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Stop uploading exclusively to this site, westerncucks. LEARN TO USE PIXIV

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Who uses this anyway? even deviantart kids are gone. I want so much my normal deviantart and not this eclípse shit

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Unironically, child porn distributors
I have seen so many images of girls that are clearly below the age of 16 on that site uploaded to the photography catagory that it is insane
Like preteen and younger looking girls in extremely sexual getups or positions, creepshots, etc.
Do not use deviantart

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Does anyone have honest opinions of Japanese people feel about westerners on Pixiv?

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waito piggu go homu

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There is is absolutely no way I'm censoring my art.

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Personally i don't like them in Pixiv.
It difficults browsing japanese content, especially touhou content wich is mostly made by japanese.
i also don't like translated tags, some are not really accuarate in the translation.
Westerners use almost exclusively translated tags
https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/ is cool for more non-serious / joke content

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More platforms more exposure. More importantly, I don't like to use multiple apps just to browse art.

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I dunno, I keep hearing DA is dead but I just made an account and posted my art and have gotten 10k+ views as a literal nobody. So unless they're botting new accounts to make them think they're getting lots of organic views (kinda like tik tok does with fake followets) then DA is probably still very active.

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Pixiv sucks, aswell as Instagram and Twitter are fucking memes, there's no way to grow up audience in those retarded social networks. Deviantart is still the best art site, despite all the hate from d/ic/ks.

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And compete with asian jeans? I dont think so. Im a size 24 American. Im not even gonna try.

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You guys are gonna have to redpill me on this. How do you grow over there?

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oh you mean the site that the only way to get noticed is by drawing exclusively anime? fuck off, weeb.

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Deviantart a site that most of the users are artist is a terrible place to use to grow.

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Just communicate everything in english and you'll get a free pass. It's just weird like that

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How do you classify something as child porn without nudity or penetration?
Like is a picture of girl in a bikini child porn? Are girls in leotards stretching child porn? Is gymnastics child porn?

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>Instagram and Twitter
how do you grow up audience in a social network that only cares about popular people?

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Porn or draw popular things. That's how you grown an audience sadly, unless you're /pro/ tier, then just make an art station and get hired by companies/studios.

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Honestly though, a lot of good western artists upload on pixiv and are popular there. Don't be afraid to try something new just because it's foreign. Pixiv has a much more intuitive interface compared to deviant.

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Who uses deviantart for art? I just go there to stalk my crushes posts from when she was 14 in an attempt to craft my personality and appearance into someone that will make her inner pubescent girl wet her pants.

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Just type in english if you don't know nip

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Size 24? What are you, anorexic?

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>You guys are gonna have to redpill me on this. How do you grow over there?

Use groups, anon. There are countless groups organized into different categories (fandom, fantasy, sci fi, traditional art, digital art, etc.) where you can submit your art to and it will be featured on the top of these groups until if and when enough other artists submit and push your art further down the groups' galleries.

There can be a multitude of different groups for one genre alone. Unlike artstation, which is impossible to make it on since you have to already have a following to get noticed there, DA is much more newb friendly and it's a lot easier to get noticed even if you have no followers and no friends to help shill you.

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but I don’t draw animu

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Is there ANY way we can let pixiv know to UNBLOCK R-18 requests (commissions) for and to Western artists (No jap bank bullshit either)?

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Patreon faggots

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If you make work fit for deviantart please do not post on pixiv, pixiv doesn not need any more attention whore westerners with shitty art.

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Modern social media websites suck for artists to use but are what is preferred nowadays because Instagram and Twitter have the biggest audiences. You can't make as much money only posting your art on a website only other creatives will use.

I miss devianart and groups. It was easier for your art to get more attention when you submitted it to a group. It was better then using shitty hashtags

> attention whore westerners with shitty art

The shitton of Japanese artists on pixiv with shitty art makes up for it. It's just hard to see because pixiv only recommends the Japanese artists with the nicest art

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There is no legitimately good general art sharing platform which also encourages con/crit. ArtStation and the like are good for getting eyes on your portfolio, but awful if you want criticism.

PIXIV is good for building an audience depending on your """style""" but it's also not good for getting crits. Twitter/IG/other social media sites are similar in that you can gain an audience, but interaction is seriously limited.

It feels like since the slow death of DeviantART, there isn't any site which is truly feels the niche of being good for conversation about art, good for receiving criticism, and good for growing an audience all at the same time. The only thing similar still running would be probably FurAffinity but that's for a very specific subject.

Hell, there's hardly any art forums these days either where one can go to receive honest feedback. Though forums always had the drawback of being great for feedback, awful for building an audience.

I miss the 2003 - 2013 sweet spot before the rise of invasive social media, and before the collapse of sites like dA and forums.

