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This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: non-display graphics tablets, pen display tablets, portable tablets and more.

>What should I buy?
State your:
>Type (display? non-display? portable?)
>Size (in inches)
>Other information
>Previous equipment

If you have any additional questions, ask them.

>Recommended tablets:

XP-Pen Deco 01 v2 - Best budget tablet.
huion h1060p and XP-Pen pro - Best mid range screenless tablets.
Intuos Pro - If you want to pay 6x the price to get 10% better performance
XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 and Huion Kamvas Pro 16 - Best budget display tablets
Used iPad Pro 2nd Gen 12.9" - Best option for wobbly doodles and sketches on the go
Galaxy Tab S7+ - Good premium alternative to an iPad Pro
Used Cintiq Pro 24 - Big tablet for big budgets

Small screenless tablets
Non-pro Intuos and other entry-level Wacom tablets - Poor build quality, lackluster pens, no tilt, struggles to register light pressure.
Wacom One - being budget wacom tablet means you will always get wobbly lines.
Lenovo, Gaomon - Bad drawing performance.

Look out for the schizo trying to lead you into buying overpriced entry-level Wacom products.

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You're playing with fire here. Hope you're behind eleven proxies.

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i waited years for this

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Based. Is xp pen artist pro 2nd gen recommended? I've seen it on youtube top recommendation.

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Got a cheap intuos3 (6x11") a while ago. Should I upgrade to a chink screen-less?

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If the pressure sensetivity the way you want, then you don't need to. Intuos 3 has 1024 levels but that's enough for a beginner artist.
More levels are welcome if you want to change the pressure curve.

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Hell yeah. I have the 15.6 pro and it's really nice. Going to get the big boi when I can afford it. Highly recommend.

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Hey, a non-schizo thread!

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i guess depends o the size. You might be talking about the 22" model? That should be enough for me. Just check as usual the cables, update the drives, unistall all other tablet related stuff before the first installation, and if you are really fine with the laminated screen, maybe you could think about buy a protector screen, to secure 100% that the screen is gonna be perfect, and open the possibility of selling it in perfect condition in the future.

For begs is more than enough for the practice, then if you have more money destined to improve your tool, you could think of a more modern model of wacom, or a medium model of huion or xp-pen, to have more space to draw, with those buy a a protector (yes, protector for screnless tablet, even the same companies sell them), and thus it will always be in good quality to resell it when you want to level up the tool in the future.

That shit is important because the screenless tablet at least, in terms of their use, never is gonna be in bad conditions unless you fuck up the port for the cable for example. In most of the tablets you just need a generic cable for the conection to the pc so is not a problem if the cable die with the years, so the main problem for people to buy one used in the internet is the cosmetic aspect, and the nibs, but you should buy extra nibs in first place. But some people manage to use just a few in several years.

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It would be more of a problem with larger brushes, right?
>a medium model of huion or xp-pen, to have more space to draw
Those would be the same size. Fair point about the protector. It's nice that you can easily replace the surface of the intuos3. Shame they don't sell them anymore, but I guess the price would be too much to justify anyway. I see some people are replacing it with other shit cut to size though.

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here's a pressure level test, but frankly I don't see that much difference between them, and the guy holds the tablets like a retard.

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Yeah, I don't trust anything in that video with methodology like that..

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There's not much difference. 1024 is really good. I started years ago on some shitty no name tablet with 512, definitely could tell a difference between that and the 1024. I have a tablet thats 8000something levels and I can't fucking tell the difference. Just seems like a marketing ploy.

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finally a decent tablet OP.

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this is all true, don't ever get memed into buying microshit for drawing

-posted from my surface book

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I have a Wacom 27 qhd with and I got A Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 plus and I LOVE IT! Infinite painter in the tab is a dream. they're supposed ti integrate ps brushes soon and then it will be god mode. I got a Korean texurized screen protector from amazon and the Staedtler stylus.

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> xp meme
lets remember the fallen comrades who made mistakes so you don't have to

> Can confirm, bought XP-pen 24 pro. Making a return later today. Literally runs like shit in several drawing softwares, even though I have tried EVERY SINGLE THING POSSIBLE to correct the issue. Gonna just buy a fucking Wacom pro and call it a day. Goodbye 2600 dollars.

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teehee funny illegible post screenshot XD

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Who hurt you, schizo?

Also I thought one bad review didnt matter. We brought that up with you about some very regular wacom complaints and you said the thousands of complaints were not to be trusted. And we're supposed to see you post one guy saying its shit and belive you?

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theres a reason why these companies are thriving, anon. Their products work and they're selling at much better price points than wacom.

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which chinese screenless is worth it?

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Wacom. An intuos3 medium is less than $100 on ebay.

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a xp-pen deco 01 large is $60 brand new and doesn't have previous owner's pubes and cumstains all over it

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anyone have first hand experience with wacom one? would you recommend one over an ipad pro?

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Xp pen deco/star - the models are basically the same functionality, just slightly different features (buttons, ring, wireless, etc). XP isn't chinese, they operate the same way wacom does (design by japan, but made in china), but close enough to what youre asking.

Huion (100% chinese) HS611 - Really bad QA with them so I recommend only buying this thing through amazon, but if you get a working tablet and stylus without issues, it's definitely worth it for the price. NEVER drop the stylus though (or at least do it during your return window on amazon).

These suggestions are things I've found to be around the equivalent of an intuos pro. The only thing intuos pro has that these dont is barrel rotation on the stylus, if you use it you will miss it but you will get by just fine. If you don't use barrel rotation, then no harm no foul.

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I haven't had trouble with either Huions or XP-Pens. Both have lasted years.

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XP-pen was acquired by Ugee some time ago though
They're probably all chinese but the design and software team

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Is the star line still relevant at all?

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Yes. Fuck the wacom one. I had mine for a week before I returned it, I really tried to give it a chance and troubleshoot out my problems as much as I could, otherwise I would have returned it sooner. God it was fucking shitty. It's literally a portable version of the cintiq but with the functionality of a bamboo. Actually, I think bamboos are more reliable.

Bro just don't do it. I would recommend you get an old fujitsu tablet pc before I would ever recommend that piece of shit. Get an ipad, a galaxy s6/s7, fuck, drawing on a god damn surface pro would be better and surface pro sucks.

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So you're repeating exactly what I said. Ok.

And yes they had a merger with Ugee. They were buying their screens and hardware before the merger anyways, and Ugee was having a hell of a time keeping up with their drivers. Made sense to them I guess.

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What is the problem exactly?

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loool hey xp meme support team, could you help this guy out?

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I've got myself an Intuos S that I barely touched due to lack of time but now every now and then it slightly paints when hovering, leaving a trail line whenever I move around the pen in the air. Do I gotta get a new one?

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hey schizo, could you help this guy >>5176514 out?

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Not new one a new pen I mean.

