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Is there any kind of accepted methodology or process for taking a highly stylized character and making them less stylized/more realistic (pic related)? There seems to be a ton of information, resources, and courses out there on various processes to make a stylized character out of a realistic one, but I can't find hardly anything for the opposite route.

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it's called taste, and you either have or you don't.

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Is there a term for sucking the soul out of a design

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left is actually more realistic than the following ones lmao, it seems to have a skull that isnt pretty at all angles and actual face muscles

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Have you heard about anatomy? You should google it.

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its literally just the opposite. You climb up a ladder, you can climb down a ladder.

retarded /beg/


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Thats fair, I think I'm confusing "simpler" with "more realistic".

Forget I asked. I know what my problem is.

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