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Since I haven't seen a thread like this, I decided to start my own. When you hear a certain name of an art program (i.e Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Krita CSP) what do you think of them? are certain programs better than others? Does an art program being expensive make it better than another, or can a free one be just as good?

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a) Pirate everything
b) Find out that PS is the best for realistic painting, CSP is the best for lineart and SAI is the best for rei17 style blending
c) The end

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Krita is unusable for me. Think it's a bug with my wacom hotkeys but i'm too lazy to fix.

I have CSP and PS. CSP definitely feels more optimized for drawing. But photoshop just feels better to me. Really can't explain why.

>Find out that PS is the best for realistic painting
Realistic painting or realistic rendering?

The best realistic painting program is probably corel painter.

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When I hear "Gimp" I think about how wild it is how respected that project is when it still doesn't have very basic vector shape tools. I get that it's a raster editor, but Photoshop has had basic vector tools forever.

Being expensive doesn't make a product better, and free products can be very good, but having a company with a bunch of money behind a piece of software does mean more paid development behind it.

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Sais better than CSP for lineart simply since its not as bloated.
And Krita is better than Photoshop for realistic painting. PS has great brushes, but Krita has the same but more options and far better UI/customization.

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The best realistic painting is photoshop.
Corel painter is best for TEXTURE.

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Why is krita lagging so bad,specialy with bigger brushes ,Is it my pc's fault ?

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>SAI is the best for rei17 style blending

You can do rei17 blending with any program. In most of her art she uses the sai version of hard round brush. To make that brush in any program just pick a hard round brush and enable flow or density pen pressure and keep opacity disabled.

>But photoshop just feels better to me. Really can't explain why.

It's probably because it's runs smoother than CSP. PS handles higher res canvases and large brushes better. But CSP has better tools specifically for drawing. It's like CSP feels specifically built for the artist in mind

Are you using a mac? It's known to be shit on mac

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Free software fags are unironically cultists. If you go over to /g/ and ask if GIMP or PS is better, they will say GIMP every time, and if you start pointing out objective features and improvements that PS has, then they'll just start saying "nobody uses that, doesn't matter" or "who cares" for your every point and call it a win. Shit is honestly insane.

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because Adobe shit is way, way overpriced.

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>cracked flawlessly so fast that the crack is out before you know the update is out
You don't even know the definition of overpriced. Honestly, the only places where the freeshit is actually far better than the paid shit is in epub/mobi readers, fractal makers and Blender.

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I'm a legit zoomer with low attention span and I barely managed to get a grasp on photoshop in 9 months. Fuck other programs, if it fits, it sits for me.

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is there a decent painting program in linux besides krita?

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My favorite for animu, light and responsive but lacking for textured work. Maybe based programmer can improve it for version 2.

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Sai sucks for textured shit thats for sure, the only viable way is by downloading bunch of textures and then bashing that shit on the canvas.

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Pretty much all the 2D art programs are thankfully interchangeable so you can use all and any plus they'll basically all have the same interface and shortcuts and even the name of the blending modes and filters etc are the same as PS. So once you know one program they're alllll the same. But I do think it says a lot that the only time I open up GIMP is for the colour to alpha that PS doesn't have and that I very occasionally do lineart in MS Paint, SAI or CSP and bring that over to PS because PS does literally everything else.

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why does krita keeps removing brushes from my tags and I get duplicated brushes when I start the program?
I thought this program was v4.0 not v0.4-alpha-git

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They haven't fixed the tag bugs for years

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Nah, bloat won't affect lineart performance wise to begin with since you won't be using a heavy brush. And using line tools over brush is faster because you won't need to undo lines, while still getting thickness variation.
Krita has the bigger bloat though and now you happen to ignore it when comparing to PS lol

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yeah the brushes are full of garbage bugs
I don't understand what the fuck they're doing with this million characters name duplication shit
and setting up a set of the same few settings is a fucking pain in the ass, the tablet curves interface is garbage, you can't even save favorites
but I've been able to do what I wanted by being careful

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? I didnt ignore shit.

Krita runs better than PS, at least for me. CSP runs like shit since its singlethreaded. Why would you use a bloated single threaded choppy software for lineart when you could use a completely fluid, responsive lightweight software like sai. Youd use CSP for better textured brushes but then the lag immediately starts because the entire fucking thing runs on a single core. In addition, every non sai software has this fucking annoying issue that the brush engine ignores selection boundaries, so blur/blending tools pick up colours from outside the selection.

