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God tier.

>> No.5253520

I don't get it, am I autistic? This is some homework from an online class right? Noone at artcenter is that bad right?

>> No.5253542

obligatory pyw

>> No.5253547

Guarentee a fail because it's not abstract expressive.

>> No.5253559

>tfw you see a ngmi

>> No.5253573

I'm a /beg/. I genuinely want an answer, because I thought these schools had some sort of minimum skill level to be admitted.

>> No.5253598

theres nothing wrong with it. its a school to teach you to draw. they dont care if you have previous experience.

>> No.5253674

>for profit private schools
>any barrier of entry
oh sweet summer child

>> No.5253786

But why would you go to an artschool when you're just beginning to draw?

>> No.5253791

To learn how to draw

>> No.5253794

>a beg draws like shit
and water is wet.

>> No.5253800

But why go to a school to learn how to draw when you haven't even done it a year just for fun

>> No.5253804

some people dont know where to start

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