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So did any of you pitch your show idea for the #bettercartoon hashtag?

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>#bettercartoon hashtag
gonna have to elaborate on what that is
is it a bunch of amateur artists stroking their own ego and trying to tell everyone their ideas are totally unique and better than what's in the industry?
is it the same kind of shit as when people plugged their own art in the comments of butch hartman tweets to go "look at me I'm so much better!"?

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>is it a bunch of amateur artists stroking their own ego and trying to tell everyone their ideas are totally unique and better than what's in the industry?

That's exactly what it is. With a lot of really obvious fetish stuff mixed in.

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>is it the same kind of shit as when people plugged their own art in the comments of butch hartman tweets to go "look at me I'm so much better!"?

I wonder if twitter begs ever manage to figure out that in the world of art commissions/selling your skill level is not as important compared to amount of fame attached to your name. That's why "art" of a banana duck taped to a canvas is able to be sold for $120k. Or some inflation furry porn with shitting dick nipples could be sold for hundreds of dollars.

I'm happy to see artists who make a living off their art even if I hate the subject matter instead of slaving for the man.

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Good job Twitter fags. I'm sure someone is gonna steal your ideas and pitch better than you.

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is that the hashtag going around when people were overreacting over that Ren and Stimpy reboot?

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Yes, it's seething Twitter and it's bleed over from /co/, apparently they have been spamming this stuff there, I think it's technically against the rules since it's advertisement too.

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Oh. I really thought that hashtag died out a few days after it was trending. I remember a lot of the shows in it being "Quirky female protag and her friends enter a magical world/discover the secrets of their town"

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No one on /ic/ is talented enough.

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You know, I would take it more seriously if it wasn't a smear/promotion campaign directed at one artist and instead an open invitation to trying to push outside works into a gate-kept industry. Honestly the apple idea is interesting as a mini-cartoon series, but I cannot take any of it seriously when it's spammed on 4chan on multiple boards and as a Twatt-er hate-boner campaign. Also, most of it is just sjw same concept, different coat of paint ideas.

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The best ones were ones that were actually pitches with bibles, character sheets, and ambitious premises.

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these people think a cartoon is just art and checkboxes

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>he's been so BTFO'd on /co/ he has to come to another board to shill
Absolutely pathetic

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He's also tried to hide his shilling in several other threads by insisting it's way better than Vivziepop and Satina

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Where’s the lie though

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>The Apple Mage is set in a world where humanoid Apples coexist with humans. Only about 4ft tall, each apple possesses magic capabilities! They're born from the great tree, go through "The Felling" where they fall, and are picked by their parents.

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>Through this, we get Little Red! Our plucky protagonist! Picked by a mysterious old green hermit, she's raised with love and lots of cheek pinches! When it's finally time for her to start her first day at the Academy for Magic Arts (college) she's met with a grim surprise!

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>Her Granny Smith has gone missing!! Her famous apple pie destroyed! Mittens scattered about! She's absolutely devastated! Where could she have gone off to!? Is this...a grannynapping? And so she sets out in an adventure to find Granny Smith!

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>Little does she know, her hermit grandmother isn't what she seems! She's the ancient first apple! The first sentient apple to fall from the great tree! Revered by humans, and treated as loyalty to them, as they also began worshipping the Great Tree as "Lifegiver"

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>Little Red travels across cyanidia and Coreonia itself searching for her grandmother! Until she comes across a suspiciously familiar cane....except it's true form is revealed! It's not a cane at all, But the legendary Branches Bane! And with it...a worm with glasses?

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This apple shit is so awful, so extremely unoriginal and homogenized, it screams of pandering to the overly safe formula that Children's cartoon show networks are fond of. Female protag adventure time but with simple shaped, non-threatening apples. Wow. " heh they'll EAT this up haha"
Modern cartoons have died a most shallow death

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There they are! Wonder where you're gonna try and shill this next since both /co/ and /ic/ don't like it.

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I can see the point of the hashtag, modern industry cartoons are shit all following the slice of life, anime wannabe or gravity falls formula, however the same type of people are posting their cookie cutter show concepts so it kind of defeats the purpose at the same time

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All of these characters feel like they write themselves. They're inoffensive and trite, how are they supposed to teach anything but the most generic of messages?

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I’d rather they use the tried and true formula than go all out weird

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It's because they chase everyone else out of the threads that have ideas people actually like.

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Stonetoss should sue
This whole thing looks trash anyway, do those "people" have no moderation in their snobbishness?

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Look at the lips

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So wait, there's ONLY humanoid apples? No other vegetable people? And they eat apples? The fuck?

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Apples and humans live alongside each other

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>The worm himself is named Reggie, he's Granny Smith's longtime familiar! He's actually not a worm at all.... he's got a trick or two up his???? Sleeves??? Together they set out to find granny Smith!

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>But not even apples or worms can resist the sweet, delicious scent from a nice local diner! They decide to use the opportunity to ask around for clues and come across...Crabapple! A jaded and fed up food service worker!!! She quits right then and there and joins the team!

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>Who is behind all of this and what do they want? Well ask the Doctor! A nefarious doctor of sorts jaded by his lack of human clientele. Somehow being around these Apple folk makes humans...healthier? Coins himself Doctor Cyanide. (I don't draw him much, so this will have to do)

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>And with him...his own Genetically modified and machine made Honeycrisp! She's made almost entirely of cyanide, and has quite the nasty temperament underneath her cute exterior! Their goal together? Rid the world of the magic apples and find out their secret to immortality!