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Change nibs and see again.
Fiddle with the screen resolution on the tablet's display, and if that doesn't work then contact XP-Pen support, I've only heard good things about them.

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you should be ok, it just sounds like the stylus may have been pressed down when the tablet was plugged in. You can go into the wacom preferences to re-calibrate or unplug the tablet, restart your computer, and plug it back and it'll recalibrate automatically.

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I change nibs constantly to no avail.
Well it's a constant issue not a one off thing but I'll keep trying to do that whenever it stops working.

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Can you get to the tuning screw in the stylus? If so, mess with it. If not, you are SOL and probably need a new stylus.

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Probably broke their cable and need to replace it.

Do you want me to pull up the horrors of /r/Wacom? The old cintiq you recommended everyone for many threads is suddenly shitting itself with ios.

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I've been using a Lenovo Flex with its active pen for a few months now and have had almost no issues with drawing performance (Krita doesn't recognize the pen as active, only issue). Why is that up there in the bad section?

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How long does it take a tablet backlight to start dimming?

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it's either aes or ntrig so you get disgusting, wobbly lines when drawing slow
and there's no workaround

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Depends. LED or an old cintiq with CCFL backlight?
I have an LED-backlit monitor with 15k hours on it. Has it dimmed? I think so. Does it matter? No. It still does 250 cd/m2. It probably did 300 or more from the factory. Numbers from reviews vary a bit. It's still a lot brighter than what I need so whatever.

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I got an intuos 5 M as a present ages ago and have always been rather happy with it.
While the drawing experience is fine once you get used to it, i've always been slightly bothered by the hand-eye disconnect.
So I've been thinking about switching to a screen-tablet.

Is it even worth it to switch to a screen-tablet for something so minor? is the drawing experience on a screen-tablet significantly better?

Also I've been using felt-tip nibs or a piece of paper on the tablet to counter the smooth surface.
With a screen-tablet obviously you can't put a piece of paper over it.
Is the drawing experience just as smooth on modern screen-tablets?
And if it is, is there anything you can do apart from using the felt tip nibs to counteract that?

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yeah I'm talking about the 22' model

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I want upgrade from my XP-Pen Star 03 v2 to another XP-Pen screenless tablet, what is the best option? is Deco 01 v2 better/ does it have bigger active area?

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Why do you want to upgrade?

>> No.5177946

Deco 01 is 0.25'' larger and is a bit less laggy
If I was you I wouldn't upgrade, unless you have issues with lag

>> No.5177959

>is Deco 01 v2 better/ does it have bigger active area?
Deco and star are about the same functionality across the board. The deco 01 v2 is literally 0.25" wider than the one you have. The only real upgrade there wipl be going from the old model of stylus to the newer PN05 stylus. Which is better for sure, so if youre having trouble with your stylus then its worth the upgrade

>> No.5177975

Listen to this guy here >>5177959
Save up for a screen tablet, preferably 16-inch or more. If you're going to upgrade make it big.

>> No.5178006

I see, thanks for the advice, I'll try looking for that new PN05 stylus then.

>> No.5178015

sorry for asking again but I don't see PN05 on their product page. Maybe you mean P05? But there are P05, P05R, P05D variant, which one is better?

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The new stylus isn't necessarily compatible with your current tablet, so you need to look into that before you go off buying one. If it is compatible, get it and enjoy. If its not you will have to buy a tablet that uses the stylus.

>> No.5178041

Whoops, yeah it's P05. This is the list of tablets that are compatible with it.

>Compatible with XP-Pen Deco 03, Star G640S, Artist 15.6, Artist 13.3V2, Deco 01 v2

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ah, too bad, I wonder if I should just save more to buy screen display, is artist 12 good? that's the most affordable one.

>> No.5178075

12 inches is too little, try saving up for a 16 or at the very least 13 incher.

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15.6 pro is probably the lowest I would personally go on screen size. All the artist pro series is good though.

>> No.5178181

So how long do nibs typically take to wear down? Why did my pen come with like 8 extras? They wear down fast?

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ues, there is no much difference, specially if you tend to work with that standard anime type of drawing, with clean lineart. You feel more the levels when you tend to work with very light and very hard pressure, in the curve size of the brush, opacity and all that.
But almost all the models in this days have at least from 2k of pressure levels as base, even the most cheap tablets have 4k so that is not a important value this days.

yes, you can use anything that at least cover the surface and alllows you to use the stylus with no problems. I knew about the thing just recently and my tablet has all the scratches of the daily use. You can use like, any protector of screen common tablets, if you find one of the right size, or use some type of sheet, acrylic for example, and cut it, etc.

It depends. If you used to draw in analog mediums like pen and paper, when you try for first time the digital screenless experience, is a little hard for some people, you need a time. Screen tablet is the most "easy" way to make the transition from analog to digital, but, if you never worked before in analog, then is really not that important. Also, if you don't think in use analog in the future, a screenless tablet is enough and more secure to your body posture, if you want to use a screen tablet a lot of time, you HAVE to think in your work place and adjust all to have a good posture.

>Is the drawing experience just as smooth on modern screen-tablets?
Yes, even more for some people. The screen tablets use a screen, so is literally like if you where using your monitor screen, or any led screen, or any common modern tablet, some people find that using this screens is terribly smoth and plastic, some others just get used to it. You can buy protectors anyway to have a more textured feeling in screens, generally all the people had good opinions about those protectors, you can also use the glove to reduce friction.

>> No.5178206

if you are prone to choice paralysis like myself, i recommend buying whatever your budget will allow and being optimistic about it

it might not be exactly what you want, but it's a chance to learn and experiment, and it's going to be better than a mouse

let it be your training wheels so that you have something to compare to later. if you've never had a tablet before, you likely don't know what things like "pressure levels" and that sort of thing are all about and why it matters.

best of luck to you all.

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What tablet? On my cintiq pro 24 one nib lasted almost 2 years of daily use. But on my intuos it lasted 2 weeks

>> No.5178263

This, it depends on how smooth or grainy your surface is, how soft/hard your nibs are, and how hard you press when you draw. Intuos surfaces are like fucking sand paper while the nibs are soft as fuck.

>> No.5178479

I have an innovator 16

>> No.5178525

Ouch, that one is dim to begin with. Just keep an eye on it, you might eventually need to replace it because of that backlight in a few years or something.

>> No.5178799

And what exactly is that based on? Specs say 250 cd/m2. Should be more than fine for many years unless you use it outside or in a bright room.

>> No.5178806

Some reviews have said it's more like 200

>> No.5178815

I see. Did do a quick search but didn't find anything.
Still wouldn't be a problem for many years unless
>you use it outside or in a bright room.

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Ooi goyjin gib me yo entire salary for the best drawing tablet. I don't set the price so high because they cost a fortune to manufacture. I set it high because i can :)

>> No.5178853

yeah it shouldn't be a problem, most common monitors also live at least 10 years.

