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>mogs your favourite sketchbook brand

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>not using 8x11

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not using CSP baka

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>tranime studio paint
this is a fucking art board

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stack of printer paper and paper napkins mog everything

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I'm talking about Canson as a whole. It completely mogs shit like moleskine.

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your mistake was falling for the sketchbook meme in the first place.

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Based Canson Chad

Holy cringe

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It is so take your fancy sketcbook pull it out of your faggot asshole and draw in it.

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Trully a troonime kino board.

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>Sketchbook vs free paper

Meds now, Schizo

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>not stealing paper from work

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>Being this cheap

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They're like twice as long as 8x11's. Not cheap, just like the feel.

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>Not cheap, just like the feel.
Gotcha Its okay I guess. I like the cansonXL drawing for the same reason

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I'd use my canson sketchbook if I could-- it's just way easier to throw away drawings when I really don't want anyone to see or ask about what's in the super large sketchbook I have hidden away.

Need to fill my door lock with gorilla glue so people stop coming in without warning. I miss trad dammit!

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>I'd use my canson sketchbook if I could-- it's just way easier to throw away drawings when I really don't want anyone to see or ask about what's in the super large sketchbook I have hidden away

Interesting anon, are you saying you are mainly drawing things that you feel ashamed of in your sketchbook?

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Never drew anything explicit in my life.
I just prefer to keep my hobbies private. I'm leaving it at that.

Stole your pepe btw

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Wanna share your work anon?, I'm very curious

>Stole your pepe btw
Let me give u some more

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These are both my most recent.

Picrel is the kind of stuff from my pre-/beg/ sketchbook, before I even knew what a fundie was. Bad enough to make me cringe but I saved every last work from it before I burned it, since it got discovered without my consent.

Also ty for your contribution to my folder of pepes.

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I like your trad ink stuff more than your digital (even if its less effort or even less skilled), thats just me though thanks for sharing, heres another Pepe

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Thank you kindly, my good sir for both the complement and the rare pepe. Here is my latest ink-piece if you were curious as to how my trad's improved since those pics-- imo nothing soothes the soul like drawing with ink or pencil.

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I can tell you're under the age of 18

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Underage thread, mods free real estate.

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>an underage pepe poster, and an underage beg shitted up the thread

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Hey thats quite a neat improvement my dude

>nothing soothes the soul like drawing with ink or pencil.
As a former and current ink chad as well, I wholy agree with that, nothing quite like inking a page, I haven't found that same feeling in digital

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>Pepe posting is LE BAD

Talking about underage people ITT, lmao imagine seething at pepe in 4chinz of all places

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With the amount of crap a churn through, this really is the only reasonable answer. Cheap and you get a shit ton of paper and I never get frozen with anxiety trying to make sure every drawing I do is *worthy* of being in my sketchbook.

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Everything mogs moleskin

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I mean, think what you will, but I'm at least old enough to drink. I don't owe you guys any further information than that.

I just like drawing. Simple as.


Ty ty. And yeah, there are lots of things you can do with digital you can't do on trad and vice-versa, but I feel comfort in the tensile-ness of putting a utensil to paper.

Ironically, I want a bigger drawing tablet since the small intuos is kinda puny, but I'm likely going to wait until I have a solid income. Or hopefully, by then, enough people will have moved out that I can have a better place to draw.

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>same weight
>same same size
>10 more pages for around the same price as the canson
o rly? u wana fuckin go?

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I just buy whatever is big and cheap.
Also printer paper.

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American Canson is better than the eurotrash we get.

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I used their mixed media one. Very mediocre. Once you get used to 100% cotton you can never look back to tree pulp
if you use watercolor try baohong's green cover sketchbook. Very good for the price

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I kek at you

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I'm guessing this is just a meme, but what's so great about Canson? I just use whatever medium weight sketchbook from Michaels.

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It's a portuguese brand so it might not be accessible in the states, but my artist gf swears by this stuff.

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is that only 24 pages?

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DO not use this for watercolors it fucking suck.... multimedia my ASS.

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buy the dedicated sketchbook for watercolors u fucking nigger

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Was it seething, bud?

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Canson is good. I personally prefer Strathmore, but I'd be delighted to receive either. Recently I've had a taste of fancy expensive paper, and boy that was a fucking mistake. Long story short I'm on a promotion track at work now. It's not like you can never go back, but you'll be resentful if you do.

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That one in specific is just paper, not a sketchbook.
They do sell sketchbooks as well.
It's really cheap regardless, 4€ for 24 pages.

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Nice dub dubs install a lock its cheap af or get a suitcase with a lock say you keep passport in it or whatever
I want to punch u in ur hecking face keep the beg drawings to gauge emprovment

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why the fuck is it so expensive

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asian genes baked into the paper

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I don't need mixed media paper

Good quality paper is great to work on. Not to sketch on though

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>making nice drawings on paper that has ugly holes in it

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why does it say 98 lb

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quality art paper is very heavy

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protip: you can use the holes to create texture by brushing the paper with the side of the pencil.

protip: with a very sharp pencil, you can on the surface as if the holes don't exists

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it's not very heavy though, it's 160 gsm. the real answer is that it's on there because basis weight means nothing if you don't know the size of the sheets the paper was cut from, making it a great opportunity for impressive sounding bullshit on the packaging. manufacturers love that kind of shit.

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this is THE paper to learn ink work on, you could do basic watercolor on it too, I have spilled drinks on this shit before and it barely warps, granted it doesn't take water like nice cotton paper.

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get a thin piece of wood, an old clipboard/sketing board would work just fine

get this shit

and then get whatever paper you want in bulk

you want to just work with pencils and this is a sketch pad to learn not a paper for a masterpiece, get the bulk watercolor paper on amazon that's cheap as fuck, or get newsprint.

you want something mixed media, get a nice thick paper

you want good watercolor paper, get good watercolor paper and glue it in.

I am a huge advocate of making your own shit especially when crap like this is just overpriced for what it is.

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unless you buy no name shit, weight has a general meaning that's standardish

I have never bought a 20lbs paper and thought that this feels really thin, outside the time I bought complete no name shit, no matter the paper, the weight more or less means the same thing across the board.

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I use Canson 8.5x11 hardcover since I like the paper and the cover doesn't fall off like other brands.
I use printer paper for warm ups, planning, and practice. Scrap paper for doodles.

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i just buy the cheapest a4 sketchbook I can find

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Nah man, just looking at the pads of bristol I've got sitting around:
>canson 100lb, 225gsm
>canson xl, 96lb, 260gsm
>bienfang 146lb, 238gsm
Basis weight isn't based on the final sheets you get, it's based on the uncut stock, so unless you know how big those sheets were, it's useless. Office paper this isn't a problem, it's all normalized to a few sizes and well labeled.
With art paper it's a complete crapshoot.