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Why are you spaming all this? Are you the creator or just an obsessed fan? Why this project in specific?

>> No.5015695

I need honest criticism. I really want to pitch this to the networks.

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I could see it working pretty well with some refinement.
are the heads separating from the body as they age apart of the magic thing.
wait,do the kids eventually pick up their parent's re-birthed apples from the tree when their parents die?

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Highly doubt that, since you've spammed other works by other artists with the hashtag campaign and if you were smart, you would immediately drop the hashtag if you were legit interested in making your own and pushing it on here. Hell, why not post it on /ic/ then in the first place and spam it on /co/, seems this is clout chasing.

>> No.5015713

What a shame. This one actually seems really cool.

>> No.5015719

On top of that, why not just make it independently instead, why tf are you spamming this.

>> No.5015724

I legitimately didn’t know what to do. I figured a board that focuses on cartoons would be a good place to strut my stuff. All they did was make disturbing fanart of my pitch.

>> No.5015725

Why do they have to be apples specifically, though? Feels like any other fruit/vegetable/thing could work. This feels like it has the same problem as Cars, it brings up more questions than it answers and there weren't any good reasons the cars had to be cars instead of just...human drivers.

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I've been pretty laughably lurking in this thread and the other one this guy made cause I'm the creator of this and got linked this by someone but uh. I have to actually come in and say This ain't me. I don't even use 4chan and this person is impersonating me for some reason and even IM tired of them spamming TAM. Like dude give it up please this is so embarrassing. I HAVE been taking the good and bad criticism though and it's legitimately super appreciated

>> No.5015729

Independent isn’t a sure fire thing. Not to mention the drama behind it all.

>> No.5015731

What. Drama.

>> No.5015734

How do we know it’s you?

>> No.5015740

Neither of these users are me. I’m the real creator of the pitch. I actually do browse /co/ but I really don’t care about the spamming or what anyone else has to say. I have a vision and I know if I work at it, it’ll come true. Dude is just giving me free advertisement so thanks I guess?

>> No.5015744

send us feet pics for confirmation.

>> No.5015746

Apparently there was one indie animator caught up in a lot of accusations. Forgot the name though but I know better than to get involved.

>> No.5015751

Check my Twitter @bunhearts .I'm currently talking about it if you need proof! They are straight up impersonating me

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Does this work?

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Dude please stop impersonating me when its so *so* easy to prove you wrong . This is pathetic and kinda sad desu. Not even I would defend TAM as much as you have

>> No.5015762

Sounds awfully convenient. Anyone can watch a twitter account and say they’re that person.

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Holy shit.

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>Not even I would defend TAM as much as you have
Wow, if you don’t have pride in your creation, how does that make you the real creator?

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>I HAVE been taking the good and bad criticism though and it's legitimately super appreciated
I find that very hard to believe.
As the other anon pointed out, you wouldn’t have jumped on the tag to begin with and give a half assed pitch.

>> No.5015776

Uh maybe you should stop impersonating me? Weirdo. *0*

>> No.5015782

Well for one I'm confident enough in my pitch to not have to even think to post it everywhere like this. I'll post something on my Twitter if that's not enough.

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Drama? What happened ?
Also i like the style and the designs. But when reading about It i got a lot of questions about the history.
Why would the worker (crabapple?)Who doesnt even know the protagonist quits to be a part of the team?
A-Apple pie? Because Apple people made It or because its made of apples? Is ok to apples to este other apples?
I understand wanting to find the source of inmortality, but why get rid of the Magic apples? If its good to people to be healthy, him being a doctor and all, then why get rid of something thats potentially good for the future of the parienta like, if they get rid of all the magic wouldnt It disapear and not be more? You cant profit of something you destroyed.

>> No.5015786

Don’t flatter yourself.
It’s just one autist who’s been spamming different pitches and dropping other weak bait like shitting on indie creators. Last time he used something called the Other Town this time he used your shitty apple show.
By the next thread he’ll probably move on to something else and your 15 minutes of notoriety are up.

>> No.5015790

>A-Apple pie? Because Apple people made It or because its made of apples? Is ok to apples to este other apples?
Regular edible apples are different from the magical apple people and are okay to eat.

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What the flying fuck is a TAM, and how do we know this isn't damage control.

>> No.5015794

>Well for one I'm confident enough in my pitch to not have to even think to post it everywhere like this.
Yet you still posted on a tag called “bettercartoon” which is pretty fucking pretentious.

>> No.5015797

I've been lurking cause
I enjoy seeing criticism of my stuff, if anything it just makes me want to keep making the thing and improving it so thanks I guess? It's nice to know what to focus on or things that need clarification. Twitter can be a bit of a echo chamber. Either way, not me. Good to know it'll blow over

>> No.5015798

TAM=The Apple Mage. Because apparently it’s important enough to be abbreviated despite just being a pitch.
As for damage control, we just don’t know. That’s what makes it fun.

>> No.5015800

>Good to know it'll blow over
Right because one autist spamming your pitch would have really hurt you in the long run.
In fact, judging by the lewds in the other threads, he might have actually helped you.

