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Drawing when you're awake is great and all but you DO draw in your dreams as well, right, anon? You're not wasting the most productive time to learn skills, right?

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No. I'm mentally ill so i end having several nightmares where I either get murdered or deal with being haunted by demons. Sometimes I get horny dreams where its giant women killing me.

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I only draw max 3 hours a day.

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I actually have recurring dreams where I'm working on the same or similar pieces almost every night. It's kind of annoying because it's in my memory and then I realize that I never actually drew it

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No, I'm usually getting killed or robbed in my dreams

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hot and ew

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Most of my dreams are just emotional nonsense and I can't be bothered to try to make sense of them. I also don't sleep a whole lot so when I dream is mostly nightmares.

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Some dreams are about hot women I've never seen and that I'd like to release my oats milk to, so I draw them before they disappear from my memory.

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How does this reflect in your art?

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No dreams to draw in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Please post your work, I love schizo art

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