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I want to improve but not to practice.
What are some good books for this?

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I mean, you totally can. Each finished piece is basically your practice then.

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any book tells you to practice. You have to practice to get better at all

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There is practices to increase your IQ, visual memory and creativity, but they are really hard to maintain, you need spend 20-40 minutes almost every day frying your brain and you see real progress only in two-three months, so for most of retards here it's unattainable. It is really easier to draw the best you can while thinking what else you can improve upon while doing it.

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Everyday /ic/ astounds me with its retardation.

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nu chun-li was a mistake, I'll keep drawing the old design forever.

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Just suck someone's cock and they'll pay... Probably

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It's not really honest of you posting the worst screenshot possible, she does not look that bad even on yours. But who cares, SF is in shit since V, and new Chun-Li not gonna be here for long ether and they are gonna sell you original skin anyway.

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the other characters somewhat resemble who they're supposed to be but chun-li looks like a completely different character. CAPCOM forcing the facescan shit on all their games is pretty dumb.

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Isnt there a way to get that knowledge and skill into my brain and body but without having to actually practice?
I dont mind reading a lot.

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I wish I had a fairy on my shoulder or something to tell me exactly what to draw so I don't have to spend hours trying to come up with something good and failing.

Other artists can just randomly doodle a wobbly lined anime girl with fucked up proportions and it looks godlike, but I have to construct for 6 hours and measure and polish for a few more just for it to look boring with zero appeal. I think the answer is to practice appeal, which you can't really do.

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No amount of reading about doing something will make you good at it until you actually try. I think I'm falling for a bait but this is beyond retarded.

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Are you retarded, my guy?

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how does it look like a completely different character? fool.
It's less of a departure than Alpha chun, and honestly Alpha chun is my favorite design.

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>I want to improve but not to practice

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Not OP, but what are these practices? Meditation?

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Can we use this /nodraw/ thread to post some orc babes?

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Literal retard

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Meditation surely helps, i can't draw at all if I don't have consistent meditation practise. Stuff I referred to is called Image Streaming, google Win Wenger for more information. You can write me on twitter @shofixi if you are interested in discussing it, it's not mainstream stuff like mediation so there is like 1.5 people who practise it.

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Good taste

Yeah cuz the rest of us are actually practicing

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I linked my work, post yours.

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Meditation is a joke
The real Pros are injecting literal pig brains in their muscles for maximum BDNF potential. It literally GROWS your BRAIN, PHYSICALLY inside your CRANIUM.

All that extra BRAIN MEAT legit makes you smarter, more in control, focused, calm, and creative. Its given to stroke patience for a reason.

>He is not injecting PIG BRAINS
Literally NGMI

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Why people even visiting this place.

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For the memories, what else?

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Yeah, probably. I started drawing with sticky, do people now even know what it exist? Or just automatically scroll past like it's porn ad.

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Draw the things you want to draw.
You want to draw an orc lady? Go find some muscle refs and draw the orc of your dreams, and draw her over and over again until she looks the way you want her to.
Practice won't feel like practice if you enjoy what you're doing. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, please don't become an artist.

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Is this lunaticsoda? I told you i'll shove your ass and mouth with improve pills so you overdose and maybe improve just a little. I hate to see you stagnate into an infinite well.

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I want to read, not learn the alphabet.

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1. They probably have more experience than you
2. Maybe you just aren't tuned into the most popular sense of aesthetics, doesn't make you a worse artist, unless you truly find your own art unappealing

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She looks like a regular chinese woman with hair buns, not chun-li. Even alpha chun has more resemblance to the rest of the iterations than nu chun. SF has been full of caricaturesque characters since forever but now they went with realism which looks weird.

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I want to learn how to swim, but without water.

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You and me both buddy. I love drawing but I hate studying anything.

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You want to be able to fly?

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I refuse to believe I have to put actual effort into my hobby to be good at it.
Its a hobby, its supposed to be enjoyable.

There has to be a way to git gud without suffering nor grinding.

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Draw what you like

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>nor grinding.
you do realise to get good at any skill you have to invest a lot of time and have a lot of mileage putting things into practise which means, even if you take things casually, you would still need a long time to "git gud" and to spend a few hours drawing each day but since you dont want to put any serious effort its possible you would take 10+ years to get where most would inn 3-4
and if you dont put any serious effort its easy to stagnate which means you will easily fall into perma/beg/ territory

if you dont mid these downsides, then go right ahead, but if you actually have a certain skill level you want to achieve, its faster and easier to practice to get there than just draw randomly when you feel like it

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I simply want to be the greatest drawing artist that ever existed but refuse to put any effort into it.
I want my brain to comprehend everything there is to drawing without having to waste time practicing it.
After all, drawing skill isnt really having a steady hand but knowing about composition, form, proportions, etc.
I want my brain to have this knowledge.