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Do you approve of my porn?

>> No.5015812

I know you're not specifically asking for any criticism right now, but I just want to say, don't be afraid to kill your darlings. No matter how much time and effort you put into an idea, sometimes it's best to move on. It'll always be there for you to revisit, and it'll always come along with you as the experience you got from it, but stories are of infinite potential and trying to rework or perfect these ideas sometimes just isn't going to work well. The apple idea is frankly weak and unoriginal, maybe it's time to do a bit more exploring.

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It's suspicious asf, especially your last tweet. So you're essentially clout and critic fishing while also pushing the hashtag meme.
Doubt it.

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yeah sure you are
but if this is really you I'd greatly appreciate it if you took a gander at my post here >>>/co/119155795 also I'd recommend making this a comic instead of a show

>> No.5015822

>Not everyone is shitting on it!
lmao she's fucking deluding herself if she thinks the reception here isn't overwhelmingly negative

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>> No.5015829

If she’s not doing damage control here so certainly doing it on her twitter. Not that I’m surprised

>> No.5015831
File: 179 KB, 644x2159, Sus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed. It's suspicious asf.

>> No.5015834

I approve
>not the creator

>> No.5015838

Nah I haven’t really used or cared about that tag since it was made. If me tweeting about it isn’t enough for you idk what to tell you. I’ve just been lurking and reading what people had to say for a bit. It’s insightful if anything, but I didn’t make the threads.

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You're the un-me. I'm the real me, you wannabe. me.

>> No.5015842

>If me tweeting about it isn’t enough for you idk what to tell you.
So it was you after all. Thank you for clarifying.

>> No.5015849

Honestly for me getting *any* sort of positivity from a random thread here is a W in my book.I understand the negative comments and most of them are valid so it doesn’t bother me much.

>> No.5015854

>moving the goalposts
Holy shit you are deluded

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>yooooooo there's a 4chin thread about my art rn y'all x-D
Do normies really? Cringed so fucking hard it left a wrinkle

>> No.5015859

Don't shill on /ic/

>> No.5015861

>Honestly for me getting *any* sort of positivity from a random thread here is a W in my book.
The best anyone has said is that is that the characters look cute and a small handful of concepts are possibly interesting. The majority reception is that it’s bland, derivative, uninspired and weak in infrastructure.
If you’re trying to spin something like that into a “win”, I sincerely doubt your claims that you’re taking any criticism to heart.

>> No.5015862
File: 19 KB, 438x363, 1476747957908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suspect otherwise, well, enjoy your (you)s and having a bunch of autists go on a wild goose chase after a hashtag, hopefully it's better than the hell hole that is Twitter.

>> No.5015868

Too late. She’s now shilling her thread on twitter

>> No.5015883

I think they mean drama over the industry guy She kept attacking. It reached peak autism.

>> No.5015889

Fucker deserved it

>> No.5015891

Don’t know what else to say to prove I didn’t make these threads. I wanted to live tweet what was going on because it was getting frankly pretty bizarre and it was fun. Didn’t make the threads though. Don’t know how talking about having threads made about my pitch on my twitter is shilling when I’m just talking about what I saw going on over here

>> No.5015899

>Comments theres drama
>She started it

TAM creator attacking someone? Thats not profesional

>> No.5015908

>”discovers” a thread talking about her pitch
>goes to twitter and talks about her thread; lies about it having positive reception
>beta orbiters come out of the wood work to congratulate her on getting a thumbs up from big bad 4chin
>humble brags about taking criticism
Yeah, nothing suspicious about that at all.

>> No.5015913

i don't care who made the thread, /ic/ has enough problems without /co/ splashing over

>> No.5015918

I literally didn’t make the threads. I took the positive from the replies people made and made lemonade out of it. Even the criticism, That’s it. I never expect positive anything from 4chan, so I was shocked. Legitimately don’t know How else to prove to anyone I didn’t make these. I kinda don’t care anymore. None of you are going to believe me so what else can I do.

>> No.5015926

>took the positive from the replies people made and made lemonade out of it. Even the criticism, That’s it.
That’s called cherry picking you fucking moron.

>> No.5015931

Isn't it time for your dilation and sitz bath

>> No.5015934

>Legitimately don’t know How else to prove to anyone I didn’t make these. I kinda don’t care anymore. None of you are going to believe me so what else can I do.
Well gee fucking whiz, maybe if you didn’t use the threads to clout chase and critic bait on twitter we’d have an easier time believing you.
Fucking retard.

>> No.5015936

I saw and I actually think every one of your points is great! I’ll consider them once I flesh out the story a bit. I agree that the characters need a bit more of a give and take when it comes to lesson teaching/what they both bring to the table. I actually appreciated your comment a lot since it had a lot of valid constructive criticism! Thanks!

>> No.5015940

You only cared about the part where he said lesbians didn’t you?

>> No.5015942

What was the point derailing your threads into hating one one guy though? It just makes you look so unprofessional.

>> No.5015944
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>someone who has never been to 4chan and has just heard about it as a lawless degenerate shithole is surprised that people on there are discussing her pitch and that they're giving constructive feedback
>"nah mate you made this thread so you could brag to your army of sex slaves about how great you are"

>> No.5015947

Roasties are opportunistic.

