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Been working on this for 3 days straight and I'm feeling a little stuck. I feel like it's an upgrade from the previous works but I feel like I can make it just a little better, however everything I try to fix, it just makes it look worse, and I also don't want to overblend, so i stopped for now. What would you add, what would you change? Feel free to critique harshly if you please. Thanks.

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you've done enough, get better at drawing and make onother piece

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Try to find a hammer that big. Or a big dumbell and take weight off from one side. Then try holding it like in your picture for few seconds. You'll then understand.

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At this point investing more time into that would be just polishing a turd

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needs more giant shoulderpads

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DALLE you ngmi

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Nice perspective on that hammer btw...

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3 days? move on, you'll look back on this months or years later and cringe at the fact you cared at all

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Is this a shitpost unironically?

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looks like the path is too small for his feet, unless he's doing a sort of gay balancing-walk then the next step looks like its going to fall on the grass

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Add clouds

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Yes, I know what you mean, doing more sketches and focusing on the studying aspect leads to better and faster improvement, I do that, but once in a while I try to to do something more "finished" and really play with it and change stuff and insist on it, I found that it can help (if you don't focus on the polishing aspect and really work it and keep changing stuff). I just wanted to get more opinions on this, there's always things you miss out by yourself.
Yeah... you got a point. Thaks.
I feel like it looks off also because of the weird design, I will change it and this time maybe look at some reference
>post actual work up for critique on the artwork and critique board
kek (no it's not, but I didn't see any critique threads, except for /beg/s, so i made a thread)
idk but now that you point it out the path is kinda ugly I should change somethin about it

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the hammer is almost the same value as the mountains behind. Add clouds like this to separate it from the background.

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i gotchu sempai

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loot at the values

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>How to take this a bit further?
By stopping to try and copy Warcraft so damn desperately.

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the hammer facing straight down looks weird

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You are doing good work Anon here is how I would change. I think the elements of the picture too detached from each other and the lighting shadows are lacking.

You got good composition, foreground, midground, background. The one part is really off is how the hammer and the mountains behind it blurr together.

Keep doing your thing!

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whats the story ?

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It's a remake of something from 2017, that's why it's a warcraft style character. I wanted to focus on the technical aspect, not originality of design, but you're right, I should stay away from copying warcraft.
I forgot about that...I'll pay more attention next time I promise
I changed the values, I might have fucked up saturation in the process, but I think the values are better now and clouds would only add unnecessary details.
Tried fixing it
You actually took time to paint over, thanks a lot dude. I'll keep tweaking the lighting and post an update, in pic rel I didn't see your reply. Thanks a lot.
>notwarcraft.jpg kek
Wanted to remake an older piece from 5 years ago, the original didn't have any background so I made him into a hiking warrior sort of thing (hence the trail mark on the stone), thought it would help to put him in some context, I always do simply standing characters.
I hope I got it right this time. A bit better than previous at least.

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His body posture looks way more natural like that definitely an improvement.

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Wispy clouds like this, is more what I was meaning, the pic was just an example.
Not so needed now the hammer is darker. But it does help separate the stone.

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Bonus: I thought adding something in to show the scale of the guy might be a good idea.

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Good improvement anon, environment could use better shape design but other anons probably pointed that out by now, just surfing by

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Don't like the composition so i would atleast extend it

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Really good helpful tips, thanks for responding. Will post an update. Thanks again!

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Personally, I think whats holding it back is that everything has a similar matte texture. Digital art gets difficult when it comes to this, but I think if you worked on rendering metal and fur a little bit each day you’d make huge strides. Maybe get some textured brushes or photobash some of the textures. Good luck bro, it looks great so far.

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Yeah it's a good idea, I'll keep it in mind. Not sure what to add, the bird might be too distracting, I'll see
Yes I'll have to practice landscapes. And arm anatomy I think.
Yeah, the hammer is on the same line with the stone, also the big landscape lines, all point to the left behind the character and it kinda takes away the focus a bit, or maybe I looked at it too much and I'm gettig tired. I tried fixing the composition by playing with the background, I feel like it helps a bit. I might modify the stone, make it taller or shorter. Will see.
I try to make my own textured brushes, but I use them rarely. I tried using them a bit on the stone and grass. Maybe I'll follow this up with some texture practice.

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Forgot pic. I worked the same time and the progress is smaller, so I think I'll leave it for a while and jump on something else, then hopefully come back to tweak it a little. Thanks for all the help, any more tips you got are welcome and I owe you one, you really helped me. Thanks a lot.

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Anatomically, the figure is a mess. The upper half is in a 3/4 view, but the abdominals are viewed face-on. The hips are nonexistent. The figure's left leg is too long and thinner than the right leg, even accounting for perspective/foreshortening.

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The shadow from his hood needs a small amount of reflective, like a very small ligher value on his forehead.

Also I don't get what he's walking on, stairs? If yes then ignore me but no then there maybe some things need fixing. Like the forefront lines of the road/grass need to raise if you get me

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