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>went to pixiv
>made an account
>daily ranking
>second place is this

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Yes and?

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>slow death of DeviantART
>got more favs and comments than every other site
what did he meant by this?

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I use Pixiv, and despite having zero knowledge in japanese, I've had a really fun time. I even got to interact with new artists on twitter more often, and got a few commissions out of it.

I think you just have to use to correct tagging in japanese and not act like a cringelord. I mention in my profile that I'm not a jap, too. It isn't too hard to get followers as opposed to DA/Twitter.

Out of all the platforms I've ever used, this one is probably the best, if you're willing to put time into learning the tags.

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I have my own website, only the government can take it down

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The real chad move would be to commandeer furaffinity and just start uploading normal art there. I'm pretty sure we outnumber them, so it's theoretically feasible.

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Indeed, it's about time we invade furfags homeland

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Thanks dude 'preciate it

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i dont think you wanna see my art anon...

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Paypal doesn't like that. And when Paypal, Mastercard and VISA don't like something, you obey or you disappear. The whole West freedom is basically in their hands.

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>Are you an adult?
>Is it a picture with a child in it?
Then it's CP. And you are a pedophile. Welcome to modernity. The picture itself does not speak. We choose its meaning. And you are in the wrong if you don't comply.

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What's the status on Newgrounds?
Has it been revived (or turned into) an art community?

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yes, its great for linking from other social media accounts so whoever can take a look at your entire gallery

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I'm scared nips would be angry with my shitty drawings. Then again I wouldn't be upset if some 11 uploaded his shitty drawing to DA, so I don't know why I feel this way.

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And no one knows it exist without you telling them or have at least some form of following.

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Holy fuck...i wanna do that clean lines. I was ranked 400+ in pixiv. I am so fucking far away

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thnx for da tip senpai

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It's a trade-off I willingly made, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten into the trouble of building it. But on the other hand I know the traffic in there is from people interested enough in my work to go out of their way and that takes care of the cancer people or selfish artists seeking to grow their own public

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post the site then

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As far as I've seen, everything on Pixiv is fucking anime garbage. Nips are retarded and gay.

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you might be missing a lot of context there m8
Pixiv has some popular cult of personality artists not that dissimilar from Ilya or whatever

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is that supposed to help pixiv's image?

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Based. Post link.

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Why on earth are you trying to get crit from randoms instead of using an online school, atelier or mentoring service? There are pros out there that will critique you for 50$.
Just because someone has an artstation or art account doesnt mean they know dick about teaching.
Deviantart was for posting erotic art of sonic the hedgehog and suicide girls cosplay- not serious discourse. Theres a reason people left it in 2002.

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Show examples of this. I haven't been on dA since 2004 so I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

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Oh, time to use DA then

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If anon was really serious about critique during that time, he would have been on conceptart.org instead which was a forum full of professional artists giving out critique for free. Nothing like that will ever exist again. Professional artists now prefer to use their own personal discords filled with hundreds of their fans.

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It's good if you have a pseudoanime edgy style. If you do anything else then nah.

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It isn't fair that they get to have the best gallery site by a country mile all to themselves.

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They are pretty welcoming from my experience. I didn't want to upload there for long for that same reason. But you should do it. It's nice when you use the right hashtags. I'm not saying you will get popular but you can post there. I think it is kinda comfy. It's not twitter where your art is forgotten 10 minutes after you post it. Like Tumblr back when it was good you can find work made years ago. What you do somehow never dies. Also, I didn't expect that but a lot of non Japanese people are on the website. Not as artist but they will be there to follow you.

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Fuck off were furr

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>Holy fuck...i wanna do that clean lines. I was ranked 400+ in pixiv. I am so fucking far away

Why would you want your art to look like plastic?

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God no, keep western shit to a minimum, the last thing Pixiv needs is a million sonic OCs and other such crap.

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>posting your art on Pixiv
OH BOY, I can't wait to lose the copyright of my own work to some bullshit jap internet company.

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Oh god I’m gonna coooooom

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Using Pixiv makes me feel like I'm the internet equivalent of a Mexican illegal going into the USA. I just can't upload there out of principle.

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Just dont draw like a westerner lmao, most of my followers are japs

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I don't draw anime though and so know nothing about pixiv or what is ok to upload there
honestly if its more than just anime ima go make one right now

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why would you tell westerners to flood their beg shit onto a site that's already brimming full with various malaysian, filipino, chink, taiwanese, korean beg drawings

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pretty sure your ranking is determined by the amount of clicks, which popular artists such as this easily get on their social media

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It really just comes down to whether or not your art is objectively good. If you only draw sonic furry level shit then don't bother.

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You pretty much won't get any Japanese interaction unless you draw Disney or have anime style, flawless Japanese and never disclose your location.