>> No.5015948

I’m still taking the negative criticism to heart. I mean this pitch is practically a magic version of little red riding hood so it’s bound to need tons and tons of work. I’m just appreciative of the constructive negative criticism and some positive feedback I got for the most part. I wasn’t expecting any when I looked at it at first. There’s always tons to improve with stuff like this, especially plot wise, and there’s lots I didn’t consider

>> No.5015950

I’m not pairing Red with anyone at all actually, so no
That wasn’t me that was the person impersonating me from earlier I literally do not know what you’re talking about

>> No.5015951

Such as?
Tell us what you actually plan on working on. What did you learn from the feedback given to you?

>> No.5015952

This apple shit is boring at best, I really hope that you are just starting out. Is it possible to acquire a better imagination through conscious practice?

>> No.5015953

how do we know which one is the real one

>> No.5015954

This but no irony

>> No.5015955

Lmfao trash

>> No.5015957
File: 1.06 MB, 831x678, IMG_20201106_174612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was made after faggots seethed over the ren and stimpy reboot announcement, what's funny is the people behind the new show tagged promo art as bettercartoon kek. pic related

>> No.5015958

>lawless degenerate shithole
Tbqh, if this place is "the wild west", then the "wild west" doesn't sound half bad.

>> No.5015960

Please stop posting the cringe apple fanfic

>> No.5015961

Honestly I love your art, I really think that it's cute and I think you're being very mature and super heckin' brave with addressing people here. You make us feel valid and acknowledged when people aren't giving you that same level of respect. I think they aren't used to someone like you being here and being well spoken and respectable. Sounds like envy to me! You're doing great.

>> No.5015962

if the creator is still here and it wasn't you who was sperging out
i think the show has a lot of potential but it looks like it has the possibility to become a little bit to tropey
you're definitely gonna have to make sure that doesn't happen if you want this to be any good
also if anything make sure you get the dynamic between the two main characters right

>> No.5015964

>super heckin’ brave
You weren’t even trying to be subtle

>> No.5015966

go fucking back

>> No.5015967

>super heckin'
>valid and acknowledged
were you that anon sperging out about being 3 days sober and zoomers?
if so as much as i agree with you fuck off please

>> No.5015970

He's referencing this >>>/co/119155783

>> No.5015971

kek, you nailed the twitter nigger writing style.

>> No.5015973

3 bites in under a couple minutes
superb bait anon

>> No.5015975 [DELETED] 


Seems like someone from her Twitter is being a bit of a White Knight

>> No.5015976

Well I need a legitimate reason for them to be apples. This all started as a doodle and I went with apples and people without thinking about it much,so that needs to be reconsidered. I probably also need to find a way to add more variety to their designs. I was already thinking of vegetables and other fruit without this connection to the tree so that I could add a bit of variety. Worldbuilding needs some work too, and I think humans need better roles, since I’ll be incorporating a few into the plot. I also need to find a way to nudge it away from the generic story source material even further and try to give it a better identity than “red riding hood with apples and magic” but all in all legitimately I have been taking these comments into consideration, especially because I’ve asked myself the same ones, but never thought it through. It definitely needs a better more fleshed out identity. I was having fun reading though what people have said because as someone who doesn’t use this site I was expecting overwhelmingly negative reception when I was linked this thread and the other one, but I got a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t. I just didn’t bet on being impersonated and came into comment which I probably shouldn’t have done but what can you do

>> No.5015981
File: 191 KB, 1300x1733, dd476aff21e0f7927c666584d15b68ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very original

>> No.5015982

Ignoring how “OMG it’s my first time on 4chan! I thought it was a hellsite!” is very overused...
If this was just a one on one between her and some anons, that’s nothing out of the ordinary. But the fact that she started bragging about her thread to her mutuals on twitter is a bit sus.

>> No.5015983

>I was having fun reading though what people have said because as someone who doesn’t use this site I was expecting overwhelmingly negative reception when I was linked this thread and the other one
That’s your own dumbass fault for building up a Indonesian basket weaving forum as this big bad.
Why do Normies still do this in 2020?

>> No.5015985

>and came into comment which I probably shouldn’t have done but what can you do
Yeah not being an attention whore is pretty tough.

>> No.5015987

Still here. That’s definitely a concern I was thinking of myself. It’s a bit too “hero’s journey” trope following and I need to do something about that that lets it deviate a bit away from that path. It’s not in a full pitchable state ATM so fixing things like this now is important. I don’t want to do hero’s journey with apples, but right now it is so something has got to change, it falls into tropes too easily.

>> No.5015990

Tranny alert

>> No.5015992

You put more thought into this than hacks like Vivziepop and Hannah Daigle ever did.
I feel your idea is going to get far. Fuck what anyone else says.

>> No.5015993

people are always gonna be cunts here
if it is you just ignore them
believe it or not there is some good criticism and good people here
good luck with the pitch

>> No.5015998

>the fact that she started bragging about her thread to her mutuals on twitter is a bit sus.
not really

>> No.5015999

simp squad has logged on

>> No.5016000

>It’s not in a full pitchable state ATM so fixing things like this now is important.
This is something you should have done before deciding to go in half cocked on a random twitter tag.
Why would anyone pitch something that’s under baked and not ready to be seen?

