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I tend to use it a lot when I dont get a line perfect on the first stroke so on average I redo most lines 1-2 times, am I retarded for this?

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picrel is a drawing I made recently, heres the lineart what do you guys think?

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Not really. But if you want to draw sketches without constantly erasing for example, just use something like a ball point pen

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I got the exact opposite idea looking at the expression before seeing the text. She looks more anxious than devious.

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It can create bad habits. Can because while it doesn't help you create fine control of your muscles or line economy, if you're making good art, nobody gives af about how many undos that line took. The most important thing is to draw, especially at your stage. If this is what's easiest for you then do if it means you continue to draw. Line control and weight and all that bullshit does matter, but not right now imo. Just draw mang.

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Draw every day few h, try to focus on gesture and fundies, and you'll forget about eraser till highlights

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