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me on the right

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Her new face makes her look like a jew
But I can look past it with her legs and jiggle physics that come with it

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It's impossible. Bait or not it's impossible for art because muscle memory is a required thing.

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her head looks 2smol

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I understand what I think you're trying to say OP and I feel for you and have what I consider to be a decent answer, or at least the best that I have come up with.

Even Amundsen is one of my many art icons and he said this during a stream, [when asked about whether one should just return to the steady grind as usual] "no, f**k steady grind, steady grind is a real good way to get depression, so much of what you need to know is learned simply by DOING". I've tried to emulate that advice in my own work but don't really enjoy things like monotonous master and photo studies.

So I found something of a compromise.

Draw whatever you want, but EVERYTHING you draw must be accompanied by at least 10 reference images, that is the best way I have been able to come up with rapid improvement while still doing what you enjoy.

you cannot just bypass studies from life or masters, but you can integrate them into your pieces, they may take waaay longer to complete (mine do) but it is very enjoyable a process.

good luck art anon.

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my brother if thats what you noticed in that picture I got bad newz

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can't fap to this, I'm sorry

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badly rigged model.

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if she's supposed to look older, it's working.

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For me the way to go is simply have a couple of genuine questions while doing whatever I think I know I'm doing, for example when I'm adding reflected light on shadows, is the value accurate? Does it make sense with the rest of the image? Am I paying attention to what color swatch is this in the color wheel? how saturated? How does it compare to my deeper shadows? Can I make the contrast stronger? Does it look good? etc, etc.
I ask everything I can notice, not to an autistic level, but to what caught my attention, sometimes you already know what you're confused about, so at least you don't go in blind in your study.
Also, the intention you have for your image matters quite a bit, it's not the same painting with a Sargent approach than doing something closer to Mignola, the questions are different (there's some overlap, believe it or not), that's why it's a good idea to know what artist you like and what you like to create, so you're not wasting your time doing studies of stuff of you're never gonna do in your own work, there's some merit to master studies, but you're not gonna get all the information you need from doing this blindly without thinking about what looks appealing for you and doing studies of other masters that get you closer to that goal. I just mention this because I know a lot people get memed into doing master studies and doing things like draw a box thinking that's gonna magically turn their unrelated ideas into something appealing. then they get mad about it.

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Nta, but a big issue for me is that I can't decide on an overall aesthetic or style to practice. I have ideas, but I don't know what would be the most appealing format to showcase those ideas. And I feel like some things I want to draw would look better in a different style than other things I want to draw

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That only works for videogames anon. Drawing as a hobby is never fun if you choose to put in effort.

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God the entire art direction of SF6 is just trash. I know they are just halfway into development but I am already sick of seeing color splashes constantly explode over the screen. That and the characters look hideous at the current. It is like we would have gone back twenty years to the graphics of first Virtua fighter days.

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No, I suck

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I already did
I fapped to it, not working

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You lose nothing testing a style for your ideas, if you have an eye for taste you'll adjust it on the fly, I'm talking about studies, here you can make as many "mistakes" as you wish, it's the playground to flesh out your ideas on various approaches. I'd even say that thinking a style doesn't work for a piece doesn't mean it can't be used for the next one, some of them you'll simply not like but at least now you know what doesn't work for you.
If you need a framework to start from, pick a painting/illustrations that's very close to what you'd like to create (as reference next your canvas) and deviate from that based on others things you'd like to see (you can gather reference for that too), some of those ideas will be faced with reality, maybe they don't work (for you) combined with that technique you saw on x artist, or your technique is not quite there yet, now you have options, you sharpen your technique, or decide to try something else, just don't get used to jump ship whenever something doesn't work, even in studies, people try to rush, that doesn't work and defeats the whole purpose of experimentation and actually learning something from it, I assume people value their time, so why not make the best of it?

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You just like MILFs anon

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I like nice TIGHT asses (that jiggle)

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no milf energy on this one

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SF6 is a masterpiece in ugliness, chun-li especially.
I can't imagine how they go from sfv chun to this.

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Thanks for the advice!