>> No.5016003

Wasn’t bragging, just was surprised. It legitimately made me want to keep working on it. Getting any kind of positive reception from here was something I wasn’t expecting. I don’t go here at all so all I know is the basic “4chan bad” kinda deal. I started reading expecting to be relentlessly shat on but it was actually good criticism. Just surprised, that’s all.

>> No.5016004

Wow you guys need to back off, it's actually really inspiring to see ideas pitched by trans womyn of color and I hope she gets her show

>> No.5016006

god has left the server

>> No.5016007

people impersonate all the time no one puts stock into it

>> No.5016008

Come on, there have been other /co/ntent creators have been in and out and never had to go out telling their murals about their trip.
There’s nothing amazing about going to 4chan unless you’re really sheltered.

>> No.5016010


>> No.5016011

You’ve been going on about “OMG so surprised” for the last posts. It’s fucking 4chan, not an ISIS website hidden on the deep web. You really gassed yourself up.

>> No.5016014

>Getting any kind of positive reception from here was something I wasn’t expecting. I don’t go here at all so all I know is the basic “4chan bad” kinda deal. I started reading expecting to be relentlessly shat on
Because as we all know, that only ever happens on 4chan.
You will never get shat on on any other website.

>> No.5016017

I've heard that the artist for this Apple pitch is in this thread, so I came here specifically to ask them to draw some sexy Dr Cyanide for me PLEASE.

>> No.5016020

OP please do an AMA about the struggles you've faced #drawingwhileblack

>> No.5016021

>Her twitter bio says she works at CN
Yeah I don’t think she’s going to change much about her pitch. It’s exactly what networks are looking for.

>> No.5016023
File: 274 KB, 717x746, Screenshot_20201122-163330_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Disregard my prior criticisms my queen, I grovel at thine precious feet

>> No.5016025

Ole Rose Quartz looking ass

>> No.5016031

Well, I was never allowed to work on SU for one

>> No.5016032


>> No.5016033

Apple Artist are you in thread? I just want to tell you that they are only TWO genders and trannies are mentally ill. Nice pictch though

>> No.5016035

Yeah I mean, it’s 4chan? I don’t know much about this place than the negative general connotation . Lesson learned There are some actual decent folks here with good criticism and stuff to say

>> No.5016040

Thank you for complimenting my pitch.
Now fuck off with the transphobic bullshit you incel piece of shit.

>> No.5016041

Why would you want to work for a pedophile? I like Ed Edd and Eddy as much as the next guy, but...

>> No.5016044

>Yeah I mean, it’s 4chan? I don’t know much about this place than the negative general connotation .
Maybe instead of random following what other people say, form your own conclusions.
You wouldn’t like it if people said everyone on twitter and Tumblr were a bunch of ham beasts with multicolored hair would you?

>> No.5016045
File: 27 KB, 738x415, images-49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're welcome and also, you will never be a woman.

>> No.5016047

Wait, she s a pedophile
Holy shit...

>> No.5016048

don't listen to these lovers my sweet, please come away with me, that l might bask in the splendor of your radiant beauty. My heart weeps upon seeing your mesmerizing lips, knowing it shall never feel their caress upon my cheek.

>> No.5016049

Yeah that’s sensible. Never thought to check it out for myself I guess!

>> No.5016051
File: 63 KB, 475x356, 23adwdsc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Essentially the inherent value in 4chan itself over any other media website. Twitter artists coming over here and gas lighting people on their escapades, over their own curated PC, safe space that is Twitter. Funny, hypocritical as well in their own assumptions. No filters on speech, no decency, it's out there, to be judged as rawly as possible. Maybe she'll convert, maybe not, but, once you're here, you're here forever, kek. It's obvious asf she's fawning for attention from her peers on Twitter and on here, using autistis as a measuring board for how "relatable" her and her work is and using this as clout.

>> No.5016052

Someone post RS's pedoshit

>> No.5016055

Keked, checked and based. Here from /co/

>> No.5016056

>I was already thinking of vegetables and other fruit without this connection to the tree so that I could add a bit of variety.
No. Firstly, it's too obvious. Secondly, severing their connection to the tree and presumably magic and the cycle of rebirth defeats the point of having plant people in the first place and also makes no sense.
>Why do Normies still do this in 2020?
I find the misconception quite beneficial, it wards off many of the more prudish normalfags.

>> No.5016058

fucking calm down cunt

>> No.5016060

that my heart could know but an ounce of the kindness in her soul, that she so brazenly displays by visiting this hovel of damnable wretches, her radiant glow washes my spirit clean

>> No.5016061

the duality of man

>> No.5016062

How many apple characters are queer and/or trans? I also noticed that you have little to no fat representation in your characters, and I'm put off by the use of stereotypically "healthy food"

Do better.

>> No.5016063


>> No.5016068

Oh dear god autsits are going to be more emboldened now that the creator came by, aren’t they?

>> No.5016070

If you love this project, let it stand on its own two legs instead of constantly resorting to tribalism you contrarian cunt.
If the TAM artist is still here, let me give you some advice. Don't surround yourself with fans like this guy, they care more about ulterior shit than the real merit of your show. Whether it's patting themselves on the back for supporting a show before it begins, or telling themselves "I'm a good person for supporting a woman's work!"
This is what we call "simps" and if you want real criticism and feedback, you'd be wise to just ignore them.
It's fine to build a project off of things that you personally find appealing or interesting, but a good writer should always pay attention to the fictional world's "needs" rather than simply their own wants, as well as the potential questions of the audience. Before you begin making a world, ask yourself the kind of morals, lessons, and themes you want to incorporate into it first.

