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Artgerm claims he uses "just Photoshop defaults" when he paints in photoshop, and that's fine and admirable and gets the job done. But this pic from his facebook claims that it's all he uses in Photoshop?

In this more recent vid he made, near the middle, you start to see some custom brushes in photoshop. Now I personally have not found any of these in the defaults and was wondering if he was lying, or I'm not looking in the right places?

here's the vid https://www.instagram.com/p/CdLn6HDJcgw/?hl=en

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I don't use Photoshop but you're posting a screenshot from five years ago, and even then the recent post you linked doesn't contradict it, he said that whatever particular gif he was referring to was using the default round brush.

It's entirely possible he made his own brushes over a five year period, and regardless, the rendering doesn't seem so unique that it requires very special brushes that only he could make. It's also entirely possible he got those brushes from someone else.

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I understand in the overall rendering is done with the defaults. But if u look at the sweater pattern, the highlight on the hair was smudged with a rake brush and some loose hair strands were all custom brushes. Whether or not the brush stamps are made with photoshop defaults I have no clue, gut I haven’t been able to find then personally. unless someone else here can see if they are ir not

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hard round brush

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Now you're beginning to understand.
Digital art is all and entirely about custom brushes. Perspective, anatomy, proportion....all insignificant. Those don't impress normies.
This is why so many 'pros' constantly harp about default brushes, yet when it comes to things that actually matter, all painted with tweaked things.

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>But this pic from his facebook claims that it's all he uses in Photoshop?
Not a grammatical question. Learn some English.

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All I'm asking is if those brushes mentioned above are Photoshop defaults or not.
Time stamped at 4:25, 5:07 and 6:14.

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retard, your screencap says 2017. This is 2022
the fuck you on about? people change how they do their work all the time

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Doesn't Photoshop comes with a few custom brushes that are more than just the round brushes?

He also could have a few personal brushes that are only the default brushes with the settings he likes so he doesn't need to change every time he changes the brushes. His art doesn't seem brush heavy, I can see someone doing what he does with only the basic brushes pretty easily.

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it does! but for some reason mine doesn't have those specific ones I mentioned above? So either it's a different version of PS (mine is 2018) or their custom brushes.

was just curious if anyone else can confirm the brushes he used are defaults or not. I don't really care if it actually is a custom brush he made or bought in the end.

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i thought this nigga use corel painter?!

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Imagine how far along you would be if you spent time on your work and not on this dude lol

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lmao can't ask a simple question without getting shit on this site. y'all need help lmao

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>analyzing to find faults in a professional artist's statement towards sharing brushes instead of worrying about himself if he'll ever make it out of permabegdom.

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you can do a lot with the round brush by messing with opacity. i don't think hes lying.

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It’s not a custom brush if it comes bundled with the software. Custom means user created.

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but you're falling into the same trap that artgerm just scolded that teacher for. honestly im surprised that you haven't been viscously ripped apart yet. you're literally asking why you aren't getting the same results of an artist that's been doing art longer than most of us have been alive. you can't even figure out hard round, and you made this thread?

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Love how you assume I'm beg for asking a question lol. It's a simple yes or no question. Where the brush stumps included in photoshops default settings or not as specific here >>6125244

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ok i really wish you had posted a screenshot. i am also using the 2018 edition of photoshop. the new one might have more brushes. i believe that one guy kyle webster had licensed/sold all his brushes to adobe. so photoshop is supposed to have a bunch of good brushes now.


i remember i had the gumroad brushes a long time ago. but i don't think i have these brushes on my edition.

anyway as far as artgerm. i don't doubt he uses a custom brushes. maybe he is hiding it? but there's really nothing crazy about what he's using. a hard brush with steps and some grainy texture? an inking brush. maybe a sketchy brush for layout? hell he might even be using someone elses custom brushes. who knows? since he used to use corel, corel had been more friendly with brushes that mimicked drawing and painting. since PS has more brushes now. maybe he likes using photoshop now?

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anyway. none of that really matters. sure you might get a cool effect that's more efficient to use and reduces time. all these guys just know "soft edge/firm edge/hard edge/lost edge" ad nauseum for making high rendered anime and pinups. there's nothing that requires magical brushes here. i'm not that crazy about artgerm or sakima really. they're awesome people and great artists, but i don't stop and look at sexy anime waifu art. the shit doesn't require custom brushes. honestly one thing they do really well as rendering the skin to make the girls more sexually appealing to the audience.

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Maybe I should've made myself more clear? I really wasn't asking about how he renders or anything like that, I'm aware the brushes don't matter. All I was concerned about is, if he claims he uses photoshop defaults, the brush stamps I noticed him use in the video didn't reflect what I had. That's all I meant. I'm well aware of his technique and how he renders and that it can be done with hard/soft round defaults. But I knew for a fact what I saw was more than just a "default round"

I do appreciate you being the one to have a decent answer tho! It's greatly appreciated. The comment above was directed at all the screeching retards in the thread mostly.

Take care.

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well you say you're using 2018 photoshop. photoshop has undergone some updates and additions. so it's likely he is using what photoshop has provided. and PS has powerful brush and brush customization tools. so it's plausible that he's using enhances tools 2022 that were just plain default settings in 2018 photoshop.

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>his video references Creative Cloud past 2017
>CC has 6 versions since then
>CC 2020 v21 has 5 folders of brushes, including 2 folders of Kyle's brushes
>according to wikipedia's history, CC 2018 added the fuckton of brushes
You probably want a version between CC 2015 and CC 2017. good fucking luck.


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