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>Draw whatever you want, but EVERYTHING you draw must be accompanied by at least 10 reference images
not OP
but here's the problem for me, let's say I want to draw an operator/soldier but the problem is even though if I traced through photobashing or just straight-up drawing the referenced image to the artwork, it straight up look bad /beg/tier
i just severely lack experience yet i go through drawing complex subjects, its just humiliating

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Art from a skill perspective can be broken down to three components.
>analytical concepts
>(Construction, anatomy, light and shadows etc)
>intuitive concepts
>(Flow/gesture/line of action, composition, style, etc)
>And technical skills
>(Being able to put pen down onto paper, paint on a canvas, mouse on computer, knowing the tools of the trade and how to utilize them)

You can study the analytical concepts all you want and probably get really far on that alone or if you have a strong sense of intuition, but to some degree you're going to have actually practice these concepts, and no book can help you hone your technical skills, you actually have to train your muscles for that.

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1 stay the fuck away from devianttart, pisscord, tumblr and social media, if you want easy asspats from 13 year old proto-neckbeards and furry coomer-bucks go to the beforementioned sites but if you want to get actually good pay attention and keep reading.

2 dont listen to
thats andrew dobson, i went to class with him he is a lazy inflationfag who believes you only just have to put the fucking pen to the paper to magically become a Leonardo daVinci instead of actually learning to draw and reading about drawing besides the drawing.

3 go to piratebay,
4 type in the search bar ''artbook'' or ''learn drawing'' or ''perspective''
5 download them,
6 read and learn nigger,
7 (optional) type in how to draw on youtube watch that shit,
8 try out everything you just read/saw and keep improving.
9 do different faces in the mirror and take photos of your hands whilst you use them. take photos of your face with various emotional expressions as wel.
10 never stop drawing, its labour intensive and requires your attention at least an hour a day.
11 if you plan on making a series of drawings find the 10 worst of them and redraw them to be the 10 best of your collection.

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Work on your line quality, penmanship is also an important facet of drawing to get your art to look good. You need to consciously do nicely flowing straight lines and curves. Don't chicken scratch or go over a line too many times because the darker a line the more eye-catching it becomes.
You're still at the very start, you need to draw much, much, much more and then some. Keep at it.

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>"Old GOOD New BAD!!"

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this but unironically

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Where is this trash from? Whoever this guy is shouldn't be teaching if he can't even draw a cube correctly.

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She's completely fine you doofuses, besides she's older now. I actually think Ruy is the one who looks much worse.

I don't think going for semi-realism was a good idea for Street Fighter characters.

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Let's see your cubes then.

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As I said before she now looks like a regular chinese woman, her defining features are almost completely gone, Ryu looks like the dude who plays Thor now but I can still see some Ryu in there. Fuck CAPCOM's boner for the RE engine.

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Well she now looks very close to Ikeno's version of her.

>RE engine
Yeah the engine might be to blame but MH Rise looks fine so it's probably more of an art direction thing. I'm guessing after you've done that in previous games you just want to make something new... and this is something new. We'll have to wait and see. I quite like her new design but I'm in the minority probably.

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the sketchbook.

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>MH Rise looks fine
that's mostly because it's a switch game and MH not really requiring complex facial movement. The facescan thing saves animators a lot of work and man hours so they have a great incentive to just use it instead of animating things manually. I guess the main problem it creates is that it makes established characters look like cosplayers instead of the actual character. It works great for new characters but unless you find real life Chun-li or Ryu it can't ever work to make them justice.

For a game with such long history as SF, seeing a character you've known for decades turn into a cosplay in a main game is bound to generate negativity.

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I've seen your art /ic/ NONE of you should even be allowed NEAR a character design. God forbid any of you talentless faggots neopotize your way into an art direction position for anything that I happen to enjoy.

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You’d think but no

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Knowing is half the battle. The part of art is training your eyes and hand. Plus your ability at 3d thinking
You could know every muscle group but what use would that be if you could only draw scribbles

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Its wild innit
Drawings from the outsider perspective is some fun and cool activity
But it's literally the hardest thing to get good at because everyone has eyes
If you show people a bad code and good code most will never even understand anything
If you play guitar song semi decent and good most will barely tell a deference
But everyone see what is good art and what is bad
I'm not even talking about that to get good you need spend a decade to get somewhere where in every other hobby most will see you as god if you can do some basic stuff that required to take few classes in a local school

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Hobbies are funner when you’re getting better at then
Fixing cars is a hobby, obviously you don’t need to be a trained mechanic to fix cars for fun but knowing how to fix your dream car is better than just smashing a hammer at the window and expecting something to happen
Shooting guns is a hobby but obviously you have a funner time at it knowing how to hit your target rather than missing every shot.
Aren’t sports funner if you can play them competently?
Even video games are better when you are good at them.
Why would drawing be any different?

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Orc girl for DnD

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