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Hey nsfw artists
When and how did you get popular on Twitter?

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by drawing shit that is worth cranking to

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How is jinu so popular when their anantomy and rendering is not good sometimes

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by drawing the flavor of the month and spamming that shit every fucking where, that's how religion did it, no difference with art

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Waghhhh im gonna coom

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Fuck twitter.

I gave up trying to sizable following there and moved to pixiv where I managed to get atleast 100 followers after a week of pumping out material. Could have more, but had to stop and wageslave which takes up most of my time now.

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just copy from Memesexyrebuts or Sakimifap

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What about fanart? Do coom artists who only draw fanart gain popularity more quickly than original character content?

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artists with more followers liked and retweeted my stuff since the beginning

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What did you do? Tagged them, asked for retweet?

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The beginning was hard but I kept drawing girls from old kyoani shows and a cool artist within the fandom kept retweeting my stuff.
I never begged anyone nor did art trades. Drawing a MHA girl every now or then helped me amass followers once I got the ball rolling.
I once saw one dude with 500 followers for 7 years get 15k followers in a month because his drawings went viral. Sometimes you get lucky.

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applies to twitter as well

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What’s your Twitter?

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Coombrains don't care about anatomy, they care about big boobs, big asses, big cocks, and sometimes all 3 on the same body.

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it is just hard work m8, even if a thing or two get viral from time to time, notes don't convert well to patrons, consistency does

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i wish i was unashamed enough to draw coom.

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manga/anime characters are apparently flagged by bots on twitter now that Japan hasn't free copyright anymore

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Isn’t it just the one company flagging Dragonball and One Piece shit?

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I got retweeted by zone once

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>I got retweeted by zone once

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>ask the question
>receive the answer
>wojak reply
Not the brightest of you nigger

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>i used to live close to zones po box

I could have followed him home and forced him to draw coom of his precious daughterfu. Fuck me missed opportunity of a lifetime.

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>I got retweeted!

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Keep seething tranny

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zone follows over 1000 people so we're not really special.

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for a creator that has 150 thousand of followers it is.

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Do it anon, whoever shares your tastes will thank you if you get good at lewds

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>link with a thicc ass

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I didn't.

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whats sneed

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Your problem is you.

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Even after we know of its dumb algorithms you're retarded to even say that

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Draw fat furry art.

I'm not even joking. When tumblr drove off all their artists, I went to Twitter and saw little interaction with my art. Most of them came from my FA account (Used it as a backup for my art)

One day I decided to post a fat furry art on my twitter and it got 200 Retweets and over 100 likes. All I did was hashtag furry and it got popular....

So ya just do flavor of the week and furry art and you're good.

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now that’s what I call new

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I've been debating making a NSFW Twitter for my shortstack drawings but I wanna get a bit better first.

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