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ITT Commission stories from both artists and commissioners. Horror stories, pleasant experiences, pricing, snipes, etc.

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Seen some very nice comm sheets as of recent

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The first and last time I ever commissioned was my friend's shitty OCs (girl and boy couple) for her birthday and after paying the artist in sexy dA points he sent me the a drawing of two guys making out thinking the badly drawn girl was a guy
My friend loved it so much she turned the girl into a boy and went full blown yaoi shit
Not really a horror story just retarded?

I can't tell if the ych-er a fujo or a femboy consumer

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>fujo or a femboy consumer
It can be both

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>at own risk
bro is he just straight up admitting he's incapable of it

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its 25 bucks, what the fuck are you expecting? I charge 10x more, if i priced as much as him youd be lucky to get a squiggle from me

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This is the definition of undercharging, it's 25$ man. A complete steal

Could be both; you decide

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I have a guy which commissions me all the time, and besides the weird stuff I have to draw the worst thing about it is how he keeps asking how my day is going, what am I doing at the moment, telling me his life... look buddy you are a nice person but you are not my girlfriend

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YCH seems like a very comfy format to make commissions in. I find that I tend to almost spend more time finding the right pose and composition etc. than actually drawing and rendering the damn thing.

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Sounds like it worked out in the end of your friend loved it in the end. Badly drawn references were probably a contributing factor to the retardation

Is he commissioning very specific weird/obscure content from you? Like content which only you can provide for him

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It's fetish stuff mainly, but idk why he chose me for it, my stuff doesn't include those kind of drawings but I guess I am up for the job and I'd say I am cheap as welm soo...

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bit off topic but are the circled ones supposed to be male or female?

The shoulder and chest say male and the other ones say male but aren't those hips female or back to basic rules of anatomy I go?

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It is. Customer knows what pose they are getting and artist gets a break from constructing a whole new composition.

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Most likely intentionally androgynous to cater to both if the customer wants it

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4 is def female hips but with ych it can go both ways. Artists usually accept both sexes with interchangeable genitals.

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>returning commissioner asks for a slot while i was busy with backlogs
>"okay let me know!"
>in the meantime asks if I know someone who also takes comic commissions
>hmmm let me see. Oh maybe this guy I knew of. He took comic commissions before
>"Sure you can take a look at Artist A. Be warn tho its very NSFW!"
>think nothing of it afterwards
>Oh shit remembered Artist A draws isekai hentai knight girls getting gangfucked by goblins and orcs
>commissioner is kinda a Christian guy but has some mild fetish
>hasnt responded since
Well shit.

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Clear references are always important but atleast it worked out well in the end and they loved it!

Definitely both the artist pinktaco does a lot of it.

You should reach out again and just explain you forgot, better not to lose returning customers but how bad it could be the guy already has some mild fetish

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If you're just starting out, would highly recommend offering YCHs. it's very relaxed

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you’re the girlfriend in the relationship
but he’s using your body via your art

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Idk if you've had a girlfriend before but I can assure you they are constantly asking what you are doing and begging for your attention and in this aspect with this guy it feels pretty much the same, only that it's way sadder. Not to mention him being a tranny. But I guess you do have a point on me being a prostitute he's paying.

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How old is this? No way huffs still charges so little.

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Don't even think he takes commissions anymore. Too big to have to.

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Real shame. He's one of the best shortstack artists, would definitely throw money at him for a comm

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One of my returning commissioners will always ask if I'm comfortable with x fetish.

The thing is his "fetishes" are super vanilla. Marriage, hand holding, two lovers trying for a baby, kissing, loving housewife, stuff like that.

The guy is great I just find it funny he always makes sure I'm ok with whatever wholesome thing he has this time. It's honestly very polite compared to those who request the most vile stuff and act shocked when you say no.

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That's adorable, what a cute sheltered lamb.

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Once i had a familiar customer who usually commission me monthly. Things were ok, nothing too hot. However, oneday he admitted that he was using his dad's credit card to pay me all these times. I noped out as soon as i knew. Fucking teenagers and their destructive behavior.

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Not your problem

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The chargebacks freezing your Paypal account are a problem.

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Is there a legit guide on using paypal for commissions? How do artists not fear assholes who chargeback and how do they protect themselves from them?
I always stuck to ko-fi because of that

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There are a few if you google them. You're pretty well protected if you follow basic account security and keep funds out of it, it's porn that fucks you because it's against the ToS. I can't say whether the company is more preferential towards business accounts, but usually they consider chargebacks as a form of potential fraud and open an investigation as to whether a refund was offered or asked for.

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Can you tell me why this chest invokes yaoi vibes?

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Round, squishy looking pecs?

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Had a commissioner ages ago that wanted a basic sketch. First time working with the guy. Complete the job, hes happy. Right after the com was done he sent me 4 paragraphs of scat + vore rp and got upset when I didnt rp back.

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>Be me
>Got a commission for a badge.
>This client was amazing before and I thought this commission won't be different.
>Did the badge, got paid, all went well.
>I wake up with a "I didn't like this detail, can't you change it?"
>Told them sure, but after the third change I'll start to charge each time they ask me for a change.
>They start to be too damn specific with the details, like the color, line weight, shade, etc and seemed they weren't happy at all with the detail being changed.
>Like "what didn't you told me that when I asked what changes do you need me to do before to send you the second invoice?"
>On the third change, I told them I was about to charge $5 per change if they were going to continue until they were happy with the result.
>It seems they were "happy" in the end and considered the badge done (probably so they didn't ask for more reviews and charge him the price of a brand new badge).
>MFW this is the one commissioner I had to put in a black list.

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Need to make the nipples gayer. If they're slightly puffy it instantly makes it look 1000% more gay

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>get a commission for a pet portrait
>do the commission
>owner of the pet spends like 3 hours talking to me about his 11 cats

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did he send you pictures as well?

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