>> No.5179138

It isn't as bright as it's supposed to be in the specs. Coming from people who actually measured it. It's not bad but the rate at which it dims just depends on how heavily you are using it. I'd recommend against using it as a monitor to watch shit or fuck around, since you'll dim it faster. Just use it when you are going to draw and shut it off when you're done.

As other anon said it will last a long time before it starts to become a problem. But the longer you keep the dimming at bay, the better.

>> No.5179141

How much longer til the new ipad pro is announced bros

>> No.5179144

few months

>> No.5179150

No..... oh well. Not like not having it will impact my drawing progress

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I got a drawing tablet for Christmas anons. Just trying to get into drawing now.
What is the terminology for these 'lines' when drawing faces and where do you usually draw eyes? On, above or below the lines?

>> No.5179156

>Small screenless tablets
>Non-pro Intuos and other entry-level Wacom tablets - Poor build quality, lackluster pens, no tilt, struggles to register light pressure.
This is the exact type of tablet I got... fugg. At least it was somewhat cheap I guess.

>> No.5179160

>What is the terminology for these 'lines' when drawing faces and where do you usually draw eyes? On, above or below the lines?
Construction lines, guide lines... why are you asking that here lmao

>> No.5179161

Those are construction lines, I believe. But this general is more for discussing drawing tablets, you should go to the /beg/ thread for general drawing questions.

>> No.5179175

Ok thanks. I am new on this board, I am trying to figure out how to post appropriately. Thank you.

>> No.5179207

There's absolutely no reason to not buy the latest Apple iPad Pro 12.9.
Stop wasting time with other, inferior, choices.

>> No.5179214

The reason is, too expensive

>> No.5179227

if you feel comfortable with one of those, no problem, just draw.
Small tablets won't be holding you back unless you really can't get adapted to them.

>> No.5179233

Just get Galaxy tab s6 lite? Or s7 lite when it is relseased.

>> No.5179245

could be, but, the thing is that those devices are standalone devices, so the main point for get one is the portability. If you are gonna spend all your time drawing in a desktop, then is not worth at all unless you don't have a computer, or unless you have a very shitty computer (like a real shitty one, with less than 4gb of ram for example), so that way buying one of those devices is gonna be a real alternative cost/efficency.
If you already have a computer and work in one place then is more valuable get a screen tablet, you are gonna have like twice the screen size for the price of an Ipad

>> No.5179252

imagine paying $500 for a pcb inside a rugged plastic shell lmao
I don't blame Wacom though, Americans would probably waste that money on bideogames, toys and cuckshit porn anyways.

>> No.5179333

>No Tachiyomi
>No Bromite
>No WebM support
>""""""""superior choice""""""""

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I ordered a Cintiq Pro 24 off Amazon.

Come at me.

>> No.5179661

Leave while you can, newfag.

If someone suggested this site to you, they did it to spite you and are not your friend.

>> No.5179662

I wish you luck with your drivers, programs, and in avoiding the lines of death and subsequent repair times/costs.

>> No.5179734

The Cintiq Pro 24 would be worth it, if it cost half of the price it does now in my country.

Seriously setting the price to a entire working class person's salary. Then charge 80$ for a stand and then 90$ for a new pen if those would break.

Wacom does make the best drawing tablets, too bad they inflate the price like jews. They would probably still make a killing for selling it for half of the current price.

>> No.5179818

Fuck off /g/ tourist.

>> No.5179998

>not charging $1000 for the stand while having the mainstream media defend the cost
Lmoa, wacom confirmed for ngmi.

>> No.5180394

>chinese idiot makes a new thread
The sheer desperation.

>> No.5180395

Just like the chinese twitter bots.

>> No.5180398

This is a board for artists, not /g/ tech fetishists. So fuck off.

>> No.5180402

>This is a board for artists
So what's a salesman like you doing here?

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post your work.

>> No.5180410

and lol Chang, I just saw you made this thread literal seconds within the last one reaching the bump limit. And you try to claim you're not a shill.

You're one pathetic little idiot.

>> No.5180412

>XP isn't chinese
Haha, yes they are you idiot.

>> No.5180413

Rich coming from a schizoid who has literally been doing just that for the past several months.

>> No.5180414


Its as if you want to be a meme

>> No.5180417

To provide good advice that doesn't benefit any company that much, yes. Meanwhile you're blatantly a salesman for chinese trash.

I was actually busy the last few days, but given you literally live in these threads, it's hardly a surprise you were lighting fast to make a new thread as soon as you could, being the desperate shill you are.

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Post your work then. Come on, Im waiting.

>> No.5180431

Why would I want to let a chinese idiot like you dox me?

>> No.5180433

Thought so you little maggot. Now fuck off back to /g/.

>> No.5180448

Thought what? Did you finally accept the fact that you're both a shill and an idiot?

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>> No.5180462

Hey idiot, you're the one shilling chinese garbage here.

>> No.5180464

Annie, are you ok?

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Hello, I just bought Ipad Pro 12.9" and now i just need a stand for it. Budget is not a problem and i heard the best stand for drawing is Elevation Lab DrafTable Kit, but it's sold out on every site and shop i looked.

Is there a place where i can buy it, or do you know of any accessible alternative?

>> No.5180490

Just that you're a non artist from g who gets off feeding people questionable advice based on shitty performance charts or whatever you autists over there use, when in fact that none of it makes a lick of difference to actual drawing and you'd know that if you were an artist, which you arent. Your posts reveal things you dont mean them to.

>> No.5180517
File: 323 KB, 1182x808, ECAB1976-D71B-4890-8889-A621228CC0C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like an overpriced stand, just cause you can afford something doesn’t mean you should be stupid. Literally any tilting laptop/tablet stand will do. Mine was like 2 bucks and it’s solid with as many angles as I’ll ever need. You could make that arm rest with a few bucks of materials and a staple gun. People make them all the time for cars and desks and shit. Just search diy armrest. If you’re looking for something fancier maybe look at those tabletop drafting desks or even a full drafting desk. It’s a better investment. This one is 15

>> No.5180521

why I'm need new graphics tablet, if my old Wacom Intuos m CTH-680 still work and well?

>> No.5180534

Why use a graphics tablet when paper and pen still works fine for drawing

>> No.5180539

Brand loyalty nonsense is not a /g/entooman trait. Probably a /v/ermin or /a/sskisser.

>> No.5180542

Man, why you so rude? Did someone hurt you and not pay for your work?

>> No.5180566

You dont. No one said you did either

Very confusing post right there my absolute dude

>> No.5180627

I'm sorry, just have no idea how to right ask about a new tablet. Entire thread looks childish, and less about a graphics tablets.

>> No.5180642

Feel free to leave anytime you want.

>> No.5180648

Parblo PR 100
16" tablet stand

>> No.5180667

>Just that you're a non artist
You're a chinese salesman. You're in no position to be calling people "non-artist", idiot.