>> No.5016074

if you were around when the satina threads happen its gonna be exactly right

>> No.5016075

Good points. Do better OP.

>> No.5016076

return to the dark crevice from whence you came.

>> No.5016078

looot of /co/ tourists

>> No.5016079

As a twitterfag myself, you get used to the microaggressive behavior that is colloquial on this basket weaving forum. Just take the good posts (criticisms and praise) and ignore the rest.
But please god draw some Dr Cyanide lewds I'm begging you. I mean, he and the little apple assistant look like Professor Venomous and Fink ripoffs, you might as well lean into the audience that finds Professor Venomous sexy, such as myself. You'd be surprised at the following you can get by titillating the tumblr hotboy crowd. Not kidding.

>> No.5016081

For the love of all that is holy, get more influences. I think what kills so many of these pitches is that they all draw from the same influence pool that it becomes incestuous. Put some research into your work; look into different manga, comics, bandes dessinées, movies, books, TV shows, folklore, etc. Study different subgenres with genre fiction such as horror, sci fi, fantasy, etc.
Please for the love of god; Red Riding Hood with apples just isn’t strong enough.

>> No.5016086
File: 308 KB, 180x180, a show.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just referring to it as a "basket weaving forum"
as a twitterfag myself, gtfo newfren. and learn what colloquial means.

>> No.5016087

He is nothing like Dr. Venomous my guy

>> No.5016090

We got the attention of the other artist now too. We've made the big time boys.

>> No.5016093

Don't kid yourself they are the same character now draw some lewds cmon I didn't say I didn't like him

>> No.5016094

Which other artist?

>> No.5016095

/ic/ is pathetic now. Are you drawin son?

>> No.5016097

Because the artist is /co/ related? Duh.

>> No.5016099

You're the one squatting in the dark crevice, tourist.

>> No.5016100

Why do people insist on comparing my pitch to other popular shows? It’s nothing like OK KO, it’s nothing like Owl House, it’s just apples in the vein of Red Riding Hood

>> No.5016103

I just came back to this thread and you’re super right. Lots of pitches I saw were very western hero’s journey centric like mine and I want to try to push out of that, I try to draw some influence from other myths and folklore, but the core of the story is the same as everything else. It definitely needs some work in that regard.Stuff like this is insightful because it makes me realize it needs a lot more work. I can’t settle for what I have atm. With that though I’m done commenting and posting here but I appreciate the comment and critique.

>> No.5016105
File: 29 KB, 626x281, Sus 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really gets the noggin a joggin'.

>> No.5016108

The artist she was fucking with. Some industry rando but if shes CN its no wonder she narrowed his location so easily.

>> No.5016109

Oh my god I don't care I just want to fap to him. You get offended too easily, which I should've guessed since you're from twitter.

>> No.5016110

It's boring, generic and of the same grain, it's everything like them. Making a show truly unique is a lot more fundamental than a wacky premise.

>> No.5016113

>Lots of pitches I saw were very western hero’s journey centric like mine and I want to try to push out of that
That should have been the red flag that something wasn’t right with the tag.

>> No.5016118

>normally they'd be picking apart every little bit,
But that's literally what's happening. Are Twitterfags really this delusional? I genuinely feel sorry for any artist trying to get started there, they're surrounded by people who deny reality. How can they get real feedback?

>> No.5016121

Barley know what any of this shit is about but I notice a lot of /co/ and twitter trannies are in this thread now.

>microaggressive behavior that is colloquial on this basket weaving forum

>> No.5016122

Watch as she implements none of this and ends up right back at square one.
I’d be happy to be proven wrong though.

>> No.5016123
File: 42 KB, 680x587, 1594514021946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I just skimmed over this thread and the one on /co/. If the creator is still lurking I just want to say that it's a shame that your pitch only got notority here because of some autist wanting to shit on other people's work but it's nice to see that this event only inspired you to work more on your little idea. This is not unheard of and the girl who did the Leo pitch also appeared in a thread on /co/ one time and the reaction was mostly positive as well. Just hope you hopped on the #bettercartoon hashtag to share your apple drawings and not to shit on the Ren & Stimpy reboot for whatever WOKE reason people used to latch on it.

Follow your dreams, stay in school, don't use drugs and brush your teeth. Best of luck.

>> No.5016127

>Barley know what any of this shit is about but I notice a lot of /co/ and twitter trannies are in this thread now.
How can you tell?

>> No.5016129

that's rich from the fella spouting redditspeak.

>> No.5016132

I think you should get inspiration from many more things rather than just apples and little red riding hood. It's too generic. Study the stuff you like more, ask yourself why you like it, take notes. What makes your pitch unique and recognizable?

>> No.5016135
File: 69 KB, 619x636, Sus 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True, but it's sus asf.

>> No.5016136

>This is not unheard of and the girl who did the Leo pitch also appeared in a thread on /co/ one time and the reaction was mostly positive as well.
To be fair, that pitch was held up as one of the few good ones from the very start and is still brought as the best pitch. This pitch at least has the advantage of not sucking as bad as the others.

