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Can the colour choice of this piece be explained using fundamentals?

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yes but only if you have 90+ IQ

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how did you do that?

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This and the most basic cool/warm split between orange and blue. Given the right burnt sienna, you could do it with 2 paints and a splash of purple

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sure. if your values(fundamental) is solid then you can add any color in lieu of gray

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That's hard for /ic/

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Yeah but I think the blue is pretty unappealing personally. Like the other guy said it's mainly about values with the 90% orange/red then about color contrast with the blue and purple to draw the eye to the focal point.

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How do you go from gray to color? How do you change the art to gray in the first place too like >>6198801

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>new layer on top of everything
>grab the bucket tool and paint the whole layer with black
>set layer mode to "color"

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Heh cool. Not that anon but neat trick.

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the problem with this method is that it does not respect the actual chroma of the colors you apply so you will likely get a really dirty version of the color you apply. the point of knowing your values is so that you dont need to rely on that method, but as a workflow i guess its alright, id recommend building a knowledgebase of the colors native values

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100% saturated blue is darker than 100% saturated yellow

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I wanted to use it to study the values of other artist's works without having to color pick every single color.
I guess I just have to get better at discerning value by eye

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you might as well build that observational knowledge early than relying on crutches forever and be 60 years old still not knowing the values. to me its like color picking, color picking deprives you of understanding colors so same logic im applying to monochrome>color BUT i still think its a valid workflow, just gotta be aware to not use it as a crutch for missing knowledge

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I usually do an adjustment layer on top with the saturation down to 0 when I wanna check my values.
I've heard that for certain softwares the color calibration can be off at times though.
I work with CSP.

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This. I >>6198807 looked at it and was like "that looks like a hell of a lot of burnt sienna and ultramarine or similar, with some quinocridone rose for the magenta." I just snap pics and greyscale them to find value if I'm really unsure. It's not complicated but it requires being able to see it in the first place.

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Who is this artist

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i wear no panties

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Amazing work OP, love the color choices.

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anon, i...

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