>> No.5180669

He's chinese, he's always rude to everyone who shows an aversion to buying his trash products.

>> No.5180712

Unironically mental illness. Kind of creepy

>> No.5180755

Does the wacom/ipad guy also count as chinese salesman because those are made in china?

>> No.5180765

yo schizo, post your work made with the big boy wacomsberg

>> No.5180770

He never will

>> No.5180777

Do you always resort to projection when your back is against the wall, chinese moron?

>> No.5180778

>having to samefag this much
Like the desperate idiot you are.

>> No.5180783

just post it bro

>> No.5180784

thanks for the advice. By the way, what's the consensus for Wacom One? is it meh or decent enough?

>> No.5180789

it's a bamboo with a screen

>> No.5180807

Wacom one is trash. I returned mine after a week of troubleshooting and found out it's just crap. Overpriced and unusable.

Literally anything else is better than that thing.

>> No.5180816

It's better than all the chinese crap by virtue of having a good pen that can handle tilt and pressure consistency.

A used iPad represents better value. Even then, the One is still better than chinese rubbish like XP Pen.

>> No.5180817

This seems like the right thread to ask this. If I'm going from traditional drawing to drawing on a screenless tablet, how long should it reasonably take to get used to tablet drawing?

Is there any indicator of where the tip of the pen is going before colors begin to appear on the canvas? How far away does the tip need to be from the tablet in order for the cursor to register movement? Is pressing the pen down on the tablet the same as holding down the left mouse button, and how hard do you have to press? Sorry if these are retarded questions, and I know it varies from tablet to tablet, but it seems like it'd be good to know before buying.

>> No.5180820

It's different for everyone. For a lot of people, it takes a week or so, for others, it's impossible.

It's good to get used to screenless though because it helps for posture. Start out with a used Intuos 3 on Ebay and see how you go; they only cost $50 and you'll get consistent drawing performance.

>> No.5180823

>Is pressing the pen down on the tablet the same as holding down the left mouse button, and how hard do you have to press?
Mouses do not have pressure sensitivity with left and right click, pens do. You can click as hard as you want with a mouse, you'll still get the same pressure response. With a digital pen, they're programmed to work like a real pen, and you can further tweak them in the brush settings.

See: >>5180820

>> No.5180831

Thanks for the responses, but one thing is unclear to me. I understand that, depending on the pressure you apply with the pen, the line produced will be thicker or thinner, or darker or brighter, but I'm wondering if I'll have to navigate the canvas with my hand only and blindly guess where the tip touches the tablet. Does the cursor move along the canvas as I move the pen along the drawing area? Or is this something you have to learn?

>> No.5180832

Seriously charging 80$ for a stand? It is not even completely made of stainless steel, it is mostly plastic. Sure high quality plastic is more expensive, but it not that expensive. the manufacturing process shouldn't be difficult either, just melt plastics into molds to form the parts. Then have some guys assembly them in a factory. Mass production should also bring down the cost to manufacture each unit.

Somewhere around 35$ would be a more reasonable price.

>> No.5180837

they charge $6 for 5 cheap plastic nibs
a stand for $80 is nothing for them

>> No.5180838

Cursor shows before the nib touches to the tablet. I think it's about 1 cm on mine, but it probably varies a lot.
Should have made it out of stainless steel and charged ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for it then. Idiots.

>> No.5180840

if you hover the pen over the surface you see the cursor on your screen

>> No.5180846

>Should have made it out of stainless steel and charged ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for it then. Idiots.
Why not? You don't have to buy if you don't want to. Now get that $500 intuos l goy

>> No.5180847

I suppose it makes sense that it would register before the pen touches the surface, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for answering! I'll have a look.

>> No.5180850

Why would I buy something from a failure of a company that can't even make and market their products properly. I'll stick to apple, thank you very much.

>> No.5180859


I think i go with samsung galaxy tab s6 lite, better value for the money.

>> No.5180871

Wacom is good in their expensive lineup, but their budget offerings are massively cut down crap. Don't get the Wacom One.

>> No.5180876

because you're an adult who sees the payout is way more efficient for a chinese tablet, and you're not a mindless subject for a marketer's pet psychology.

but i guess that doesn't actually apply to you.

>> No.5180926

Sorry, the functional beauty of my $1000 monitor stand was distracting me.. You were saying?

>> No.5180927

Wacom one is bad. If you're going to pay that much for wacom shit you could at least go for the cintiq 16 which is better in every way.

>> No.5180954 [DELETED] 
File: 3.93 MB, 2400x2400, 1612216446935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5181377

Which one should I get anons? S7 or S7+? I hear S7+ uses AMOLED which doesn't translate into art very well in some instances.

>> No.5181658

>smaller screen
>better battery life
>no PWM
>possible backlight bleed

>bigger screen
>worse battery life
>possible green tint issue
>worse screen longevity (burn-in)

these vids should help you make a decision

>> No.5181666 [DELETED] 
File: 3.93 MB, 2400x2400, 1612216446935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5181726

What's the best screen protector for cintiq pro 24?

>> No.5181803

You don't need one. I would not fuck with putting a screen protector on a 24" screen, that sounds like hell. You're going to need multiple...

>> No.5181848

> first one on, off center
> second one, bubbles
> third one, perfect ... ehh close enough
> 'fuck why does everything look like shit now'
> 2 hours and $$ gone


>> No.5181863

Hey man, thats why I said you don't need one. It's etched glass. All you need to do is keep it very clean and not use sharp, fucked up nibs on it.

>> No.5182794
File: 34 KB, 700x526, 1573680896939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5183111
File: 7 KB, 225x225, king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi all,

First off thank you to the anon who recommended me the HDMI adapter to i could dual screen my tablet from an nvidia GPU.

My next question is how to set up photoshop to get the best lines?

For context I got used to drawing on a wacom intuos on paint tool sai with a 15 stabiliser. I know it's shit but I could never be bothered to transition because of muscle memory etc.

So now that I have an actual screen tablet and non meme software I'm looking for how to get decent lines. What settings in the software + tablet etc.

>> No.5183129

Just turn the stabilizer off (or just really low, around 1 or 2 instead of 15) and... draw. Draw circles, lines at different angles, boxes, gesture drawings, practice drawing without the stabilizer. You'll get used to it, but start with those small things and when you get comfortable, move up into some still life or figure drawing to practice. It shouldn't take too long bht I don't know how long you've trained it into yourself.

Doing exercises/assignments from Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil by JD Hillberry or from Alphonso Dunn's Pen and Ink book may also help with your lines.

Be patient and work hard!

