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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Previous thread:>>5251008

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Hopefully I can find the original person that reccomended "Famous Artists Course" to me. I am a digital artist should I still read the pencil and paper reccomendation chapter or whatever. Thanks.

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Thank you! Can I also make the textures build up on top of itself?

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be real with me anon, is she wearing a pamper under her overalls, or did you just make a mistake?

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Its genuinely a mistake. If you can believe it the crotch was worse than what you see now because someone else pointed it out before it was published.

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owo whats this

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Why does she have a cock

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not a mistake, that's what we in the biz call a happy accident

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I haven't messed with texture brush at all so don't really know. Try checking the Texture Each Tip box in the texture tab.

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I've been doing the "Keys to Drawing" book exercises and trying my hand at value. This was done in 30 mins but is there any tips about value that will help me later?

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I made a drawing of myself, please criticize.

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why arent you my girlfreind?

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Looking like Marla from "Fight Club"

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I'm too boring to be your girlfriend

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>tfw practicing while listening to La Isla Bonita on a loop

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didn't have much time today, so just did a set of figure drawing

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and then another with animals
I want to get faster, I barely manage to get started before time is up.

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I want to improve construction figure drawing and lighting. Need criticism.

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I'm trying to learn, improve, and wing it all at once. And the result have not all been pretty. I figured why not and come here for advice. I'm redoing my character from back when. Need pointers, and advice

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I'd find it problematic if you werent

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Also sorry if you can't really see what I'm trying to go for here

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do in this order:
>keys to drawing

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Bitch you got a big head.

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After a year of nothing but quick sketches and beginner lesson grinding, I'm finally getting into more complete artworks, any crits or tips? I know the tree is fucky but I did my best

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Does it look human>? or should i forget the 7 heads and move on?

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I have to say it, the tree looks like a cock

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Aside from the torso, it doesn't look three dimensional, let alone human.
Keep studying.

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Lmao I can see why, I'll just have to paint over it I guess

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I like it. maybe add a glow effect if your unhappy with it.
everything looks like a cock to 4chan.

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I can tell you were drawing a human. Head looks super flat. Measuring by heads is a mug's game imo, I only found out it was even something that was commonly taught recently and I have a distaste for construction-heavy workflows. You drew what appears to be a manga-style head, which tend to be much larger relative to the body than a real head, so it looks really weird when you use the heads for example; If you use relative proportions, you can more confidently push or pull them to give different impressions (age, gender and artstyle can all be contingent on proportions and vice versa). Relative proportion means instead of saying for example "a person is 7 heads tall with 3.5 heads on either side of the crotch line," you say "the legs, from heel to hip, are slightly longer than the upper body, from crown to hip," or "the height of the entire body sans the head is about twice the length of an arm, and the head height is about the same as the shoulder width."

Of course, I don't even use a system like that; I play it all by eye, which I can do because I have a strong visual library. The way to build a large visual library is to draw a lot from reference, finding the inconsistencies in your drawing and repeating the process (rather than just fixing each drawing after you "finish" it), keeping in mind the things you know you do poorly going forward, and then focusing on the specific areas where you are weakest (which is called doing studies, or studying; this can mean specific body parts, or specific subjects, like trees, cars, artstyles, etc, even basic shapes or solids). This not only makes you familiar with how anatomy not only looks but "feels," but also HOW to look at something and take in how the whole thing looks in proportion, which allows you to more easily encode other things in the future without having to draw them first, and also helps you grow toward drawing from imagination without reference or construction.

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I'd recommend at least looking over it. Even though you are a digital artist, the techniques can still be applied to your drawings. Like when they go over cross hatching or different ways to plan layouts with your pencil and how other artists use them. However, if you think you don't need this right now it's fine. Just try to focus on form and proportions. Do not go in depth in anatomy studies right now just learn some basic landmarks.
Later on, if you want to learn hatching and about line drawing then hammer back to the first lesson. Good luck anon!

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Where can I get Keys to drawing?

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Also practice line consistency and weight when you are constructing forms. Try to Break the habit of chicken scratching so your lines will read clear

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thanks for the feedback, i kinda feel the same that the heads are not really working out the way their suppose too. after this exercise i might just keep the horizontal lines so i don't get lost on my white canvas.

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(not the same guy) but what's a good place to start after loomis?

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After some time messing around on one layer, I think I got it somewhat figured out. Anything I miss that I should fix on this?

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Does anyone have Olsen's perspective series?

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