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Does anyone have experience recording time lapse/speed painting videos? I recently started recording my own painting process, but I noticed it's hard to watch it with all the panning/zooming/flipping I normally do. Other time lapse videos I've seen from others have their canvas completely still while all their strokes just appear one after the other. Does anyone know how they do it? I record with OBS and use Krita if that matters.

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God fuck I love Gibson's style, it is the true definition of patrician art. I already ordered his book and gotten a few new sketchbooks specifically for inking. I'm gonna copy every single drawing of his and learn all his secrets.

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Gibson is great but you haven’t looked at enough art.

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pretty sure they use software to do that, I heard CSP released an update that makes a timelapse of your page.

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Krita 5.0 is going to finally let you record timelapses of your painting without having to use recording software like CSP added. You can already try it now with the nightly version if you want. It might not be that stable though


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What other inkers do you know? I won't lose anything if I knew a few more great artists.

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