>> No.5183133

lazy ngmi aka Lazy Nezumi Pro

>> No.5183144

This anon is correct, if you learn to draw without a stabilizer you just got a far more transferable skill by being less reliant on software. I just use "basic" on krita with my cintiq 24 pro

>> No.5183155
File: 38 KB, 600x532, -tablet-graficzny-kamvas-13-black,72522222881_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it worth to buy Huion Kamvas 13(without stand)or better pay extra money for something else? I ask because there is a dicsount on it in my local shop

>> No.5183190

in fairness I've started doing much more pencil and paper drawing. I mostly use it for studies but it is apparent that I was leaning too hard onto one medium and let myself get sloppy. i will take your advice on board

>> No.5183191


Does it sound like it will work for you or meet your needs? I don't know how much it is discounted at that shop or what your price range is to tell you what's worth it for the price.

>> No.5183227

Chinese tablets are garbage with line pressure issues and tilt that does not work.

Pay no attention to the chinese salesman showing you shill videos: >>5183191

>> No.5183277

>tech granny
you truly are a schizo lole

>> No.5183292

If I wanted to give him shill videos I'd show him literally anyone else. Don't you think a shill video would only talk about the good and not mention anything wrong with it?

I'm showing anon the reality of the tablet. The good, the bad, the technichal, the feel, all together. In reality, there are pros and cons to every brand of tablet. If you only can focus on the good of one brand and the bad of another, then you have become the very thing you swore to fight; a shill.

>> No.5183367

i want a ~15.6in display tablet for simply practicing my penmanship

is the Pro model of Huion or XP-Pen's lines worth the $100 price increase over the regular models at the 15.6in level?

Also, thoughts on XP-Pen vs Huion in general? Huge red flags from one or the other manufacturer? Is one simply more popular than the other?

>> No.5183540

>is the Pro model of Huion or XP-Pen's lines worth the $100 price increase over the regular models at the 15.6in level?
For XP pen, yes. I have had both 15.6 and 15.6 pro. The pro works and feels much better (it is a newer model, not just a premium model) If the extra $100 is worrying to you, wait until the 15.6 pro goes on sale. Put it on your amazon watch list and strike fast when it is discounted.

>Also, thoughts on XP-Pen vs Huion in general? Huge red flags from one or the other manufacturer? Is one simply more popular than the other?
I have owned both wacom and xp pen screen/screenless, but only screenless huions, so I can't compare huion screens to anything. I used a friends kamvas pro 13 to try it out but that was for about an hour at most, it was okay, he liked it but didnt have any other brand to compare to.

XP seems to have better quality control and better drivers than Huion. Huion styluses are fragile, break or get nib stuck inside them when dropped from a short distance, and even have been shipped broken to people. Xp pen, I have dropped the styluses and they don't break, worst ive had was detuning the stylus but it was an easy fix on my own. The only wacom stylus I ever broke, I accidentally hamfisted it trying to get the silicone cover off for cleaning and somehow ripped the board out of the pen. It survived everything else that happened to it though, I was not kind to my tablets back then. Probably the sturdiest equipment they make is the pen, they do feel very nice to use if you have the pro model tablet.

Xp pen customer support is good, they try very hard to help and work out problems. Huion customer support is quick to dismiss and blame customers, every email they will ask you for a video of what is going wrong with your tablet and they will make every excuse to not send a replacement or do their job. Never buy huion from a place that doesnt offer a good return warranty the likes of amazon. They will not help you.

>> No.5183551
File: 216 KB, 719x969, Screenshot_20210204-221112_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I get this
I'm not paying more than £37 for this stuff.
I don't really care if it has a display or not.
Nor am I that fussy about the size.
>previous equipment

>> No.5183558


I havent experienced red flags from xp yet, aside from one time a customer support agent obviously was new or not knowledgeable about tablets, and when asking about a problem between OS and driver he told me it should be normal/a good thing, not understanding that it was not good. I asked to change to a different support worker and they helped me fix the issue, windows was being really fucking retarded but we figured it out.

Buy what sounds good to you whatever brand it is, but just to be safe with any of the brands, buy from a place that has a good return policy. I have had my troubles with wacom being just as shit as huion, or as good as xp with some things. XP I havent had to return anything or get an exchange, however I believe their shipping costs are kind of stupid because of where they ship from, so again, buy with a good return policy just in case with them too.

Tldr dont trust anyones return policy they are all crap in one way or another. Look for good color gamut and contrast ratio (1000:1 is good, 750:1 is bad), good drivers, and grab yourself a microfiber cloth/extra nib to go along with your screen. A cleaning a day keeps scratches away.

>> No.5183571

You can get a deco 01 v2 from aliexpress shipped from France for the same. But you do you.

>> No.5183579

Do you think you can draw on a tablet the size of an index card without getting carpal tunnel? I highly recommend against this size, anything post it note or index card size and marked for Osu is going to give you carpal tunnel. I understand the wanting for a cheap tablet, but I think there are other models of tablet that are larger and less painful.

This is the only larger one I see on uk amazon in your price range, as it is on sale. I guess for you, it's this or it's the very small huions or xp pens.
XP Pen G960 - 8.35"x5.33", £33.99

If you were in the £50+ price range I could recommend you better tablets, but a price limit is a price limit.

>> No.5183586

>I have owned both wacom and xp pen screen/screenless
okay - glad im getting advice from someone with experience using wacom screens cause obviously that would be my first choice if price weren't a factor.

>The pro works and feels much better (it is a newer model, not just a premium model)
for my shallow purposes it may be unnecessary but better is better. i definitely don't want to make a choice and realize months down the line that im frustrated with my model's limitations and severely want an upgrade when i could have just spent a bit more upfront. News to me that the pro model XP is updated - not just premium. i'll have to look more deeply into this venture past looking at the model highlights since this is true.

>XP seems to have better quality control and better drivers than Huion. Huion styluses are fragile
durability IS a deciding factor for me. im the type of person to own duplicates of virtually-disposable electronic parts. it's not even that im toddler-tier harsh on things - just that certain products don't stand-up to abuse like others. although accidents do happen and it's nice when products can handle it.

>Never buy huion from a place that doesnt offer a good return warranty the likes of amazon. They will not help you.
yeah after skim-reading briefly through this general's threads i saw something about DOA Huion units. and it's still my conception that Amazon might try to sell returned units as new. (although i have a limited knowledge of amazon's practices regarding treatment of returned electronics but i do know that they're really lenient with returns)

>Xp pen customer support is good
nice to know. although warranties and the like are always a headache i'm appreciative of your experience on who would be easier to deal with in this regard

thanks for your response because honestly opinions here that seem to be credible and not just shill or meme-ing are a pretty big factor in making this somewhat weighty-purchase decision at $400.

>> No.5183596

question asker here again, thanks for your mileage as well. i definitely have to do a bit more research cause admittedly a lot of the spec stuff goes over my head and i've never owned a display tablet before. I've used screenless at public high school and that's it. so I was looking to this thread to say to me: "dude, just go with this model/brand cause most anon's have it for X reasons"

i was thinking of going with amazon but especially so now cause it's starting to seem that there's a pattern of it being good practice regardless of brand for various reasons.

