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Will anybody from /ic/ be joining talented Youtube artist RossDraw's upcoming 2021 Digital Art bootcamp over on Patreon?

I think there could be a lot of value to be had for /begs/ and /ints/ alike!

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what's to be gain by false flagging ross

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what exactly does the boot camp entail?
will he boost your social media if you complete and do well?

might be alright if there's a chance to interact with him personally and/or get some sort of acknowledgement out of him and/or meeting other /begs/ and /ints/ to connect with and slough through the course together.

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souless chinksect

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I bet ya 50 dollars rn that's what the course will actually entail!

There needs to be a Coffeezilla "Fake Guru" series on Youtube, but for artists like RossDraws, Ilya Kushinov, etc.

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hi stephen

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i prefer to hold his hand while drawing with him, so no i won't join in.

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>fake artist
Nigga what

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>he doesn't know

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Tell more please. I'm not that poster but I always felt something was off about kuvshinov.

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Come on, ross tran is much better than that, he's like "Tracing 2.0", which is copying other people's art/photography verbatim, publishing it as his own art and then refusing to admit it when confronted. Stealing chink on overdrive.

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>There needs to be a Coffeezilla "Fake Guru" series on Youtube, but for artists like RossDraws, Ilya Kushinov, etc.
Excellent. Also add people who make fake paid tutorials where they teach you nothing (like Clint Cearley's "Aurora" tutorial, which he markets as a "full process" and then just flatly tells you that he "forgot" to record anything and laughs for like a minute, then just talks generic vague platitudes for the whole course), and Nathan Fowkes (eight week courses where six weeks are his narcissistic life story, and the remaining two are incredibly simplistic, ugly drawings that look nothing like his art).

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>Nathan Fowkes
That sucks that his videos are so bad. His books are fucking nice. Guess I'll just stick to those.

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>Nathan Fowkes (eight week courses where six weeks are his narcissistic life story, and the remaining two are incredibly simplistic, ugly drawings that look nothing like his art).
I was going through the color course and while there were some decent tidbits, holy shit was it a bad course of him just bloviating about his life. The $20 book is better than the course material.

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didn't know that about nathan fowkes, what a shame, his art is really good. any examples of his ugly drawings you're talking about though? don't think i've ever seen anything ugly of his.

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Guys he doesn't trace. Just because you copy and paste a photo on your canvas, then create a new layer on top and paint over it while overlaying and distorting other photos on top of it, doesn't mean it's traced.

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Nice try Ross,

Ross is the same level as any Int here

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>Coffeezilla "Fake Guru" series on Youtube, but for artists like RossDraws, Ilya Kushinov, etc.
Why do people care so much about ecelebs
Do westerners really

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Stop falling for the courses meme and just draw.

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So better than 90% of ic?

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lmao bitter drawlett serthing, get the fuck out of here

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>Ross is the same level as any Int here
Examples such as?

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Unlike anybody on IC however he does seem happy which is something he has on damn near every crab here. So there's that.

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Tell me one thing only. Why do the Chinese greedily appropriate western names for themselves (like "Peter" Han or "Ross" Tran or "Bobby" Chiu) while white people would never give their children names like Li Jie Anserson, Zhang Scott or Shufen Carter? Like 100% never, even if they lived in China and their child was born there?

There's something slimy about this.

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I think usually they do have Asian names, but they go by a western name. Ross probably has a different real name.

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>Hey guys so you want to learn to draw like a pro?
>Well you're in the right place! :)
>Just find something you like
>Annoying chidlike sound effects pop through the lesson
>Traces over reference
>Edits the fuck out of the image with color dodge and overlay and other blending effects
>Cuts to end result
>So yeah be yourself :) dont forget to subscribe :D

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Nobody can pronounce chink and gook names right and people rarely bother learning to and sometimes use a nickname instead. The same reason applies to why white people never give their children those kinds of names.
That's why >>5248831 happens.
t. gook

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>There's something slimy about this.
Do white people really
It's because they live in America and want to assimilate.
It's not that hard to understand

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Ross is good but he is a shitty teacher. There are plenty of artists who teach jack shit but fool beginners into feeling like the procrastination art tutorial binge is helping them.

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Loomis for drawing
Body atlas for anatomy
Bargue course for rendering
Gurney for color
Framed Ink for composition
It's all you need

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He used to trace and call the finished product "redraw" or "café sketch". Didn't apologize, rebranded from kr0npr1nz to Illya to dodge the debacle.
Or maybe anon is calling him a fake artist due to his inability to draw anything else than sameface portraits ran through 4 chromatic aberration filters.

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based anti hoarder

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Glad he doesn't do that shit anymore, he was stupid when he was younger.

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And for perspective drawing?
Robertson or framed perspective I guess.

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I wish my dog loved me

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Probably not, but I’d like SOME kind of art regimen to go alongside my for-funsies art and my client work. I know I need to get better but gesture drawing nudes by itself just isn’t translating to my work. I’d consider giving something like a lesson plan a shot.

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Sounds reductive but I trust you anyway because I am starting from worse than zero, I’m starting from a mountain of bad habits and misunderstandings, and I happen to have Atlas laying around(Peck right?).

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>feeling like the procrastination art tutorial binge is helping them
to be honest, it kinda does

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Yeah, I'm sure you will learn a lot from Ross telling you to be yourself with a speedpaint in the background.

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I made a substantial progress from one last drawing to the current one over the span of doing nothing but a month binging art tutorials and deconstruction videos. I haven't practiced in between cause I was busy with my work and was creatively juiced so mindfully binging art tutorials is best I could do and even then, I made a substantial progress as a no draw.

Never watched Ross though, I hate his childish and infantile videos with quirky sounds effects, driving me crazy.

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it's literally because they live in america, retard. it's necessary to integrate into american culture. nobody does that in asian countries

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because their parents don’t want their kids to be bullied for being named “fa-qiu”, “sum-ting-wong”, “mah-dong-long” and “numba-29-combo-gen-rel-sao-chi-ken”

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why are white people last names shit like "baker, brewer, fisher, weaver"

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Come on man, no one's surname is faker or beaver

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because white people are proud of having jobs and getting shit done, i'd assume.

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why we keep discussing these meme artist instead of real artists?

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Ross is a real artist retard, he makes close to $200k on a good year while you crabs jerk yourselves off about pretentious "art"

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>he makes money so he's a real artist
fuck off redditor

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drawing coom shit doesn't make you an artist, dumbass.

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who said something about coom mongoloid? this coombrains are so fucking brain dead. Go masturbate some more, probably the only thing you can properly do.

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Stupid Esl

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I mean, he's not wrong anon.

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>real artist