>> No.5016141

It’s not boring or generic though

>> No.5016143

Did you like my bait anon

>> No.5016145

This is why the #bettercartoon hashtag makes me angry. Most of these ideas are still in an embryonic stage and people are being encouraged to churn them out like they're ready for the industry. Especially if they're being surrounded by "fans" who only see them as a means to an end.
You're very good at creating appealing character designs, but don't rush things. Give yourself more time to find out what truly makes you passionate in life, don't just hop onto a trend and think it's your "one opportunity" to make it big.

>> No.5016149
File: 68 KB, 412x454, sip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take away the apples and what exactly are you left with? Take away cats from the Leo pitch and you're still left with a genuinely interesting story with a multitude of ways to explore multiple themes, take away apples and you get wacky characters in an RPG world.

>> No.5016150

Oh yeah? Explain what makes it unique and not boring.

>> No.5016152
File: 29 KB, 521x588, 1571774288962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is exactly why I loathe and resent Twatter, you will have either brown nosers try to inflate your ego in order to garner more exposure for themselves or virtue signalers pandering to a niche group under the guise of social justice all in the name of attention and that 15 minutes under the spotlight it's a never ending circlejerk with the last guy swallowing the residual load from the previous ass kissing and dick sucking.

>> No.5016161

Yeah, I've looked the creator's twitter recently, saw a lot of sexy Jason Voorhees, and she shared some lewd fanart of her pitch done by a japanese artist who even used one of the characters as the profile pic. She already has japanese artists dedicating themselves to her characters, that pitch is going places I tell you

>> No.5016168

>I saw were very western hero’s journey centric like mine and I want to try to push out of that, I try to draw some influence from other myths and folklor
To be blunt, you didn’t do a good job. I’m sorry but there’s just not enough to differentiate it from what’s popular right now. Try to steer clear from the more ubiquitous trends out right now if possible

>> No.5016173

>You will never get shat on on any other website.
Assuming she doesn't get stupidly popular or gets in a fight with the wrong crowd, this statement is very much correct. In other places most people dont hand out criticism as easily as anons here do, and when they do its done in a really overly polite way, so it doesnt qualify as 'being shat on'

>> No.5016177

The artist just needs the push to actually do something with it. Either by another network or going indie. I’d be sad if she just ended up sitting on it and that was it.

>> No.5016181

Wait until the general crowd catches on that she posted on the big bad 4chan and she's called out because we say slurs

>> No.5016187

Unless it’s one of those Twitter/tumblr crit groups, where the vitriol in their critique is so intense it makes anon spats look like chat over tea.

>> No.5016190

She’s black, they’ll give her a pass.

>> No.5016196

>she shared some lewd fanart of her pitch
go on...

>> No.5016198

if shes still here
if you set a tone that's a lot more different than what people expect the more tropey aspects will be forgiven

>> No.5016209

What's a slur she can't reclaim? Uhh tranny? Dyke? Fag? Sand nigger? I actually don't know many slurs...

>> No.5016211

You would have to make sure to pull the veil quick; if you keep the charade up for too long, people will believe it’s genuinely tropey and write it off.

>> No.5016216

Not too graphic, it's the Jackal forcibly kissing one of the cat's incarnation. A lot of saliva

>> No.5016220

post it tf

>> No.5016223

I like this one it's pretty cool not gonna lie

>> No.5016226

>fought against Napoleon in the Egyptian war
Ruined the premise desu

>> No.5016247
File: 39 KB, 230x255, 1606037757729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow faith in humanity restored, who knew y'all members of I.N.C.E.L could be so heckin wholesome and valid. Thank you kind strangers :)

>> No.5016250
File: 17 KB, 480x467, 1605923077451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5016252

The cute factor

>> No.5016254


>> No.5016257

You must be one of those "I.N.C.E.L"s


>> No.5016261
File: 80 KB, 538x278, ALAS POOR YORICK I KNEW HIM HORATIO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bait smarter not harder

>> No.5016262

Moe character design is very much tired.

>> No.5016265

so im guessing the premise is that every one of his lives is a different arc in the series, where in order for a new arc to begin he'll have to die/be killed?

Pretty cool idea.

>> No.5016267

I hate be this hashtag but good luck trying to get it picked up anon. Spamming it will only get it so far. You actually have to mail your pitch to a network though

>> No.5016269

*I hate this hashtag, auto correct. T. Phonefag

>> No.5016275

Just look up her twitter m8, I'm not dumping furries, not my thing, I'm just impressed her OCs got popular enough that artist overseas are using them as profile pic

>> No.5016278

that would be interesting, but no. he's on his last life trying to stop something and dealing with the decisions he made in his past lives.

>> No.5016279
File: 410 KB, 1200x1291, Illustration335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you've gained a fan in me, my queen. I kneel for thee

>> No.5016282
File: 2 KB, 125x101, 1605918914761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5016287

Hotter than anything you see from Vivienne or Hannah

>> No.5016290
File: 88 KB, 592x475, B9D05620-2052-429C-9341-82479754C7E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5016293

oh yeah, I almost forgot what thread we were in.

>> No.5016294

Finally some good content! Look at them apples!

>> No.5016298

As rare and untouched as the board itself, and thank god for that.

>> No.5016301

Is anyone else incredibly misogynistic or is it just me?