>> No.5183598

>XP Pen G960 - 8.35"x5.33", £33.99
Thanks I'm buying that.

>> No.5183600 [DELETED] 

I don't want to get scammed

>> No.5183614
File: 281 KB, 661x715, rec2020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

srgb is the old standard. Oled just can display much more colors of a newer standard. Old retards only understand srgb as the holy grail, but its not that.

Oled is amazing but on a tablet it has its disadvantages. If you want the best possible screen you will want to go with oled there is absolutly no doubt that it is a superior, more accurate, prettier technology and youll be able to finally get into the flow of creating HDR Content on an OLED. Welcome rec2020

>> No.5183624

>and it's still my conception that Amazon might try to sell returned units as new. (although i have a limited knowledge of amazon's practices regarding treatment of returned electronics
I know someone who worked there. They don't try to resell used products as new, it's user error on the side of people stocking the shelves. They're supposed to be entered in as used items for the warehouse discount store on amazon, but sometimes idiots scan the wrong barcode (the one they would scan for new items) instead of the right barcode (a sticker that marks it as a return to be sold at discount). This is why when you look at seller reviews, someone being sent a broken open box unit when they were supposed to get brand new unopened, is marked as "not the seller's fault" and crossed out, not counted into the seller review score.

>> No.5183647

okay, awesome. that was just my uninformed guess and im glad to hear it debunked.

>> No.5183651

I recommend checking out review videos from this playlist/channel

This woman is as unbiased as it gets for tablet reviews. (Runner up would be Teoh but I feel he is getting too attached to xp pen lately, and might be overlooking things he wouldnt in the past). She hangs on to them for a long time, uses them frequently, checks specs on paper vs what they are in reality, and explains what all the specs mean for your drawing experience. She's also a lefty, so she will explain if a tablet has difficulties for fellow lefties, if you are one that stuff is good to know.

She tests wacoms, huions, xp pens, as well as all in one tablet pcs/monitors/convertible tablet pc/slate tablets made for artists. Watch on whatever you are interested in and hopefully it can help you make an informed decision. I recommend watching her cintiq reviews too, so you can see how these brands stack up against wacom.

>> No.5183656
File: 149 KB, 850x1199, sample_bdeb601b17b3afe872893a4f408322a293d50e69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of sexual condition devices work for your drawing time

>> No.5183669

watching now. glad i can cruise control this research.

also based 'obscure-and-new-to-me' response (for lack of a phrase) on reccing Teoh. checking him out too. cause i know MTR is a bit big and she has to spend a lot of time reviewing soooooo many units of every scene in electronics. i may be falling for some sort of bias but it seems like an honest response of yours to criticize Teoh's somewhat possibly fanboy XP affinity and that just makes me want to check out more of his videos to see what you mean haha.

>> No.5183729

>seems like an honest response of yours to criticize Teoh's somewhat possibly fanboy XP affinity and that just makes me want to check out more of his videos to see what you mean haha.
He partnered with XP pen on their livestream release of the Innovator 16. He draws on live stream and answers questions and shit. I dont know if he was picking the questions or if xp was moderating and giving him good ones to answer, but some good ones that I feel are fair were skipped over. He also gave it a very good review, and ignored some of the problems it has, which I had never seen him do before. Maybe he is a fanboy, maybe they paid him a lot of money or made him sign something prohibiting him from saying bad things, who knows. Everything before that point seemed more honest and everything after is the same except for xp, it's like he has grown a soft spot for them and doesn't look too hard into it.

Lisa is a bad bitch and shes not afraid to call out poor backlights and contrast ratios, or pen jitter when she sees em. She fears no company and I respect her immensely for that.

>> No.5183742

Teoh's recent review of the 2nd gen Artist 22 seemed pretty honest, he exposed the tilt problems. Maybe it was a one-time thing.

>> No.5183862

samsung oleds are tuned with normalfags in mind so the colors look vastly different when viewed on any other display

>> No.5183877

Oh based tech God, please enlighten me on how I share my based rec.2020 images on the internet.
There should be a preset that fits whatever you want to do. Check some reviews or whatever if you want to know which obscurely named preset is sRGB.

>> No.5184014

Jpeg 2.0 is already released but its just the start. Itll come very soon trust me. Just needs one good movie on netflix to advertise itself as rec2020 and people will go insane. Same as it used to be with HD - its that kind of leap

But why do you give a shit using outdated technology its for your own entertainment and professional work when quality matters

>> No.5184017
File: 282 KB, 1280x1227, 1438892016.charanflametail_messyeater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The price of android.

>> No.5184028
File: 118 KB, 1200x900, Aero15_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your srgb pictures will look grey on all samsung oleds.

And I forgot you can calibrate any screen on any device, if you are serious about your work youd know that. But I can forgive you for not knowing screens and colors spaces from anything but marketing.
Forgiven and forgotten.

>> No.5184035

Oh shit that tilt thing, I went to check that out and I had that tilt problem too. It's the tuning screw in the stylus. I don't know why it affects the tilt like that, but it's a very easy fix. Weird that they still haven't hashed that problem out, though. I feel like they should spend more time tuning their styluses before they ship them out, to avoid this.

Glad to see Teoh pointing out problems with xp again though. Maybe he is still pure.

>> No.5184039

Could you change your name to Resident Schizoid? Would make it a lot easier to filter your posts.

>> No.5184047
File: 95 KB, 400x400, more-pasta-please.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5184060

You fucking off back to /g/ would work fine as well.

>> No.5184064
File: 65 KB, 800x534, 800px_COLOURBOX41171802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5184070

How about you ignore him.

Hes never going to wear a trip or single name so we can filter him. Hes not leaving so long as he gets attention. Fucking ignore him.

>> No.5184080 [DELETED] 
File: 23 KB, 960x462, samefaggingbelike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5184089
File: 675 KB, 2558x1654, srgbComlipantWorkflow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5184092

Why is this thread such a schizo magnet?

>> No.5184100
File: 294 KB, 1746x843, vergleichstest-dj-set-recording-vorschau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5184124

Don't tell me what to do!

>> No.5184502

Is Aaron still stalking these thrreads 24/7? Must have been a year by now.

>> No.5184508


>> No.5184552

Need recommendations for a new screen tablet.
$1000 max
>Size (in inches)
18"+ IDK, anything over 16" but not looking for 30" monster tablets
>Previous equipment
I've been using an XP Pen 15.6" pro for a while, I do like it but it just feels small to me. I want a bigger screen with 1000:1 contrast ratio. I am not fond of Huion but if there is a Huion tablet you guys have personally had very good experience with I will consider it, but understand I am hesitant after stories I have read about them

>> No.5184594

Cintiq 22HD or Cintiq 22

They are your only good options.

>> No.5184625

I clearly said up to $1000, not starting at $2000.

>> No.5184661

Are you a retard? Neither of those two are Cintiq Pros.

