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What's the healthy balance between doing studies and actually making creative work?

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There's no definitive answer to this, but I'd say something like 40% study, 60% work, because you need to actually produce something in order to notice mistakes and possible areas of improvement. Another way of putting it would be "don't study until you need to".

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Studies are supplemental. You need have the tools to create what you want and that's what studies are for. Create a piece of work, analyze it, where did you go wrong where did you go right? If you can't tell, get someone to critique you. If you find you're struggling with certain fundamentals in your work you know what to focus on in your studies. You don't need the best tools to create the best works, only how to use your tools in the way that best creates your work.

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Fuck I'd also like to know
Last 16 months of my life(my whole drawing history) were 99% fundies, gestures, Hampton and I'm slowly starting Loomis.
That's few thousands sketches vs 3 finished craps a year ago or so.

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In my experience, based off my own personal attempts to self stufy the FZD Syllabus its coming around to
20% study
80% practise
To give you an example.
>Watch 2 hours of a seminar on How To Draw Architecture on Perspective
>Proceed to spend around 17 hours or more doing 5 A3 pages full of Architectural drawings

If you think you understand something intellectually, but can't make it happen on paper, then you need more practise, theory alone won't really produce work by itself

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Best practise is real application.

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0% study, 100% create. I study when I make. I’m here to have fun. Fuck Loomis.

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If you're not studying then you're not improving.

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Stop studying before creating, actually design something, fail at it and then study the most fucked up thing. Just draw piece each day for 1-2 hours, look at it and think how to fix it, if you wanna be fine painter doing still life then never mind. Draw in ink so you think before placing a line, or take away ctrl+z from your keyboard.

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I'm using this thread to post my current problem since is related to this.

Everytime i want to make a new piece i struggle knowing what to draw. I sit there for like 10 or so minutes sketching before i give up and start practicing something i have problem with like heads or perspective. It's been months since the last piece i made and currently i just cant make something new.
Maybe i'm just afraid of failure? Idk maybe thats the reason i just practice shit instead of putting said practice in action.

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You said it yourself Turn off the part that over analyze any stroke you made for 15 mintues and see what you create. Everything comes with practice creative thinking is a skill

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Where can I get that book for free?

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When you overthink things the most real way to solve it is not to ignore the part of your brain that feels that way, but you don't bend over to every nitpick that pops out from there. There's a good chance your brain wants an answer without a heavy time commitment; references, watching media related to your idea, writing ideas, doing thumbnails (the size of matchbox), color keys, value comps, etc.
Think about steps, and how you handle them or which way you like working best, you don't need to do every example mentioned, but you'll feel confident about what to do next, that's good enough to start a painting, you'll naturally know where to go back if something is not working, and you reduce friction between confusion and answers. In short, what you are doing is not thinking in large, but actually breaking it down into actionable things you can do right now.
PS: If you have to write it down in steps like a recipe, do it, the point is to remember it and then it will become second nature.

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I'd say around 33.8 percent, I could be wrong though

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It was canceled. He is mostly interested in animation and he was not satisfied with his own drawings.

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you do mind pyw, I remember you from your thread a few weeks back and want to see how your work is coming along

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start listening to audiobooks. you will stumble over a scene that you will think makes a cool pic

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95% work 5% study, you cannot learn things just because you want to

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Aim for 50/50 but give yourself some leeway, don’t be super strict about it or you’ll become miserable

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Since I have retard brain and can't go 5 minutes reading without wanting to kill myself I'd say 90 10
90 % drawing and 10% studying

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do studies that actually have a purpose. eg the ones you need to do to make whatever drawing you are working on in the moment look better.
if you're just grinding for the sake of grinding, at least try to do solid drawing and rotations so that you are actually using your brain

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Yeah sure, no worries
Here is 1 page of each assigment (multiply x5 for total workload) I am halfway through week 3 atm

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good advice. Im not op but im so hyper critical of myself (a painting teacher labeled me this) that i feel i need to do nothing but study I'm NGMI.

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Study the subjects that will be on your creative work.
Don't study feline bodies if you are never going to draw a fucking tiger.
You want to draw a knigth?
Study horse>draw horse
Study armor>draw armor
This thread is cringe

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