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Why aren't late 90s/early 2000s anime art styles as popular as 80s and 90s ones?

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More examples

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Most looks ugly as shit

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What's the OP image from

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Are you talking about anime or manga? dumb zoomer

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The people from 1999 all didn't die by the year 2000. It's the same exact artists and animators getting used to the digital tools of that era and so things looked awkward as hell for a few years hence why nobody really cares about talking about that time period if it's not Yugioh, DBZ, or Pokemon aside from the few minor hits. Anything from the Haruhi days and forward matters.

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why did Netflix do shaman king dirty like that man. They ruined my childhood. The revamp is shit.

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I didn't even know Netflix was behind Shaman King.

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They weren't they just bought the rights and made it into a Netflix series with new shiny graphics and voice actors. It's probably just my nostalgia speaking but they cut out a lot of things.

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i really don’t care for anime/manga these days but shaman king’s art style is still really neat to me. Same goes for Fullmetal Alchemist’s style

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that era was peak desu

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>source: trust me bro

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Shaman king

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What? They're mega popular. It's just difficult to replicate.

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The thing about Shaman King is that it just isn't good enough. The dip from early hype to just getting bored of it happens much faster than with regular shonen. It happened before and it happened now. Nobody even remembers it got an anime like last week or something like that.

Oh!Great is super popular precisely for the most prominent element in that cover.

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Purple stuff?

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oh!great's girls

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