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Because there would be 0 difference in performance for lineart, the brush is small as fuck to begin with, unless you're running on a potato pc from the 90s, but then every painting program would get slow on that

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But it doesn't nothing to actually imitate real painting how is it better than Corel Painter that actually tries to mimic realistic painting ?

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I got it for free

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>It's probably because it's runs smoother than CSP. PS handles higher res canvases and large brushes better. But CSP has better tools specifically for drawing. It's like CSP feels specifically built for the artist in mind
This is actually exactly why,

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CSP has easily accessible 3d models of a lot of things

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Report rate of your tablet also accounts to the lag. I have xhink-pen tablet and krita still feels snappier than other software on my machine.

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That's why CSP and PS make a godlike combo shhhhh. Honestly, I think the more I get better at art, the more I get more jealous with my secrets.

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>PS is best for “realistic painting”
How? What does it do that other software doesn’t, exactly?
You can do literally everything you can in PS and more in Krita or Painter

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Use whatever is industry standard where you live or the place you wish to work for

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I'll be honest unless I'm working on a big print-size paint scene with layers PS, CSP and SAI seem more like personal preference than anything.

I use CSP the most because it's stable and light on memory.

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Why would I hand out my secrets to my rivals? ;)
Stick to whatever software you think is best.

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>t. begtard shitter

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>you can't even save favorites
You can make a new custom 'favorites' tag instead of using the default, and it'll work.

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Works on my machine.

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I don't care about your machine

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Which money they mostly use to wreck wacom products and/or PS in general, every single update
regardless, I'm happy using PS most of the time. It has everything I need for my work

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They're finally going to release a new version of the resource management system in Krita 5.0 which will finally fix the buggy brush tags that always randomly disappear.

CSP vector brushes. If only krita had it

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I know, I'm talking about the curves presets in the tablet settings, for each brush. Or even save several of them. So that you could have brushes that work the same, but with a different shape or texture ("stamp" as they call it).
I played around with having like -5%+5% random hue/value/saturation for example, and it's a pain to set up. So that's what I did, I saved brushes that are just that, and then put whatever texture on it.
Oh, I'm sur Krita 5.0 will be so perfect and amazing, just like Godot 4.0, just like Tiled 2.0 (if it ever evolves in any way, which the developer doesn't seem to think it needs to)...

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Is it worth learning to use inkscape for vector or should I use GIMP?

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I got Photoshop CS6 because i could get it free. Newest version would be kinda dangerous because germanfag.
I get so overwhelmed with all the functions and feel kinda demotivated often. Is there something simple or should i just try to figure out that shit becaues Photoshop is superior to anything.

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Watch Ctrl+Paint course he explains the basic technical stuff so you don't get lost

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He has so many playlists, whats the right one? He also uses a very old version of Photoshop i think.

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But thanks, i will check him out

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I edit the png files by hand with notepad

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What are the best krita tutorials?

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f11 help

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>editing binary files as text
use the pnm formats instead:
10 10

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It's surprisingly needy when it comes to hardware resources.

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It's always worth learning not to use GIMP

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Why would the newest photoshop be dangerous?

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Why do so many animu style artists use CSP now? Last I checked live streamers they were all using SAI and now almost everyone uses CSP, why'd they make the switch? Isn't it expensive?

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Faster lineart

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It makes me draw faster?..

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No, ink faster with their line tool instead of a brush

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it's ordered well here

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is relying on a stabilizer bad? I want good lineart and I use CSP. Do I just tough it out?

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CSP is cheap if you wait for sale. SAI is more expensive

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Why do people shill SAI so hard when Medibang is basically the same thing with more features?

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CSP on sale right now by the way.

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CSP has
>built in 3d models with the best posing, downloadable poses, auto perspective grids, perspective locking, importable 3d objects from all other 3d programs, perspective modifications for models, lighting manipulation for 3d objects
>fill can ignore line gaps (so fucking useful)
>the BEST lineart engine and the best for animation (if you pirate the EX edition which has no difference from pro except more frames)
At least saifags still have the best blending by far. CSP is outstanding for lineart. Use it with PS and you have an unbeatable combo and since you can pirate both, these two make Krita/medibang/fire alpaca/GIMP practically worthless, imo.

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CSP is still too expensive for me even with 50% off, is pirating it really that hard?

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No it took me five minutes.

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