>> No.5184820
File: 123 KB, 1000x501, huion-kd200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on huion KD200?
I always suspected merged keyboard would be the next step forward in drawing tablet evolution

>> No.5184848

Pretty useful but it comes off as tacky. Like something out of a tech gadget magazine from the 80s

>> No.5185154

No, Chang.

>> No.5185157

they should come with a pedal that serves as control key, so you don't have to always be pressing ctrl+other key with your hand all the time

>> No.5185164
File: 33 KB, 657x527, 1607884431333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just wanna drop that i love my 10 year old intuos4m the same as i did first day.
not even jelly for a cintiq - will probably buy a wacom one some day exclusively for lineart.

>> No.5185178

You guys say never to buy a cintiq that isnt a pro
So suddenly it's okay not to buy a pro when the tablet is over $1000? Lol okay buddy. Done with you, will wait for someone else to kindly give me a real suggestion.

>> No.5185187

Please ignore the Wacom Shill, he's not from the board and does not draw so his recommendations are purely for his own profit.

>screen tablet sub 1k over 16 inches and preferably not Huion
Well you already have XP, the 24Pro is pretty solid, but also huge, so your next bet would be either the 22R or the new 22 they just released.

Alternatively, there is Gaomon which i believe has a 19" model but I'm not sure how recent it is technology wise.
Second hand for under 1k would be a used Cintiq, it's nearly impossible to get a pro for under a thousand but in the long run it's worth the money. However, the second hand gamble exists where you could get a cum rag and a sticky note instead of a thousand dollar machine.

tldr: If you trust XP, stick with them and get the next size up. Your budget is too low for a Wacom of a larger size than you already have.

>> No.5185210

>You guys say never to buy a cintiq that isnt a pro
No, that's just the chinese shills.
A Cintiq non-pro still blows chinese crap out of the water.

>So suddenly it's okay not to buy a pro when the tablet is over $1000? Lol okay buddy. Done with you, will wait for someone else to kindly give me a real suggestion.
Actually nevermind, it's glaringly apparent you're a complete idiot. Buy whatever.

>> No.5185211

>are purely for his own profit.
How? Does your boogeyman control every single Ebay and Craigslist account selling used Wacom tablets?

Stop projecting, chinese moron. Anyone who pays attention knows you're a salesman for XP-Pen.

>> No.5185223

Nobody asked.

>> No.5185227

Nobody here has the skill to deserve using a pro

>> No.5185231

Are you spamming the thread to sage so you can start a new one with a biased OP again?

Cause besides your usual ban evasion, spamming is against the rules too, kiddo.

>> No.5185234
File: 9 KB, 626x161, gffiuk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As usual, you're an idiot, Chang.

>> No.5185256

Hey look, the schizo has learned how to use inspect element.

>> No.5185263

Oh shit, it's evolving.

>> No.5185271

It's pretty obvious you're the idiot paranoid here, Zhang.
You live in this thread, you make far more posts than anyone else by far, mostly with samefagging and pretending you're someone looking for recommendations.

>> No.5185273

NTA but this is literally the cancer they're talking about.

It's a numbers game. Wacom doesn't have enough viable models to overspeak the chinese competators. So, yeah everyone here is going to mention them at least once cause there are like 40 3rdParty tablets and like 3 Wacom.

Price point is what the Wacom shills aren't listening. No one can buy your product if it's out of their range so yeah, they're gonna listen to the chinese shills.

You never had them as customers to begin with so you won't win them over with a sub par compromise they can get for half the price.
Most people here are broke Americans living off that one check they got.

>> No.5185276

>they're gonna listen to the chinese shills.
Keep believing that, chinese moron.

>> No.5185277

Have you used the 22r or the new 22?

Calling the guy out on hipocrisy makes me an idiot how?

>> No.5185280

Might want to work harder on your english, Zhang.

>> No.5185296

Sorry man, I've got the 24. It was a gift so i couldn't pick the size.
If the 22 is like this minus the resolution, it's solid. From the reviews Ive seen I've pieced that the new 22 is the R without buttons and a better feeling screen. Only time I had issues with the pen or pressure is if I leave my computer in sleep mode and then go back to using it. I pay for my electricty, so i usually don't have mine in sleep very often so it's not an issue for me. But if you're the kind of guy who does that you might get jumpy responses right after taking it outta sleep mode. Not sure if the 15.6 has the same issue but it's something to keep in mind along with the desk space you lose by upgrading sizes.
I think the Amazon return polocy for tablets is still a thing so you could try that? See if the 22 is a good size and if it works for you or send it back and get something better.

>> No.5185382
File: 34 KB, 576x768, FB_IMG_1582503294076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which of this tablets should I buy?
>Huion HS64 black (work area 6.3x4 inch) - 79,54 USD
>XP-Pen Star G640 black (work area 6x4 inch) - 77,84 USD
>XP-PEN G430S (work area 4x3 inch) - 50 USD
Cant go more than 80 USD.
The shit show that is known as Argentina.

I read the sticky, i know i shouldn't buy a small tablet, should I discard the xp pen g430s of the list?
It would be my first tablet.

>> No.5185396
File: 136 KB, 512x413, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Friends see me coloring my lineart
>Doing flats
>'Wow that actually looks pretty easy. It doesn't even let you go outside the lines, I could do that lol'

>> No.5185400

Why can't you go more than $80? Just get more dollars and buy yourself a Huion HS611 from either Amazon or the Huion official store (on sale for $72 before customs and shipping). Local prices are a scam.
t. Argentine Kamvas Pro 16 user.

>> No.5185419

It really isn't.

>> No.5185420

Looking to upgrade from large Intuos Pro to a display tablet.
I can spend around $2k at most without feeling ripped off, I also do not feel like large displays are necessarily a must and am okay with medium sized stuf too.
Any suggestions?

>> No.5185422

Wacom Cintiq 24, it's what Shadman uses

>> No.5185427

Is there much difference between cintiq 22 and 24?

>> No.5185435

Also what do you think about cintiq 16 FHD
I might want to buy that and buy some paints/markers with the rest of money

>> No.5185439

I don't want to get scammed

>> No.5185445

based retard

>> No.5185529

XPs basic Deco line is fine. I don't think the 01v2 or the 02 are more than 80.

>> No.5185535

i know your budget is limited but you shouldn't spend that much money on a small tablet when you could get a better medium tablet for just slightly more

>> No.5185566

>Not sure if the 15.6 has the same issue
Yeah I haven't had that problem and I have put my computer to sleep with the tabpet plugged into it. Probably weird driver shit or something, I know windows doesnt play nice with anything lately.

>See if the 22 is a good size and if it works for you or send it back and get something better.
Probably what I'm going to end up doing, I'll look into the 22 / 22r and see what makes sense for me. Thank you.

>> No.5185653

>Look out for the schizo
I'm glad the thought police is vigilant in these threads. Let's catch all schizos! First level boss: me.

