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/ic/ because it's where all my friends are

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DeviantArt because it has a /ic/ group there

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instagram is dogshit

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And so is Twitter. What's your point?

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Twitter because I hate using a phone and instagram is retarded and won't make a proper desktop website.

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everything sucks i hate post normalization internet

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I prefer to post on my own personal blog. Then from there, I share it to my twitter.

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Twitter and Pixiv

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This, I use Deviant art and Instagram as well but I keep those more as a side thing than the main deal, the main deal being mostly Twitter. I'd love to make a blog for myself tho

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Twitter is easier to work with on desktop, but I get more interaction on IG.
I still prefer Twitter though because I don't have to square my images. I know IG let's you post rectangular pics, but it always crops off something with the size I draw.
I also have Pixiv and NG, but I see them more as backup/archives

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How do you make a blog?

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the simpliest way is to get Wordpress. Really easy to set up

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Instagram is dying why are people still using it?

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Why would I use insta when there's already a cunt on there ripping me off?

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IC is the most based site here

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I would say a long answer but I'll just say Instagram because the algorithm is slightly better

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Twatter fucking sucks for art, I want to see an overview of an artist's work instantly, not having to wade through a bunch of retweets and other dumbs shit in a search for art.

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Well that's what the "Media" tab is supposed to be for, but if even that is cluttered then the artist in question is a particular type of faggot

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twitter because it gets me work

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How does your work get seen if you use no tags?

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I dont post my work, I'm a lone schizo

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i swear instagram soft shadows me or something
i post something, i see it on the tags for maybe a minute, then the next minute it doesnt show up on explore anymore
if i put more than 5 tags then it straight up doesnt even do that, so i purposefully only put 5 and its still not enough to avoid being delisted

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retweets apparently, i just check dms for business

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4chan or Newgrounds.
I restarted my twitter, but most of my followers I gained doing black and white horror art, so now that I've stopped doing that no one who follows me likes or cares about what I post. At least here and on NG people enjoy what I do/tell me to kill myself, which I would take any day over indifference.

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