current art paradigm is fucking shit. on the level of 'shitting on a canvas for clout' tier.

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thats exactly what he are doing, all these artists with their fake positivity are a bunch of sociopaths

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He's literally just using reference you absolute nigger

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Sure you are.

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Why would you need to draw a straight line with a tablet? Just use a ruler, retard.

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