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How does one develops a style?

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The style has to have been inside of you all along.
I'm sorry.

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Now the AI is trying to learn how to develop style. When will it end

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do the thing, then do it again, do it until people know you for it, then do the thing people know you for

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It will end when you eat the 1000 pounds tendies anon do it for us

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What are you talking about?

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Take inspiration from unusual things. Most people's art looks the same because they only pay attention to what is immediately around them.

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Attend calarts

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>tfw ya style develops
every time

what happened to this persona anyway are they still around

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What SJWism does to a mf

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honestly, imagine going to your insanely expensive dream art school and when you show the result of what came of it so far everyone agrees you became a way worse artist than when you entered.

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remove anatomy lmao

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Is there no book on this subject? If i made a book on style am i gonna be rich?

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Making a lot of jpegs. Like, thousands.

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>everyone agrees you became a way worse artist
That's not what Mr. Shecklesteinberg would say

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How much would you pay for a real answer? (just curious; I think I have some valid answers that I haven't saw online)

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