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And line work is super clean as well

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>very few lines

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is this a self post...? There are a gorillion better coom artists out there with better form

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>Jealous crabs
Like clockwork

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I didn’t say I was better I said other people were better

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Is this the new strategy for shilling then? Make a bunch of nothing claims about your own work then mass reply calling people crabs to keep the thread on page 1?

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Looks pretty basic.

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Lots of lines here including overlaid ones for extra weight, I don't understand what you mean at all.

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also OP is retarded

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Unless you're saying he doesn't shade by hatching, that isn't very few lines. His art is nice, though.

There's no such thing as crabs for someone who has already made it. As far as I know LM makes a living off of coom doodles, he's out of the reach of crabs. No point in you whiteknighting him either, I doubt he's gonna fuck you.

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Coomers are a mistake, how is this site still allowed up? Even bronies weren't this obnoxious at this point.

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