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What are some of the reasons you use an artist handle?

>> No.5253640

avoid stigma for drawing coom

>> No.5253644

Stigma for drawing coom?

Why do you feel that there is a stigma from drawing coom art?

>> No.5253709

I'm a doctor and I draw fetish art.
Rather not get taken up for that.

>> No.5253712

I hate my name. I have control over what people call me when I have a handle.

>> No.5253722

thats really fucking unhealthy lmao. major insecurity issues

>> No.5253740

Family and irl friends would keep their distance from you from embarrassment.

>> No.5253771

To prove to myself that I can make it without using any of my previous career

>> No.5253771,1 [INTERNAL] 

i have a similar name to some old fuck who works in the same field and likes to use his middle name a lot.


him: adam andrew johnson
me: andrew johnson

>> No.5253802

I bet a surgeon would draw the best guro.

>> No.5253816

I like being able to disappear. Makes me feel safe, secure and hidden like a rat in a warm hole in a corner of a wall.

>> No.5253817

hes probably a dentist bro

>> No.5253820

What kind of coom art are you drawing that it may hurt your reputation?

I see, so you are doing it as a form a branding.
Working with pseudonym is very important too. Many famous artist throughout history does that.

For example, most people know who Leonardo da Vinci. He branded himself. What his name means is, Leonardo of Vinci, because he is from Vinci and Vinci is a town in italy.

His full name is.
Leonardo, son of Piero of Vinci.
Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci.

It is way too long, for branding wise, so he shorten it.

>> No.5253823

Being a rat in a warm hole does have its benefits.
Security is good too, think of banksy, what a madlad.

>> No.5253828

Why do you feel embarrassed about your work?

Do you think what you are doing is wrong, immoral or taboo?

What do you think of coom art?

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