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>You can't make as much money only posting your art on a website only other creatives will use.
Have you actually made any money off twitter/instagram/tumblr?
I didn't in six years, meanwhile facebook, deviantart and craigslist made me $50k a year.

Nobody gives a single shit about you on twitter, a million retweets are worth less than a single facebook like.

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It means he's repeating memes without second guessing them.

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Deviantart was founded by a guy who wasn't shy in publicly sharing a resume that included work for the Department of the U.S. Navy. I know terrorists, people traffickers, and drug smugglers will steer clear of that hornets nest. Especially since DA expelled the truly degenerate furries.

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How about we meet halfway.
You take everyone drawing animemes and """kemono""" and we'll let you.

That way we both win. :)

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Are you okay, anon? The linework isn't that special, you can learn to do that quite fast, you'll just need an evening or two to throw it together at your level. It might even be traced.

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From what i can tell, it's just DA but with animations, music and games.
It's basically just porn and fanart what goes there but if you actually want to get noticed, do porn fanart or flavor of the month/day/week but as a semi-nude pinup.
Fetish shit doesn't garner that much broad attention ever though the site is filled with it.

As time as showed us, any site that hosts content provided by others, will eventually turn into another porn site and NG has been around long enough to prove that.

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left is cute, right is deformed

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I think both are deformed in their own special way.

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Ahhh fuckk I coomed

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No it's by likes.

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i really like newgrounds. i got more followers on there than twitter on my coom accounts so i guess it's pretty active. I think it's far supperior for looking through artists backlogs. Twitter is better for finding new artists tho.

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What happened to Deviantart during this year that raped my reach?
I distinctly it asking me "What is your art" and remember being able to select stuff like: "Digital Art" > "Manga inspired" and shit like that while uploading and I'd get decent engagement but I tried uploading 2 days ago and all it let me do now was a brief image description, a name and tags.
I assumed maybe they'd removed the grouping or whatever the fuck in favor of doubling down on the tags so I tried to add stuff similiar to that but I got like 1/10th of the engagement I had early this year and exactly 0 engagement after a day had passed when my shit used to get added to favorites real weeks after I uploaded, so obviously it's no longer showing up in some sort of feed for those removed sections or whatever anymore, helP??

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I think the bigger question is, why is this art? If it's drawn it makes more sense to be a grey area, but why would you take pictures of children in a enclosed photo booth for? Until this point I never even considered people doing this before and it comes off sus.

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Besides making my own website, is there a site where I can just store art without the social media aspect? Just in case my twitter gets suspended.

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Eclipse has been one fuckup to another. I like the overall aesthetic of it, but functionally it just keeps getting worse. Recently they changed the notification widget, where hovering over it now no longer displays most recent notifications - you have to click it and navigate through everything to know what happened.

The sidebar was one good change, though. I don't know where they're going with eclipse, or what they're trying to do. My guess is they're trying to make it into the same as other social media, purposely trying to obscure smaller/newer accounts in favor of propagating larger ones, whereas before it literally didn't matter how small or big you were, which was one thing that made it stand out from shitholes like twitter.

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imgur. You can upload to your account without making it public. Can also make a discord server to just dump stuff into, and give no one an invite link.

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you can create private groups on telegram that has basically infinite storage space, too
nothing's stopping you from using Git as a private image repository, either, you just can't link to them

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The pejorative term for western stylization kinda like comics, cartoons, overseas anime style, or western looking faces is バタ臭い (butter-stench) it's a bit vague term but you get the main idea.


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Why would you post on pixiv? If the userbase is a bunch of Japanese who you don't understand how are you supposed to get any work from it?

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I have 20k followers and roughly 85% have western names
There's a big chunk of westerners that migrated to pixiv years ago when loli got banned from everywhere, I'm pretty sure just by using exclusively english tags and titles and descriptions I'm self segregated from nipponese stuff and there's still room for growth

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Growth to what end? if you're looking for more than likes and follows it's better to use artstation since art directors and employers actually browse the site.

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I found this gem on pixiv. Very cool website 10/10

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my fanbox has 67 supporters now
if I can keep this going I can live off of cute and funny art for the rest of my life

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what's fanbox?

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pixiv's patreon service
keep up

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Living the dream

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How much is that approximately?

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>Unironically, child porn distributors
I'm gonna have to ask you to back up your claim. I'm looking under most popular of all time and newest uploads and have not found any of what you've described. So post results or go back to /pol/.

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I am going to take back what I said because I've just stumbled upon some weird shit. Not kiddie porn, but it's definitely some timestamped pseudo snuff film shit.

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What if I want to use Weasyl?

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Why is it called that? Is it based on Americans smelling like fry fat/butter?

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uhhhhh like tree hunnid and fiddy a month