>XP-Pen Artist Pro 16
>Huion Kamvas Pro 16
>Best budget display tablets
(Looks up the price…) Isn’t it literally better to buy the smallest Surface for tha price?

>> No.5185687

What makes the Deco Pro so much better than the 01 V2? I can afford the Pro, but I'm not sure what makes it cost more than twice as much as the 01 V2.

I'm a beginner, and my (primary) use for it will be 3d sculpting.

>> No.5185692

screenless :clap: is :clap: best :clap: tablet :clap

>> No.5185693

It's probably not, but who knows. One anon said he didn't like the surface on it.

>> No.5185734

this is probably a dumb question but how different are even low end boards now compared to say a Wacom CTH670

>> No.5185740

Surface uses a type of pen digitizer that's notorious for producing inaccurate wobbly lines (n-trig). Both XP and Huion use EMR, which is much more accurate.
Besides that, there's also screen size. Both tablets are larger than the largest Surface.

>> No.5185744

Technically its not called N trig anymore but yeah it has the exact same issues and is just as shit

>> No.5185821

technically? not really different. firmware? wacom is more stable and consistent.

>> No.5186101

I've heard the stories of people getting scammed on aliexpress, the site seems as trustworthy as ebay

>> No.5186131

>the site seems as trustworthy as ebay
So in other words it's perfectly fine unless you're certified retarded.

>> No.5186135

For those of you who got the Galaxy Tab s6 lite, is it a good alternative to the premium as a drawing tool? Looking to get a Tab s7 lite when it gets released but wondering how it stacks up in terms of performance. I'm specifically looking for a portable drawing tablet that isn't too big so it's comfortable to hold and use while traveling.

>> No.5186136

It's all chinese garbage.

>> No.5186138

i hate frogposters but have to admit i love the sentiment. Save your money and see what wacom drops after the one.

>> No.5186139

It's a great budget option.

>> No.5186142


>> No.5186170

My guess is more premium build quality, double function wheel, and prettier look. But if your budget is tight I'd say that it isn't worth the extra cash.

>> No.5186331

>stable and consistent
Please go look at the wacom forums and r/wacom, then come back here and tell me again how stable and consistent they are. Or do you prefer amazon reviews?

>> No.5186343

Nah I prefer 20 years of real-world experience working in studios with other artists.

>> No.5186362

>inb4 anon is an intern and doesnt even draw

>> No.5186657

He's chinese, don't waste your time.

>> No.5186664

Looking for recommendations for a new tablet.
Anything less than $250
Nondisplay preferably, I don't want to shell out the extra cash for a screen I don't need.
More than 10 inches, but no more than 18 inches. I wish I had the space for that lol

I've been using a Wacom Bamboo for more than 11 years now. It really is time for a change, the work area on this thing is literally only marginally bigger than my phone lmao. Any help is appreciated, though don't shill me cheap chinese garbage less than $100.

>> No.5186696

Intuos Pro M is by far the best option here.

>> No.5186702
File: 230 KB, 1341x906, hs610_pressure_test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's the hs610 pressure test I said I would post like 2 weeks ago. Sorry for the wait; I forgot.

>> No.5186715

Nobody was waiting, idiot.

>> No.5186718

Kill yourself fatass

>> No.5186822

Cool. Can't seem to do those meme teardrops on my wacoom, but maybe I'm just retarded.

>> No.5186840

Press down hard on a fat line and then taper off almost immediately. That should do the trick.

>> No.5186844

>tfw using the same cth-470 for 10 straight years
is there any reason to upgrade ever

>> No.5186848

carpal tunnel

>> No.5186872

>carpal tunnel
had it for years never been a real problem

>> No.5186897

Less than $120
Don't really care.
Never used a drawing tablet before, so I want to get the hang of digital before I invest more money.

>> No.5187016

Intuos 3 all the way. Will only cost $60 AUD.

>> No.5187018

Dont listen to this guy. That tablet is old as shit.

>> No.5187076

t. desperate chinese idiot

>> No.5187086
File: 723 KB, 1200x1200, l(mao).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I mean, yeah. For drawing shit this is literally all you could need. How the hell could this not be enough.

>> No.5187224
File: 37 KB, 538x479, cdef5451cd8259ea260114fe97752a4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your srgb pictures will look grey

if you are serious about your work you can calibrate any screen on any device, . But I can forgive you for not knowing screens and colors spaces from anything but marketing.
Forgiven and forgotten.

>> No.5187230
File: 85 KB, 900x563, 140819998.jpg&MaxW=900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5187232
File: 98 KB, 450x511, CIExy1931_Rec_2020.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5187242

you'll feel less input lag and feel more comfortable with a larger tablet once you get used to it and that's it.

>> No.5187253

When I try to do that my wacom just makes little dicks with condoms on at the taper
How the fuck do I fix that

>> No.5187262
File: 571 KB, 675x675, Screenshot_2021-01-31 US $12 06 29% OFF Magnetic Refrigerator Kid Chore Chart Chalkboard Daily Planner Calendar Improve Chi[...].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5187271
File: 212 KB, 823x1295, becauseyouareworthit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5187284

not worth

>> No.5187337

Stop lying about Having a Wacom for starters. That doesn't happen except on your chinese trash.

>> No.5187353

I just get a rounded off thing. Oh well, no biggie.

>> No.5187359


>has a scratch
>still asking 500 euros

lolnope, i don't even care it's only visible from certain angles

>> No.5187385

Is it worth going over budget by $50?

>> No.5187498

That's the only non chinese option. Stop being poor.

>> No.5187503

Which tablet experience is most similar to paper drawing in terms of feel?

>> No.5187504

Don't take advice from the Wacom schizo.

>> No.5187511

>china bad xD
wacom literally manufactured in same factories with same QA as huion and xppen

>> No.5187551

maximum damage control

>> No.5187771
File: 10 KB, 409x500, 1600122245541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I get replacement nibs for the intuos 3? I ordered some chinese ones off amazon but they're squeeky and not great.

>> No.5187806

Schizo hands typed this post to bump the thread

>> No.5187810

not part of the schizo vs schizo war, i just bought this tablet recently off ebay and need nibs

>> No.5187856

>In reality, there are pros and cons to every brand of tablet. If you only can focus on the good of one brand and the bad of another, then you have become the very thing you swore to fight; a shill.

Schizo you are so disconnected from reality. Take your meds.

>> No.5187860

Make them. Use weed trimmer line or toothpicks, cut and sand to the right thickness and shape.

>> No.5187940
File: 2.30 MB, 4000x3000, 20210206_113808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought it, thanks for the recommendation, if it wasn't for you I would have bought the H640p

>> No.5187960

does anyone happen to know what are the biggest differences between the huion hs611, xp pen deco v1 02 and the xp pen deco pro?

>> No.5187968



>> No.5187969




>> No.5188010

Nah. Go fuck yourself, schizo.

>> No.5188049

new thread