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What do you feel about the ever blooming aesthetic of 2022?






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i don’t know, i’m very ignorant of trending things.
but i really like everything you posted, which was nicely surprising.

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the find yourself is took an obvious inspiration from the stalenhaag dude, the stories were godawful btw, i wouldnt' recomment buying the books.

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1st, 4th and 5th sound the same. Completely homogeneous, no different flavour, the same. Shit dude, idk. I'd like it to be more varied.

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I feel he’s simply referring to the truth that there is only one love and we’re all one and the only god is love.

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looks like a pokemon card with holo pattern in the back.

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>schizo roastie thread

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you missedn 2018 and 19 and did not post 22. why

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