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>be me, post drawing of tree
>draw boob anime

I'm gonna make it guys, I've taken the coom pill, it's the only way to make a living and if you disagree you're hopeless

>> No.5253132

>you disagree you're hopeless
>adopts don't exist
>merch with traced designs doesn't exist
>scamming tumblr/twitter/redditards pretending you're going to make viydyida doesn't exist
Yeah bro, goos luck being a moneylet

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/ic/ has no sense of humor, they take the bait immediately

>> No.5253148

they take bait that isnt even bait its pathetic

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I probably couldn't even draw a stickman back then. I wonder what the artist recent drawings looks like if he was already drawing that a decade ago

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For the love of God, don't take any coom-pills.

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