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Did YOU draw today?
Post what it is, sketch, finished, whatever, just prove that you actually did something today.

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I storyboarded an entire short comic in two hours!!!

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Good job anon!! I'm proud of you

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I don't draw

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You just suck cock and tounge anuses all day i assume

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I am trying

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i drew two pages of my furry porn comic, but i can't post them here, sorry.

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Looking for that sweet spot where I can occasionally make something quick that is not fully-rendered, but also not look like chicken-scratchy shit either.
I think you can guess where I'm still at right now.

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Every day since 2013

Not posting because I no longer post here

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Wasn't gonna draw anything today but can't sleep anyways, so here you go a fresh 5 min doodle just for u.

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I'm retarded and sleep deprived.

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did you use a reference? i love it, it reminds me of rockwell

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I didn't and it really shows, but thank you, that's very kind of you. I wish one day I can be even 1/10 as good as rockwell.

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nah i havent drawn for a week because i got obsessed with gamedev. implementing janky systems and making 3d models is much more fun than grinding boxes and figure drawing. drawing kinda sucks ive found out.

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I like that a lot

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Yeah. It's pretty shit tho...

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Yeah. Was trying to make an unofficial design of fully hollowfied fullbring bankai ichigo

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Finished some loli commission

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i cleanud up like 1 frame of my animation, does that count

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Too depressed to draw.
I covered my pencil and paper with tears...

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It'll be okay anon, ganbare!

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Poopoo peepee bad arm

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are anyone else's anatomy sketchbooks this scrappy and shitty?

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The only shitty thing about your picture is the unflattering photo you took of your studies
Not nearly as bad as you think, keep it up

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Been drawing daily figure sketches for about 18+ days with just one hiccup in between.
Honestly I never thought I would be able to do this.

Also , Villppu is a god.

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I did this just now

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Ive been drawing weird fetish art for /D/ like a machine for the past week, 20 drawings a day minimum. Kill me.

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lol for a second I thought that the girl on the left had a huge brow ridge

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I've been practicing faces and shading today. Complete beginner (only been drawing for a month and a half) but I'm having a blast learning how to draw even if it feels daunting.

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What about some expression practice?

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Wow! Thats an extremely good sketch!

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You are Retarded. Thats a Genuinely Great Designed Arm. Congrats brother!

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You would get way more Recognition and Love from /poo/ if you drew Pepes

Please make us some Pepe's
Wojaks too pls

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Why are you being /d/'s free slave?

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I got goofy today, I haven't drawn for the sake of moving a marker on the paper for a while, low effort

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Second marker doodle, straight doodoo

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Complete /beg/, drew Scout TF2. My faces hands and feet are still atrocious but I had fun drawing him.

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put a few lines on paper then gave up. It felt like every cell in my body was telling me it was wrong. I wish I had dunning--krueger syndrome

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Days of drawing: 4
I started earlier this week.
I've just been grabbing objects from around my house and trying to get proportions and shadow down.
Any good advice for a newbie like me

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I like how the folds in the pants look anon :)
Here's a hip/booty study that I did last night

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here's a warm i did a couple hours ago, working on something else right now

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*warm up

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No, I hate looking at my own work.

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your watch needs l00mis

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I'm to embarrassed to even post in /beg/ most of the time, but I'm trying. Drew this sin against the art gods while waiting for my mannequins to come in the mail. His model has weird spindly arms.

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It's nice anon. You have potential

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Thanks bro, your hips look solid too. I've been trying to think in 3D objects so this stuff is useful to observe.

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Drew this and also my webcomic

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This is embarassing.

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>not doing concept art for your game
sad and ngmi

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I designed a new icon for my art IG (separating my photos from art so made a whole new account for it all) and sketched a picture of my boyfriend and I together coz he keeps bugging me to draw us together coz he is my biggest fan ;;

Icon turned out pretty good, sketch of us turned out okay but proportions were hard (He's a foot taller than me and it's hard for me to convey it still, i can handle proportions with one figure but yeah lmao) and anytime i draw myself i look like a gremlin.

But he was super happy to wake up to it so feck it, worth it.

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wow. go back

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>Doesn't even post said work
You're a huge faggot. Fuck you

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Can't tell if good art or bad...

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It depends on how much you believe in God

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Is for a larger piece

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she doesn't?

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give it a name

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Did you do the shadows or the lines first?

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Shadows then lines

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I drew these today.

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What about you OP?

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Both are nice but the second is particularly appealing, keep it up!

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Kneesocks is ok tho, I’m a glasses man

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Chill out.
These are requests. I almost never draw my own ideas.

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What would you draw if you were to draw your own ideas?

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I dunno, short comics, probably.

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Like... sex comics? Or just something nice / funny?

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Sex is easier to sell, so I would keep doing NSFW probably.

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I tried

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Based tf2 artist, gmi.

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>Did YOU draw today

I'm going to after I lift bro hol' UP

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why are you called bbcchan?
do you have a blacked fetish or just a fan of uk television?

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it stands for Bullied By Crabs

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I love your... style? Idk, but I love it

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Thanks I'm still practising. What do you like about it?

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sun taking a sniff
Nice colors.

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I think I like the proportions and how clean/fluid it looks? I don't know exactly, but keep going, man, you've certainly inspired me!

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Working on this today.

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haha boob

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im workin on it desu

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I drew these today

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Not much today. Did this while "working" from home.

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I drew something silly while I was doing an anatomy study

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I've just finished this

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how do value

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She looks weirdly chunky and has an oversized head. Overweight child vibes.

Don't know if that was your intention, but tell me what you think about this edit.

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I thought for sure that you would have left /ic/ at this point, given that people were increasingly whining & bitching about your style every time you posted.

It's nice to see you still post here, I really liked your work

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dumb little fortnite painting on a whim

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You are blending and bluring too much. You need to define your hard shadows better.

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go fuck yourself and never post here again

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draw larger and don't press that hard
think of the marks you are making instead of going over the lines again and again

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I drew this because I like boobs and coffee. I haven't drawn in over 10 years outside of doodles in my college notes. Should I start practicing?

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I drew in a sculpting program, does that count?

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likely because in this version i didnt ibclude the feet. the length is nice but she seems looks a particularly short woman so i made her proportions reflect it.

The dress also makes her look naturally lumpy but i see where you were going with the edit, i appreciate it

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Also im absolutely seeing the head thing, which is a consequence of completely finishing the head before doing the body fully and connecting the two layers

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Probably just give up, you will save yourself a lot of time and pain.

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kids book stuff nice

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Disregard what the other anon said.
If you enjoy drawing, then yea shoot your shot man.