>> No.5016305

All of the posts in this thread are considered fake and gay until the author creates a tripcode and posts it on her twatter.

>> No.5016324

If she did that, people would be Abel to track the threads and see how people really feel.

>> No.5016327

It’s called biology twitter roastie

>> No.5016336


>> No.5016357

What the hell is going on ITT

>> No.5016358

People being shook over The Apple Mage

>> No.5016362

Damn, you all went hard on the autism itt

>> No.5016384

A bunch of affection deprived creeps creaming their pants because a roastie talked to them.

>> No.5016400

But is she even here? I'm not sure if that's her or just people trolling and also how did the thread turn into this from the original topic I am a confused retard

>> No.5016403

Personally, I’d love to get to know her, take her out for dinner, then invite her to some lonely place and rape and dismember her. Or just skip directly to the last step

>> No.5016408

/co/ and twatter trannies and roasties using /ic/ to discuss their off-board drama.

>> No.5016409

she's mentioned both threads on her twitter
its her

>> No.5016414

Based as fuck.
4chan getting some recognition

>> No.5016420

And almost all of the ideas centered around gay magical girl shows...go figure

>> No.5016507

Better than literally being in hell or a western

>> No.5016539

I hate it all so much...

>> No.5016545

>Better than
If you have to defend something using this statement, it may just be shit.

>> No.5016556

Not really

>> No.5016598

Grow up

>> No.5016691

If you are doing it based on the Red Riding Hood most of your show will probably hang on the "Wolf". If the antagonist is interesting and actually dangerous he will carry the show. And if antagonist is shit it will all fall flat.

>> No.5016736

I can throw in some Russian if you want.

>> No.5016738

So, the Twist is that Apples are actually evil and they suck the life out of humans they live around. That's why they are immortal. Doctor Cyanide is actually the good guy with not very good methods - kind of anti-hero.

>> No.5016766
File: 83 KB, 690x729, unknown-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No thanks disney fuckers, you're not stealing the Space Pizza story from me.

>> No.5016791

These two cherries are nothing characters
If you look at a character and can't tell his personality, age group, trope, role in the story, archetype, all of that in just a glance - you fail at cartooning
its an emoji pasted onto a cherry

>> No.5016795

Who gives a fuck, terrible chardesign

>> No.5016840


>> No.5017074

At least she's a biological woman and not another tranny. Always look on the bright side of life!

>> No.5017089

Life's a piece of shit when you take a look at it

>> No.5017176
File: 94 KB, 734x940, sir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow it's fucking nothing

>> No.5017211

I bet her farts are huge. I mean that in a good way of course

>> No.5017224

Lmao no the fuck it isn't. Gay magical girls are so unoriginal. Sailor Moon ended in the 90s millennial fag

>> No.5017226

Still more than you will ever achieve

>> No.5017230

Idk if 90s is millennial or not I'm a coomer T. same anon

>> No.5017231

* Zoom er auto correct samefag

>> No.5017232

Easy to mid 90s is millennial

>> No.5017400

I like it. Seems kino.

>> No.5017443

Right? I don’t get why people have such a problem with it.

>> No.5017454

A female made it. A black one at that.

>> No.5017460

Of course. Something by someone Black or female? It’s shit. God forbid we get more work from diverse creators.

>> No.5017470
File: 92 KB, 1080x980, 1597929829327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No it isn't, give me a western
>Lots of pitches I saw were very western hero’s journey centric like mine and I want to try to push out of that
We haven't seen a hero's fucking journey
Every cartoon is either about girls or a boy who is incompetent and never gets to be a hero, even Adventure Time got shafted
Male encouragement is important and modern boys aren't fucking getting any
Make a classic adventure I beg you

>> No.5017473
File: 8 KB, 307x317, 316247378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine replying to a one-off joke when you just skipped an entire thread full of legitimate, unbiased criticism of the PITCH that had nothing to do with creator's etchnicity or sex
Go on, screencap this one guy being comically racist and post it somewhere with the caption "BLAARGH FOUR CHINZ IS FULL OF NAZIS WTF!!!". Do it. Cunt. Cherrypick, I double dog dare you.

>> No.5017475

Anon, we both know she’s not going to do that.

>> No.5017479

>Imagine replying to a one-off joke when you just skipped an entire thread full of legitimate, unbiased criticism
You were all just calling it bland. Only a few anons gave actual criticism.

>> No.5017480

You learn to laugh at the absurdity as you go on.

>> No.5017496

Is calling it bland not a criticism?

>> No.5017499

I know
I scream into the void until my throat is sore, powerless to make it stop

>> No.5017505

I think I found your theme

>> No.5017612 [DELETED] 
File: 217 KB, 721x1280, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only good tranny is a dead tranny

>> No.5017644

That dick is still bigger than yours faggot

>> No.5017660

too bad it cant get up anymore

>> No.5017691

It's hard to get sexually excited when you're depressed

>> No.5017810

Can someone please tell me what program this artist is using for the story board https://twitter.com/38___sr/status/1234214690231767040?s=21

>> No.5017821

Looks like Storyboard Pro

>> No.5017825

Thanks big dog

>> No.5017953

>judging by the lewds in the other threads
Which other thread?

>> No.5018270 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 591x591, protect kids from trannys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

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What the fuck is going on in here?

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